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The Edge  

QuiteKindMind 35M  
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10/9/2020 10:26 am
The Edge

The leather is supple and carries the unique scent of its creation. A strong, shining buckle and soft white lining await use. similar, but not quite identical, bonds are positioned strategically on each corner of the bed. I growl myself... a low, throaty sound in my chest.

The doorbell snaps from<b> fantasy. </font></b>I have compose myself otherwise I’d sprint the door.

I greet Amanda with a smile. “Hey, sexy.” She struts in like a feline. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Me too.” We kiss and she grabs my ass.

“Oh?” I love her surprises.

More kisses. A Cheshire grin graces her face. She grabs the front of my pants as she tows the bedroom. She stops when she sees the leather cuffs. Her fingers stroke the soft interior and she hugs .

“I love it!”

Finding someone who loves sex as much as me has been a gift. When we first met, Amanda told me she was for nearly anything, and she meant it. We’ve explored one another in countless ways, but the physical passion between us has yet yield.

As I exit my revelry, I realize she’s already trying one of the cuffs, experimenting with the buckle. I can’t help but laugh. Sex nerds, the both of us.

“Take off everything but your panties.” She practically squeals as she complies. Her clothes barely touch the floor before she pounces on the bed and spreads eagle. I take my time locking each buckle, kissing her wrists and ankles as I work. I stand at the foot of the bed and enjoy the view while she tests her boundaries.

“Oh! I forgot your surprise! Look in my bag.” I raise an eyebrow and do so. Inside is a vibrator. “It’s my favorite.”

My turn to nearly jump for joy. I laugh and turn it , feeling the powerful vibration in my hands. “We are gonna have _so much fun_.

“Two rules. One: you can’t cum until I say. Two: you have tell when you get close.”

She pulls at her bonds and releases a very happy sound. I’ll take that as consent.

I crawl close and run the tips of my fingers her legs and thighs. They circle the crotch of her clearly wet panties. Upwards, her hips and stomach. Caresses of breasts and nipples. I nibble her neck. Gotta love those goosebumps.

I whisper in her ear, “I’m gonna make you wait. You’ll beg make you cum.”

Amanda groans, “I’m already there... please?” I shake my head.

“Pretty please?” I don’t even acknowledge her. My lips kiss and suck her nipples. Amanda moans and melts further into the restraints. Down I kiss: stomach, hips, thighs. My tongue licks the sides of her mound, the lovely crease where her legs meet her pelvis. She tries to wiggle to the side, physically begging for more.

“Please? Just a little lick? I’ll be good.” Sweet words. I’m torn between my own lust and punishing her for trying to cheat.

“Actions speaker louder, my dear. You tried to cheat. Now you get to wait even longer.” I exhale one warm breath on her panties and retrieve the vibrator. I turn it on and feel that unique, yummy, almost numbing sensation. For fun, I run it over my muscular chest and abs. My mouth waters involuntarily when I think about the joy this device has provided.

In a way, I’m torturing myself as much as Amanda. I want, need, to please. Then I see her smile. She’s having a blast.

I stay strong.

The vibrator follows a similar path as my fingers, ending in that lovely leg/pelvis crease. She begs and pleads, but my mind is focused those panties. The intoxicating scent of her wetness pulls in. I gently slide the lace the side, and I feel a small wave of heat. My patience is gone. I need a taste.

Amanda moans loudly at the barest touch of my tongue. The strong, delicious flavor demands , and I stroke myself. I take a bit of my precum and rub it her lips. More moans, this time from both of us. Lost in the moment, I delve deeply with my mouth. Every lick is heaven. Too soon, she becomes still and tells me she’s close. With a painful kiss goodbye, I stop.

I lay on top of her and we kiss deeply. I give her a sad face and say, “and I was just starting to have fun.” I rub the tip of my cock around her soaked pussy.

“Please. I want you inside me. I’ll do anything.”

Another kiss. “Not yet, my dear.”

I slide down between her legs and begin to rub the toy on her pussy lips. She begs me to turn it on. This time, I oblige. After just a few seconds, she almost screams “close!” I stop playing.

She growls and laughs. “I was so close! Please. Anything.” Her arms and legs pull hard on her restraints.

“Choices, choices. How to make you cum. The toy, perhaps? My mouth? My fingers? My cock? Hm.” Truly, I’m torn. But not for long.

I lay back on top of her and bring the vibrator to rest with the tip on her chin. She lowers her head and gives it a quick taste. Good girl. For that, I turn on he vibrator. The excited look on her face is glorious. I slide my cock into her sensitive wetness and she gasps. With very slow thrusts, I push her a bit closer. The vibrator is introduced, pressing lightly on her clit.

“Close! Close! Please may I cum?!”

I wait a few seconds and say, “Cum for me.”

The intense convulsions squeeze my cock out while her arms strain her cuffs. I watch her eyes roll back. Veins pop out of her neck as she holds her breath. The sight is heaven. She begins breathe again and relaxes. It takes a minute before she returns.

I remove the cuffs and hold her, asking about her experience. She gives a quick kiss and a wide smile.

She buckles a restraint my wrist.

“You’ll see.”

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