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QuiteKindMind 35M  
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10/10/2020 12:25 pm

Amanda describes the minor trials and quandaries that compose a normal workday. I listen intently, asking questions and doing my best to understand. It’s difficult. Her job is complicated and outside my experience, but I do my utmost.

She finishes and asks about my day. Being a software engineer, my days are abstract and difficult to describe without technical knowledge. But I muddle through, simplifying the boring stuff. I figure she does the same thing for me.

We watch a bit of television, but turn it off when we begin to find distraction in one another. Touches, playful tickles, giggles and laughs are but a part of our foreplay.

Part of our new nightly ritual is to shower before bed. We both love oral sex, and being clean is a necessity. I smell her body wash as she crawls over me, thighs around my head, and we both begin to taste. It’s hard for either of us to focus while being pleased, but it’s a nice way to begin. I pause completely as I feel her swallow me deeply. The tight, wet feeling is similar yet completely distinct from her lovely pussy. A few more deep head bobs, and she gasps for breath.

“Oh babe, I love that...” Amanda giggles and continues. It doesn’t take long to get me close. I pull her away before and throw her down on the bed. More giggles. “Your turn.”

She relaxes into the pillow and enjoys much like I did. Her supple skin feels wonderful on my tongue. As she gets closer, her hips begin to draw faster and faster circles. I love how she grinds on my face. Her body stills, and I sneak a finger onto her asshole and press just enough to push her over the edge. I eat her cum, savoring every drop.

She sighs a happy sigh and flips over into her favorite position. I begin slow and gentle as she stretches. When I feel she’s ready, I grab her shoulders for leverage and take long, hard thrusts. Amanda plays with herself, building to the next gush. When she cums, her limbs fail and she flops onto her stomach. I remain close as she falls, cuddling her through the haze.

We face one another and she whispers, “Your turn. What do you want? My mouth? Hands? Feet? Pussy?” She spends time touching each while I watch.

“Mouth. I was really diggin’ that deepthroat.”

“Good choice.”

She<b> kisses </font></b>me deeply then sits between my legs and starts off with some teasing licks and<b> kisses. </font></b>I sit up on some pillows and watch. We make eye contact as she works. Knowing your lover is having fun makes the experience all the better. She smiles between deepthroat thrusts and gasps. My orgasm builds, but it’s her words that tip me over the edge.

“Cum for me baby. I want it all.” With that, I explode. She thrusts her throat deep onto my cock as I cum. The sensation is ecstasy. After, she’s all happy, proud smiles.

We spend time kissing and talking, exploring each other’s minds as we did our bodies. But time passes, it gets late, and there’s much to do in the morrow. Not the least of which is another string of moments similar, yet completely distinct from tonight.

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