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IQ vs Dick  

RapeFantasia 38F  
88 posts
11/14/2019 6:11 am
IQ vs Dick

Do you think intelligent guys have smaller dicks? Prove me wrong.

I hope the EQ is too lol.

BiggLala 48F  
28370 posts
11/14/2019 8:45 am

How is anyone supposed to prove you wrong? Actually, you didn't even state your opinion on what you're asking, so prove you 'wrong' on...what? 🤔

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Bettibenobo 64F  
382 posts
11/14/2019 12:25 pm

I've never heard that one before.

Heard about shoe size in determining dick size but the one thing that I've found to be true is if a guy is skinny with not much of an ass - ALWAYS has a big dick. Guys with nice firm chunky asses - just average ones.

eric789012 47M
72 posts
11/18/2019 4:21 am

How to prove?

blipperz 43M
148 posts
11/21/2019 7:17 am

I guess you might be pretty disappointed at the results. Guys have 2 heads and they rarely can be used in conjunction with each other. I'll be glad to show you, if u dun get what I mean.

luxgentleman 35M
12 posts
11/21/2019 7:44 pm

hahaha i don't think its linked
but guys with higher IQ, i am guessing they know how to spice up the bed life

sg21_85 34M  
33 posts
1/1/2020 10:09 pm

Its possible that the decently to well endowed ones who are smart as well ... might be taken or have their fill, dead fishes & hungry fishes are easier to catch

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