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Getting Older  

Razzie64 56F
141 posts
10/2/2018 12:02 am
Getting Older

It's hell getting old, right?

We hear that all the time...but, who seems to have the hardest time dealing with it, Men or Women?

I'm not gonna lie, I'm not fond of getting old...for many reasons...but then there are the few reasons that make me proud that I am my age, if even just for the fact that I made it to be this age, is a miracle in itself and something to be proud of...but, then there's the aches and pains, the wrinkles and the bloating...and well, you get the idea...and although, I am more sexual as I get older...with less inhabitations, more drive, I'm more open minded, etc...there's the times when I look in the mirror while I'm getting fucked, and suddenly I'm like, "shit, I am that woman...the older woman...sigh."

Can a Woman or a Man still be sexy in their Golden Years? I sure hope so...
yes or no...
Man or Women...

Yours_4A_knight 55M
1365 posts
10/3/2018 11:28 pm

Women can choose to be sexy at any age, men on the other hand are pretty much done at 35

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

08hd3 71M

10/4/2018 2:33 am

I say . I guess I say "Yes".... xoxo

justskin1 68M
11706 posts
10/4/2018 6:25 am

Both men and women can be very sexy when they are older. I think one of the main determining things is their attitude. As for those on the perceiving side I think a good part of the equation is how much they consider sexy as of the body vs of the mind.

If you see me in the real world, come say "Hi Justskin."

I always behave. Preferably not well.

nicco100 52M
164 posts
10/4/2018 8:42 am

An you get older the more experience you gain making your partner a very happy person.

milfhuntkinky 57M
41 posts
10/6/2018 12:20 am

yes , some women are better than others ,

ElectroEros 55M

10/7/2018 9:37 am

I am of the opinion that ladies 60yrs and above have the most satisfying sex sometimes. So I say that you may have your best sexual years ahead of you. Just stay fit and healthy as you can. Plenty of younger men crave a mature lady sexually. So you can be deemed sexier with age X

s2ndegree 61M  
9736 posts
10/10/2018 1:06 pm

Of course we can be and are.Do you really
need to go any further than all the messages you
receive on a daily basis to compel you
to actually have to ask?

Using more than all the road!

lickeyzsplit 57M
931 posts
10/17/2018 5:44 am

I think anytime there is a connection between 2 people it can be Sexy !! if 2 enjoy each others company it is music playing that cannot be stopped !!

hornysenior4 75M  
1387 posts
5/15/2019 11:59 am

Getting Older? It is Going to happen whether We like it or not! I'm 76 and Some days I really Feel it. Others... Not so much. Yes, I still have Sex and Get Erections. But BP and Meds Limit the Usefulness of them. But as to whether or Not To Stop?? Hell No!! LOL!!

The only Thing that is Different..... I Like Odler Ladies. The Younger Ones just Want toFuck Fuck Fuck and Not So much Play. Foreplay is becoming a lost Art!

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