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Bad mood again  

Readmoreofeveryt 48F
257 posts
7/15/2018 1:47 am
Bad mood again

Last two nights at work have been stupid. Manager either sits on their ass in office or stocks all night. They have been letting the lazy cashier recover. She sucks at it. When I recover it looks recovered and I still wind up doing the cashier duties while the other cashier just stands at register all night or plays on her phone. When I get stuck at register the other person can't even do cashier duties like I was doing so I can cashier. Tonight lazy girl tells me to recover to and yells at me when I need some backup. I'm about sick of that scatter brain. Why can't the managers act like managers and manage? Why can't the cashier's do their jobs? Extremely frustrated again. It probably doesn't help that I only got to see j once this week but at least I got to see him. At least I had a good amount of hours straight both jobs this week but I'm tired as hell. Hoping to get to deliver more this week. Didn't have much time to last week. Ratings at 93 percent though so that's good. I think I have another week of my laying around. Grrrr. At least theday job hasn't been too annoying. I haven't had to deal with the big head bosses lately. I think I've decided to wear<b> crotchless </font></b>outfits to bed any night I know my won't be around like if he leaves town or moves because I'll be ready if I get lucky and there's hardly any material so I stay nice and cool and I'm not quite naked. I'm still debating sneaking off nights I'm off to go try out the stripper clubs and swinger club in the area. I would probably get an Uber ride there and back so doubt I'd drink just watch. I think if I go I can get it out of my system but as I'm only off two nights a week right now by the time I'm off I just feel the need to lay there on the couch and watch TV till I pass out. I'm also needing to go to Sarah's secret again for more outfits not body suits for sure and I still want a giant rechargable wand. Construction over there is just freaking horrible there so I may just Uber a ride to Olive garden and to there and back. The idea of ubering a ride to strip clubs Sarah's secret or the swingers club makes me a bit nervous because what if I get a creepy guy driver and he conveniently for him stops driving for a while when he drops me off there and then I feel like I have a stalker. That's the worry that has kept me from doing that. I've also been thinking about I bring a ride to taste of the islands on a Friday or Saturday night for the music and just see how things go. Same worry though. If I would up with a woman driver I wouldn't be worried at all. Maybe I should try Lyft. Haven't been real impressed with Uber drivers and usuy get men. I have tried having ubereats delivered to me and wasn't impressed at all. They always look like they fell out of bed or went to work in their yard first then are in no hurry at all so I stick with doordash when I want food delivered because that has worked out way better for me. They always look like they are dressed for work and they are usually early which helps when I'm starving. I get mad at myself for ordering food in when it takes forever and I could have already went and gotten it myself and been in bed by the time I received it and hour or more later. So tired but brain won't shut down and let me sleep.

mc_justmc 61M  
6837 posts
7/15/2018 6:39 am

You a j should go to the sex clubs together. It's a lot of fun to play and watch and be watched all at the same time. I used to go to one in Austin regularly, it is fun.

Readmoreofeveryt replies on 7/16/2018 9:24 pm:
He won't do that. He's too uptight about that stuff. I have a few exes that said they'd go with me but never did.

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