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Better still but ouch  

Readmoreofeveryt 47F
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5/30/2018 7:57 pm
Better still but ouch

It hurt like hell to work last night because after chiro I felt better but then I had to go and get all freaky with j than go to work and spend all night bending down to get small objects off floor. Freaking ouch. Damn slobs destroying the place up there. Got through it then work today. Hottie fixing doors kept eying me and I smiled. When he said day over I said yep see ya next time you're fixing the doors. He laughed and said it would be soon. I should have said keep flirting and you'll wind up with a date stud but I was good. I went straight to chiro. Feel better but guess I wasn't ready to shave cuz I couldn't reach bottom part of my leg fuck! At least I was able to get out of tub but I was dare trying to shave my kitty if I could do my damn leg. Read a good book. Fixing to go to bed. Hope to delivery drive tomorrow wasn't up for it since Saturday. Turned it on briefly today but no dings so I said fuck it I'll try tomorrow and relax now. I did walk. Kinda slow though. Trash was heavier than I thought. Hate feeling old and like I'm falling apart. Better get to bed before turd gets home and starts demanding I cater to him. If he hadn't lifted me other say I wouldn't be hurt. He only had mercy and left me alone sat. Now he comes up to me acting like he's gonna sit on me or pick me up again. He's such a shit sometimes. A grown shit! We are going to see my cousin in Houston sat then coming back after. He said he'd drive me there then come home and come n get me tomorrow I said that made no damn sense. Its 5 hrs away. He can drive me we can chill n visit then come back. Plus if he comes home without me I risk a chance of getting stranded there without him answering his phone while he's drinking<b> smoking </font></b>weed going to races or doing something equally stupid. Night night.

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