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You know you would have to...Admit it...  

RedGingerSnaps 46F  
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4/28/2020 7:16 pm
You know you would have to...Admit it...

These shutdowns are horrible. It’s interfering with my ability to spend time with my guy. We had an opportunity to spend a brief period of time together last Friday so we took it. We coordinate where we can. It was great to steal his kisses, smell his scent, feel his hugs and hear his whispers.

We sat in his car in a busy parking garage. With everyone practicing social distancing and wearing masks, we wanted to spend some time together without getting strange looks. Touching/hugging in public is almost considered taboo in this present environment.

It was then, he queued up a video. He asked if I had seen it, i had not. It was very erotic and sensual. This girl was giving her man one of the best hand jobs I think I have ever seen on video. He was forbidden to speak, moan, move or touch himself. He sat, still, quiet, rigid, and fully<b> erect. </font></b>Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that found the video arousing. I could tell my lover was also aroused.

I was sitting close to him, he turned off the video, looked into my eyes, and ordered me to take off my pants. With a lustful gaze, he rips off my panties and motions for me to move to the corner. As I move, I see a shiny object...handcuffs. I hear the click, one wrist, then the other.

I was bound, unable to touch myself, although I ached to do so. He looked in my eyes and asks if I want my pussy licked. Silly question, I think, of course I do, and I murmur yes, feeling myself trembling with lust. He yanks the handcuffs sharply and says with a stern tone that if I want my pussy licked I need to say so and say it loud. I shout out for him to please, please, please lick my pussy, and he smiles a wicked smile as he runs his warm, velvet tongue along the length of my now damp and swollen pussy lips.

I fall back into the corner, rapidly gasping in pleasure as he grips my ass with a hand, and passionately explores my clitoris with his tongue, periodically dipping it inside me, a warm, wriggling, wet torment of overwhelming pleasure. I open my eyes, and watch him, his eyes closed, his entire face wet from my arousal, but before long I have to close my eyes and surrender to the sounds and sensations of my lover pleasuring me with his skillful mouth.

He slips a finger inside, and massages my g-spot as he continues pleasuring me with his willing mouth, and suddenly, in a rush, my orgasm comes, overwhelming in its force and pleasure, and I erupt in a chorus of screams, guttural animal noises and pants as he continues licking me, prolonging my pleasure until I collapse on the seat, my body trembling, my bound hands straining at the metal. I cry out that I want to feel him inside me, and, before I know it, he has pushed me down on the seat, mounting me and swiftly thrusting his swollen cock deep inside, plunging in and out of my soaking, still sensitive pussy.

He looks in my eyes, his eyes narrowed slits of animal lust, and asks if I want his cum in me, and I moan, yes, yes, yes, and he throws his head back and with a roar of pleasure, fills me, deep, throbbing....

CleanSeedFlow 39M
48 posts
5/24/2020 1:30 am

This sounds amazing.

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