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Period Sex  

Reina_1979 41F   
85 posts
12/13/2019 1:43 pm
Period Sex

Which of the following would you be down for?
All the above
No Thank You....not my thing
That's nasty Bitch

10167 posts
12/13/2019 4:22 pm

have done it, no prob with it

amkamk48001 52M/50F  
265 posts
12/14/2019 5:53 am

Fucking, that's what a shower is for, to clean up

justskin1 68M
11716 posts
12/14/2019 7:14 am

Have done it and have no problem with it. Yeah, messy but that is what showers and washing machines are for.
Had a GF who said she was always always extra horny during her period. Wish I knew her when she still had them as would have loved to have discovered how horny and kinky she would get then.

If you see me in the real world, come say "Hi Justskin."

I always behave. Preferably not well.

undercover_bi469 55M
598 posts
12/14/2019 10:31 am

Why just eat the meat when you can also savor the sauce!

12761 posts
12/14/2019 4:54 pm



smallpenis2tease 61M
62 posts
12/15/2019 12:29 pm

No thanks, I'll wait a few days.

sphxdiver 70M  
21075 posts
12/15/2019 4:41 pm

Either in the shower, or that's one reason they make bath towels.

Sflguy04 62M
298 posts
12/16/2019 2:49 am

As long as it didn't cause her pain, no problem l, shower and repeat

Hishers1982 38M/38F
1 post
12/16/2019 7:11 pm

Nothing wrong with it

newbiabi 40M
8 posts
12/16/2019 7:47 pm

Seems like period sex is better.

2guyinsnj 45M/42M
61 posts
12/17/2019 1:59 am

Just fucking, my dick goes in dirty places

oaktree269 61M
3 posts
12/17/2019 2:36 am

backin the day i had a fuck buddy , she burned wood for winter heat, we had fucked once when she was on her period it was pretty hot

fishersman68 52M
48 posts
12/17/2019 10:40 am

fingering and fucking. Washcloth and or shower work wonders and sex is hot hot hot

Luv24Q2 43M
733 posts
12/17/2019 4:11 pm

Gave me a chubby!

chuutkapujari12 35M
16 posts
12/18/2019 11:59 pm

Love to fuck her hard

supermane1960 51M
22 posts
12/23/2019 5:40 am

hello i need you message me in my blog

AmorDivino202 57M
47 posts
12/23/2019 6:23 pm

Divino relato, toda una sensualidad

Spunsubinfl 40M
25 posts
12/24/2019 7:46 am

Nice tits

Let's fuck

kirkcashew 62M  
2 posts
12/26/2019 6:56 pm

Having never been able to try it, I don't see what the problem is. Maybe I need to experience to better form an opinion...

hurricane6868 52M

12/27/2019 12:32 am

never bothered me to get my red wings

montecarlo37 42M
298 posts
12/28/2019 6:45 am

I do fucking only if my partner wants it... Its all her choice...

shyomahaguy 46M
26 posts
12/28/2019 9:28 am

I would wait couple day!

willp52 59M  
69 posts
12/28/2019 1:35 pm

fucked two ladys on there period and they were horny as hell and couldn't get enough,it didn't bother me

Needfun4842 39M  
13 posts
12/28/2019 5:44 pm

I'll do it if very horny, but not normally my thing.

CountrySeduction 38M
6 posts
12/29/2019 2:20 am

And God said.."let there be towels"...and good times were had by all

L2L91 33M
20 posts
12/29/2019 11:35 pm

Not my thing. But to each their own.

hurricane6868 52M

12/30/2019 5:26 pm

i mean il lick and suck on that clit not going to tongue the hole though i aint a vampire

WyoCowboy7751 67M
661 posts
12/31/2019 7:31 am

I voted Fucking !! If she doesn't mind ; I don't mind !!!
Did it with a girlfriend first time and she told me afterward that she had never had sexual sensation like that time before !! Did it numerous times after that !!!
By the way ; it's always nice to have wet wipes on hand for the after and fresh pad for her !!

LiveItUpNow01 60M
12 posts
12/31/2019 5:29 pm

Fuck only with a condom.

charlie883063 59M
21 posts
1/2/2020 9:17 am

Beautiful picture. Very hot

luvspussy509 31M

1/9/2020 1:36 pm

Period sex is great

seoulswing2 37M/26F
41 posts
1/16/2020 4:57 pm

at first I gave hubby blowjob when I was on period, but period make very horny and hubby always told me he wanted to fuck me so let him and it was very nice. now I and our swapping couples all enjoy period play. hubby like watch other men fuck me when I have the period, like see the many creampie and likes go down on me

startthefun13 55M  
145 posts
1/17/2020 7:46 am

we would just switch to her ass until she was done.

Rooster_1961 58M
25 posts
4/29/2020 11:20 am

Lady is more horny during this and makes for it better.

Woodster9560 42M
9 posts
4/29/2020 6:08 pm

Hey your gonna get wet and have fun any way why worry hop in the shower and continue.

Timharbee 20F
1 post
6/18/2020 5:19 am

me too¡.

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