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Senja. A poem
Posted:Jan 17, 2019 3:32 pm
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2020 8:17 am

Beneath the darkness of the Arctic winter
Between velvet heavens and frigid water
The island lies curled, and seemingly sleeping
Wrapped in the snow and ice, its winter clothing
Moonlight, like a midnight lover’s soft caress
Slides between the branches of silver Birches
Touches here and there, to give shadow and form
Constant yet fitful, with the clouds of a storm
Across the surface of this frozen vista
Wind blows, the cold breath of a phantom lover
Sighs and howls, lending a voice to this peaceful land
Rattling the dry snow, like Summers sun kissed sand
Below distant stars, the hidden sun still shines
Rays dance with the earth, twisting like drying vines
Pearl white curtains, writhe and float through the ether
Earth and the sun, star crossed lovers together
Lights, bright gems scattered on a jewellers hand
Cluster and cling, to heart and edges of the land
Show life is still here, amongst the darkened snows
In many a house, the welcome fireplace glows
But Winter’s dark depths, do not go ever down
The sun will return, northward to claim its crown
Awaken the sleeping life, beneath the snows
So ever and on, the islands cycle goes.
The First of Many.
Posted:May 4, 2018 2:45 pm
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2020 8:16 am

You make me feel slightly breathless and infinitely alive as you sit across from me at the table. The restaurant that we have chosen is popular and being in the airport is full of other travellers meeting, saying their goodbyes or just waiting. There is no chance of a breathing space, the peace and intimacy that we seek. Yet strangely this forces us in to greater intimacy, as we have to speak loudly, leaning across the table to be close to each other’s ears. Your eyes draw me in with your intoxicating magic as you gaze at me, I want to kiss you hold you in my arms and devour you. Longing, but we must stick to the menu. We order our meal from the waitress, she brings our wine whilst we wait for our food

Whilst we eat we talk about how good it is to be together at last, then we start to get nervous again, so we change to talking about your family and mine, and we laugh over who has the worse siblings. The wine we are drinking is good, and even more intoxicating than our desire for each other. I watch you take a long sip and swallow, your lips caressing the rim of the glass You squeeze my hand across the table, gazing deep into my eyes as you dip your tongue into the wine. Your eyes glitter and sparkle with mischief. I desperately try to think of something funny to say, to break the tension, and to slice through your intent gaze.

I raise your hand to my face, study it for a second, turning it over in my larger hand.

" You know what? You have such beautiful hands. "

I turn your hand over and kiss your palm You watch me, your eyes devouring me, I feel myself gently blush, I am not certain if it is caused by my churning desires, or the wine.

"Let's go”, you say. So I call the waitress and settle the bill

I take your hand to help you from your chair, and smile at you. We are hurried now almost losing control of our calm exteriors we are trying to preserve to each other. You guide me quickly out of the restaurant, I have to return to retrieve my luggage we were that distracted. We giggle our way across the concourse, hand in hand somehow settled and at peace.

The spring evening air envelopes us outside, as we walk to the car park where the car is waiting patiently, the lights hiding your features, and most of all, hiding your eyes. I wonder what your thinking at that moment, and inside I feel a pang of nervousness, knowing that sex is on both of our minds.

I open the car door for you, then you smile at me with those tantalising eyes. I wait for you to settle before I close the door but instead you reach up and pull me down and kiss me full on the lips, your tongue darting in for just the tiniest of a touch, as if to say “Hello”.

"I love you," I hear you say, and I slide into my seat.

On the drive from the airport to your apartment my mind races with something clever to say to you to break the silence, but you seem to read my anxious mind, and grab my hand to calm me. You talk to me about all the places we are passing and their history. You point out places where you would like to take me. I am half listening my mind is elsewhere I am afraid to say, coping with travelling on the right hand side of the road again and watching the traffic.

We've both waited for this night so long, planned for it, fantasised about it, in our separate minds, and now that it is approaching, I feel fear deep in my stomach. What if it changes things? What if I disappoint her? Questions buzz backwards and forwards through my mind with uncertainty. I look out the window, watching what I can see of the beautiful landscape and the glittering lights, thinking my thoughts. I glance sideways at you and feel your hand move to lie on my thigh, so that your fingers grasp my inner thigh, your thumb swirling a soothing pattern there.

A shiver of anticipation goes through me like an electrical shock, as we pull up outside your apartment. Well this is what we have been yearning for over the last months.

Darkness engulfs us as we cross the threshold of the apartment. You grab my hand and lead me gently through the gloom to your bedroom. You switch on the light and I see you again properly for the first time since we left the airport, you still captivate me.

"Why don't you take a shower and I'll find us some beer. Ok?"

“ Sounds like a plot to me” I say

You throw at a towel at me and I miss catching it, you laugh at me as it hits me. You point me to the bathroom and I retreat in there to get freshened up. I switch on the light, and look at myself in the mirror, I grin and strip off as the water runs to heat up.
"OK Man, stop worrying. You've done it before. Though this is kind of different." I say to myself. My reflection doesn’t look 100% convinced but, what the heck.

I shower quickly, using your soap and shampoo, breathing in the unfamiliar scents of you. The bathroom is now a steamy sauna, I wonder if I am alone in here or are you sneaking in to join me. I decide that you aren’t as I can’t really waste any more time in here. I wrap a large, white towel around my damp body, and do the best to dry my hair with the other end.

An unfamiliar song plays on your stereo, as I open the door to your still darkened room, the only thing my eyes can see as they adjust is the outline of you sitting on the edge of your large bed, the large candle beside you casting your silhouette across the bed and up the wall.

"Hiya” I say in an attempt to act casual and, hide the maelstrom of emotions going on inside of me

"Hi Baby” You say taking in my wet hair, and following the droplets of water that have trickled down my shoulders and into the hair on my chest.

I feel a great surge of desire as you look at me and start to rise off the bed, walking towards me, and stopping within inches of my face, smiling. You stare intently at my lips and than place your hands on either side of my face, pulling me down towards you for a kiss. The instant your tongue dips inside of my mouth I taste beer, and something entirely of your own, the taste of you. My body leans into yours as the kiss deepens and my insides start to hum with arousal. You pull my towel clad body against yours as your tongue plays with mine, my body warming against your bare breasts, causing your nipples to harden. I tighten my arms around you, running my hands across your warm velvet skin, desperate to feel all of you.

You push my head back to suck your way down my long throat, and I feel your tongue flick over the base of my neck, across my pulse point. Air rushes over my bare ass as you lift the towel to caress my nether cheeks.

I shiver and wrap an arm around your shoulders, my towel lifting in response to your caresses. Your caresses are getting higher, and more urgent as I feel you stroke my inner thighs as you kiss my lips once more in a salty kiss. My hand wraps around the back of your neck, and I let my nails tickle you there, knowing it will arouse you, I feel my way up and down your back with my other hand and caress your bare back gently with my fingernails.

You sigh into my mouth, and I kiss you back with a growing need. My nails start circling your back with deliberate strokes, stopping to rub around the base of your spine.

"Let's get rid of this towel."

You quickly unwrap me, and I feel your eyes on me for the first time, memorising me, seeing the evidence of my desire. You smile at me, giggling, and I see the look of hunger in your eyes, exciting me, making me harder. Your hands are warm against my chilled skin as they run up over my stomach and across my chest. My hands reach down and pull you against me caressing your butt and lower back. I reach down with both of my hands caressing your inner thighs as I look at you to meet your gaze.

You peck my lips, and I feel your tongue dart out across them. I sigh, and feel you standing tightly against my body for the first time, and I close my eyes.

You kiss me on the chin through my beard.

"Open your eyes?" I ask

Your eyes open again and gaze into mine.

"This is a new beginning for both of us, full of hope and promise. We inevitably carry the past with us, it is what has made us who we are today and has brought us to each other at the right time. This is where our future begins."

You bend back your head to kiss my lips deeply, and you whisper, "Ok."

Your hands run down my chest and stop to play in the hair of my manhood, making my penis twitch towards me.

"That all goes tomorrow." You say, as you tug on my pubes.

Your hands wrap around my penis, measuring, pulling on me, feeling it grow even more in your hands.

"Mmmmmmmmm I think he likes you."

You laugh and brush your lips against mine, stroking my penis as I kiss your shoulder and then upwards to nibble your ear.

I hear you moan, and it excites me, I get the scent of your arousal gently wafting to my nose.

"Baby, just like that...mmmmm, yeah."

"You like that huh?" you ask, continuing to work your hand gently up and down my penis like a soft warm vice.

"Oh yeah..." I moan.

I slide my hands round and start to massage your breasts, gently rolling your nipples between my fingers, You gasp as the sensations and feelings hot wire to your teeth.

You giggle, and push me back towards the bed, my knees buckling, as they hit the edge of the mattress. You stand in front of me and my tongue flicks inside of your belly button, teasing my tongue round the little fairy I find there. My arms wrap around your waist. I ease a finger between your thighs from behind and stroke along the length of your pussy. You are so wet already your lips slick with your juices.

"Mmmm.... You’re getting even harder when you do that." You say.

"I know, I can feel it. You seem to have got a little damp doing what you are doing to me right now." I say

"Baby, I want you to taste me so bad...please?" you say in a choked breath.

I pull you towards me making you kneel on the bed straddling me, I pull you further forward so you are astride my head. I turn my head and kiss you gently on the sensitive skin of your inner thighs. Nibbling first with my lips and then gently with my teeth. Working my way higher and closer to the sweet centre of your arousal. The scent of your sex fills my nostrils and little trails of moisture are running down your inner thighs. I lick one, with a swift flick of my tongue, you taste divine. I raise my head and with a long stroke of my tongue I lick the length of your sex.

“ Oooooooh” you gasp “Again , please”

Drawing you down s you are just above my mouth I slide my tongue between your lips, prising them open and revealing you little bud. I flick at it with my tongue, backwards and forwards across it, coaxing it into hardness. I am rewarded with a trickle of your nectar, flowing from you and down onto my face. I push my tongue further in between your lips seeking to push it deeper into your sex. Your juices flow across my tongue and, trickle down my throat. I have longed for this moment so long.

"You like me tasting you like this, huh?" I ask, looking up along your body between your breasts and into you smiling eyes.

"Ohhh...."you moan. "Yeah baby, just like that."

I run my hands up your body as I continue to worship your sweet sex with my tongue. Cupping your breasts I capture each erect nipple between my fingers, giving them a little squeeze. I feel your hands running through my damp hair begging me to lick your wetness harder.

"Ohhhh.... God.... Baby like that, just like that, mmmmm..." you gasp. You are panting now and grinding yourself down onto my mouth and tongue. Suddenly you are coming, moaning loudly, your body writhing as the waves of ecstasy run through you. Your body surrenders its passion to me and I am suddenly having to swallow as your juices jet from you filling my mouth and, coating my face. They taste fresh sweet and musky. You flop forward, panting and gasping for breath.

I roll you sideways off of me and onto your back on the bed. You look amazing so beautiful, your face and eyes glowing with the after effects of your orgasm. Your smile is making me melt.

“ Right now, I’m going to get you” you say

You kneel up kiss me, tasting your juices from my face, then push me down flat on the bed. Your hands stroking downwards across my body. As Your mouth descends on the tip of my Treasure I feel a shudder run through you, exciting me even more. Your tongue flicks over the top of my tip, circling the top and underside, as your hands cup my warm balls gently kneading them. I moan as I feel you mouth stroking up and down me, my hands roaming over your back and down your butt pulling you round so that I can caress your sex and slide my fingers into you. I cross my fingers and slide them deeply in and out of you in a twisting motion, stroking you deep inside, touching you gently on all the most delightful places.

Your mouth is almost becoming a torture to me as you take me further into warm wet sucking mouth. The sensual movements of your mouth and, your hand, are causing me to writhe on the bed. My hands stroking your hair, I feel my treasure jerk inside Your mouth, as your teeth lightly graze the underside.

"Hang on Baby ...we have to stop...or else I am going to come.”

I reluctantly pull your beautiful soft mouth off my engorged length, and you turn to look at me questioning, why I have done this.

"But I was going to get you to come in my mouth." You say.

"The first time I come with you, I want to be inside of you. Right now I want to make love to you."

My words seem to excite you even more and you roll over and pull me on top of you, and lie there looking expectant, gazing lovingly up at me; grinning. I bend my head to your breasts, I suck a nipple into my mouth then gently graze at it with my teeth, and watch you squirm. I keep gently tugging, making you sigh with pleasure. Your hands seem that they can't get enough of me urgently pulling my hardness down towards your sex. My body is arched over you making you wait, as you open your legs to try and welcome me inside.

I relent and let you draw me downwards, I feel the wet heat of your aroused sex pressing against my treasure and your other hand grasps my butt, trying to pull me closer to you, trying to get me inside of you.

My fingers slide down between our bodies to rub your slippery clit, and your back arches, loving the feelings that this gives you, yet still demanding the ultimate. I suck hard on your breast taking it deep into my mouth, sucking greedily, as I feel you pressing up against me.

"Ohhh.... mmmm..." you groan.

I momentarily lose my concentration and , you win you pull down on my butt and push upwards. My hardness slides into you and I am undone. You gaze directly into my eyes as you push slowly up at me, as I slide myself deeper inside of you. Feeling the hot grasp of your velvety insides engulfing me. I slide deeper and deeper inside you as we start to move together, the pleasure is so intense, it is beyond the merely physical. You scissor your legs around my hips, pulling me hard against you, our bodies meshed together as tight as they can be.

I hear you repeating " I love you, I love you." with every thrust of our bodies together.

You hook your legs through and put them over my shoulders, lifting your butt so that I may delve ever deeper inside your tightness.

"Baby...you feel so good...I'm going to come” you gasp

I pull on your left nipple with my fingers causing more sensations for you, I feel them myself as your muscles tighten round my length as it slides in and out of you. I feel your grip tighten even more on me, your nails biting into my back. I am pushing you down hard, into the bed. My tempo increasing, as we grind our hips together, I stare into your eyes willing you to come, because I cannot last much longer so intense has been my passion for you.

I feel you start to come your body going rigid and pushing hard back against me you legs pushing really hard on my back. Your velvety wet insides starting to ripple along my shaft. Suddenly you are coming, squeezing me, gasping wracked by the short, intense, ecstatic contractions.

"Oh God..." you scream, gasping for air as the intensity brings tears of joy to your eyes.

My orgasm comes on rapidly, within seconds of yours and I can feel my length twitching inside you. I lose the co ordination and I falter in my relentless thrusting, I gasp and howl as my body tenses, my knees shaking as I come. I empty myself into your wetness, big soul strangling spurts of my being joining your body.

"MMMMM..." we say together then fall into peels of laughter

"Baby...I love you... ", I moan as I bury my face in hair.

You raise your head and kiss me, as we roll sideways still joined, but somewhat damply now.

"You’re mine." you whisper to me, as we lay there gazing at each other.

“ And I am yours I say” causing you to laugh again.
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Virtual Reality?
Posted:Apr 22, 2018 4:52 am
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2020 10:22 am

Here's me sitting here at a desk in the good old United Kingdom, wondering about the state of English teaching across the globe, and whether there would be any mileage in starting a correspondence school for grammar and the language as a whole. Perhaps Google Translate, needs a grammar lesson or 3? I doubt it somehow, there are some things it gets wrong but generally not tenses and clauses and the basic structure of the language.

Now I know that it has been said that the United Kingdom and the United States of America are two countries separated by a common language, but my experience of conversing with and spending time living with Americans in there own country is that we do speak the same language it is just expressions and meanings of words that vary. Never forget the look on my girlfriend at the time parents' faces when we were discussing smoking and I said, that I used to get so desperate for a fag that I'd pick up other peoples butts and roll them. Apparently this wasn't a good thing to say, particularly as we were dining in the Augusta Country Club at the time.

I suppose this is an appeal for a degree of honesty from folks who care to contact me. Don't pretend to be somewhere or somebody that you aren't, that's wasting your time and my time, the result is nothing. I won't pay for you to come to the UK, I will happily sit and chat with you for who you really are, I like people, and wherever you are from you are welcome to chat with me. Let's keep it real.

Love Peace and Light

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