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Virtual Reality?  

Renaissance2019 57M  
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4/22/2018 4:52 am
Virtual Reality?

Here's me sitting here at a desk in the good old United Kingdom, wondering about the state of English teaching across the globe, and whether there would be any mileage in starting a correspondence school for grammar and the language as a whole. Perhaps Google Translate, needs a grammar lesson or 3? I doubt it somehow, there are some things it gets wrong but generally not tenses and clauses and the basic structure of the language.

Now I know that it has been said that the United Kingdom and the United States of America are two countries separated by a common language, but my experience of conversing with and spending time living with Americans in there own country is that we do speak the same language it is just expressions and meanings of words that vary. Never forget the look on my girlfriend at the time parents' faces when we were discussing<b> smoking </font></b>and I said, that I used to get so desperate for a fag that I'd pick up other peoples butts and roll them. Apparently this wasn't a good thing to say, particularly as we were dining in the Augusta Country Club at the time.

I suppose this is an appeal for a degree of honesty from folks who care to contact me. Don't pretend to be somewhere or somebody that you aren't, that's wasting your time and my time, the result is nothing. I won't pay for you to come to the UK, I will happily sit and chat with you for who you really are, I like people, and wherever you are from you are welcome to chat with me. Let's keep it real.

Love Peace and Light

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