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A sexual fantasy for the Ladies  

Rftlp 57M  
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2/3/2021 4:52 pm
A sexual fantasy for the Ladies

Well its another night, Jamming a little Aerosmith, Come on ladies just Walk This Way---?????
Ladies, what really turns you on from a man?

I have a lady friend that tells me of one of her fantasies. She works in the downtown business district. There are a lot of really hot studs that walk up and down the streets every weekday. I'm talking GQ heaven. These are professional types oozing charisma and charm, quite a few of these studs are of hers. She owns a high end retail Jewelry store. She receives several sexual advances a day from these young studs who are in and out of her store often. once in a while she will message me and tell me about her latest fantasy stud.

Her biggest fantasy is set on the sidewalk, outside of her store. She would just flat out be mind blown if this were to happen. She is excited to the max, by the thought of one of these studs to just reach out and grab her by the waist as they pass and push her up against the wall and just take her breath away with a deeply passionate kiss. Pulling her in close and tight and very intimately and passionately taking control of her.

The spontaneity of this would ensure that she would fuck his brains out ....

would you be turned on by this?

enquiring minds want to know?


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