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Domination of a woman This is for the women who love to be tied up...  

Rftlp 57M  
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3/24/2021 6:41 pm

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7/20/2021 9:24 pm

Domination of a woman This is for the women who love to be tied up...


I love dominate a woman!
Tie her a chair, ankles the legs of the chair. Ass up in the air, hands tied the front bindings! I built this chair exactly as my baby wanted it! The back has cushions positioned over the top of it, every detail is designed just for Babygirl!
As I listen to her breathing it is getting heavy! She is anticipating what’s next, most definitely excited beyond anything that vanilla lovemaking could ever provide! I stand behind her admiring her beauty, her milky white ass cheeks up in the air beckoning, To be touched, to be kissed, to be bitten, to be smacked.
I want to Bury my face in her and erotically lick her forever, yet as her Man I know what turns her on! Tonight is about her greatest fantasy! I pick up her leather strap, I lay it on the chair where she can see it. The human body tends to compensate when senses are restricted. It tends to heighten other senses, awareness , sexual pleasure; the sense of feel, smell, pleasure, are intensified!
Her body is starting to quiver because she knows I’m getting ready, I’m going to take her to a place in her mind that some are too afraid to go! Exhilaration from sexually spanking her, to cuddle her, to exert every effort to blow her mind! Not just any spanking but one hard enough that she goes into that exquisite zone of pain, pleasure, and fantasy! Her body is so exotic! I could spend hours just savoring the view! I have no doubt that she is mine! The woman of my dreams! That woman that I will spend my life marveling at her, The way she looks at , the way she smiles at , her unique Fragrances both man-made and a la natural!


A hint of lavender, and that ever so faint hint of her sexuality!
I crave that, I need that, I love her, I worship her! I am her Man But she is the one with all the power!
I walk around behind her and there it is! Her sweet little rose petals are starting glisten!

As he ties my ankles the chair, my mind is reeling, I’m scared yet so fucking excited!
I can feel my pussy getting so freaking wet from the anticipation! I am so turned on!
I love the way he pays close attention my desires! He has been sending notes since yesterday!
Hinting at tonight, fucking mentally!!! I’ve been soaking my panties all day! He cares about me in ways I’ve never experienced! When I was leaving work this afternoon I found a note on my steering wheel! OMG he knows just how get inside with just a phrase or a single word!

She is super turned on!
I touch a trickle of her wetness that is running down her thigh.
I put my finger to my lips and taste her nectar, it’s total intoxication!

She arches her back, trying to get my attention focused on her ass! Craving that contact, she knows it’s coming. She craves my touch! I<b> tease </font></b>her! I know she is getting wetter and wetter! She is dripping wet now! I touch my tongue to her! I lick up and across her clit!
She quivers hard! A very intense moan escapes her! If I lick any more she will explode!
I want her to hover on the edge!
I pick up the leather strap!
I move in front of her, i kneel!
I look into her eyes to confirm what she wants!
I lay her strap on the chair seat!
She looks at it then deeply into my eyes and looks at with a passion that excites from head toe! She whispers to , “please give it , I want it!
Do baby”

I draw back and deliver the attention she craves, her ass is her most intense pleasure point! I leave the beauty marks she so desires and in fact craves! I do so several several times!
intense as fuck yet erotic, she has her first orgasm! I have hold her throne as she calls it! Her chair!
We have spent many hours in this special chair, enacting her fantasies, her desires, our everything!

WOW WOW OMFG! As he kisses my backside with his lips and delivers the first of several smacks my ass the intense pain is so exquisite!
The nipple clamps dangle and the sensations drive insane! I build into my first of many orgasms this night! I’m so for the attention! I know that very soon he is going take with his hard cock! He massages baby oil onto my back side, my ass, my thighs! Omg he positions his huge cock just barely touching my pussy! He slowly enters , Stretching my pussy the point I will fucking explode! He knows so well and slows his motion, He doesn’t disappoint! After caressing my ass with hands that are so tender and protective! That’s the part of this that I really crave! He will take care of , cuddle and protect ! Then he will fuck ! Slow and sensual at first then let it build into a passion so intense that we both become breathless. Sweating, hot passionate lovemaking!
I’m spent!

I grow so excited and completely amazed that this beautiful woman calls me her man! My manhood is throbbing! I want to take her right there, but I know for this to be the best experience possible that I must have patience, My pleasure comes from giving her pleasure! I can tell that she is so intensely aroused at this point, she is moaning and she’s dancing that dance that is purely from passion!


The sensation of her rose petals rubbing each other while she moves and that erotic as fuck dance drives her crazy, It drives me crazy!
I<b> tease </font></b>her a little with my hard cock! I coat her ass with baby oil! It not only intensifies her pleasure from the leather strap but it also feels so mind bogglingly exotic to me. I put my hips against her ass, and I slowly grind on her. I’m so consumed by desire to please her. I caress her cheeks while doing this and I stroke her back, I can feel her relaxing. I know what she wants, what she needs, it’s so fullfilling, she needs me, the pain is just part of the elixir that blows her mind!
Prepping her for the next level of eroticism that so completes her experience!
I’ll go back to her rose petals with my lips and this time i will suck and touch her till she loses all control, she starts squirting, and shaking and moaning! It’s time! I lean into her hard! Sliding into her! She is so tight, her innermost self is so hot, so wet!
She is starting to lose control of her self, what she wants from me it’s so personal, so passionate!

I just hold there for a minute Marveling at how well we fit together, we were made for each other. I am just throbbing inside her!
Then I draw back and slap her ass while slow fucking her!
Ive put clamps on her nipples that are attached to small chains!
The dangling chains drive her crazy! Stimulating her nipples!
I control my grinding till I feel her orgasm tensing, She is gripping me so hard, if I don’t stop I will orgasm and I don’t want that, yet!
I pull out!
Edging her!
Driving her crazy!
Then I take her again! 2 , 3, 4 times doing the same thing!
When I do let her finish it’s earthshaking!!! I can smell all of her womanhood! She has flooded my brain with such an erotic bouquet of womanhood!
It’s more intense than any drug!
I want her!
I want more!
I can never get enough of this woman! She is the one tied to the chair, yet i am the one in chains!
I can’t get enough of her!
We explode Together, It’s cataclysmic, her throne is bolted to the floor, because when we it gets so intense that it’s earth shattering
I built our playroom for the lovemaking we both crave!
After she has calmed down and is basking in the afterglow I slowly pull out and insert my still hard cock in her backside!
The oil is still dripping wet and I’ll just very slowly fuck her til she has the best orgasm of the night!

By this time she is so weak that I untie her and spank that tender ass again!
As I slowly stroke in an out, she is beside herself, building for that one last climax, as I take her the mountaintop she’s trembling. I pull the ends of her ropes that bind her arms to the front of the chair. She raises up just enough, she wants bite her I love the sensations that ripple through her body! I crave her, I’m still stroking in and out, her pleasure building. My mind is in a kaleidoscope of thoughts. I put my arms under her arms and cup her breast! I pull her up and I bite her shoulders and her neck, it is so intense, she is grinding back into matching stroke for stroke she wants this! biting her while fucking her is so exotic. I feel myself building into a massive climax. I reach down with one hand and I touch her and touch her and stroke her! fucking her for she is the most beautiful woman in the world!! we explode ; our love making is wonderful, it’s crazy . I need this woman and I know she needs ! our puzzle has pieces; she and I!
We live in our own little world.

I pick her up in my arms.
Carry her our bed, and lay her down. I curl up behind her! She is softly panting! I kiss her! Ever so gently!
I Wrap my arms around her and protect her while she sleeps in my arms!
She is my everything


lust4life59 62F
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3/25/2021 10:02 am

I'm a woman that loves to be dominated, and I approve this message. This is probably the most articulate rendering of TTTWD (that Thing That We D , or a power exchange that I have ever run across .

Rftlp 57M  
18 posts
3/27/2021 10:08 pm

Thank you, I have written several stories like this one. I seek to be real.


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