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A Warm Day spent with a Indian beauty in a Bathtub.  

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5/13/2020 10:34 am
A Warm Day spent with a Indian beauty in a Bathtub.

Hello Everyone, Welcome my Blog.. Hope You will enjoy..

Without any further<b> introduction </font></b>, will take you through my life changing experience regarding the encounter which I had with a hot girl.

I was working in the current MNC for like 4 years till date.. Since , it is an MNC they have lot of mix staff and preference given have more girls in the company in order have a nice motivation the men.. .
Of course, as a normal human being , men are attracted beautiful women figure wise, face wise, boobs, ass etc.. Girls of course compete within each other look the best. I don’t give more attention girls who show off more because they have more attitude and has more maintenance.. We, men want less maintenance and mutual love without any strings attached...
Just like I mentioned above I found the prefect girl matching and as I wished, she was a bengali, fit the core, with superb legs with curves at right places, boobs which men dream hold, ass which is perfectly curved for spooning when in bed
In office, we sat across each other, were gradually introduced each other.
We often used stare at each other , eyes meeting for a few seconds and turning away. It went on for a few days.
I was feeling the burning sensation of the girls body on me, every time I see her. Mind it I didnt feel the same while seeing other girls..
So meanwhile, we where working together , we were nominated with 5 others into the companies social activity team for employees motivation.
Now we started talking to each other, sitting together discussing on the new initiatives which can be given to employees to encourage motivation to work. While seating together often our arms and legs brushed each other. For me it went to the bone, with each brush my Holy Grail become erect. One thing for sure she had a smooth skin and she maintains her body through regular waxing and zumba excercises.

If I get the girl in bed, she will give me one hell of orgasm and man I guarantee ek se mera kya hoga.. heheh

As a part of knowing the factories of the company, the company sent us around 8 people for two days to another State for factory visit, first day the 5 people would come back after the visit and 3 of us would stay back for the taking the factory employees through social activities...
On the first day the plant visit as schedule. On the second day , we were people. 2 girls and .
the second day, after the training we went for sightseeing , we both interacted a lot, laughing and joking at each other.. we started getting attracted each other slowly. She started feel that I was chill guy under a strong and fit body. Of course , I was a gym guy.. .
She started liking I feel. Hint came when we went the River front. After walking through the river front taking a few pics. She said she wants a ice cream. So we went a stall and ordered ice cream. I ordered a normal mango one, other girl order a butter scotch.. now it was her time She asked for CHOCOLATE.. yes chocolate. Chocolate is the substitute for sex, this is why girls find chocolate interesting..
She asked the shopkeeper add lot of chocolates, by this understood her sex drive is very high. The shopkeeper said madam ki ye kadva ho jaayega ( will become sour if you add lot of chocolates). She thought about it and said it’s ok that’s enough of chocolates.
Now I knew it’s the time to . As the proverb “ when the iron is hot".

It was on take action now, if I have her in bed and for both of us have a good time.

We reached back mumbai a week end.
Now I was determined spend some time with her, just me and her and quality time. I was thinking how and what position do with her.
One week passed and on Monday I determined ask her out, spend some time with her with no one knowing that including my parents ..
Monday came, I pinged her and asked whether we can go the pantry and have coffee. She readily said yes and we went the pantry.
As we were preparing coffee, we were discussing and gossiping the office politics. I started with saying we need take a break from this hectic schedule. For which she also said, “ ya U said my mind".
My cunning mind came the core. I said ,” Can we both go some place relaxing". She understood my sly mind and I knew she felt the same way. She immediately said “yes". My heart skipped a beat. Now two naughty souls were looking at each other and thinking of what both can do together. My grail was so erect with the mere thought of it. I have no words.
Now comes the important point, we had friends over mumbai, going any random hotel wont do. Chances are that any of the family members or friends can catch u red handed for both of us. So, we had plan it like we leave in the morning and come back in the evening, even it’s a bit late but the same day. We would be telling that we had late sitting in office.
I searched for a good place airbnb. I didnt mind spending since, I would be spending quality time with one of the hottest girl of my dreams. We found a villa in lonavala, it had a bathtub , it had a nice view from the balcony and a private swimming pool for the guests.
So, it was decided it would be a Friday, We would leave a little early, so that we can have breakfast on the way and then relax in the villa.

I took my car, went to her home and waited in the car below her society. I called her and asked her come down. After a few mins, she came down and walked across my car. I was awed her at a dressing style, heel sandals, military trousers, and black tight tshirt.
She smiled at sheepishly and wished good morning. I wished her the same and opened the door for her enter. She kept her bag in the back seat and sat in the front passenger seat. I sat in the driver seat and started the engine. I asked her set the music as per her mood and we left. the way, we talked about ourselves, know each other better. Mark my words it really helps. It helps in understanding the girl how she wants it and how she wants it pretty bad.. We stopped at Datta snacks and had breakfast and left. As I was resting my hand the heat knob, she slowly kept her warm hand . I had goosebumps over . I looked at her, and she looked at with those warm wet eyes , my knees went weak. I just thought of parking the car the side and give her heaven with my hard cock right in her tight pussy and fuck her till she says no more.. I controlled myself and smiled back at her and continued my driving.
We reached the villa in Lonavala at 20 minutes past 9, took the keys from the reception and headed to the villa. Enroute we bought some snacks and water so that we dont need to go out again. I parked the car outside the villa. As we got out, we collected our bags, she observed that I bought a bottle of red wine and a few Roses. She asked why are the roses for.. I said wait and watch.. heheh
As we walked into the villa, we saw that the villa is sufficiently private with no peep Tom can see. We opened the door and stepped inside.
The villa had a nice romantic touch too it. With soothing lights and nice ambience it was an apt place for spending time together. She was more than happy to come to this place. The master bedroom was on the first floor, of the villa and the other bedroom was on the ground floor. I asked her to freshen , meanwhile I keep the bags in the first floor. She went the washroom and head upstairs.
After keeping the bag, sorts of naughty thoughts came in my mind. I was imaging her hot wet naked body in front of me.. I shook myself out and headed straight for the bathroom.
And there lies the bathtub semi oval and beautifully lit with dim lights. I went the bathtub and opened the tap. After filling it in half, I poured the bubble foam ( what’s a bathtub shower without bubbles ).. the bathtub was full of sweet bubbles and fine aroma. I took the Rose petals and decorated it nicely in the bathtub.. it was straight out of the honey moon scene you see in the Romantic movies..hehhe
I went down and took some wine glass which was arranged in the cabinet. I looked around and didn’t see her. So, I thought it might take her time to come. I rushed , took the glasses, poured wine and kept it besides the bathtub.
As was viewing the scene, I suddenly heard a voice “how romantic” , I turned around to see her.. what met my eye just left me watery. She was draped in a towel without her clothes, with her wet hair her shoulders.The towel was till her thighs only. I was so engrossed in her body. It took a hand slap from her on my hand to wake from my dreams..
She asked lovingly when do we need start I said immediately..with cunning laugh.. she asked me too also take the shower and come. I rushed below and took the shower and came upstairs . I had not dried myself enough since I wanted her to feel me the same way I felt for her. My shoulders were wet with water as she saw me, she went weak. By the look of it she wanted to take me in the very moment she saw me..
I went near to her, looked into her eyes and kissed her. She pulled me closer to her and kissed even harder. The flames of sex was burning very high. I released myself from her, and told her that my work would go waste if we start without any foreplay. I said let’s have the remaining kissing in the bathtub. As I removed my towel, she was awed at the big fat shave cock. I still remember the look her face. I settled my self in the bathtub. Now it was my turn be awed. She slowly release the towel, and there the towel fell unveiling the beauty of the bodies. Her breast was fine like melon and thighs like a model. And her midriff like a fine Roman sculpture.. Then my eyes fell on her pussy, it was so fine and juicy, that I felt I would cum in the bathtub. She walked towards me slowly and got into the bathtub.
As she settled herself, the temperature of the bathtub rose. We came close to each other with glass of wine in our hands. We kissed each other and took a sip from the glass. We were naked and sparked was flying fast. She asked whether she could sit between my legs, which I said ofcourse.. as she sat between my legs my cock sat just in between her butts I was suffocating with the hotness of the girl. She started running her butt on my cock which was already way ahead of its tension. I slowly moved my hand from behind and felt her breast. It was firm and round. Now , I couldnt control myself and started pressing her boobs, it was soft as a sushi. She started to moan with pleasure. I kept pressing and grabbing her boobs she started shifting in her place with pleasure. I grabbed her head from behind and kissed like there is no tomorow the while pressing her boobs with great pleasure . She moaned like a submissive girl m, she was in my control. My one hand slowly went down and touched her pussy. She shuddered with my touch and I slowly started massaging her pussy. She started to shake in my arms unable to control the pleasure my fingers were doing down there. She was enjoying the complete control I had on her. She was enjoying every bit of it.
I slowly started to finger her slowly and gently. She started to moan more loudly “Aah Aah Aaah give more “ .Her pussy was warm and slym with pussy juice.. I fingered her vigorously, she couldnt withstand it and she cummed with force, I could feel the hot juice coming out of her pussy.
She heaved a sigh of relief and kissed me with authority and said “ This is the best foreplay I had in years".
We settled in the bathtub, for a few more mins touching and feeling each other. Now it was her turn to cum me, she slowly started rubbing my cock with her hands. My cock was fully loaded and her gentle hands and naughty eyes made it even more hard. She slowly and steadily started increasing the speed of her hands. She started kissing me , while one hand was busy with the cock, she used the other hand to massage my balls. my I was blast. She was doing it so sensual that it would blast any second. I told her that I can cum any second, she increased the speed and there I was let it out with full satisfaction and cum Happy. You should have seen her face which turned like cherry , so cute I cant forget her face told date.
We laid in each other arms in the bathtub , telling each other sexual desires or incomplete fetishes which we wanted to try. As we didnt plan to spend the night in the hotel., we moved to the shower area. She started the shower and we both started getting wet. I took the shower gel and massaged her slowly and steadily, enjoying each of her body trembling by each touch of my hand. I rose and kissed her while continuously massaging her. She was in full climax. She was unsure what was going on and enjoying every moment of it.
I slowly caressed her bum and hold it tight, she screamed with joy. We started massaging each other with more force, we both were losing control and going over the place.. . I pinned her against the wall, and I went down her pussy. Her pussy was wet and I could see the juice running out. I started licking her pussy and wiping it of the water and the juice. She was moaning and vibrating, her legs were shaking because she knew I wont leave her without cumming .. I started with clitoris ( one of the most sensitive part of the women’s body, if you do it right baby, you are in for the long haul ..
I started licking the clitoris with middle of my tongue and not with the tip since its hard and it will pain the girl. Slowly I started gorging on her pussy as she was moaning with pleasure with my intense licking, she cummed soon and fell on me. So we both were naked , wet , soapy on the bathroom floor with water shower falling on us. Her hair had a perfumed scent which I smelled while she was on me. We were enjoying the naked closeness of each other.
Soon, I picked her with both arms, my eyes still her wet, sensuous body with my cock feeling her sexy butt.
I walked towards the bed, and dropped her. I started kissing her vigorously, she was enjoying the wild love. I pressed and sucked her boobs, while my cock was enjoying the wet pussy. I went down and started giving her pussy job. With the earlier events, she was my charm and cummed with pleasure. She caught hold of me by the shoulder and dropped me in bed with a twist and she was top of .
She grabbed my cock in her hand, and rubbed it against her wet juicy pussy. I could see the warm juice of her pussy, covering my cock. She rubbed it more vigorously against her pussy. I was reaching climax. But how can I can let it go. I controlled my orgasm, and kissed her deeply. She said its time. Slowly , she inserted my cock into her pussy. Wooooow, it was warm in there. warm and juicy, it went without any pain , super smooth like a knife a butter. I thrusted more deep into her,she moaned with love. She raised above and down again, her boobs bouncing and down. We both were enjoying the sex the full throttle. My cock was never so firm before. F**k I was enjoying the best sex ever I had. Our Pace slowly increased, fucking more intensely. She screamed more softly and said she was going cum. So asked get ready as she wanted both cum together. And we cummed with a deep satisfaction. But I was not done. Heheeh.. I took and put her in the missionary position. Wow what a sight. A girl so spent due a boy’s power was so delightful to watch. My cock was still hard. I kissed her and slowly inserted in her. Her pussy was full with my cock. She moaned and asked me to put in full. I did as she said. I was strong in missionary . I fucked her like heaven. The bed was shaking as we both were in a trance. This time she cummed sooner with me. And I fell on her. We cuddle each other in a tight embrace. I love cuddling by the way. The afternoon, we spent by cuddling and kissing. After that we had a long shower session, of course in a doggy style. Soon, after the shower we packed our bags and left for mumbai from lonavala. So, As I conclude, That was the best sex day in my life till date. We still have sex together and enjoying each other. Thanks for reading..
And please remember Sex is an Art, it’s only good when both enjoy it...

Happy Blogging !!

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