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Posted:Sep 8, 2016 5:29 pm
Last Updated:May 24, 2017 6:58 pm
In order for a penis to “get hard,” it requires around 130ml of blood. What can increase that blood blow? Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation revealed in 1955 that the smell of doughnuts and black licorice increased blood flow to the penis by 32 percent. What decreases blood flow and increases a man’s risk for erectile dysfunction? Smoking.
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Larger Nipples
Posted:Aug 22, 2016 6:56 pm
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2016 5:58 pm
I am really wondering, do men find larger nipples attractive?
I just started using a devices to help women with flat or inverted nipples to stretch them to make it easier to breast feed. I posted a couple of photos during and after treatment. I am supposed to wear the device at least 8 hours a day for about 12 weeks. It is supposed to make my nipples protrude more like the are permanently erect. I have to say after the first treatment they are super sensitive. It felt like two mini-erections on my tits. I would seriously like to hear from men whether they think larger erect nipples are sexier. Would you like to lick and suck on bigger nipples? I do like the way they feel, super sensitive though. I am going to try to keep it going over the next 12 weeks to see how they turn out...Two days later and they are getting really sore...

Why I love great anal sex?
Posted:Aug 3, 2016 9:18 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2017 6:59 pm

I am a transgender woman and the bottom line is that I get the most intense orgasms of my life through really intense anal sex. The first step to a real orgasm is to actually enjoy sex and embrace the crazy dirty hot nasty side of it. Yes, we both get sweaty and slick, my hair that I spent hours on gets all tumbled and my man has kissed off most of my make up. But I relax when I am with a man who thinks that I'm pretty damn hot anyway - especially when I'm bent over and offering that forbidden fruit. Luckily, anal sex, particularly doggy style, allows the shaft to hit my prostate at the perfect angle (side note: men, yes... transwomen still have prostates. Mine is smooth and flat due to years of female hormones, but it is still there and very sensitive to anal penetration). Ever rub the palm of your hand? Feels pretty good and kind of ticklish. Now rub the back of your hand. The sensitivity is higher and it feels even more tingly! That back-of-hand caressing is kind of how the prostate is being stroked in anal sex. The tingling pressure builds and then it’s an earth shattering, soul-searing, ear-poppin’, sky-soaring orgasm. Not that you can’t get that same feeling from other sex too, it’s just more tingly and intense. In Short…Fireworks. I love it! Sometimes I like to reach back between my legs and play with my man's balls while he is fucking me. To look over my shoulder and see the look on his face when he busts a nut inside of me is very satisfying. I just get this warm glow and intense sense of intimacy for him when I make him cum. I dont even want him to pull out. I just want to cuddle and play with his cock all night.

I am not a self-depreciating, submissive mouse of a transgender woman. I am a successful college educated transgender woman with a sharp fashion sense and heels as high as my standards and my sex drive. I LOVE anal sex. Of course it took some time, practice, and 2 really hot men to get me to love it, but now I can’t imagine a sexy romp in bed without a little anal action. Don’t get me wrong…if you absolutely hate it, then don’t do it. But I think that all men should try anal sex with a transwoman at least once. Do it because you choose it as an act that makes you feel desired and powerful in your sexuality. So, try it out…you can thank me later.
Seriously though, a man's cock isn't going to suck itself!
Posted:Aug 2, 2016 4:03 pm
Last Updated:May 28, 2017 6:13 pm
I need a man!

The last time I had sex I was blowing this guy and when I came up for air, to kiss him, he said, “Jesus, you are so good.” What are you supposed to do when someone compliments you during sex? It didn’t seem right to say, “Thank you, I have worked long and hard for these skills” so I just sort of smiled and kept going because I don’t think he wanted me to stop.

I love sucking dick. I love the feeling of a dick at the back of my throat and I love opening his pants for the first time, not sure what’s going to pop out. I love it when he kicks all the way back, manspreads, and I get to be on my knees worshiping his cock. I want him to caress my hair, stroke my face, toy with my ears and maybe gently guide me along. The best, though, is when I glance up at him and see that he is in such a state of ecstasy — eyes rolled back into his head, mouth slightly open. Look at what I can do to you.

What I love most about going down on my guy is that when it’s as good for me as it is for him it really brings us closer together. Any good, mind-blowing sex should be about each of you reaching a peak.

Everyone who sucks penises thinks they’re good at sucking penises. I have never heard anyone, gay or straight, say “I am such a terrible cocksucker.” Have you? We might read articles online with useful tips or suggestions about how to give better dome, but nobody ever prefaces oral sex with, “I’ll do it but I’m not very good” because that would kill the boner.

The secret to sucking excellent cock is not about cupping your hands or licking the head in a swirling motion or putting a mint in your mouth or eating an ice cube beforehand. That stuff’s for amateurs. You just have to be dedicated. You have to really, really want to suck that dick. Lose yourself in the dick. This doesn’t mean you need to eat the thing but you do have to be completely fascinated by it, the way it looks, the way it feels in your throat. You have to show that you can’t get enough.

I have heard too many people say that sucking dick is degrading, that worshipping a dick or being on your knees in front of your man is dehumanizing. Dick sucking is power. You have the power to bring him to an orgasm, which he could do without you, sure, but he can’t suck himself the way you can suck him. He needs you for that. He will remember how good you are and every time you have sex he’ll be so eager to have you do his favorite thing. When you’re out at dinner he’ll look at you from across the table and will remember and when he flashes you a smile this is what he’s thinking.

I suck dick because I want to. I really want to. So should you. But remember: it is not a race.
Anal Sex
Posted:Oct 21, 2014 7:43 pm
Last Updated:Jul 29, 2018 9:09 pm

I completely enjoy anal sex and the pleasure both of us feel from it. I have had many orgasms from doing it in this style. My orgasms from this position feel amazing & I still squirt like crazy. The best way to do it is by relaxing and start slow and when he is in comfortably inside my tight ass, I let him get a little faster to get me comfortable with the ride until both of us are into a groove and then when I have relaxed even more, then I ask him to pound in & out of me full speed and it feels so satisfying when both of us reach an orgasm!

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