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To meet or not  

Rob_4_Fun 46M
7 posts
7/11/2019 6:05 am
To meet or not

Curious as to how many people actually have met another/others on here and how those experiences have gone. So far, my experience has been that it seems a bit difficult to actually make any connections that can 1) get to a point of actually having a chat/conversation let alone conversing long enough to actually get together.

So, maybe most people here are more interested in the fantasy of it rather than the actuality of it.

Where do you stand?

author51 58F
107950 posts
7/11/2019 7:02 am

I am one who does meet and travels for it as well.. I am traveling to Colorado to finally meet face to face after a year of meeting here and taking it offline, with someone.. I have plans in Oct. to meet another in your State as well.. Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could return the favour..

nwilm4u2 65M
454 posts
7/11/2019 7:12 am

Finding a location and getting schedules to line up has been a challenge. I have been on a number of years and have met a fair amount.

A lot were one time only. Only one I would consider a bad meet.

Playful4you61 59F

7/11/2019 7:32 am

Meeting IS the whole point is it not??
I have met dozens of men over the few years I’ve been on here. Majority have been only the initial first meets, no real connection but we have remained friends ... had a few where the electricity, sexual connection was off the charts and I chose to invite them over for a one time play date, maybe a couple more 😈

And then the rare couple of men, including my current relationship, where everything was amazing friendship, intellect, sexual chemistry, passion, similar interests, etc... it’s possible to find the exception in this craziness of AdultFriendFinder !!

Rob_4_Fun 46M
28 posts
7/12/2019 6:55 am

Yes, meeting IS the point...and was just curious how other's experiences have been

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