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The new scrolling banner...
Posted:May 12, 2020 4:51 pm
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2020 11:48 pm
Catphish vs. Catfish

Has anyone noticed the new scrolling banner this site put up in the message center? I just took notice of it today. It shows scrolling pages of different things we should look out for on site when considering interactions with others.

One thing that really threw me off on the banner was the numerous pages of what they're calling the term "catphishing". I have heard of what a "catfish" was before and figured that maybe I was spelling it wrong all this time. From my understanding, a catfish was someone pretending to be someone else online (generally a male impostor pretending to be female). But then I read these scrolling banners on "catphishing"...

Their definition: "A "catphisher" is someone trying to get your personal information or money and has no real intention of meeting you."."

So I guess I've learned something new today. Who would have known that a word of the same pronunciation would have two separate spellings and two separate meanings? Go figure! The only ones I was aware of were creepy men pretending to be women solely for the purpose of getting their rocks off by desperately wanting women to chat dirty with them for a cheap thrill or something. Lol.

So yeah, I knew what phishing was and I knew what a catfish was, but maybe I was in the dark about the term 'catphishing'. I simply just thought they were termed as 'scammers'. Maybe I was naive about this term, who knows. Anyone else in this same boat or was I the only one in the universe who never knew of the two versions of this term before? Lol.
Cams and cookies. Ever notice...
Posted:Jan 16, 2020 12:19 pm
Last Updated:Jun 15, 2020 12:36 am

I stumbled across an actual cam site a few years back. Although I'm in no way a cam model myself, I did however take a slight interest in watching other cam models from time to time of either sex. So anyway, several days ago I was rather bored and I found myself wandering into that cam site to pass some time. I browsed a bit, then stumbled upon two cammers, one of each sex, so I ended opening a cam in two separate browser pages so I could simply click back and forth to watch the current action of either performer. It's funny to say, but the guy cams simply seem to have nothing but other guys watching and commenting on their cams. However, on the female's cam, it was a meat market of viewers and those who were commenting. Maybe this is just a trendy thing the masses or whatever, but here's the pattern of what I took notice to on her cam comments, which I'm a bit puzzled about. Have you even taken notice to this: Ok, so if a woman is exposing her breasts, everyone there on the comment section is urging her to show her kitty. If she shows her kitty, everyone is urging to see ass. If she shows ass, everyone is urging to see breasts. Can anyone explain why this always is and why nobody seems content in just viewing and remaining content for the very moment of what's being shown? Aside of that, it does seem that some women stick to mostly certain things (say, showing breasts, for example). I will say that even when a woman there has a perfect 10 on a breast rating scale, why is it that some knuckle-heads continually badger women and to show something else? I mean, in my example, if a woman is stacked or has an amazing set, then the chances are that her following will be mostly guys who are boob lovers...correct?? That's if I follow my common sense logic. So when she's exposing her best features that the majority came to see, then who would want to see something completely the opposite or off the wall such as an anus, feet or even a large belly? It boggles me to death how it is. No matter what's currently being shown, there are always that handful of directors that want to see something other than that. Most bizarre I found that to be...and I've seen that happen on just about all female cams so far, so I'd have to assume it's a common idiocy the masses.

Ok, I'm done ranting for today. Time for me to go to the kitchen and bake up some homemade cookies on this chilly and very windy day. That always gets my blood pressure down. Lol
"Hey, I saw you viewed me..."
Posted:Nov 20, 2019 12:07 pm
Last Updated:Jun 15, 2020 12:46 am

Any other women get these emails or IM's? Ok, so I occasionally do view people's profiles just for the hell of it and for various reasons, really. Sometimes I do it just because someone/something caught eye (a pic of sorts or a cheesey heading), other times it's merely for entertainment get a chuckle of the high standards people seek, the low IQ of what is reflected the reader and of the impossible goals of which those men here actually seek or expect find. In addition, I'll also view profiles for other reasons, such as gather information about a potential someone (testimonials, marital status, age, location, etc..) or view their pics/videos, or read through their blog section, or be a Sherlock Holmes and piece together things don't make sense by person, etc..

Let's face it, there are a million reasons why someone (a woman) might view another person's profile (a man). Even more complicated realize a majority of the time, the site sends false notifications and I have never viewed anyone.
It should be noted by hovering over someone's profile on the main home page, when a dropdown box of some profile info is being shown, then is considered a "profile view notification" on the other person's end, whether it's intentional or merely by chance/mistake.

It should also be noted profile views from a woman are next to none of taking a serious interest in person as far as chatting or considering meets. It's comical then always get random emails or IM's from members here saying "Hey, I saw you viewed me...", as if it's game on and just because someone has viewed their profile, automatically it means person is interested in them. Not true all. What it probably means is it's by error, by curiosity of content, by comical entertainment or by some reason of negativity rather than of positivity.

So the next time you all get "profile views", it likely means nobody has a serious interest in you due whatever the various circumstances are on your profile. Just a heads-up all of the "Hey, I saw you viewed ... (therefore you must be interested in )" type of guys there. Food for thought. 99% of profiles are laughable, most due to visual or content, vagueness or outrageous and impossible goals.

Just two cents worth on the topic, since I have recurring messages in inboxes on the topic.
'Confirmed' male profiles. What gives?
Posted:Nov 3, 2019 1:00 am
Last Updated:Nov 3, 2019 10:38 pm

I'm a little confused about why men have profiles/pics that have a 'confirm' status attached to them. Normally I just laugh to myself when I see these. Why? Because I think we can all agree that this site is a complete meat market and there are probably literally dozens of men per each legitimate female is on site. When a man says he's a man, nobody questions that fact, nor has any reason to suspect otherwise. Women don't catfish and pretend to be men. The only people on site we really ever suspect to be fake are only the females. So what am I missing here? Is there some critical piece to my lack of understanding of why men would need to confirm and prove their identity to be real, when in fact we can likely be assured that 99.9999999999% of the men claim they are men, are indeed men! I chuckle when i see these 'confirmed' profiles/pics attached to heir bio. Am I missing something here? Thoughts anyone?
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