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A former sex surrogate, hustler and escort turned personal massage therapist shares some of his episodes, sessions and experiences with those who might be interested. He is gay, queer and homosexual!!!
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Letter to those who contacted me & The Dreamy Visitor!!!
Posted:Apr 18, 2020 1:35 pm
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2020 9:39 pm
First, I absolutely abhor it when people put attitude in their profiles. After all, you should be putting your best foot forward! So seeing all these, "I don't do this," "I don't like that," and a bunch of negatives in the very beginning of our communication will not serve you well, at least not with me. And although this does not quite qualify, I will come off that way to start today.

I will say it again, I can be friends with just about anyone. I have won over homophobes and even racists in my day if they spend enough time with me. But that doesn't mean my interest in you goes beyond that. Next, I am a personal massage therapist...a licensed or certified, high priced masseur if you will. Do not confuse me with an or a hustler or a . I love sex, but most of you will not want sex with me. I live up to my name and it takes too much effort for most. Chemistry and connection are required, and romance, sensuality, eroticism and intimacy to some degree are paramount to a real encounter with me.

Also, when I am here, I am usually on a mission, and will not interrupt that mission with request to chat. Don't be offended, but I write my blog off the cuff, inspired by what I've seen here, and do not want to mess up my thoughts or the flow. So until that is done, I will not be bothered with interruptions. And while we are on the subject of communicating, most of your emails I can not read, but you can contact me on my blogs and I will read and respond. There is no shame in my game, and I have the balls to say what I have to say right here. It may not be politically correct, but I have enough vocabulary to make it as painless as possible, if I want to. And honestly, it will bode well for any man who is truly interested, to show he is my equal and correspond through my blog, at least for a spell. A more personal line of communication will be established when and if we reach that kind of connection.

That said, I do want to thank all the guys who looked at me, wrote me, put me on their hot list, flirted with me, became my fan, read my blog, liked a picture, comment or status report, and even those who tolerated me doing those things to them. It is a damn shame not all the guys on this site are gay or bisexual. So here are some words for just a few of you!!!

To my favorite, and the main reason I am here...you know who you are, not calling you out. Just know I am thinking of you and hoping you and yours are safe, happy and healthy during these trying times. Prayers and sometimes naughty thoughts! To Argonaut70k, we are now acquainted on several sites, but you still haven't done much with it. I hope you are familiar with the adage, but it is time for you to either shit, or get off the pot! lol On a similar train of thought, Schakman, thank you for the compliment, and now that you have got my attention, what are you going to do with it? And finally, Wakless1, you have me intrigued and interested, despite not having a picture and not being able to read your entire email. Just so you know, the next move is yours!

So when Daylan emailed and inquired about an appointment, I wasn't sure what to expect? First, if I be honest, I was sure his name was actually Dylan, but it wasn't. And I just couldn't form a mental picture of what he might look like when he arrived. So I was actually kind of dreading out Sunday afternoon appointment. But when the door bell rung at four, I received an unusual but pleasant surprise.

I immediately opened a bottle of Shiraz and we sat on the couch and talked for quite some time. He was surprisingly single, and he told me how he came to get his name. His father, a white man, Dayton, married Maylin, a Saudi Arabian lady, and he was the oldest of three produced by the union. I have never seen the combination come together like that, so I was fascinated. He was tall, 6'2, 6'3, appearing Caucasian but with Middle Eastern features, including that gorgeous black luxurious hair. As he felt more at ease with me, he started getting comfortable, first removing his socks and shoes,,,gorgeous feet, and then his sweater and shirt, beautifully hairy chest, nice muscle tone. he was concerned about the hair on his back, but body hair is a turn on for me, so it didn't bother me at all. We talked a bit more, and decided that I would just do my thing and he would let me know if I made him uncomfortable. Not usually the way I roll, as I don't like to get my flow interrupted, but his first time with me, so I decided I could give it a try. I poured us both a second glass of wine, and we moved to the massage room.

He was immediately pleased with the aroma and the coziness of the room. And that told me I could use one of my homemade scented massage creams. I gave him the option of butterscotch or choconut...my chocolate-coconut blend. I would end up using both. he finished getting undressed, and I was thrilled with both sides. He laid down with his big, beautiful hairy ass up and I started to work on his feet. He moaned as I worked on his arch, his soles and especially his toes, and apparently I was the first to suck his toes, which he thoroughly enjoyed. I also licked his hairy calves and his muscular thighs as I worked. I worked on his glorious, hairy ass, making sure I penetrated to the hip joints, and after I gave him the stretching and alignment, he said that was the best lower bodywork he had ever experienced. But I wasn't done. I went back to his ass, and I ate, and I ate, and I ate, and I ate some more. And he squirmed, and wiggled, and whimpered and moaned with ecstasy. We both decided I had spend too much time there, but boy, was it awesome! I massaged several knots and kinks out of his neck, back and shoulders, and even licked his hairy back some on my way to nibbling his ear lobes. I seductively wiped him off and had him turn over.

By this time, we both knew we were behind schedule, so I skipped his feet, sort of. As I worked on his knees, I did find myself licking his calves and sucking his toes a bit. When I worked on his thighs, I made it a point of licking his pubic region and sucking each ball until he grew to full mast. After doing the twice, I moved to his torso and wonderfully hairy chest, licking and sucking on his nipples as pulled his hair playfully with my teeth. He willingly let me lick his armpits, but begrudgingly let me kiss him the first time. I then plotted how to get him more into it. I went back to the genital area, licking his pubic hair and sucking his testicles as I stroked him cheek to feet back and forth with my fingers and nails. His nipples, goose bumps and body hair told me I was headed in the right direction. I then licked on the shaft, waiting until I noticed leakage coming from the head, and I went back to rubbing him all over, playfully scratching him with my nails and occasionally licking his pubic hair and sucking his balls. I then started rubbing his face seductively. I licked my way up his navel to his nipples on his neck, and by the time we were lip to lip, he had no issue with opening his mouth, wrapping his tongue around mine and letting go of what inhibitions he had about doing it. Why do the best kissers hate doing it? After a bit, I went down to the main event...eight and a half thick inches, now glazed in precum and waving for my attention. I went down on it once, did a couple of my tongue tricks and just waited for the release of the sweet cream he provided. It was awesome, and he allowed me to drain every drop before I wiped him off again. We talked a bit more as he got dressed, and now I get to see him every two weeks! lol
Letter to Several Guys!!!
Posted:Feb 5, 2020 11:38 am
Last Updated:Apr 30, 2020 2:17 pm
It was very hard state, read status, not be distracted from mission by the fine ass faces, beautiful ass, tasty cocks and dreamy chests I saw while I was here. In fact, I made a few friends and became top fans to a few such guys so i could refer to them a more convenient time.

If I am actually on the site, I am on a mission, and the goal is get it done before I sign off. Now, personal informed me there was a lot of things going on for over here, so much, I believed it was a mistake. The only real reason I came on was because favorite guy here had sent several messages I had not read. was primary mission, contact him. But when I realized just how far behind and backed up I was, secondary mission was write this post, apologize and make contact with some of the other guys on here, particularly those who can't read ...we can holler each other on this blog...if they have balls like . And this point, if they don't have the balls do , they probably aren't man enough hang with anyway! lol

Primary mission done, and preparing for the second, and I noticed guys trying IM . No offense gentlemen, but being mission oriented, I am not inclined interrupt a mission with instant messaging. I may never get it done if I do , so I apologize if you felt offended. fact, I know one did because he said, " I don't know why we are friends if we don't ever chat." Now you know why!

I like believe I can be friends with anyone, so I will rarely decline any friend requests. For example, being the happiest homosexual I know, I became friends with a straight couple and now I see more pussy than Catwoman. It is the same pussy, but still, the gay man true has no interest in it! But it comes with the friendship and I deal with it. So between being mission oriented, and befriending just about anyone who wants be friends with , so of fans and friends feel neglected by . But those who truly know , or took the time to get to know me...blog and profile, would know and understand.

So I made a few friends, became tops fans of a few, to read their profiles before I decide what to do next, and then write some and comment on others, and i read as many emails as I could. Some of you now get responses because one way or the other, we were not able to respond to each other by e

Thank you very much goes both Iyq4 and Schakman. Appreciated hearing from you both. Letmeenjoyyou3 and Steelvalrian, thank you very much and after some studying and investigation, I would be willing move along this game, if you are! Alwaysxdtf and Pumpmehard3, you guys are still looking good! I'm not exactly what the goal is here for Jr4fun3 and Fuknsukfun, so I think some clarification may be in order. Iyq4u, I am really looking forward being your top fan. I am working on one! And Xxooplayful, I believe you unwittingly offered be birthday present last year, and it is about time, so I will accept if you are still interested.

And speaking of holidays, we have a big one coming up. Now for the second time in thirteen years, fees went up, so I have been offering more specials and discounts ! It is working too. I have one guy coming in three or four times a week, have a couple of regulars with actual health concerns and conditions who are getting the full of massage. And one sexual Middle Eastern it takes all restraint keep it professional. Fortunately, I don't have with him! lol

Anyway, with Valentine's Day approaching, I wanted come up with a session could be romantic but kinky, but still full body, stress relieving and relaxing. So for Valentine's Day Weekend, I'm offering a Freaky Foreplay Fetish Session, allowing for some romance and mystery during the course of ninety minutes. And a very special type of guy could be seeing huge savings. Hopefully it will be popular enough keep it around! lol

Letter to The Lads...Particularly Those Who Have Contacted Me!!!
Posted:Jun 24, 2019 7:20 pm
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2020 2:22 am
Hello everybody! I have been on here most of the day, trying to clean things up in my little spot here. Attempting to read emails, seeing if I have contacted or more important, making sure I haven't offended or bought or became top fans of someone I shouldn't. I'm not here to create issues. So when I am getting so much attention, I have to wonder if it is something I'm doing.

Honestly, I don't think I am. The only questionable thing might be my main picture. It is my favorite because it is provocative, without being the slightest bit inaccurate. The chest hair indicates I'm a man. I think the size of the legs indicate I'm a stocky black guy. I initially thought the picture could be misconstrued as too feminine, but decided if they do any research at all, they will see I'm a gay man. And I have been here long enough for most to know, as of yet, I am not paying to be on the site. I honestly didn't expect this kind of attention, and have a hard time believing that it is for me, and they know who and what I am.

So to clean it up...one more time, I went through my friends, my emails, my blog, my group, which I discovered was declined, everything I can possibly think of. Digested it all, and minus anyone who has tried to contact me in the last hour in any way, the people I am responding to in this posts, are the only ones who might want to continue their pursuit.

Before I begin, let me remind you that I am a personal massage therapist, so if you are interested in my services. you can holler at me in my blog, or my group if it is reinstated, and we can work out the details. However, if you are actually interested in me personally, and you do not see your name here, you are probably out of this race. You can plea your case once, if you feel I made a mistake, but remember, I'm a total package kind of guy, and have done my research, so I feel like I have made an informed decision!

Iyq4u, honestly, I dream of the day I get you on my table. We have been communicating for a long time, speaking of which, send me an update at our original spot! But really, I feel like I did when we use to answer personal ads in the back of magazines. We have a connection established, and I would love to see how that manifests itself in a face to face setting. So continue to write, keep me informed, and when the time is right and you are ready, let's make this happen, at least once!

Fuknsukfun, you seem to have an interest in my services. If this is correct, we can work out the details here. Just respond the this blog, and we will figure out a way to get you in the book and on the schedule.

Now, there has only been a little communication between me and these three guys, but just so they know, if you are still interested, the feeling is mutual. They are Letmeenjoyyou3, Xxooplayful and i know I am ruining his name, Hotpepper with some numbers. Hopefully he will recognize it or me when he sees this! lol

Chrischampaign, thank you very much for the email, by the way. Yes, you have my attention. I like your pictures, and your approach was more refreshing than most. What I saw of your profile was interesting as well. So I guess I'm a going to leave the ball in your court...for now!

In a similar boat in all but one way, is Travis_gerorge! And even though he is a relative newcomer to the group, I am sincerely enjoying the show, CarnalRodeo! Thank you very much for the flirt, and you may officially consider the flirt returned!

Pumpmehard3, you have written me several times, and I can't lie. I like what I see. Your approach has also softened over time, also a plus. Fundamentally, there is something that gives me pause, but I think if I got a real sense of who and what you are, I could make up my mind about you. So at least one date, more if it went well.And finally, TheGooodMan, thank you very much for the flirt. I have drooling over you for a brief spell now, so if you really want to take this to the next level, lead the way!

There may be no more than five that are not here, that I might consider debatable for now, maybe datable later.
Letter to the Lads & The Unexpected Session!
Posted:Apr 29, 2019 11:44 pm
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2019 9:44 am
Hello everybody! You don't have to welcome me back. The truth of the matter is...I thought I had lost the reason I was here in the first place, and actually forgot about this blog, but we've started communication again, so I had to bring the puppy back!

My status...as a personal massage therapist, I'm assuming you know that I am a total package kind of guy. More on that later, but my point is....guys, men and males have been giving me some of their time, but three dick pictures is only one measure of a man. The face is the most important...the eyes, the smile, the lips, the facial hair. If a guy is hot enough in the face, I will work with whatever else he has going on. And because of my love of body hair, the chest is the second most important. Nipples and muscles also help here. Then comes the dick, or cock or penis. And I am a butt man, but most guys aren't aware of what is going on inside or near the butt hole. Yes, I want it clean, but warts and hemorrhoids can ruin a nice ass for me too. I also like armpits, arms and legs, and some backs are also very sexy. That would be one! For two, it is just a reminder to the straight guys I have looked at, I think I even bought on, top fan, that because the site is all encompassing, a guy like me who finds you attractive, may want to investigate further. I usually make it a point of stopping the moment I realize men is not an option for you where it ask what you are looking for. So just take it as a compliment, or at the very least, call it an accident. Don't make a deal out of it! It would still be a compliment if it was someone else you weren't interested in, say a 800 lbs, 5'2 ,93 year old woman with body odor, body hair and a combination of acne and warts. And finally, I am shocked by all the attention I have been getting here, but I'm not paying at this time, so reading messages is not an option for me. Now, if you are too scared to talk to me in my blog...grow a pair! You will learn more about me here than anywhere else on the site. You can try to chat me up, but I'm usually focused on my blog, but usually the last thing I'm thinking about here is an encounter, which is why I don't pay for it! I even have a group here, you could holler at me there. But please stop sending my emails I can not read...I have sixteen!!!

So, in an endeavor to help a few of you out with answers, if you were man enough to get here, this paragraph is for you! Thank you to all of the guys, and a few couples, who have actually try to chat or IM me. I only get three each time I'm here, but you have definitely made it much more entertaining to be here than before! I want to thank TheGoooodMan, Lilacbutt and ChrisChampaign for the flirts! I want to thank HungItalian1019 for adding me to his hot list! I am immensely flattered! And while I have your attention, as well as Fuknsukfun, thank you for the emails, but again, if you are interested in my services, you will have to find another way to get to me...like this blog! Ricanin, I haven't made up my mind about you yet, but I can tell you that your approach it a bit of a turn-off. You need to be more romantic, or tender, or gentle, or subtle, like...shockingly...Pumpmehard3, whose pictures are also quite tempting! And Iyg4u, I still want to see you on my massage table sometime! These last four guys apparently checked me out, or appeared on one of my list, so if you are still interested in pursuing me further, you hereby have my permission to do so...Secretguy4u, Jonestevem075, RaymondB317316 and BSUguy2340.

As a personal massage therapist, the vast majority of my are not guys I would be interested in hanging out with. As I stated earlier, I'm a total package kind of guy. But since less than 10% of my guys want standard massages, somehow, I have to strum up the interest to get motivated to work on them. Now with my regulars and VIP's, it could be inner beauty, a sense of humor, a playful nature, our connection or chemistry, and hell, a few are actually hot enough to actually get me interested. And we have become friends to the point that I care enough to look out for them, talk to them when they are troubled. maybe a drink to calm them down, more to forget their troubles, or special services, like the Rub & Scrub or the Club Hub, to get them loosened up and relaxed,

But with most of them, I have to look for spots or parts to help keep me interested and motivated during the sessions, especially the longer ones...two hours or more. Sometimes, it is the hairy chest, or the beautiful ass that gets me through the first half. Or it might be that face or the cock that gives me the boost I need to finish. Roger was not one of these!

I tend to greet all my at the door with a smile, a greeting and a handshake. I just hoped he didn't notice the rise in temperature when I saw what he looked like. I do most of my business by email, so there is a written account of expectations, and most of the time, I have not clue what's coming until they get here.

Roger had the softest, most luxurious dark brown fur, in all my favorite places, the fuzz on his beautiful ass, suffocating the tanned muscles and succulent nipples on his chest, surrounding his sweet pink lips, that hide the most amazing smile. His green eyes gleamed as he not only handed me three bottles of white merlot, but gave me the most incredible hug. He didn't pull away too fast, so I actually kind of rubbed his back and shoulder blades. I knew I was going to enjoy working on this man.

I poured us both a glass of wine, and we sat on the couch to talk about the session, as it was his first time. How much pressure, soft or ticklish spots, medical issues, scars or injuries, that kind of thing. During the second glass, we talked about his job, and his brother, who is battling cancer, and his three dogs. He was so sweet, and charming, and funny. I poured us a third glass and he sucked on a Marlboro as I puffed on a clove. We started making out and a grabbed a second bottle to take upstairs to the massage room.

Honestly, it really wasn't much of a massage. When we got to the room, we started making out again, and I decided to slowly free him from his clothes, giving myself a show before the big reveal. He was physically every thing I could want in a man, and his charm, warmth and wits were winning me over as well. I was pleasantly surprised to find nine inches of uncut monster hanging around two large low-hanging ornaments. He just kept getting better! Even the combination of his sweat, pheromones and natural masculine musk blended so well with his cologne it turned me on.

Damn this is much longer than I had planned.

To make a long story shorter, I enjoyed that man from head to toe, and yes, I did suck on a few, and licked his armpits, and rimmed his ass, and flossed my teeth with his pubic hair, and washed his foreskin with my tongue. I listened as he went from moans and groans to grunts and eventually the whimpers. I worked his nipples into a frenzy as well. He was an awesome kisser and we even spooned and cuddled, after he got off three times and I did two.

And I am pretty sure he will be back. Why? Because I felt so bad about the massage, that I gave him a gift certificate for fifty percent off of his next Rub & Scrub.

And he doesn't even know what it is! lol
Letter to The Lads & The Medical Physical Session!!!
Posted:Dec 16, 2018 9:29 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2020 8:51 am
Hello gentlemen! It is my hope to clean up all matters concerning me on this site with the post, so please bear with me.

The main reason I am on this site is because an online buddy lost track of me, and this is one of two ways we communicate now. So I wasn't expecting much in the way of friendships, attention or anything like that. And contrary to popular belief, I wasn't even thinking of my massage business when I got here. It was all about my friend.

But despite my being gay on a predominantly straight site, some of you really like me. Thank you so much. All this unexpected attention, and friendship, and compliments, and emails that I can only partially read, it is all very flattering and I very much appreciate it. Speaking of which, thank you very much for the flirts, Chrischampaign and Rich194122!

So this is the paragraph you are looking for! If you do not see your name here, in THIS paragraph, then as of 11:04 pm on Sunday, December 16, 2018, you did not make the dozens list. We can still be friends, read the blogs and all, but it will probably never get any further than on line. Iyq4play, foreplay or for play, we are good. Carmelcouple99, I don't want to make any trouble, but I'm really only interested in the masculine half. Pumpmehard3, the name doesn't come across as romantic, but in my room, I'm in charge, so you have time to change your mind! lol Dake1010, you are indeed a ten, and you should be rewarded! Engage598, I don't want to make any trouble, so I would rather catch you before the "I do's." TakinURdik, another non-romantic made on here, but again, I'm large and in charge around here! TheGooodMan, I might be interested in seeing just how good you are! Hotpeppers64 and sexual chocolate could make an interesting combination, if you like it hot and spicy! CjIndy9999, come in before the end of the year and your session will be on the house! Cannondale5075, it could prove intriguing to see how well you shoot! AWright0892, the Wrights are responsible for flight, but I'd like to give you a natural high! And W_z_Wilson, I believe you may have qualified for a free session as well! As you can see, there is very little shame in my game! So if you can hang, and you want to, you should be responding to this post!!!

Along with being a personal massage therapist, I am also a privately contracted dosimetrist. I work behind the scene with the doctors on extremely complicated cases, monitoring drug interactions, reducing medications, writing food plans, exercise regimens, etc. When I started 15 years ago, my specialty was holistic, natural and alternative measures in a preventative approach, but over the years, I've become knowledgeable in sexual matters, and even my sexuality has come into play with a few of my . I'm telling this because this is the first time I've had a as a dosimetrist and as a personal massage therapist.

Cliff came to us as a patient at one of the hospitals I work with, and after the three hour consultation, I decided he might benefit from a session with me in my other capacity. In addition to his medical issues, he seems depressed, experiencing low self-esteem, down on himself and single. Now, let me say, there was no interest in doing anything with him on my part other than help him feel better about himself, in addition to improving his overall health. And there were certain immediate things, I thought would be helpful. So after making sure he was going to be okay with it, I set him up one appointment with me in my home office. I made a shitload of notes for him, did some extra shopping and waited for him to arrive.

Cliff was very nervous when he arrived, among other things. He was extremely skinny, with the oiliest, stringiest black hair I've ever seen. I thought that might be contributing to his acne problem as well. Sadly, his skin was kind of dry, his hands were filthy from work, and we had discussed a few issues during our initial consultation that I thought we could start addressing. When I told him I wanted to do a Rub & Scrub session, he nearly freaked. But I explained that I wouldn't be in the tub with him, and after a few Jack & Cokes, he was willing to try it.

I put him in clear, very warm water up to his armpits, and insisted he keep his hands and feet underwater. He immediately started enjoying himself as I washed his hair and gave him a scalp massage. I tied it up, because I wanted to try something with it I thought might help, after he got out of the tub. His hair, where he had it, was very long and thin and black. His pubes and armpits and the few hairs on his pale, bony chest. When I finished washing everything, he was embarrassed. I thought it was because no one had clean his ass before like that, but it could have been that he had his first erection at that point. I told him I was use to it, and started working on his toenails, pushing the cuticles and cleaning and cutting the nails themselves. Then I did his hands. I then dried him off a little bit and took him to the mirror to do his hair. I grabbed some mousse and a hair dryer, and when I was finished, I discovered he had an amazing smile, and encouraged him to wear that more often. He really loved his hair, and at that point, just trusted me. Unfortunately, he was now starting to grow on me, and certain parts were becoming attractive.

I put him on the massage table with his ass up, and started working on his feet. Not only did I massage them, I worked on a few callouses and bunions for him. I used a combination of baby oil and baby lotion on him during the session, because he was allergic to so many things, and even he could appreciate the scent, as he needed one. I did the entire leg, knee, calf, thigh, hip and alignment before I moved on to the other, but each upper inner thigh led to another erection. Pale white goes to beet red real quick. And he was initially spooked by the prostate massage, especially when he got hard again. I did his neck, back and shoulders without incident, and without breaking anything. When he turned over, he was dripping. I hit his feet again, but this time, I treated his two warts and applied an anti-fungal to the nails starting to develop toe fungus. I really worked on his knees and brushed over his thighs and calves. I worked on his neck, shoulders, chest and torso, and he was hard one last time. I massaged his testicles for a while, and then wrapped my lips around his nice, six inches and collected a large specimen, which left him exhausted.

I poured him another drink as he laid on the massage table, and I wrapped him off all over. We talked, and doesn't think he will have a problem seeing me after what had happened between us. After all, he is stuck with me for the next eighteen months, as I try to make him less dependent on medications to treat his conditions. I don't think he can afford to see me as a personal massage therapist on the regular basis anyway. I packed him a bag of all the products I had used on him, plus a few other things I thought he could use. He got dressed, finished his cocktail and left!
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Letters to The Lads & The Anatomical Agony!!!
Posted:Nov 19, 2018 12:14 pm
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2019 12:50 pm
Sorry to ignore all you wonderful people trying to get a hold of me, but I have a hard time writing my blog entries when I attempt to keep up with the communications going on. By if you have ever written, attempted to chat, hot-listed, flirted, commented, or basically done anything other than checked me out, this one is for you!

Interesting, Hairythick6969! Ricanin, thank you so much!!! Very much appreciated! Letmeenjoyyou3, technically, it is suppose to work the other way around, but something along a more mutual line might be acceptable! lol Thank you very much for hot-listing me, Fuknsukfun. I am immensely flattered! Howdy to J69rrt2, and thank you for the compliment, Letsfc! I could not read your messages, Capntazman, but I do appreciate all your effort! Pumpmehard and Grimesnaction, I am doing very well. How about yourselves? Thank you very much for the flirt, TheGoodMan, or should I say, the damn good man? lol Longrider2020, you should set up an appointment! I prefer to handle my business via email, so there is a written account of expectations on both ends. And how's this for a holiday present, if you can get in here by the end of the year, Iyq4play, KrinerSotos, and Avgguy_ss, who is greatly underestimating himself, I might add, you three may get a sensual hour on me!

I also want to take this time to thank all of my friends, fans, readers, spectators and , for not only making it a banner year for me in business, but also for making my presence here such an unexpected and pleasant surprise! I never expected this kind of following and attention when I join this site, and you guys have my undying gratitude for making my time here a great one! I hope you all have an incredible Thanksgiving!!!

So my arrived, I was impressed. We had already laid out the perimeters and the details of the session, but I guess he still felt the need for liquid courage. I opened the Dewar's and poured it on some rocks, and we sipped on it as we discussed some final ideas and nuances for the massage. I refilled the glasses and we proceeded to the massage room.

He was a shorter guy, and his hands and his build indicated that he did some sort of construction. His bald head ran into a light brown beard/goatee that accentuated his pink lips, amazing smile and gorgeous green eyes. As he got undressed, I noticed his tanned, freckled skin and lean, muscular frame. I liked his hairy body...chest, armpits, legs, navel, pubes and the crack of his ass, which was small but shapely. His nipples were still noticeable despite the muscle and fur, and for a guy his size, his cock was way too big.

He laid face down on the table and I started my work. His feet were shaped nice, and were clean but rough. So I wanted to devote some extra time into nourishing them with a good moisturizer, but he seemed a bit ticklish. So I did the best I could before I started tickling the arch, soles and toes. After a bit, I started licking his arch and soles and sucking his toes, as he laughed and squirmed to get away. I moved on to his calves, which I enjoyed doing. This was an intense deep tissue areas, as I wanted to feel the bone with every knead, and I could tell by his groans that is was the pleasurable agony he was going for. I then did each thigh, hip and a little stretch and alignment with each leg, before I moved on to his ass. I mashed and molded his globes until they seem to fold over, leaving his hairy crack fully exposed. I first licked the hole, which made him clinch and chuckle, so I started licking, kissing and biting his ass. After a bit, I revisited the hole, laying down the hairs with my tongue. then my tongue swam into his love tunnel, and went deep and far. My was wincing and moaning and moving, and after a good long time, I replaced my tongue with a finger. I slowly inserted and removed it, repeatedly, eventually added a second and a third. When I located my spot, I did my amazing three finger trick, and from my angle, the wet and darkening sheet underneath his balls told me I was doing my thing. I abruptly removed my hand and found my nine ball anal beads. I worked seven of them up in there before I slapped his ass hard a few times, making him clamp down on them. I proceeded with doing his back, shoulders, especially the blades, and neck with out incident, occasionally hitting the beads with my hand. I even licked his neck, sucked, licked and nibbled on his ear and licked his bald head as I massaged him. By this point, he was whimpering. I ran my nails all over the back half of his body, watching him flounce, jump and begged for mercy. I wiped him down with a terry cloth towel, and had him turn over with the anal beads still in his ass.

Again, I started with his feet, tickling, massaging, kneading, licking and sucking toes. But this time, I worked my way up the calf, the knee and the thigh before I went to the other leg. While I was working on the upper inner thigh, I also pulled his pubic hair with my teeth, as well as the hair on his balls, which I would eventually lick and suck on, before I orally pleasured his shaft into a state of full mast and near climax, only to go the other leg. I did the same thing again, stopping just before the eruption, checking to see if I could get that eighth ball in his ass. I licked his navel and tickled his sides as I worked my way up to his chest. I pressed, massaged and kneaded his pecs before I licked, sucked nibbled on and chewed on his nipples. His skin had started to redden and his nipples were now burning. I applied suction cups to his nipples and assaulted his mouth with my tongue. After a long time, I ravished his ears, neck, face and head with a tongue bath, before I proceeded with the close.

I brought him near climax one last time, before I removed the suction cups from his nipples and placed them on his balls. I then tortured his red, swollen, burning nipples on last time with my mouth. I then started making out with him, as I kept him hard with one hand, and slowly pulled three of the balls from the anal beads out of his ass. He was getting very loud, very red and very sweaty at this point, so I went down to do the finishing touches. I sucked on his balls as I pulled another ball out of his ass. Then I engulfed his entire cock in my mouth and started working that magic. When I started to taste his sweet nectar, I slowly removed the anal beads from his ass. And when the last ball came out, so did his load, a large sweet and creamy batch I will remember for years to cum!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
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Letter to the Lads & The Stripper Initiation Massage!!!
Posted:Oct 30, 2018 10:59 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2020 8:51 am
Let me start today by hollering at all the guys who tried to IM me today. As a general rule, I will not IM because I usually come here with a purpose in mind, blog post usually, and will finish that before I entertain other notions. That said, Hello! Howdy and good afternoon, Capntazman2488! Alaskin1968, thank you so very much for your kind words! Extremely appreciated! Jack_More, thank you very much for your compliments as well. I truly did not expect to get as much attention over here as I have! Thank you guys so much! Thank you very much for your kind words as well, Dlfckbuddy, and ditto! I also want to thank the newest guy to become my friend here, JObud4JObud! Remember the theme to the Golden Girls? I'm humming it to you now! Thank you for the email, Necess59. I actually believe you can actually read your response. And KrinerSotos, OMG, dude! You really should come in for a good rubdown!

One other things guys! I'm not trying to mislead anyone here, so if you are really interested in a friendship, a session or possibly more with me, you really ought to regularly read my status, my blog post and the responses to them. In addition, if you can, read my profile, and hell, even my handle should single me out. I am a gay gentleman, and as such, as great as sex can be, it can only be enhanced with such things as romance, chemistry, connection, intimacy, eroticism and sensuality. This is relevant only in the fact that, as a gentleman, I have to respond to as much of my attention as I can...manners and such, but being polite when you are offended by the approach can be quite the exercise. I keep trying to be me, probably in another space that doesn't exactly cater to me, but most of you would do much better if you get beyond the pictures and do a little research before you respond to me. Over that now!

A little info before this post...Male strippers have been immensely important to me and my life since I lost my second husband. Then, I thought a certain amount of time needed to pass before I started being sexual again, and strippers were the best way to enjoy the company of men without doing much with them. But the other thing was...after a period of time, the dynamic would change and these guys could take on a more significant role in my life. Some were just bar buddies. Some actually became good friends. And I've even dated some.

And in this area, I am a male stripper's best friend. First, because with the exception of one, I am a regular of all the male stripper bars in the area. Hell, I've even worked in about half a dozen or so, in different capacities. Second, I respect the rules we establish between us. For example, I will not touch the private areas of a straight male stripper. He won't make as much as a bisexual or gay stripper, but if he caught my eye, he will make something. Either out of respect or our friendship, there is no need for a man to violate his code to hang with me. And probably the most important, I'm a huge tipper, and in an area where most of them work solely for tips, the guy wasting hundreds of dollars a night is a good friend to have.

Now, I had known Mason for quite some time. So when he said he wanted to talk about his massage session, I was pleasantly surprised! He was gorgeous, well built, well-endowed and hairy. He claimed to be bisexual, but I knew he had a girlfriend, and as such, I never did more than hugging him, playing with his awesome hairy chest, and he would give me a neck massage and occasionally slap me on the ass. Strippers talk among themselves. so he learned things about me that would eventually kick up my amorosity and increase his earnings. But still, he only did what he was comfortable doing, and I respected the fact he was a man with a girlfriend at home.

For the session, he brought me a pack of clove cigarettes, an aphrodisiac for me, a bottle of white zinfandel and a bottle of white merlot. And we talked as I smoked and sipped on our first glasses of wine.

Mason had decided that it was time for him to get comfortable with company of the same sex. He figured he would probably make more money if he was "friendlier" with the guys, and I jokingly implied that it would damn sure work with me! So we went into a more reciprocal session, and a lot of physical exploration and discovery of his body and sexuality for that matter.

He got undressed and got on the table face down. I started with his feet, and as I was rubbing his arches and heels, I licked and suck butterscotch off of his toes. He seem to really enjoy that, but I reminded him that that wouldn't likely happen to him at work. His powerful, hairy calves and thick, muscular thighs were a joy to knead. But unbeknownst to him, he could get erect from a proper touch on the back of his knees, so I manipulated him a bit from there with my fingers, thumb and tongue. I left him hard as I went to his other head. The scalp massage seem to turn him on as well, and at this point I felt the need to tell him that he may have too many exposed triggers, suggesting knee pads and a ball cap. Behind his ears were another soft spot for getting him hard. He thoroughly enjoyed the neck, shoulders and back massage, especially the shoulder blades and the small of his back. Then it was time to do his big, beautiful ass! I first started kneading his tanned, fuzzy globes. I worked on his hips and realigned his lower half as well. then I spread his legs and started licking the back side of his cock, his balls, his taint and his dark furry ass crack. I repeated this several times before I forced a couple of fingers of peanut butter in his hole, and started rimming him in an endeavor to clean it up. Once the flavor was gone, I slowly worked a finger in to give him a prostate massage. It was weird, because I'm sure that despite all my saliva, it still had to be uncomfortable for the first time. And the first time usually produces a climax, which I didn't want to happen. So I stayed in there maybe three minutes, checking on him frequently. I eventually pulled it out, did a quick brush over the entire back side, and turned him over.

His massive member had already started dripping man milk into the reservoir that was his navel. And as tempted as I was to sample his nectar for the first time, I went back down to his feet. This time, the lower half was strictly a massage, minus a few moments working up another hard on from his thighs, and my fingers combing his pubic hair. This affording me the opportunity not only to taste his spunk, but the fragrance of his masculine essence and musk was inebriating. By this time, he was curious enough to touch my cock, and he managed to get me hard. he even attempted to put it in his mouth, but I think my precum was a turn off for him. He turned out to be a fabulous kisser, and with all the practice he gets, I shouldn't have been surprised in his ability to work a nipple. I did his neck, thoroughly enjoyed every muscle, hair and nipple on his chest, before licking down his torso and finally relieving his belly button of its contents. Then I went back to combing his pubic hair with my fingers as I bathed each testicle with my tongue. This is when the smiles and grins became moans and groans. And as I watched his cock grow for the last time, I heard a couple of grizzly grunts that indicated the end was near. I placed his meat in my mouth and embraced the shaft with my tongue. I did a few little tricks to heighten his enjoyment, which elevated his volume and in no time, my taste buds were swimming in sweet, warm creamy cum. I thought I might suffocate trying to drain as he dropped, but eventually it came to a finish, and we had one awkward moment left to go.

I poured us more wine, and as he dressed, we attempted to figure out what this meant in terms of the future. See, this was to get him ready to really work at the gay stripper bar, and so I gave him a discount on the session. However, would it happen again? How things were going to change, both at the bar and between us? So it was decided that at the bar, things would be about the same, except on a slow night, then we may use what we have learned about each other to benefit one another. We are now calling ourselves true friends with benefits, and if I should need an after hours party after the bar closes, I should see what his plans and his tips were like.

I also want to wish each and every one of your hot, fabulous men a wonderful Halloween. If you can't hallow your weenie with me, I hope it at least gets empty somehow! Oh, and thank you for being my eye candy for Halloween!
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Letter to the Lads & Richard.
Posted:Oct 14, 2018 6:55 pm
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2018 9:09 am
Hello everybody! Let me start with a question that only recently has me concerned. Does the robe picture come across as somewhat feminine or ladylike? My intention was to present myself as provocative or seductive, without being overt, but still exhibiting that I might be considered full figured. However the number of seemingly straight guys checking me out, has me a little bit concerned. Don't get me wrong! Most of you would be quite welcomed on my massage table. But the numbers are such that I can't imagine there are that many straight men debating a massage with a gay guy. But if you are reading this and truly are, stop debating and treat yourself to a full body experience. That said, and I hope this doesn't feel like me calling you out, but thank you for checking me out Jab928, All4u201788 and especially A7an7xxx! I'm flattered and it is very much appreciated. Also thanks to you, Iyq4play. Yes, I did noticed you as I was typing this up! I also want to thank my two new friends, Metalgambit and Fuknsukfun. Remember the theme to the Golden Girls? I'm singing it to you now! Now, for my emails, thank you Fuknsukfun! I will see what I can do about that, without getting into trouble. Oh, and thank you for the compliment! Grimesnaction, it is so sad that just then, as I was typing it, your name made sense to me! lol I'm a Walking Dead fan so the Grimes threw me. lol I'm doing fine baby. How are you? Without a picture, all I can say is that I found your approach quite interesting! And Longrider2020, thank you for the flirt and the email. Very much appreciated! Speaking of flirts, thank you so much for yours, AWright0892! And might I say, a fine young man like yourself would be welcomed on my massage table anytime!

Allow me to share a few things before I get into my post. One, in addition to my massage business, I am a freelance writer specializing in a certain field. And somehow, my life presented an opportunity to fall into the medical field in a privately contracted capacity. So although I don't hold a degree in the area, I know enough to work for seven hospitals in Missouri and Indiana. And two, I have three classes of customers with my massage business, are usually newcomers or sporadic visitors. Regulars are repeat who usually fall into the weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule. And patrons are long time regulars, some of whom go back to my days as an escort. You might call them the VIP's of my business, as they are the reason I've been at this for now over thirteen years.

I feel like one other paragraph before I begin. I offer a variety of packages and services. Most of what you will see here will either be part of my "Plantasies" service, maybe some of my package deals or some of my sessions. But I also offer sensual and standard sessions, from thirty minutes to two hours. Even have an occasional four hands partner. And I also do spot massages. A flat fee for a certain amount of time in one area. Eventually, this would become a problem, as certain spots became immensely popular, so now, you have to book at least three spots to get it, and it turns out to be cheaper to just get a full body package.

Now, Richard. Richard is a long time patron of mine. Eleven years and counting, and in fact, he is the reason I started doing spot massages in the first place.

When he first came to me, he had what he perceived to be poor blood circulation, resulting in extremely cold feet. During his second spot massage visit, I suggested he see a doctor, but he didn't do it immediately, and his one spot massage session became two, then three. He was paying more to get his thighs, calves and feet done than I charged for a full body massage. Eventually he was diagnosed with diabetes and sciatica. And over the years since, with an improved diet, exercise and regular appointments with me, he has gotten much better, even now no longer taking insulin or using a cane to walk.

He actually tried the full body massage a few times, but really still wanted the extra attention focused on his lower half. And I altered my spot massage policy just a bit to help him out, getting him more time for less money. But he just added more areas to be worked on. So the neck , back and shoulders were added to the thighs, calves and feet. So I called it two spot massages.

He is usually the last person I see before dinner on Thursdays, and depending on how the week has gone for him, he may get two, three or four spot massages. How bad a week on his body and ensuring now a satisfying happy ending if needed.
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The Sploshing Session
Posted:Oct 10, 2018 11:45 pm
Last Updated:Dec 23, 2018 6:49 pm
Before we get into the massage, I just want to holler at a few people, and there wasn't enough to warrant a "Letter to the Lads." And by the way, if you are responding to my blog, you will find my response with yours. Thank you very much for the email, Capntazman2488, as well as the flirt! Also flirting with me were hypolitte19500, RoryMD and TheGoodman. Very much appreciated!!! And thank you lips4utouse for adding me to your hot list. I am flattered!

Now, I prefer to do most of my business via email. That way, there is a written account of expectations and details for both of us. That said, the set-up with Eric was quite possibly the best one I have had in ages. We told me what he wanted for the ninety minute session, and it was all things I could get on board with. Through the exchange of emails, he had even establish his sense of humor being cool and a welcome change of pace from what I usually get on the massage table. Not only that, but he also sent me some pictures, so I knew what I was getting into. Actually, they got my juices, imagination and creativity flowing, and I found myself really looking forward to meeting this wonderful young man.

When the time came, I opened the door and this cute, borderline gorgeous guy stood before me. Even the lack of facial hair didn't bother me. He had an amazing smile, awesome teeth, this twinkle in his eyes that just said he was happy to be here. His light brown hair was perfect for the shape of his face, and he even looked like he was well built, with his tight blue jeans, blue and white, horizontally striped polo shirt and white wife-beater. He came in, handed me a bag with three bottles of wine and sat on the couch. After I poured us both a glass and sat with him, as we discussed the last minute details of the massage. In particular, I wanted to make sure he wasn't allergic to anything, as I knew my plans were really out there for this one.

For those of you who may not know, sploshing is basically using food as part of the massage session, or more accurately, during sex. And I knew I had a variety of things from the kitchen I planned to use during our time together.

I took the rest of the bottle of wine we had opened and we went up to the massage room. I quickly stripped so I could watch him get undressed. As awesome as that ass looked in those jeans, I was not prepared for the beauty of it when it came out. Minus the lack of hair, and sun for that matter, it was perfection. He also had one of the most gorgeous sets of armpits I've ever seen. I liked his chest, especially his nipples, but I think I could count the number of strands of long hair on it with my fingers and toes. And as weird as it may sound, he had a cute penis. Decent size, with slightly larger balls, but the man-scaping down there was a bit too neat. Perfectly aligned on both sides, with nothing on the shaft, taint or balls. Despite this little setback, I was sure we were going to have a great time!

I started by slowly and sensually massaging his feet with butter. Yes, butter was the main oil used for this massage, as it allowed me to lick, suck, taste and sample and body parts I may have wanted to along the way. And I did find myself licking and sucking his toes and the soles of his feet. I also licked his calves as I was working on them. He really seem to enjoy my work so far, especially the feet and the pressure I applied to his calves. I went ahead and buttered and kneaded his thighs, his hips and his butt cheeks. Since he had agreed, I went in for the "Banana Split." and joked about him providing the cherry.

First I put a large glob of peanut butter in the crack of his ass, trying to force some into his hole, Then I rimmed his heavenly ass, trying to retrieve every bit of Peter Pan I had put there, but leaving enough saliva there to hopefully take the next step. I took a smoked sausage link, and slowly made it go into his ass. I left it there while I finished the rest of the back half of his massage. It was important for the next step, and I would occasionally hit it or move it as I worked on his neck, back and shoulders. He actually started making noises when I worked on his shoulder blades, and I knew he was having almost as much fun as I was. When I had everything else done, I went back to his ass and wiggled the sausage just a little bit. When I was satisfied he was ready, I slowly pulled the sausage out with my teeth. I then peeled a banana and carefully placed it in his ass. Then I rinsed the sausage off, and put one in in his mouth, and in true Lady & the style, we ate, ending in a long, amazing passionate kiss. I put butterscotch topping all over his butt and then licked it off, and finally poured chocolate sauce over the banana. Then he ate the banana while I licked the chocolate off of and out of his ass! He was ecstatic and the massage was only half over.

I turned him over and again, I buttered, rubbed sucked and licked his feet and toes. I massaged his thighs, knees and calves. I then put butter pecan ice cream in his belly button and waited for it to melt. I also put some pecan praline on each nipple. This sent him to the moon, so I slowly licked the ice cream, and sucked on the points that had arose from his chest. His nipples were wonderful, and it wasn't until he yelped about the melted ice cream touching his balls that I got back on track with the session. I cleaned that mess up with my mouth before I created my new one. I put mayonnaise in each arm pit, and straightened the hair under them with my tongue. I think I help the guy find a new erogenous zone, as he started to grow down below. I massaged and caressed his neck, shoulders and chest before I slowly licked my way down to the semi hard member he had.

I started playing with his pubic hair as I embraced his balls with my mouth. I let them dance on my tongue as I watch his penis grow into an almighty cock. I was able to get three glazed doughnuts over it without covering the head, so I licked and kissed on the head until he was making glazed of his own. Then I ate the three pastries off of his dick. I then started sucking his cock, occasionally licking his balls. It was wonderful how his warm salty glaze mixed with the sweet glaze of the donuts. But I guess it was too much for him, as I miss the first couple of glob that shot into the air. But I did catch the rest of it with my mouth, and repeatedly took him from agony to ecstasy, as I tried to milk and drain him of every single drop.

I know he had a good time, because he hung around after the session to drink another bottle of wine with me. We even wrestled a little bit before he left.
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Letter to the Lads & The Out Call Rub & Scrub!!!
Posted:Sep 27, 2018 1:07 am
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2018 5:09 pm
Before I get into the massage session I've chosen to share with you this week, I found it very important to say a few things to the guys who are paying attention to me. First, thank you so much!!! I'm very surprised and immensely flattered by all the attention I'm getting.

So, if you see a post with "Letter to the Lads," that would be me, talking to some of you. Since I didn't expect much from this site, and honestly, there is one person who brought me here, I didn't feel like I should waste funds on it until I checked it out. Boy, am I surprised! Nonetheless, I was raised with manners and consider myself polite, so I try to answer all my mail, a task I find difficult to do here. So, I will holler at you here, so you don't feel snubbed or ignored, or hell, just because I felt the need to say,"Mm! Mm! Mm!" Now, before I get to that, I want to say one other thing. It is hard to get on my hot list. Remember, I do massages on men every day, so body parts eventually get attached to a face at some point. You may get likes and comments on your dicks or asses, and since I love facial and body hair, chests may get my attention as well. So when most of the parts come together nicely for me, you will make my hot list. And straight guys, please take it as a compliment...the way it is intended!

With no further adieu, thank you guys for all of the flirts. Since most of you will be mentioned for something else later, the only one I need to single out now is Bigpawsbear. If you ever want to change up that honey for chocolate or sweet brown sugar, you let me know! lol I want to thank Cummasseur for becoming my biggest fan, and Iyq4play for putting me on their hot list. Now, is that for play, foreplay or for foreplay, Iyq? lol I want to thank Djh2162 and Mprescott14 for liking my picture! By the way, Mprescott14, I liked yours too. Are you still looking to trade? I guess Wildsurfer1762 liked my picture as well, and he is in lucky. I make it to his neck of the woods on the semi-regular basis, and I love Italians! So you are looking for fun, JohnDanielH? A sexy, young with body hair on my massage table sounds like fun to me! lol Thank you for writing me, Pumpmehard3! Even though we seem to have different approaches to sex, you are a stunning man! And thank you for writing me as well, J69rrt2! After reading part of your profile, I find myself strangely flattered. lol Hotpeppers64, Trump ran me from that White House. Will I be welcomed in yours? lol I also want to thank Hotpeppers64 and TheGoodMan for becoming my first friends on the site. Very much and extremely appreciated. By the way, I can be friends with just about anybody. i just hope you guys can't read the classifications I put you under! lol

Now, I try to do most of my business via email. That way, there is a somewhat written account of expectations for both of us. So it took a lot of convincing to get me to do an out call Rub & Scrub. Although they usually get to pick if the scrub comes before or after the massage, I usually either put them in the tub at my home, or more than once, particularly with first time visitors to one of the bath houses, he will get a manservant in a public shower. It makes him look good and I pick up a couple of others after he leaves, who are having a bad night. I guess I should say that although I have a massage room in my home, to help a friend, I also rent a room in a house where male sex parties are held. Between that, and the location of the room, I do like three times as many massages there than at home.

I also hate out calls. I hate moving the massage table, taking a change of clothes, and extra bag of accessories. It is just a big hassle. Yeah, I charge more for it, but it always seems to be more trouble than it is worth to me. Fortunately, most of my out-of towners are cool stopping by to or from the airport, or are just fine with me using the bed in their downtown hotels. Unfortunately, this guy was not like that, and it costed him a pretty penny to get me to come to his place. He did save a few bucks by agreeing to let me use his bed for the massage.

Turns out, he wasn't far from my home, though it still took me a spell to find the place. I normally try to wear something cute for the massage sessions, but I downgraded the outfit a bit so I wouldn't have to change. I hit the doorbell, and when the door opened, I was flabbergasted. There was this beautiful, Hispanic-Italian mix guy with the most amazing smile and the deepest, sexiest voice I've ever heard in real life. I mean, right up there with Barry White's. He was dressed a bit shabbily, in a gray, ripped sweat shirt and an oversized and torn pair of jeans. He allowed me into his lovely home and permitted me to sit down in the living room as he made us cocktails at the bar in the dining room. he sat down near me as we sipped on our drinks as we discussed the nuances of the massage.

He made us another and then led me upstairs to his bedroom. It was huge, and yet cozy. It was like his bed was placed where a closet use to be, and the walls kind of hugged it, closing at the halfway point, with a window over the head of the bed. Here, we stripped, and I was digging what I was seeing from the front. Strong, powerful chest with loads of fur, yet his nipples were still quite noticeable through that thick, dark hair. And he stayed hairy, all the way down to his feet. But that big, beautiful slab of meat to the midway point, encased by two massive balls and encompassed by lots of musky pubic hair made me near as intoxicated as my two cocktails. But when he walked passed me to get to the shower, the view declined. His back was hairy and his butt was not nearly as toned or muscular as you might have expected, judging from the rest of him. I followed him in, and my mood picked up. It was a nice size shower, and on each of the three walls was a rain shower head. He got the water just right, pulled me where we could feel all three and turned them on. And I've got to say, that must have turned us on.

We started kissing, and it was amazing. I literally could have down that right there all night. Eventually though, I would join the water, slowly licking down his body. I sucked, licked and lightly nibbled on his nipples as I soaped up his chest. I played with his underarms as well. I made my way down and started sucking on his member, as I lathered up his ass and tried to clean his hole. It didn't take long for him to nearly climax, and he lifted me up before I made that happen. Then he started on me, first kissing me, then orally ravishing my nipples, sucking my cock and then tasting my honey buns with that long, talented tongue of his. I was hard and in quite a frenzy when i went back down on him. By then, the soap and water had nearly destroyed the natural musk of his genitalia and I found myself coming back to my senses. I dried him off and he went to get things ready in the bedroom as I dried myself off.

He was laid out, ass up when I arrived. He thoroughly enjoyed the foot massage, and appreciated the extra attention and pressure I applied to his calves. He learned that the back of his knees are a trigger spot for him. And I enjoyed doing his thighs, especially tantalizing, stimulating and manipulating his genital and pubic regions from his upper inner thighs. I made myself rim him, just long enough to work a finger in for a prostate massage, which brought on the leakage from the front and the noises from his mouth. That baritone made everything sound sexy! Eventually, I sat on the small of his back and massaged his neck, kneaded his shoulder and rubbed his back, which led to a long, passionate kiss before he turned over.

I did his lower half again, saving the best for last, sort of speak. I rubbed on his torso and made my way up. Again, I enjoyed his nipples and his armpits before we started kissing again Eventually, I put a hand on each nipple and slowly lowered myself to his balls. I could only get one in my mouth at a time, making it difficult to do the planned finale. Instead, I cupped each ball with a hand, and massage them as I sucked on his meat. He was only okay with this for a minute, then his noises started to make sense. I ignored his "nos!", making sure that my agenda won. Technically, I would say we were both winners, for about three minutes later, he dropped a huge, creamy delicious load in my mouth, and I tortured him, trying to gain every drop!

When he recovered, he told me that he hadn't rimmed my ass for nothing. I told him that he was too big for me, and besides, you paid for a masseur, not an escort! We had one more cocktail, and I reminded him that I lived in the neighborhood, so if he wanted to hang out sometime, off the clock, I wouldn't have a problem with that.

I finished my drink, got what I came for, and after another rather lengthy make out session, went on my merry little way!
Spa Day at the Bath House & The Sexploration Massage!!!
Posted:Sep 9, 2018 6:44 pm
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The wonderful thing about and some of my is that over time, we develop a chemistry, this connection that allows us to be quite imaginative and creative with our sessions. yes, I regular, sensual and erotic sessions from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Some of my get spot massages in twenty minute intervals. I several package deals, including the Rub & Scrub, where the massage comes with a clean up, either before or after the massage...extra for both, The Quad or 4 Hands Massage, and the Club Hub, where the massage takes place in one of the local bath houses. It is great for -of-towners and guys who don't want to go to the bath house alone. But then, I my better Plantasies...where we come up with the perfect massage session to take care of their needs the time. Those are what you will be reading about here!

So I met my at the most popular bath house in town. He is a nice-looking guy, about foot two, skinny, with dark brown hair, some of the softest, most luxurious hair I've ever touched. But he is a hard-working man, who doesn't take metrosexual care of himself, and that's where I come in. We checked into our suite, and I started inspecting to see what kind of work I needed to do with him. His hands didn't require much in the way of a manicure, but his feet screamed for the pedicure! He didn't really need a facial, and we never do any shaving, that's more of a courtesy for me.

We went down to the common wet area and jumped into the shower. There he stood as I did all the work on both him and me. I love watching the way his wet hair clings to his body. I spent some extra time washing his member, his booty his armpits and even took the time to wash his hair and massage his scalp. After I dried him off a bit, I took him to the tub. After he got in, I got in behind him, and started some preliminary work on his neck, back and shoulders, making sure his hands stayed in the water as well. I have to say, I was feeling this guy, so I did start playing with pecs and nipples, and caressed his torso and navel. When I thought enough time had lapsed, I took him to the sauna. There, I scraped all the dead skin off of his feet, worked on a few bunions and calluses and cleaned and clipped his toenails. I went ahead and did his hands too, but all they needed was some cuticle work and cleaning his fingernails. Then we went to the steam room, and hung , mainly just to dampen and moisten his skin before we actually did the massage.

Back in the suite, he laid on the bed with his ass in the air, and I began the actual massage. He thoroughly enjoyed the time I spend on his feet. His legs were really thin, he seemed to enjoy me slowly working into the muscle, and I enjoyed rubbing on his hairy gams. As usual, the higher up the leg I got, the more he was adjust himself, so I knew I was reaching the desired effect. I went ahead and worked on his hips and aligned him on each side before I did my butt work. The coloring and hair on his ass was beautiful, but for someone his size, it was bigger and fuller than it needed to be. Not sloppy though. After a time of kneading his butt cheeks, I buried my into his crack, eventually licking and tonguing his , clean and tasty hole. I probably spent more time there doing that than I should have, but eventually I moved on to his back, shoulders and neck. He particularly loved the work I did on his shoulder blades.I combed his hair with my fingers and gave him another quick scalp massage before I turned him over.

I went back down to his feet, and focused on his heel, arch and toes. He really loves a good foot rub. Again, I worked my way up, even spending a little extra time on his knees. By now, I could see he had grown, and even started to leak. I slowly worked on his thighs, caressing, rubbing and kneading upward and inward. I smiled as I watched his gorgeous pubic hair start to glisten from the goo coming from his member. I stopped, and moved to the other head, again massaging his scalp and playing with his hair. I ran my hands down the beard that wrapped around his . He has the most luxurious facial hair I've ever touched, which led to us kissing. Despite his less than stellar grill, he is an amazing kisser. And we did that for a while, as I massaged his pecs, play with his nipples, chest and armpit hair. I slowly licking my way down to his navel, collecting his salty sweat on my tongue until a thicker, sweeter substance teased my tongue. I combed his pubic hair with my fingers as I licked, tasted and sucked on his balls. Then I massaged his balls with my hands as I took my temperature with his dick. And it pretty much stayed there until the fever was over, his toddy being so tasty and plentiful, I felt too good to feel bad! We cuddled and made for a bit before I gave him another shower, helped him dress and sent him on his merry little way!

Before we get into the other one, I feel like I need to preface this one. In addition to my work as a freelance writer and a personal massage therapist, I have a regular job, working in the medical field. So when I advice or do things with or for my , it is not off the cuff or on the fly!

I had a cute, nerdy guy come in for a massage. He was tall, with glasses and lots of freckles. His hair was somewhere between red and strawberry-blonde. Beautiful blue eyes and an infectious smile, despite the thin gaps between his teeth. He brought a bottle of wine, which we sipped on during the course of his massage session. We had already discussed the nuances of his massage, but glad he felt the need to give some backstory. I could customize the session to suit his needs, and allow for a few changes.

Again, the taller, skinny guy got on the massage table with his ass in the air, and immediately I saw something I felt like needed to be addressed. I worked on his feet and I worked on his feet, calves and thighs as I mulled how to broach the subject with my new . Sadly, I was so lost in thought, I didn't really focus on reading his body language up to this point. It was time to go there.

I had to explain to him that he had issues that would make any kind of anal activity unpleasant for me, and I would imagine less than comfortable for him. For lack of a better term, it seemed like his asshole might have been pulled , not being up in the ass, which is what use to. That itself wasn't the problem, as I have seen a of butt holes like that. But I noticed what I would a severe case of hemorrhoids. Not one or two spots, but it was like a couple of heads of cauliflower growing there. I did the rest of my butt massage, but instead of the usual fingering and rimming, or prostate manipulation, I asked if I could attempt to treat it temporarily and strongly urged him to get it checked . I then use Tucks medicated wipes to thoroughly wipe the area, and even worked a few into his hole with my finger. Some people don't know that you can get internal and external hemorrhoids. Then I rubbed some Preparation H cream on the external area. Once that hurdle was crossed, I felt like I could concentrate on the rest of the massage, and actually felt like he needed it more after what had just transpired.

I did a thorough job on his back, neck and shoulders. He seemed particularly pleased with the lower back and shoulder blade work I did on him. I turned him over, and decided to make up for not focusing on his earlier lower half work. So while I was working on the arches and heel of his feet, I also licked, pulled and sucked on his toes. And as I was working on his knees, we discovered that the back of his knees were a trigger spot for him, causing him to grow. I actually stayed there until he reached full mast, an impressive sight, indeed. Then I slowly made my way up each thigh, giving me two opportunities to manipulate and tantalize his pubic and genital areas. I then went to his neck, massaging from the front this time. Eventually I worked my way down his chest, pecs and played with his incredible nipples. I licked, sucked and nibbled on them for a spell before I licked my way down to his navel. I thought he was just ticklish, but it turns that rubbing his belly was another spot for him, something I usually see with heavier guys. He started to grab himself, but I put his hands on his nipples. I then teased the hell of him , one slow lick a time on his balls, his shaft and his head. He started to moan and groan, and I decided that if he left a bad taste in my mouth, that might make up for earlier. It wasn't long before he came. In fact, he has come back several times since then, and he has had surgery to remove the issues that were going on in the back.

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