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Secret Desires that will be added to  

Sandrad64 57F
11 posts
7/12/2019 7:01 pm
Secret Desires that will be added to

I'll hike up my skirt and he'll undo his pants, then he'll bend over whatever is around. Then we'll get back work and act like it never happened. Siiiiiiiiiigh.

Spontaneous sex in a place where almost no people are but still public, such as the park night.

Sex in the water, like a pool. Awesome things can be done in a pool.

I like oil. Like, body oil, quite a bit. I wanted slather my man in it [oil] and well, have slippery sex until we collapse.

I have been led into the janitor closet and while my friend unzipped his pants and immediately undressed me. The initial penetration was amazing. It was so , he held so I could not move until he came. Needless say I didn't struggle.

Heavyg2019 56M
57 posts
7/12/2019 7:22 pm

I like the way you think lady for sure...

easy_going2014 55M
14366 posts
7/12/2019 7:32 pm

very creative ideas...

yes, please...

made me think of this...

Steaming Satellites - "Secret Desire"

compound let it shine again
lost and found still on the run
set my watch back it up
caught by feel in a veil of haze
secret desire
you're turning my world around
keep getting higher
i won't let you hit the ground for free
come on release me
defeat my insanity
secret desire
you bring out the beast in me

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Good luck!!!

looknforfunone 51M
70 posts
7/12/2019 7:32 pm

Sounds like fun

lLbow2459 62M
427 posts
7/13/2019 5:41 am

That's HOT for sure!!

WellSeasoned2 71M
393 posts
7/13/2019 6:14 am

Love your sexy mind....in NC but not close enough....

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