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Sapiogurl 58F
5401 posts
3/11/2017 6:51 pm

AdultFriendFinder is seriously pissing me off. I am trying to change my email signature and no matter what I write and no matter where I stick it it stays exactly the same. I design web sites so I'm not stupid in this arena. Any tips my friends?

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cwazywabbit009 56M
6256 posts
3/11/2017 6:52 pm

Get AdultFriendFinder to hire competent tech people??

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Sapiogurl replies on 3/11/2017 6:54 pm:
Oy. I don't like my technology getting the better of me.

KtMnDu 68M
6211 posts
3/11/2017 7:51 pm

My first thought is to not give the site any money, under any circumstances....Ever......

This place is hopeless......

greenguy726 68M  
138 posts
3/11/2017 8:08 pm

well.... they are in Silly con valley.... what do you expect?

SPB2007 62M  
64 posts
3/11/2017 8:14 pm

Did you check the flux capacitor? I'll bet the flux capacitor is busted.

redrockrascal 62M
21755 posts
3/11/2017 8:43 pm

Sounds like the same thing as the blog headers which is still not fixed since last May. Have you posted this problem up to the Support Blog?

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s2ndegree 61M  
9731 posts
3/11/2017 11:56 pm

You're the one with the ti.....
Oh , you said tips! Call and ask them if their
refrigerator is running.You sound
pissed!So I'd better shut up!I wouldn't
want you to re injure that leg planting it in my...
have a nice day!

Using more than all the road!

Sapiogurl 58F
3997 posts
3/12/2017 12:55 am

Thanks all, I think I know what it is. Nuthin' I can do.

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abouttime28 50M
73 posts
3/12/2017 4:43 am

Your trying to stick it in where it doesn't want it. My advice is to sip some wine, lower the lights, and find another place to stick it where you'll both be happy

Mirkin_58 62M
55 posts
3/12/2017 4:57 am

Well, there is plenty you can do, and would gladly do it with you, just not about your signature problem

PyschoLoco 57M
1523 posts
3/12/2017 1:21 pm

And just who the hell are you doing all this messaging to, little whore I changed my blog signature recently, there's an option to change email signature when you do that, try that, cheatin slut.

Standards are people too.....kinda

Leegs2012 47M
56759 posts
3/14/2017 4:03 pm

Yes...I also could not get on here over the past few days.

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