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Awesome Job Atlanta!  

Sapiogurl 58F
5412 posts
2/5/2017 10:40 pm
Awesome Job Atlanta!

You killed it out there.

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Dave10071963 57M  
504 posts
2/5/2017 10:43 pm

Indeed they did. Almost a shame that someone had to win. Good football.


Sapiogurl replies on 2/5/2017 10:47 pm:
First time I ever felt bad that Patriots won...well...almost.

Dave10071963 57M  
504 posts
2/5/2017 10:52 pm

I know what I mean. Still wanna share Brady?

Sapiogurl replies on 2/6/2017 1:05 am:
I sure do. He's a God. Damn

justpervin29 47M  
2583 posts
2/6/2017 1:43 am

Was an awesome game (not sure if my heart rate has slowed down yet. Feel bad for the Atlanta, because they played so very wel. The coach Dan Quinn has done such a wonderful job there in two short years, hoping they can build on this. Patriots, gotta love them woohoo, found a way. But Atlanta played tough and some of thier players had such a great game. Julio Jones had several "Did you see that!" kind of catches.

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Sapiogurl replies on 2/6/2017 2:00 am:
I think this is the only time I felt bad for a team the Pats played. That 4th quarter shenanigans was not necessary. My ticker is just too old for all that excitement.

MrRareity 60M  
4038 posts
2/6/2017 4:15 am

I know CPR just saying...

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notsure1949 71M
9900 posts
2/6/2017 4:43 am

very good attacking Brady in the first half, but lost it after half time

calmdownbestill 52M
175 posts
2/6/2017 5:07 am

Watching a bunch of men blow something that big shouldn't be on broadcast TV. THINK OF THE CHILDREN

PyschoLoco 57M
1523 posts
2/6/2017 8:02 am

Hahaha. I liked the 1st half and Gaga, the second half was all you sexy new englander .

Standards are people too.....kinda

69ereatwetpussy 58M
3941 posts
2/6/2017 8:53 am

Never say Die Brady. you can knock him down he gets back up. Falcons burnt out the second half. slow and steady wins the race. great game other wise.

forgotforgetting 54M
7250 posts
2/6/2017 9:07 am

I'm not a fan of either team ( no dog in the fight ), but damn, that was a hell of game.

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SPB2007 62M  
64 posts
2/6/2017 3:33 pm

Roger that!

ironman2769 55M  
12847 posts
2/6/2017 4:36 pm

I thought I was watching the game.....but realize that I might have missed it....or I did see it but can't accept what I saw.....

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pique_my_interes 63M  
55 posts
2/7/2017 5:41 am

Atlanta played a GREAT game, the Patriots just seem to find a way to see your faults and find your soft spots.
TB and Coach B. as well as the defensive and offensive line coaches have a way to decipher the other teams plays.

Leegs2012 47M
56759 posts
2/7/2017 4:01 pm

Wild finish!!

Dave10071963 57M  
504 posts
2/7/2017 6:35 pm

So, while he does things with you, I do things with him...yum

abouttime28 50M
73 posts
2/9/2017 3:41 am

He'll have his chance again when Brady retires, as will the rest of the league.

Dave10071963 57M  
504 posts
2/20/2017 10:29 pm

Here is one for you, hot one...

Sapiogurl replies on 3/3/2017 10:32 am:
Damn....I love the fuck outta him

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