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First date (Reprise)  

Sapiogurl 58F
5412 posts
5/18/2016 4:18 am
First date (Reprise)

If you’ve treated me to a nice first date, yummy dinner, maybe some nice jazz music at a club and I had a good time, this is the image of me you'll remember before dropping me off at home.

Who am I kidding, this is what'll you'll see before dropping me off even if I had a shitty time and had to pay...ha ha

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travisb66 54M

5/18/2016 4:24 am

It's a hell of a view! Hope the foot doesn't hurt too badly.

Sapiogurl replies on 5/18/2016 6:14 am:

Thank you sweet man, it hurts like an SOB, but I have a bullet. ha!

johnson694u2 62M  
598 posts
5/18/2016 4:30 am

The reason daddy loves you baby girl

Sapiogurl replies on 5/18/2016 6:16 am:


CarpeDiem22202 58M  
349 posts
5/18/2016 4:55 am

Hell, that should be the sight I see before dinner ... that is when an appetizer is served. Just wait until the main course and desert!

Sapiogurl replies on 5/18/2016 6:20 am:

You're the boss Carpe D.

Tastylollypop69 59M  
856 posts
5/18/2016 4:57 am

I would make sure that you had a great time to make a deposit like that !!!!! ...\8

Sapiogurl replies on 5/18/2016 6:18 am:

Yummy yum lolly lickable

PyschoLoco 57M
1523 posts
5/18/2016 5:57 am

There's something about you that I always knew you'd be a fun 1st date I'll even open a door for you by saying I can't put my finger on it.

Standards are people too.....kinda

Sapiogurl replies on 5/18/2016 6:19 am:

Not gonna bite...too easy. That's what he said (groan).

citizen4722 62M  
68528 posts
5/18/2016 7:26 am

I can use my 'Jazz Hands' on you

Sapiogurl replies on 5/18/2016 2:51 pm:

Jazz Hands-scandalous Citizen.

sinsationalgent 55M  
255 posts
5/18/2016 8:58 am

lol....at least you know yourself well! Why kid one's self, right?

Sapiogurl replies on 5/18/2016 2:52 pm:

Like Popeye...I yam what I yam. ha ha! Thanks for commenting sexxy man.

Acuriouscat48 57M
2220 posts
5/18/2016 11:16 am

To funny your awesome

Sapiogurl replies on 5/18/2016 2:53 pm:

YOU are A. Curious. xoxo

SPB2007 62M  
64 posts
5/18/2016 4:48 pm

The face that launched a thousand ships.

Sapiogurl replies on 5/19/2016 4:33 pm:

Can't go wrong with that lip gloss

rickyspanish76 44M
7843 posts
5/18/2016 4:50 pm

Feed you until the last drop ... Right?

Sapiogurl replies on 5/19/2016 4:34 pm:

I wouldn't waste a drop Ricky

Dave10071963 57M  
504 posts
5/18/2016 10:47 pm

Would indeed be lovely....

Sapiogurl replies on 5/19/2016 4:34 pm:


satyrnsheepzskin 42M
5942 posts
5/21/2016 6:17 pm

You had me worried for a second there ...

Satyr in Sheep's Skin
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Sapiogurl replies on 5/31/2016 3:23 am:

Only for a second though right S. Satyr? You know me too well. ha ha

honeycock7 49M
587 posts
5/27/2016 12:27 pm

There is plenty more honey for you here in VA.

Sapiogurl replies on 5/31/2016 3:24 am:

Mmmm HEADing right over sexxy HC. xoxo

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