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Well, fuck, I got catfished....  

Sassafrass50 51F
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1/6/2020 12:10 pm
Well, fuck, I got catfished....

I guess I have been initiated now...I'm sure it's happened to most of y'all. And, I am guessing you probably felt as as I do at this moment. It took me a week to figure it out. Dude's story and pics seemed legit. Most of it matched up with our convo, and he was a real charmer and sweet-talker. OMG....this guy was good. If it even was a guy. LOL. Everything was rocking and rolling along until he mentioned wanting to transfer his pension to me as the bene since his mom had passed away a few years ago. I was like....wtf? And then he claimed that the forms could be delivered to me for $750. And, that's when I figured it out. Fuuuuccckkkk....scammer extraordinaire. Wow....I was blindsided and hurt and disgusted and angry. We argued through chat for about half an hour, and then he finally got it...I wasn't falling for his bs or his lame explanations. Damn, though, I feel like such a chump. , , bitch. But, I know why it happened. So much stress and drama in my life right now. I'm just in a vulnerable place....perfect victim state of mind. It was only afterwards that I noticed the fact that he had a country code in his phone #. *sigh*. If only I had picked up on that from the beginning. I would never have chatted with him in the first place. After I figured it out, I hired a researcher from socialcatfish to find out some more info. They weren't able to tell me much, but did track the photos to a quasi-famous Irsraeli recording artist. The photos had been poached straight off of his . It really bothers me that my scammer will use my photos to scam somebody else. But, at least none of them are compromising. My policy of not sharing nudies off big time in this case.

The romance scam turned ugly on Saturday morning when an accomplice, or maybe even the same scammer, directly texted me from a different phone #. He threatened me with torture and death and sent me photos of wounded American soldiers. It was pretty<b> creepy </font></b>and scary, and I reported it to the police and FBI. The connection between Somalia, which is where the scammer claimed to be stationed, and , which is where he likely is.....terrorism. They are both rife with terrorism and organized crime. and, given that this island is a hotbed of human and sex trafficking...it makes me nervous. . I've done all I can to protect myself, and I have some hard-earned, valuable lessons to take away from this. Be wary, people. Do not engage with somebody who claims to be moving to your locale, or lives there, but is temporarily out of the country. Red flags....abort....abort! Best wishes for quality fucks in the new year. #seeingtwentytwentyin2020. https://socialcatfish watch?v=U4kCN7TZ6us&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR28MgwQiPHGPXe3_CQI86XiDYVGED3lM_B-334CWpzKiRlL5fi_vYnsElg

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