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A Night to Never Forget...  

SassyNursie 32F
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10/1/2017 10:53 pm
A Night to Never Forget...

This is a story that I wrote about 10 years ago or so...

Baby-sitter and the ignored husband/father...erotic fantasy...role play!!!
Jun 10, 2007 10:08 pm
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Title: "A Night 2 Never Forget"

Starring: the Baby-sitter: 18 y/o, innocent, naive, sexy virgin Emily
Emily has long, just past the shoulder length red hair, 5' 5, long, slender runner's legs, perky breasts (36 C).


the ignored father/husband: 42-54 y/o (w/ 2 young ) gentleman, respectful, ignored by wife sexually ever since youngest was born (3 yrs ago),wife is a over-weight housewife w/ alcohol problem.

ignored father/husband's name is: Mr. Tolbert is a tall, middle-aged good-looking man, who's very sexually attracted to Emily, but always very respectful.

Emily's baby-sitting for the Tolbert's two young (ages 3 & 7), while the Tolberts' are out at Mr. Tolbert's promotion celebration. As any great baby-sitter, Emily already has the Tolbert tucked into their beds and sleeping by the time Mr. and Mrs. Tolbert arrive home at 11pm. The Tolbert's have HBO which is a station that Emily loves to watch while waiting for them to come home. When the Tolbert's arrive at home Emily is so engrossed in watching "Sex in the City" that she barely recognizes that they've walked into the kitchen (which opens up to the family room). Well, Mr. Tolbert walks in almost carrying his alcoholic wife whom once again has drank so much at a party that she's almost passed out. Emily startled by their arrival, embarrassed by the sex scene on the TV program, "Sex and the City", quickly changes the channel and stands up promptly to greet them. Mr. Tolbert greets Emily asking her if she wouldn't mind waiting around while he puts Mrs. Tolbert to bed. So that he may pay and give her a ride home. That she won't have to walk home as it's within walking distance from her house to theirs. Mr. Tolbert promptly returns after 5 mins or so.

Mr. Tolbert: "Emily go ahead and put it back on "Sex and the City"...I've only seen half of this episode, if you wouldn't mind I'll sit and watch the rest w/ ya?"

Emily: (slightly embarrassed that she's been caught and blushing): "I guess I can stay to watch the rest of the show, I'm dying to see how it ends."

Mr. Tolbert: "Great, I was hoping that you'd keep me company while I finish off a glass a wine. It's hard to always be the DD, since I know that Mrs. Tolbert, will always be drinking at these functions. If we promise just to keep this b/w us, would u like a glass of wine?"

Emily: "Well, I'm really not old enough to drink and I'm afraid that my parents will smell it on my breath."

Mr. T: "I have an extra tooth brush in the linen closet and I'd be happy to also give you some gum."

Emily: "Okay, I guess a few sips won't hurt me!"

Mr. Tolbert pours some blush into two wine glasses...peaking around the corner to gaze at Emily's sexy long legs that are more visible to him since Emily wearing a shorter skirt than usual. He of course, can't help himself from staring at her beautiful perky tits, nipples peering through the tight purple, tight V-neck button down Henley T-shirt w/ a camisole underneath of it, that she seems to be wearing w/o a bra....although, Emily would never do that b/c she's not that kind of a girl. Emily unaware of Mr. Tolbert's glances...yells into him, "Mr. Tolbert the show is back from commercial break". Mr. Tolbert breaking from his trance walks into the room carrying the glasses and a bowl of popcorn he popped...hoping to make this a fun, TV-show watching event. Mr. Tolbert sits on the other end of the couch, still wearing his suit and tie from this evenings event...places the bowl b/w them. As they sit there laughing at the funny remarks of Samantha, a funny, voluptuous blonde on the show, Mr. Tolbert can't help but glance from time to time at an unaware, innocent Emily watching intensely the show. At another commercial break...Mr. Tolbert comments; "Emily how's the wine...have you tried it?"

Emily: (taking a sip) "It's sweeter than I thought it would be!"

Mr. Tolbert: "Emily, I have to tell you that I think that you may just be the prettiest girl on the block"

Emily: "Aww...thank-you, Mr. Tolbert. Well, just b/w you and me, I think you're the sexiest father on the block"

Mr. T: "And may I just tell you that you have the most muscular legs. (as he says this, touches her leg ever so slightly w/ his hand, then gently rubbing her leg continues...) Emily, you have a beautiful tan too!" Emily gets a chill and moves her legs slightly away from him. "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean any harm, I just wanted to compliment a beautiful woman on her lovely body!"

Emily: "That's okay, Mr. Tolbert. It actually didn't mind, it's just sort of chilly in your house."

Mr. T: (without even thinking and looking at her perky nipples, he states...) "I know I could tell! And, by the way, may I also tell you that you have such a gorgeous body? I bet the guys at school are always calling your house."

Emily: (slightly embarrassed, says, while blushing) "Actually, most of the guys at school don't even know I'm alive."

Mr. T: "Are you kidding me, if I was your age, I'd be calling you every night trying to get you to go out on a date w/ me? You're one of the sexiest young ladies that I've seen...not only do you have a great body, but you're also so sweet!"

Emily: (continuing to sip on the wine, starting to feel slightly aroused by the thought of a man being interested in HER body, moves a little closer to him on the couch and puts his hand back on her leg yet placing it higher on her thigh) "Really, you think I'm sexy?"

Mr. T: Oh My God, are you kidding me, yeah girl, you have a very sexy body! In fact, I bet it looks even better without all the layers of clothing on top of it. Would you mind taking the top shirt off and letting me admire your breasts from underneath your camisole?

Emily: (buzzing now from the alcohol and feeling VERY pretty and aroused from all of Mr. T's sweet compliments and very confident of her sexuality, slowly takes off her Henley, and reveals the lacy, very tight white camisole, which has a built in bra allowing her to not have to wear one.)

Mr. T: Oh My God, you have the most beautiful breasts...from what I can see!!! What are they like a size D or something?

Emily: (giggling slightly w/ excitement) "I wish, no they're only a size C!"

Mr. T: "Well, again, from what I can they're gorgeous. Emily, would u like to see my office? It's downstairs and more private place where we can talk."

Emily: "Sure, I'd love to see your office."

Grabbing her shirt from the couch and following him downstairs to the basement where his office was stationed in the house. It was dark, so he grabbed her hand to keep from falling or stumbling on around and making any noises. Pulling Emily into the office he turns on the light which revealed the large bulge in his pants. Mr. T catches Emily's glances at his bulge and find himself to be very sexually aroused by this.

Mr. T (taking Emily's hands and spinning her around to get a better look at the rest of her) Emily, do you know how long it's been that I've had a beautiful woman in my office? Well, it's been forever, Mrs. Tolbert hardly ever comes near me anymore. I shouldn't be telling you this, but we don't even have sex anymore...she's always drunk and passed out by the time I get home."

Emily (feeling pity on Mr. Tolbert, but also feeling very attracted to him puts on the radio to a jazz station to try and distract him from his sad thoughts.) "Well, Mr. T, if it makes you feel any better, I'd love it if you'd dance w/ me."

Mr. T: "I would love to have that lovely body of yours close to mine!"(Mr. Tolbert puts on a CD of slower music, and pulls Emily close...hoping that she'll feel his bulge once she's close to him.)

Emily: (rubbing her hands up and down his strong, muscular arms) "Mr. Tolbert, do you workout? You have nice, strong arms!"

Mr. T: "Emily, you need a man like me w/ nice strong arms! Emily, would you mind letting me see more of your legs?"

Emily (heart pounding w/ excitement, slightly hikes up her skirt revealing more of her legs to him) "How's this?"

Mr. T: (sitting down in front of her on the couch, to get a better view of her body, says...) "Hmm...well, that's nice, but it's still hard to really see them."

Emily: (hikes up her skirt a little more, this time pulling it up slightly revealing some of her cheeks) How's that?"

Mr. T: "Mm mm...that's nice! Wow, you not only have great legs, and it looks like you have a tight little, round ass too! I'd love to see more of it. Would you mind showing me what kind of panties you're wearing?"

Emily: (starts to unbutton her skirt, but stops and turns to him and says...) Mr. Tolbert, I'm not sure where this is going but I need to tell you that I'm a Virgin and would really like for my first time to be special. With that said, we can't have intercourse!"

Mr. T: "Of course, I promise that I'll be on my best behavior and respect your wishes!"

Emily: "Okay, thank-you!" (continues to unbutton her skirt and slowly pulls it down and steps out of it. Turning around to reveal the sexiest pair of purple, lace boy short underwear that Mr. Tolbert had ever seen.)

Mr. T: "Emily, Oh my God, those are the sexiest panties that I've seen in a long time."
(pulling Emily close to him) "Emily, would you mind if I kissed you?"

Without even missing a beat, Emily pulls Mr. T's head close to hers where she gives him a deep, passionate kiss and as she did feeling a steady stream of heat rush down her body from her lips to her throbbing, wet pussy. Mr. T reciprocates parting her lips w/ his darting tongue. His hands start to move, vigorously all over her tight body...stopping to caress her nipple lightly over the camisole.

Mr. T: "Emily, would you mind if I took off your camisole? I'd love to see the gorgeous breasts that I can feel longing to really be touched."

Not really waiting for her to answer, he lifted the camisole up and over her head, exposing her pink, hard nipples. He cupped them and rubbed her nipples w/ his thumbs as he looked into her longing eyes.

Mr. T: "Emily, you're so gorgeous! I'd love to taste you too!

Emily: (answering by running her hand down over his bulge and smiling down at him)

Mr. T: (he began slowly, by kissing her breasts) Emily, you taste so nice!"

Emily nuzzles his neck, sucking it lightly. He rolled his head and moaned softly as she unbuttoned his dress shirt. He was eager to see what her little mind had in store for him. Sighing as she began to lick his exposed skin...trailing her tongue down his hairy chest and allowing her tongue to linger on his belly button. He didn't want her to stop, but just couldn't wait to REALLY taste her.

Mr. T: (breathlessly, says...) Baby, let me taste your sweet juices, please?

Emily: Moaning, excitedly as his hands are still caressing her nipples...breathlessly, says..."Please!"

Kneeling down and gazed at her soaking, wet panties...eagerly pulls them down over her hips, and off one leg at a time...bending over her and pulling her to the edge of the couch. He begins to run his tongue from the inside of her left thigh to the outside of her right one, just sweeping across her wet pussy. Emily, shivered with anticipation. He gripped her hips tightly and plunged his face between her legs. His lips sucked and nibbled on her clit. Not knowing, whether or not she was enjoying what he was doing as much as he was enjoying doing it, he glanced up at he to hear her moan. She was juicier now and definitely more excited. She started to scream and gasp, which made Mr. T want to fuck her w/ his tongue even harder. He wouldn't stop. He just kept shaking and rubbing his face into her, until finally she had a nice, long orgasm. Leaning up she was glinting all over his face.

Mr. T: OMG, Emily you taste so sweet! Do you see what you've done to me? I haven't been this excited in a long time! Would you like to see, Emily, exactly what you've done to me?(revealing his rock hard cock to her)

She began kissing back down his chest towards his belly button...lingering there as sort of a tease. Her tongue then traveled down his body until she took his cock in her mouth, running her lips around the curve of it's tip. It was strong and long in her mouth. He moaned her name, "Emily!"

Mr. T: "Emily, OMG, I have to feel myself inside you, but I'm going to respect your wishes, but if you continue to suck me off, I don't think I'll be able to. So, unless your ready for my hard cock to enter you, you better get dressed or if you wan I'd be happy to wash your leftover juices in my bathroom-office shower?"

Emily: "No, I better go it's getting late."

Without saying a word, sort of broken from her erotic trance she threw on her clothes and ran into the night...slightly embarrassed by what became of her under the trance and by what she had just experience. Kisses him good-night and congratulates him on his recent promotion. Really in her mind thanking him for an amazing night. As she left out the back door, Mr. Tolbert, longed to keep her there w/ him...he couldn't even offer to take her home now, because his hard cock was still throbbing between his legs.

It was difficult for Emily to breathe and to run w/ her still throbbing pussy...longing to one day feel his throbbing, nice, long, hard, pink cock pumping inside of her.

forgotforgetting 54M
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10/2/2017 11:11 am

Very erotic.

Welcome to the bogs.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Beavereator2 81M  
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10/2/2017 9:10 pm

Hot story, I enjoyed it. very much, but it was good she did not give in. Do not think she was ready. Beavereator.

RobK2006 53M
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10/4/2017 9:38 am

Wow! So hot!

Hotbodman_4play 56M
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10/9/2017 1:58 pm

Dam! What man would not be rock hard, horny as hell and want to shoot his load all over her if not inside her? A hot young Lass exposing herself is the tease of all teases but then letting him taste her pussy and her licking his shaft? it's so new and so exciting. I would feel the same way, wanting to penetrate that tight virgin pussy and exploring deep inside feeling all of her reactions to my throbbing cock. Very hot SassyNursie, very

mad864012001 70M  
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10/19/2017 11:58 am

Very erotic. would you like a glass of wine sexy girl ???

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