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ScarletSophia_ 54F  
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5/9/2020 3:41 am

It has been a long day at wor I leave the building a bit tired and distracted. When I got work the lot was full so I had park further than usual. I make the trek the far corner looking forward just getting home. As usual I unlock the passenger side door and lean in set down all by bags. Before I know what is happening I feel a hand over my mouth and another on my throat. A raspy voice tells not yell or he will hurt , as proof he squeezes at my throat and for a moment I cannot breathe. I nod my head, whisper "Don't hurt me, I will do anything".
His hand slides under my blouse and locates my nipple over the fabric of my bra, he pinches at it with his thumb and forefinger. As it hardens he whispers "Like that bitch, don't you". I do not respond, he again squeezes at my throat and repeats the question, "yes" I answer. "Good, I have more in store you are going to like too."

He pushes his body up against mine. I can feel his hardness against my ass. He pushes up my bra and fondles my breasts as his hand slides under my skirt and between my legs. The pressure of his hand at my thigh commands me to spread my legs wider and I obey. His fingers probe under the band of my thong and he inserts a finger into me, finding me wet. I am so embarrassed. I do not want this man, this stranger to know how turned on I am. He laughs, he knows I know why. He yanks off the under garment and begins to spread my wetness over my slit to my clit, where he focuses all his attention. I hiss back a moan, not wanting to give him any more fuel. But I cannot help it and my body tenses with the pleasure he is providing with both hands. With the thumb and forefinger of the hand under my skirt he strokes at my clit, applying just enough pressure, Oh God, he is good. And then he stops.

"Turn around, remove your blouse and bra." I do what is asked of me, a bit hesitant. It is not light out but not completely dar Yet there is no one around close enough see or stop what is happening. "Look at " He commands and takes both breasts in his hands and again applies painful pressure my<b> nipples. </font></b>He watches the reaction on my face, I try, oh how I try not show any, but it feels good, and for a moment I forget, close my eyes with the pleasure. His mocking laugh brings me bac " your knees now" as he forces by the shoulders down. "Unbuckle my pants and take out my cock, be on your best behavior or else I WILL hurt you."

My hands are shaky as I unbuckle and unzip his jeans. They fall his knees. Now would be a good time for me run, but I am afraid. I hook my fingers into the waistband of his briefs and pull them down. His very large cock springs out at . "Now suck off bitch. DO IT" I take him in my hand and into my mouth. His fingers start to caress my hair, then they entangle in it and he grabs a fistful. He now starts to fuck my mouth. Using the force of his hands in my hair he rams his cock deeper down my throat. I can feel him getting longer, harder in my mouth. I can feel the muscles in his thighs tense. Quickly without warning he tugs up at my hair and off his coc "Up, turn around, bend over" He bends face first thru the open passenger door over the seat, lifts up my skirt, and rams his cock hard into . His hand still in my hair he pushes my face down into the seat. His other hand reaches around under my skirt and between my legs. He finds my swollen clit and begins to rub. "You better cum for slut, I know you are loving this."

I am so ashamed but yes, I am loving this. His cock is so large and his hands between my legs are all I can handle. I just let go, I cannot help it, it feels too good. Each thrust of his cock deep into my pussy is ecstasy. His fingers working, like he knows my body, at my clit. I think he is turned on by my moans. He must feel my pussy tighten with my approaching orgasm. I scream out first as it hits, followed immediately by the deep slamming of his cock into me with his.

He does not move for what feels like an eternity. His cock still in me, I can hear his heavy, calming breathing. Then he is out. I hear him pull up his pants, rebuckle them. I just lie there too afraid to move. "Stand up, turn around". It is dark out now and I can barely see him. He moves closer, places his hand under my skirt probing at my soaking we pussy, again rubbing at my clit with our juices. He grabs my face with his other hand and kisses me. Long and deep, tongue probing. He trails kisses over my cheek to my ear. He whispers "Until next time" and then all hands are off me and he is gone.

useme46383 69M
222 posts
5/10/2020 10:33 am

That was one fantastic erotic story. Hope to hear more from you.

ranger111333 41M  
22 posts
5/12/2020 3:43 am

Love your story. You have one sexy imagination. I cannot wait to hear more!

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