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My first sub  

ScottRay25 36M
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5/1/2021 6:59 pm
My first sub

Girlfriend is bothering so I had to punish her

I’m new to the kinky world so I apologies if I come off rude or if I’m a bit lacking with the terminology. I just don’t know what I’m doing back then

Basically, my girlfriend is more submissive and she likes being punished. Punishing her for no reason seems unnecessary and sometimes I don’t really feel like punishing her so she starts doing stuff that bothers me so that she “deserves” punishment.

It started as cutesy stuff like she’d when she wasn’t supposed to (tbh I don’t care about this one but it’s part of it so I play along) then it escalated to her being naked (again, don’t care, but it’s a “rule”)or hopping in my shower trying to turn on then it escalated again to generally bothering , turning of the tv, hiding my stuff etc. It’s gotten annoying to say the least and I think it’s extremely unhealthy to do any punishment stuff when I’m angry anyway so I don’t do it which causes her to try to annoy me even more.

Today she escalated again by sharing some secrets of ours with a friend that we both know likes to be chatty because she knows I’m a very private person and it would 0% bother if she did it. And it did.

After a very long talk, where I explained how much I do not want that to happen and how much I can guarantee that it will not earn her a punishment and she nodded her head through it and said she understands then I stood up, kissed her and walked over to our room to get ready and was met with a “so are you gonna punish me now?" she says as she's undressing what she put on. istood up angrily, order her to come closer. i put my hand around her neck as she moan saying "punish " her t that moment turn me on asf. i tongued kissed her immediately, slapping her Cute doll with my other hand. i keep slapping her as she ccalls . i had bend down so she can untie my belt.... i can see her going for my hard cock already but i force her back on her feet by choking her oncce more. i removed my untied belt and<b> collar </font></b>her myself. i can hear her saying she love it calling , (trust her words turns on a lots which make to slap her some more...... i bet y'all wanna know what happens next? hahaha

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