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Freezing Rain  

Sen2ualt 55M  
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12/16/2020 1:20 pm
Freezing Rain

Freezing Rain
The freezing rain tapping on my window diverted my attention from the deep introspection I had been absorbed in. I had just gone through a break up with my gurl Darlene and my heart was heavy with sadness and regret. Like the freezing rain coating every thing outside in its icy embrace, my world had suddenly been cast in ice and become much colder and lonelier.
I had truly loved Darlene, we were alike in so many ways, but we each possessed a perspective on relationships that seemed unreconcilable. I finally forced myself from living in denial and clinging to unrealistic hope and ended it with her. Even though it was probably the right thing to do, the fact was it didn’t lessen the pain any.
She was beautifully feminine in both body and soul, and she always had my best interests at heart. When we made love she was so giving and caring it made for incredible sex. I loved feeling our cocks rubbing together and cumming at the same time. It was always surprizing to me that such a rare event happened as often as it did with us. It was going to be tough moving on without her and my heart was heavy with that knowledge.
Wallowing in self pity was not going to me get over Darlene and because I was tired of thinking about it, I decided a walk might take my mind off her. Anyway, the exercise would do me good and anything was better than sitting inside brooding about Darlene. I threw on a jacket and headed outside despite the freezing rain that was casting all it touched in ice. I just wanted to clear my head, and at this point it could have been a hurricane outside and I still would have gone.
I live close to a business section of town and even though it was the weekend, all the stores and restaurants I passed seemed to be deserted. Maybe it was the freezing rain keeping most folks at home, warm and comfortable, but in my current state I preferred toughing it in the cold and ice. It was man against the world and I was determined to snatch victory from its cold, icy embrace. My defiance lasted about an hour before my jacket was soaking through to my shirt and my shivers from the wet cold led me to the realization that its best not to mess with nature.
Seeking shelter from the elements, I passed a coffee shop and decided any harbour in a storm will do. Walking in, I found like most the other establishments I had seen, the coffee shop was deserted. I started to wonder if it was even open, but a waitress appeared, and almost as if she could read my mind said, “Yes were open, you can sit anywhere.”
“Thanks” I replied, and thought I would make her life easier sitting at the counter. After ordering a coffee from the waitress I opened the newspaper someone had left on the counter and began to read.
I had been their about minutes when the front door opening drew my attention. I turned my head to see a very attractive woman walk in and sit down at a table beside the window. She was a brunette with beautiful long flowing hair. As she took off her jacket, her form fitting white blouse suggested she possessed rather large shapely breasts, and while bending over to place her jacket on her chair, I found myself starring at a very cute butt and becoming somewhat aroused. She looked up after placing her coat on her chair and caught me still starring at her cute butt. I immediately turned red and averted my gaze, but not before I noticed her smiling at me which lessened my embarrassment only fractionally. Normally I am very tactful when stealing a glance, but her ass was so perfect I couldn’t look away until it was too late.
I returned to my newspaper and began reading but that woman’s ass had commandeered my brain. All I could think about was how perfect it was, how I wanted to caress it, feel its firmness with my bare hands. Its shape kept appearing in my mind like an old TV commercial you had seen too many times. I had nearly finished reading the newspaper article I had started earlier when I noticed I hadn’t remembered anything I had just read, nor even the headline for that matter. This woman was on my mind, I had to look at her again.
I casually turned my head towards her, and to my shock and horror she was starring directly at me and smiling, I had been caught again! I quickly turned my head away and this time I turned beat red. I was starting to feel like a year old boy in grade school going through puberty. But after a few moments I regained my composure, and some maturity, and decided I would just go over and introduce myself. Afterall, I was a somewhat good looking guy maybe she wanted to meet. Looking over at her once again, she was still staring at me smiling, so I got up and walked over.
“Hi, my name is Chris” I said holding out my hand.
“Anna, she replied shaking my hand. Please, have a seat.”
“Thanks, I am pleased to meet you,” I said.
“Pleased to meet you as well, your cheeks look a little sun burned I notice.”
I laughed, and joked, “It’s a seasonal thing, I am allergic to winter.”
She giggled a most sexy giggle.
We exchanged small talk for the next hour or so, and she told me that she lived in the area and was just out doing some Christmas shopping. I then explained to her I was just out for a walk and the coffee shop was providing temporary shelter from the freezing rain.
Continuing to chat, she told me about her job, where she went to college, she told me about some of her hobbies, but most importantly she told me she was single, and hadn’t seen anybody in over a year. I was surprised she revealed that to me, but I took it as significant. I must be impressing her, even though I hadn’t really said much. I was starting to like this girl and I found Anna’s openness to be very refreshing.
I hadn’t noticed at first but Anna pulled out a pill box from her purse and proceeded to take two pills with a sip of coffee.
“What are those for?” I asked somewhat hesitantly.
“Those are my hormone pills, they keep me feminine” she smiled.
Does she mean she is a transsexual I thought? I had seen Darlene take hormone pills many times in the past. I figured the best policy was to just come out and asked her.
“Are you a transsexual?” I asked.
She smiled and said, “Yes, does that shock you?”
“No not at all, I was dating a transsexual. Actually we just broke up.”
“I am sorry to hear that, she said, you seem like such a nice guy.”
I smiled at her and she smiled back with a wink. I was beginning to think this woman was too good to be true, beautiful, intelligent, classy, and as sweet as molasses.
After another half hour I really didn’t want to leave but I had a long journey back so I told her, “I should probably be heading out as I have a long way to go but I would love to get your .”
To my surprize and delight she said, “If you Like I can drive you, I would hate to see you get soaked again and catch cold.”
“That would be wonderful,” I said, so we put our jackets on and she led me to her car.
I guess feeling more at ease in the privacy of her car, on the way home, Anna started talking about sex. She then asked me what I found attractive about transsexuals. The question caught me little off guard but I answered as straight forward as I could.
“I find that transsexual women can often be more feminine than real women. I also like that they have a cock. I really enjoy sucking on a cock but I am not that attracted to the male form. I know some transsexuals are not ok with that but that’s me,” I smiled. “As well, I have personally found that transsexual women can be very giving and have an incredible of love to share.” Anna seemed to like my answer and flashed me an approving smile.
She told me that, as an early she had known she was more girl than boy and how she would dress in her mothers clothes to feel sexy. She revealed she had been taking hormones since her early teens which had helped her body develop more fully as a female. Looking over at her she was indeed a beautiful female, any guy would be crazy not to be attracted to her, but I wondered how many would be put off that she was tran? I can emphatically say Not I.
I directed her on the route to my house and as she pulled in to the driveway I smiled and asked her, “It’s almost cocktail hour; I make a great Daiquiri, would you like to come in for a drink?”
She smiled sexily “I would love to.”
We went inside and I helped her off with her coat and then adjourned to the kitchen. I was going to introduce Anna to Chris’s world class daquiris. I quickly had all the ingredients in the blender and mixed up two daquiris, handing one to Anna I suggested we move to the living room which was much more comfortable. I sat on the couch and Anna sat down so close our legs were just slightly touching. I looked at her and again I was taken just how beautiful she was. I wanted this gurl and the signs she wanted me too were becoming more obvious.
“Mmm, this is delicious, she proclaimed, thank you.”
“My pleasure,” I said as the subtle scent of her perfume became noticeable in our close proximity. I am a true believer in human pheromones as her scent alone was beginning to create a bulge in the pants.
As we chatted I would occasionally make her laugh and as she giggled she would touch my arm or my thigh. Each time she touched me, I swear my cock would drip precum. My cock was now as hard as rock and making my underwear more and more noticeably wet. I wondered if Anna was noticing my bulge? I thought I detected a bulge in her form fitting pants which signaled to me it was time to make my move.
I looked over at Anna and gently took the almost finished daquiri from her hand and placed it on the coffee table. Gazing deep into her eyes for a few awkward moments, and without saying anything, I began to inch my lips towards her while still looking into her eyes. Anna’s expression was serious but she remained motionless, looking deep into my eyes as my lips inched slowly closer to hers. As my lips finally pressed against her’s, both of us closed our eyes and let the passion of our first kiss flow through our lips like an electrical . Her lips were so incredibly soft, and she kissed with such sensuality it was reaching my heart.
Kissing was so important to me and I was discovering Anna was a sensational<b> kisser. </font></b>Our tongues met and swirled around each others before Anna’s lips wrapped around my tongue like they might my cock. Her tongue softly brushing the outside of my lips was an incredibly sensual sensation. We kissed non stop for several minutes before our lips parted and she smiled and whispered, “That was a beautiful first kiss.”
Smiling I whispered back, “you are wonderful.” At which point our kissing and my bliss continued. I could kiss for hours and it appeared Anna was similarly inclined.
I began to kiss my way down her neck; she moaned softly and tilted her neck to give complete access to my pleasuring lips. I continued kissing her lips as I started undoing the buttons of her blouse one one. As I undid the first few top buttons of Anna’s blouse, her large breasts would cause the blouse to spring apart, making her look sexier with each button undone. Finally, I had her buttons completely undone and I pushed her blouse off her shoulders revealing her white lacy bra. Anna wrapped her arms around my neck and pushed her breasts against me as I began kissing her shoulders. Her breasts felt so good pressed against me and she would brush them slowly back and forth against my body making me sense she was a woman with very sensitive nipples.
I unclasped the front of her bra revealing her magnificent breasts. Her silver dollar sized areola’s were accompanied long erect nipples just waiting for my eager lips to suck them. I reached down and gently grasped her left breast, it was soft yet firm, they were the most perfect breast I have ever had the joy of fondling. I then wrapped my warm lips around her erect nipple and swirled my tongue around it in a circle. Anna moaned, pressed her breast further into my mouth and said, “yes baby, that’s it.” She was clearly enjoying my lips on her breasts immensely so I made sure not to favor one over the other.
We had been sitting upright this entire time but Anna then pushed me back on the couch. She climbed on top of me letting her breast fall into my mouth, and then pressing them into my lips. She slowly brushed her nipples back and forth against my lips and moaned as she did so. Her breathing was becoming heavier and her moaning louder, I wondered if I was going to make her orgasm just by playing with her breasts. I would have been happy to make her cum just by playing with her sensitive breasts, but I did want to taste her sweet cum.
I was still fully dressed at this point, but Anna untucked my shirt and pulled it over my head off me. She smiled admiring at my hairless chest. Actually there is a little hair, but I am naturally pretty smooth. Anna started rubbing her erect nipples against my nipples and at the same time grinding her cock against mine through our pants. I loved the feeling of Anna’s nipples against mine and her grinding was making me incredibly wet.
This went on for some time before Anna stood up, looked me in the eyes, smiled sexily at me, slowly undid her belt, unzipped her pants, and then slowly peeled them down her sexy legs to reveal her hard cock peaking above the top of her white lacy panties. I could see her mushroom head glistening with precum, and I knew my cock was similarly wet.
Now in just her panties she reached down undid my belt and unzipped my pants. Grabbing the cuffs of my pants, pulled them off me in one pull leaving me in nothing but my underwear. She then curled her fingers under my waistband and pulled them off as well letting my cock spring out. It was indeed wet and dripping.
Anna knelt on the floor next to my hips and wrapped her soft hands around my very wet cock. She stroked me several times before lowering her lips to the tip of my cock and slid her lips down my shaft to the base of my cock. Running her tongue up the shaft she licked the bubble of precum dripping from the tip. She looked at me and smiled before again wrapping her lips around my cock and sliding them down the shaft. I was so turned on I knew I was not going to last long. I could feel my cock starting to throb and bubble more precum as Anna was bobbing up and down on my cock with great finesse, bringing me closer and closer to a massive orgasm. I finally confessed, “Anna I am going to come.” Hearing that she picked up the pace while I was thrusting my cock into her mouth and with a final thrust of my cock into her mouth, the cum exploded up my shaft and onto her tongue. Spasm after beautiful spasm pumped more and more cum into her mouth but she did not loose a drop. As I lay on the couch catching my breath she lay on top of me and kissed my lips. I could taste my cum on her lips and I said, “You are wonderful.
I lay there for several minutes catching my breath while Anna kissed me all over and then began to suck on my nipples. I discovered how much I liked having my nipples sucked and I pressed my nipples into Katie’s mouth. Her warm tongue excited my nipples.
I wanted her cock. I turned Anna over on to her back and kissed my way down her body. Licking her belly button prompted a giggle, and I noted her ticklishness for future use. Her cock was poking out the top of her panties and I could see how wet she was. Pulling her panties to one side released her stiff shaft, and I placed my moist lips on the tip of her mushroom head. I could finally taste the sweet precum I had been so anxious to try. Anna placed her hands on the back of my head and I took her whole cock slowly into my mouth until my lips were at the base. With my free hand I cupped her balls, playing with them gently while I started running my lips up and down her stiff penis. Her cock was a joy to suck on, and before long I could tell she was close as I could feel her shaft throb in my mouth and her breathing intensify. She moaned, “Chris I am going to cum,” and her explosion of hot semen shot into my mouth, coating my tongue in her sticky cum. Her cock shuddered several times sending more cum into my mouth and I savoured every drop. Exhausted, her body relaxed and I moved to lay on top of her where she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately. “You are so sweet,” she said and kissed me again.
Changing positions so we were laying facing each other, I could feel Anna’s cock against mine and I started to get hard again. Anna, feeling my growing hardness, smiled as she said, “My man is going to need my tight pussy I see.” She then motioned me to lay on my back, and as I did she straddled my hips. Reaching back, her fingers found my once again hard cock and guided it to her pussy. Still wet and sticky from Anna’s blow job, I pushed my moist cock against her pussy and my mushroom head penetrated her. Slowly I pushed and Anna pressed back forcing my cock to disappear into Anna’s beautifully tight ass. Anna let out a sexy moan as my hard penis filled her and stretched her pussy walls. She placed her hands on my chest for balance and once my cock was fully in, she began to ride my cock like a professional bull rider. I could almost imagine her holding on to me with one hand and holding her cowboy hat with the other as she bucked up and down.
Ridding me caused her cock flail in a circle so I grabbed it and began to stroke her. Soon she was moaning loudly, and her cock throbbing in my hand told me she was close to cumming, as was I. With a final thrust I slammed my cock as deep into Anna’s ass as it would go and shot my hot load of sperm into her pussy. At almost the same time I felt Anna’s cum hitting my left nipple and splattering on my chest. Covered in Anna’s cum, she collapsed on top of me as we both tried to catch our breath and my arms wrapped tightly around her in a loving embrace.
She kissed my chest and giggled, “I hope your not busy next week?”
“I think I have an opening in my schedule,” I replied and held her even tighter.
That meeting was two years ago and we have been together ever since. Its been a beautiful two years, and to this day, I still get excited when the forecast calls for freezing rain.

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