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The Enticing Scent of Peach Blossoms  

SensualOrchid69 42F  
18 posts
6/27/2017 7:11 am
The Enticing Scent of Peach Blossoms

Well,I haven't posted in quite some time, so today I decided to take a few moments and do so. It is extremely hot and I'm feeling very sexy today. I'm wearing a black garter belt, thigh high stockings and a Victoria's Secret black lace bra underneath my business suit. My breasts are perky and my clean shaven pussy is tight, warm and
wet. My caramel body is glistening from the Bath and Body Works peach scented
body lotion that I slowly rubbed all over my skin this morning after a steamy shower.The lotion is so light and not sticky, allowing the soft scent of sweet peaches to fill the air as I move around the office. One of my co-workers commented that I smell like a soft summer breeze, blowing through a peach orchard. Ummm, I would love to be fucked laying on a soft, cotton blanket in a peach orchard on a warm, summer day. The gentle breeze blowing my hair as my lover slides his hard cock deep into my sweet pussy. My round ass and hips rising up and down off the blanket to take in every inch of him. Umm, I would love to have a skillful lover to use his or her tongue to lick a sweet, juicy peach out of my pussy. The delicious juices mixing with my own, trickling down my lover's face as their tongue slithers within every crevice of my body. As I sit at my desk and imagine this scenario, my chest begins to rise and fall from my increased, heavy breathing. The erect nipples of my sun blushed, soft breasts are brushing against the lace of my bra. My black lace thong has become damp and my pussy is trembling with desire and passion. Oooh, can you satisy me?

1bighammer1000 55M
3562 posts
6/27/2017 8:55 am

That certainly stirs the imagination as well as other things

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

BigSmilesnMore 64M
771 posts
6/27/2017 8:01 am

I wonder how many other ladies were Victoria Secret surprises under their business suit ... that no one knows about ???

Peachfishhuntin 56M

6/27/2017 7:38 am

Very erotic, nice

ryandude88 36M

6/27/2017 7:28 am

Definitely would love too taste your sweet peach

ryandude88 36M

6/27/2017 7:24 am


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