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Happy Anniversary  

SerendipityDood 51M
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3/25/2020 8:19 am
Happy Anniversary

Hey baby,

Happy Anniversary!

Let me guess: you just went "anniversary?" and then quickly checked your calendar. I know you don't have a head for dates, unless they're in one of your spreadsheets or Gantt charts. But surely you remember the occasion. It was the night we first met, and the night of your first gangbang.

I still remember it vividly. I was coming back from the library totally expecting the frat house to be quiet. It was the beginning of the winter break and we'd just had a big blowout the night before. The house should've been mostly empty by now. But even before I opened the door I could hear the sounds of a raucous party inside.

I'd planned on going straight upstairs to my room and putting in my earbuds. But when I went inside I saw only 6 or 7 guys. Mostly big black guys and 1 or 2 frat brothers. Then I remembered that the basketball team had had a home game that night. I realized that Dickey Peterson must have invited some of his teammates over after the game.

You remember Dickey. don't you? The "little" white guy on the team, who had a dick almost as big as his teammates'. I heard you were quite a fan of it.

What got my attention was the fact that everyone was completely naked, or almost. Three guys sat on the couch beating off. In the middle of the room were three more big black bulls tanding in a semi-circle. It wasn't until I walked further into the room that I saw you, on your knees on the coffee table with a huge black cock in your mouth and one more in each hand.

Behind you was Dickey, fucking you hard and fast. He had his hands on your hips pulling you hard back against him as he pounded your wet pussy. I knew it was wet because I could hear it squishing over the slapping of your against Dickey's crotch. Even over your moaning. He was fucking you so hard that you were having trouble keeping even that massive cock in your mouth.

When he suddenly stopped, I knew he was cuming inside you. And then I saw your thighs quivering and I knew you were cuming too. You made a sound that would've probably been a scream, but the guy in front of you had grabbed the back of your head and was forcing that huge cock down your throat. It only seemed to make you cum harder.

I sat down on a couch on the far side of the room (after checking that it wasn't sticky), partially to hide my raging hard-on, but mostly to watch you.

After some high-fives Dickey pulled out of you to be quickly replaced by the cock that had been in your mouth. You almos felll over when he buried that huge cock in you all the way to the hilt. You had to drop the two cocks you were holding to steady yourself with your hands on the table. You only got a moment's rest though as one of those big dicks was forced into your mouth. Another hard dick got up from the couch to replace it, and you were quickly back into your former position, pleasing 4 hard cocks again.

I couldn't pull my eyes away from you; your shaking ass or your bouncing tits, even when Dickey joined me on the couch. You were pure wanton animal lust.

"Dude. Awesome show right?"

"Dickey, you didn't get that girl drunk did you?" I was thinking of the mandate that had come down from the Greek council recently about hazing and .

"No way, bro. I don't do that shit anymore. Don't have to now that all the ladies on<b> campus </font></b>know about Big Max."

Did you know that Dickey called his dick that? He totally did.

"I didn't have to, brosuf. That's the beauty of it. She wanted it. She's a total fucking slut who can't get enough dick. Even of ol'r Big Max. And she likes it rough too. The other day I was taking a break from fucking her and she tells me how much she wants to fuck a big black dick. Do I tell her I know 5 or 6 big black dicks that can fuck her. And she gets all excited. Like, crazy, bro. You know? And I'm like 'OK, I'll invite one over.' But she's like, 'No. I want all of them.' Goddamn, dude. I didn't think she could be any more slutty, but she fucked the shit out of me after that."

Dickey said some other shit I didn't hear as I watched you cum again on that big black cock. He came inside you soon after. I could see the cum drip out of your pussy and down your legs as he pulled out of you, still hard, sweaty and panting.

Two big hard black cocks moved in to replace him. For a minute I thought there was going to be a fight. Then one of them picked you up off the table and slid you down onto his fat cock in one smooth motion. You cried out. Then the other moved in behind you and started pushing his big dick into your ass. Luckily it was the guy who'd just been in your mouth so his dick was nice and wet. I could see your spit dripping off his big balls as he pumped your tight ass.

Dickey was saying something which i didn't hear over your screams. When you settled down, I interrupted him. "Who is she? Where did you find her?"

"You met her, bro. On the quad the other day."

"What? That business major?" I was shocked. I totally remembered you. I thought you were cute, with a sexy body that you hid beneath an unsexy outfit, demure and shy, holding a bunch of books. Not at all the empty-headed blonde cheerleader type that I normally have to listen to Dickey fuck all night long in the room next to mine. I looked at you again. The guy that was in your ass had lain down on the coffee table pulling you, and the dick in your pussy, with him. You were now sandwiched between two black bulls with both dicks in you, sucking on another, and jerking off two more. 5 cocks!

I watched you like this for a while, as Dickey prattled on about some shit or other until he went back to fuck you some more. I watched you cum, and being cum in, and on. Limp dicks being pulled out and replaced by hard ones. I slowly realized that while these men thought they were using you, high-fiving each other over your wracked, quivering body, catcalling, and debasing you with names like slut and , it was really you who were using them. And they didn't even know it.

I realized that beneath this swarm of hulking, sweaty, athletes was the strongest person in the room. I couldn't imagine the strength it must take to completely give yourself over to these men--these strangers--to unmoor yourself from the safe banality of life and let yourself completely go to be tossed to and fro by the dangerous waves of pleasure and pain being inflicted upon you. I was in awe.

When they had all finally finished with you, each of them having cum more than once as far as I could tell, they moved into the kitchen, fist-bumping and bragging, to look for more beer. You lay on the couch panting and moaning, covered in sweat and cum. Even after all that, you continued to rub your sopping wet pussy, smearing the cum dribbling out of you against your demolished clit.

I gathered up your clothes from around the room. I never did find your panties, maybe you never had any. I helped you stand on shaky legs, and got you up the stairs. I left the cum you dripped out on the way for someone else to clean up. I put you into a hot shower and then undressed and got in with you. I cleaned you up and brought you to bed with me.

The next morning we went out for breakfast and talked, never mentioning the events of the previous night. We didn't have to.

That was the beginning of us, five years ago. Since then you've taught me more about truly being free than I ever learned from a book.

Thank you, and happy anniversary. Slut.

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