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SerendipityDood 50M  
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3/24/2020 11:52 am

Hey baby,

I hope your boss has calmed down today, and things are easier.

I was thinking that tonight I would cum in all of your holes. I know I've said that before, but it was always after I'd cum in you once and was already fucking you again. This time I have a plan.

Put in your butt plug when you get home so you're nice and loose for me later. I'll when I'm almost there so you can be waiting suck my cock as soon as I walk in the door.

Wear that sexy yellow sundress that I like so much. It really sets off the tone of your skin. Plus it"s nice and tight on your tits. I hope you've cleaned it since the last time you wore it. I was so turned on that I dumped a bucket of cum in you and still kept fucking. You loved that. With your legs over your head the way they were, your dress got pretty soaked in both our cum after I'd fucked it out of you.

I'll try to hold on as long as I can during the blow job, because I know how much you love sucking coc And I love it too. I want to make it last. You are such a great cock sucker. One of these days you're going to have to tell how many hard cocks you've sucked get so good at it.

After you've swallowed my load we can have dinner and get caught up with Schitt's Cree Then you can get hard again and ride on the couch. I love it when you grind on with that butt plug in.

After I unload in your pussy we can go the bedroom and let some of that seed dribble down the inside of your legs. Then it's your turn while I recover.

First I'll finger bang you, of course, while you're still full of cum. Then I'll eat your pussy for a while. A long while. I know how much it turns you on feel eat my own cum out of you, so I expect you cum 2 or 3 times, at least.

I'll roll you on your stomach and finally give you that back<b> massage </font></b>I've been promising you since your birthday. (I know, I know. )

Between sitting with my cock between your gorgeous ass cheeks while I<b> massage </font></b>you and tying you face down, spread eagle, on the bed afterwards, I should be nice and hard again.

That's when I'll take out the plug, lube you up and really pound your ass hard. From that angle my hard cock should be slamming against the walls of your pussy. I know that drives you crazy. If you haven't cum again already, you will when I explode my final load of seed in your ass.

Can't wait baby. Don't work late.

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