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Covid Complicuations.  

SexLessNnc2 56F
96 posts
11/28/2020 1:40 am
Covid Complicuations.

Remember when things where not nearly as complicated. A sweet time before the pandemic hit us all. Before everyone had to wear masks and be afriad of getting the virus. Back when we all knew that we had to do safe sex.

Being that this is a sex site, what do we all do now? How does one kiss, perform oral and cum safely. I would assume if you have any type of symptoms you go in to be tested like I did today. I have come down with what I think is the common fluey coldness. But to be safe, I went in today and got my brain tickled and will know middle of next week.

Sigh, I miss wearing lipstick. I miss seeing people smile.

What about you all out there, how do you handle a play date?

Full body condoms on order..........

Lady Ti

RobK2006 54M
5833 posts
11/28/2020 3:14 am

I hope your test comes back negative.

AnewWoman 63F
266 posts
11/28/2020 5:17 am

You nailed the problem when you mentioned wearing a mask and being afraid of the virus. Many of us, myself included, don't live in fear of the virus. It doesn't mean we live life haphazardly or ignore the suggested guidelines, but we continue to live our lives as close to normal as we can. Rushing into anything is what causes greater risk, whether covid, sti's, or other problems. Taking the time getting to know someone can't guarantee no problems, but it sure can minimize the risks.
For me, way back when there was even more lack of understanding on this virus, when New York went quiet, I met the person who I now think of as my life partner. She's a nurse and understands well the dangers of covid. We go out with a purpose and wear masks in public. This is about all that has changed in our lives. You can't let fear control you. Do what you should be doing all along. Stop, think about what you are doing, then proceed with caution. Don't rush, don't be afraid.

bilover1916 56M
60 posts
11/29/2020 9:10 am

well said Anew woman well said .It is also the the Bullshit the media and govt that's making it worse .Is it real yes very but the hype is making it a million times worse. We are losing are freedom a little each day an people are so stupid they don't see it .very sad very sad. When I say stupid I don't mean your stupid I mean people in general.

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