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The Taste  

SexiCara 35F  
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10/5/2020 10:42 am
The Taste

It had been far too long since my sweet pussy had been taken by a man's mouth. My body ached to feel the teasing of a man's lips on the inside of my thighs making his way to my clit. As I rubbed myself, I could feel myself getting wet thinking about how I longed to feel a man's tongue tease my sweet clit and lick my pussy then suck my clit bringing almost orgasm then stopping - teasing more. Then the doorbell rings, interrupting my thoughts and my masturbation session. I had completely forgotten about the person coming look at the dishwasher that had been broken for a week now.

I opened the door and as I did I remembered that I had only pulled on some shorts and a white t-shirt this morning without a bra or panties. The panties were not obvious but after my brief masturbation session moments before the lack of a bra was very apparent. As the gorgeous repair man finally made eye contact with me, we shook hands and went the kitchen.

I explained my dishwasher issues, he listened and started getting his tools out. I could not help notice what a nice smile he had but also what extremely nice arms he had. I was still rather horny from my earlier masturbation session that he interrupted and couldn't help wanting to feel his arms around my body - his hands on body. I tried to act busy in the kitchen but watching him work - watching his hands - I wanted those hands on me. I wanted to feel his hands in my hair, pulling my hair as he kissed me hard and as he moved his lips down my neck and then to my breasts. I wanted to feel his hands take my breasts and grab them and tease my nipples, pull them as his lips traveled over them and devoured them.

He got up and said something to me but I was so lost in my thoughts I had no idea what he said. He went out and came back in and when he turned around and bent over I noticed what a great ass he had. My mind starts again. I wanted to grab that ass as I take him and undo his belt, unzip his pants, and take out his cock and start playing with it. I imagine that his cock is huge. I am getting wet again. I imagine pushing him up against my island and taking his balls in my mouth as I stroke his cock. Then I start sucking him and he pulls my hair and moans in delight. I start sucking harder and harder rubbing his balls and his ass and looking up at him making sure he is loving it as much as I am. My pussy is so wet. He says something to me again bringing me out of my wonderful daydream and I realize that my pussy is drenched and my t-shirt is showing my hard nipples telling on me.

He says again that he is going to have to order a part for my dishwasher. He walks over to where I am standing with his work pad and has me sign the work order. Our hands touch as he hands me the pen and the electricity is undeniable. We look at each other and as if he could read my mind or knew all of my earlier thoughts, leaned down and kissed me - softly at first - then harder. His hands were traveling all over my body as mine were over his. His hands were in my long hair pulling it and pulling my neck back as he kissed it. Off came my shirt, his shirt and his hands were on my breasts rubbing them and pulling them and then his lips. His lips teased my nipples then pulled at them. I practically tore off his pants and devoured his cock grabbing his ass pulling him deeper into my mouth. He moaned with pleasure then grabbed me and tore my shorts off and put me on my island. His mouth was on my wet pussy - his tongue exploring my clit - his mouth pulling it. I screamed with pleasure as his mouth sucked harder and harder on my clit and he drove his fingers inside my pussy and my ass. I exploded and he sucked harder. Then he took me into my den and drove his cock so deep inside my pussy I exploded again. I tasted myself on him and it tasted so sweet. He pounded harder and harder then grabbed me and turned me around and fucked me from behind. We fucked for hours. I lost count of how many times I came. The taste of him. The taste of me. The taste.

I cannot wait for that part to come in.

Funoneryan 36M  
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10/7/2020 4:44 am

Hot damn. Need anything else looked at?

profcoquin27bis 56M
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10/6/2020 3:48 am

hi from a french repair man !! nice text, i am waiting for the next

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