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If Finding a Partner Was Like Buying a Car
Posted:Mar 11, 2021 12:05 am
Last Updated:Mar 31, 2021 10:31 pm

I'm looking for:
an older model that's been well-maintained and looks, feels, and runs like a much younger model;
not too flashy, not too boring, sporty, and relatively economical to drive;
not so gorgeous that it grabs everyone's attention;
doesn't smoke or use tons of oil;
legal equipment only;
mid-size or larger;
has been put through its paces long enough that you know exactly how it needs to be taken care of and the manual comes with it;
max of two previous owners but okay if it was a lease;
okay with having faded paint and a little discoloration;
is reliable and doesn't need excessive maintenance;
maybe a little rough on the inside but can be restored fairly inexpensively;
doesn't have a big console in the middle preventing good passenger interaction;
will run longer than the younger models and can still get me home fast;
runs well without additives is preferred but okay if additives are needed;
okay with having some damage in the past that's been repaired, so long as it's not a known lemon that's been cleverly disguised by the owner, and is going to bite me in the ass (and not in a good way) once the deal is done - you know like an old money pit.

Model has been around a long time and is proven. Not botched by back alley mechanics.

Looking for something that will last a long time, not a test driver, in it for the long haul; a daily driver, not a once in a while on Sunday when the weather is nice type; great for cumming and going.

Be prepared be taken around the block and put the test. Has feel good drive. Radio tuned comedy gets extra points. No fine print in the contract.

Would rather ride a bike than settle!
No More Live Cams?
Posted:Jan 10, 2021 3:50 pm
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2021 2:12 pm

FBI recently announced arrest of a creep who recorded a live cam of a sexual nature he had with a 20 year girl and then extorted from her so he wouldn't release it everyone in her social media contacts and her college. She got so distressed that she took an overdose of pills but fortunately survived. The FBI said"

"“Terrorizing someone with threats to release their explicit images is unconscionable,” said Michael J. Driscoll, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Philadelphia Division. “Imagine the emotional toll it takes on a victim, living in fear of being so personally exposed. Unfortunately, the FBI is seeing more and more sextortion cases, with people of all ages targeted. It’s not some sick game, it’s a crime, and the FBI will continue to unmask these cyber predators and hold them firmly accountable.”

If convicted, the defendant faces a maximum possible sentence of 5 ’ imprisonment, 3 ’ supervised release, and a $250,000 fine."

They went on say that this is becoming a big problem everywhere. So I'm really going think long and hard before I do any more live cams on here or anywhere else that are explicitly sexual. Maybe I will with my face hidden. I haven't decided. But there will be no or live or hangouts sexcapades with men I don't actually know as in WE HAVE MET.

Although I don't need a job or have a lot lose socially, it would still be embarrassing. My immediate family knows about my naughtiness but my extended family doesn't and I'd rather keep it that way. Regardless, I guarantee I'd let it go public before I'd someone a single dime keep it private. So if I say no, this is why.

My Desired Partner Traits
Posted:Sep 23, 2020 12:20 am
Last Updated:Apr 10, 2021 12:45 pm

I put this list together recently to better put in writing what was important to without any certain potential partner to influence what I put down.

• Honesty/integrity/trustworthy
• Kind/sweet
• Optimistic
• Not afraid of commitment
• Makes goals that include a partner
• Energetic
• Believes in a higher power (God or other)
• Picks up after himself
• Good sense of humor/can laugh at themselves
• Very affectionate/ok with PDAs

• Smoking cigarettes
• Illicit drug use of any kind
• Drinking more than 7 servings of alcohol a week
• No job or form of income
• Can’t hold an intelligent conversation
• No/low libido
• Emotional attachment to an ex
• Doesn’t like
• Quite overweight
• Cancels dates at last minute/doesn’t give much of his time
• Thinks Trump walks on water or Democrats are all idiots

• Love to
• Like to camp (in an RV)
• Love bodies of water and boats
• Good sense (not a spender or a tightwad)
• Will talk about problems not brush them the table
• Health conscious (health has to be #1!)
• Love language of Personal Touch or Quality Time
• Checks in frequently
• Gives complements
• Smiles a lot
• Is a gentleman
To The Universe:
Posted:Aug 3, 2020 8:36 pm
Last Updated:Apr 10, 2021 12:45 pm

Please stop sending married men who want blowjobs to my inbox. I don't do married men. I want a guy of my own - not someone else's man. I never want that karma coming my way.

Please stop sending men from halfway across the country or halfway around the world who want to "chat". Um, that's called phone sex and women get paid for it. If you like me for me, if you and I meet and really like each other, I will give you phone sex or video sex anytime you want. You have to earn it.

No more fast food sex. My most recent lover seemed so perfect, until he slept with his ex GF, who he assured me he had no interest in anymore. Evidently he did. So once again I got a bite taken out of my heart. Court me. Ask me questions about my life, about what I want for the future, and actually go places with me. If you only ask me about what I like in bed and ask for pics of my body parts, you obviously aren't interested in me as a person.


I don't want anybody who asks for more than he's willing to give. Don't ask me for a blowjob and not lick my clit. Don't ask for a handjob and never touch me between my legs. There are 2 people here. Each of us deserves full pleasure.

Do not ask for a picture of my pussy without returning it to me with a tribute on it.

When you're ready, dear universe, send me a lover who will blow my mind. Who will carve his name into my heart with lips and fingers and toys. Someone who wants to explore all of the dark corners of my mind, as well as the sparkly rainbow confetti.

Someone who wants to know me, and themselves, as fully as possible.

No rush dear universe. Whenever you can get to it.

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