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51 Things Men Lie About and We Can Easily Figure Out  

SexyGILFNeedsLuv 63F  
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3/29/2020 7:04 pm
51 Things Men Lie About and We Can Easily Figure Out

Okay, I really don’t have 51 things on this list. I don’t have the time for that, but I’m sure I could find that many if I tried. Does this mean ALL MEN? No….Duh. These are just some things that I have found in my experiences.

• SIZE… of their dick. Of course this is the first on my list. They lie about their dick size. We all know this. They add an inch or two. Even when I think their size is perfectly fine and above average. That dude with the 7.5 inch dick is telling everyone his cockmeat is 9 inches because seemingly guys, bigger is better. NOPE. Hey, 7.5 inches is pretty dang good. In fact, if your dick is too big that is NOT enjoyable to a lot of people. Plus we are going to find out if we get to that stage of fucking or blowing or whatever.

• HEIGHT. This is related to size, and adding a couple of inches. DUDE. If we meet that is the first thing we are going to notice. I’m pretty short (5’2”). If you tell me you are 5’6” and then I tower over you, do you think I’m not going to notice that?

• SKILLS. This one is so fucking funny. How many guys brag on here about their set of skills in bringing the big “O?” Too many. They claim they will spend hours eating your pussy. They will make you cum so many times you won’t think straight. They can fuck you hard and often. They are your magical orgasm genie. They are here to please you and are “not like other guys.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! No, no, and no. Every dude who has said something like that to me has not followed through. EVERY ONE OF THEM. The ones who don’t say a thing but show you….now those guys have skills.

• RELATIONSHIP status. How many married men, or men with girlfriends have I come across on this site? HOLY SHIT A FUCKING LOT!! I am talking about the “I need to keep things discreet” dudes. It’s pretty easy to figure that out quickly. How the profile is set up is a big clue (usually no pictures, and the words discreet and the like are everywhere). Also, they seem to disappear on the weekends and evenings. Another clue is they want to meet you so badly, but it can’t be in a public place or you have to host.

• JOB/INTELLIGENCE/INTERESTS ETC. I put this under one category because everyone is unique and different. Certain jobs or interests or schooling is different with everyone. What makes you unique? Don’t try to be like me. Don’t try to be like Sam Smith. Those lies come out really quick. If you work on a rig in the oil industry and then pretend you are a car salesmen the differences are going to show pretty quickly. Don’t say you like science because I do. I am going to start talking about it and in 10 seconds know you are a big fat liar.

• HOW INTERESTED YOU ARE IN ME. Yeah saving this one for last. You just want to fuck me and that is your only interest, but you pretend that you have this profound connection with me. You tell me all the things you think I want to hear to get into my pants. You are so in love with me and don’t know how to handle this feeling. Are you kidding me? The lines are obvious. I am more likely to fuck the guy that says, “hey I dig your body let’s fuck.” Than the dude spouting love sonnets within 5 minutes of conversing with me. Does this mean I want my inbox full of either of this nonsense? NOOOOOO. I am just saying that dudes need to be honest with their intent and purpose. You never know where things are going to go. But if you are lying through your asshole then I will know. I have heard so many lines. Your lines are not different or special.

The point to all of this…. Be yourself and stop lying. WE CAN TELL.\

Thanks to dark_horny_dream for most of this post.

CCreadon 55F  

5/21/2020 3:38 am

Love it! Say it like it is!

s2ndegree 61M  
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5/21/2020 5:17 pm

Why oh why do you all put up with this day after day.Year after year!
There are so many alternatives.So many people have become so toxic in this
highly sexual minefield that it isn't even sexy anymore.

Due diligence done properly should be your savings grace to ever have to go through any of this nonsense.What and how you've stated this seems more in defining the "common" of common sense on this site.

You're right though.It would be nice if the sexual maturity level in this country and on this site could someday elevate itself above that of a 12 year old male middle schooler. Peace!

Using more than all the road!

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