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So dang tired  

Sexybiintx7 48F
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10/3/2021 4:37 am
So dang tired

Got woke up by grown looking for toilet paper. Guess everyone used it all and i didnt buy back up quick enough. Had<b> weird </font></b>dreams again. This time 2 women were having surgeries in a house n i was sitting naked on front porch with cars going by after taking pics of pretty sky on way there in car. woke me. My lifes been<b> weird. </font></b>Into crystals now. Tired of men wasting my time. I wanted ex but he only wanted me when he could sneak away from whatever he had going on. Said he wasnt married but acted like it. I deserved better. Was engaged briefly. Guy treated me ok mostly but i felt like it was all about sec n that was the worst i have ever had. We broke up. Both exes keep texting me. Told the one to grow up n come at me with his everything or leave me the hell alone forever. The other just texts to ask about day n if i ate sometimes or say his back hurts or he feels sick etc. Havsnt been able to get delivers when i have car. Been taking lots of pics.

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