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If I am NOT your type then WHAT IS your type?  

Sexyfemaz 38F
16 posts
8/8/2019 1:22 pm
If I am NOT your type then WHAT IS your type?

This is such a shit question to ask. Think about it. (And it is asked frequently)

I basically have two ways to answer this

1. With a verbal description of what I am looking for
2. Photos of the men I have had extreme chemistry for/with

Either way ends with YOU STILL NOT BEING MY TYPE. So unless you are being a matchmaker, why on EARTH are you asking me what my type is. I will tell you, if you promise to look for me daily and report back if you find him. But this seems, well, cruel.

Most likely, I could tell from your photos we would not be a hit. Not just from looks but from overall ENERGY. And the truth is, CONFIDENT, WELL ADJUSTED MALES do NOT ASK "Well, if I'm not your type, then who is"

So fellas, my type is clearly defined. I am SO CLEAR because I know what works and doesn't work for me . Keep your dignity. FORCE YOURSELF to STOP asking this RIDICULOUS question has NO GOOD ANSWER.

NightChatMate 43M
33 posts
8/13/2019 5:29 am


Sexyfemaz 38F

8/9/2019 9:14 am

thank you!

Mr00Fun4U 61M  
988 posts
8/8/2019 8:00 pm

It is refreshing to hear a Woman speak her mind. I do agree with you...you ought to know what your type is without justifying it. Good for you...be safe and stay strong.

If I am NOT your type then WHAT IS your type

Sexyfemaz 38F

8/8/2019 3:12 pm

LOL, F gluten free! I eat whatever I want by means of intermittent fasting But what kind of comment was that on the blog?

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