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Naughty Things Daughters Do
Posted:Feb 10, 2019 10:45 am
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2020 2:55 am

It was another hot day in mid July,when I drove home after work.My called me at work earlier,asking if she could come over,and use the pool for awhile.I said sure honey.I'll be home around 3 but go ahead,just walk around the house,to the outside gate,on the side of the house.Its unlocked.I'll see you when I get home.She said thanx dad.I said sure honey.I got home parked the car in the garage,and went inside.I walked through the house to the patio door.Looking out my Tiffany was sitting on the side of the pool.Now Tiffany had been caught on more than one occasion,completely nude in the pool.She had always been a bit daring,and naughty as a .She loved to show off her body,to the neighbors next door,who had a clear view of my back yard.I guess she was a bit of a exhibitionist.She loved to tease the boy next door,who was about her age.Now that she was a young woman in her early twenties,she had filled out very nicely,developing into a quite attractive,blond hair,beauty.I looked out through the patio door watching her.She was wearing only her bikini bottom,with her top being back on the lounge chair behind her.She was looking away to the neighbors house,the boy next door looking out through the upstairs window at her.She was looking at him staring at her.She loved to tease him,showing off her beautiful body for him.I stood there watching,and quietly opened the door,walking over to the lounge chair where her bikini top was,quietly picking it up,and tossing it behind the bushes.I said hi honey,she turned around covered up her breasts with her arms,said oh hi dad blushing knowing she'd been caught again,showing off to the boy next door,who continued staring at her from his window.I said to her showing off again huh,didn't I tell you not to tease that boy next door,wearing only your bikini bottom.She said yes dad you did tell me,but I don't see the harm in it.I've always enjoyed showing off for that neighbor boy. I said yeah I know you like doing that. When you were a you loved to show off,but now you're older,more developed, you shouldn't be doing that.She said why dad,I like showing off.I always kinda fantasized being with the neighbor boy dad.He's so cute!I wish he would stop staring,and just come over.Oh you do huh?She said yeah dad I do.OK honey why don't you just take off your bottom too.She said really dad,you want me to take it off? I said yeah take it off.Show that boy you fantasize about,and me what you got under there.Maybe he's waiting to see you completely naked.She smiled and said OK dad.She pulled the string of her bikini bottom,and let it fall.Now she was totally nude,I motioned to the boy to come over.I said give me your bottom.You're not going to put it back on! I'm gonna teach you a lesson.The gate opened in walked that boy,who she had fantasized about.She was so embarrassed standing there naked in front of him.He walked over to us,looked at her and said turn around.I know you've been teasing me going topless,and all.Put your arms up,and turn around you filthy slut.I'm gonna teach you not to be a tease.She knew what was coming next.He told her to get on her knees,and suck your father and me.We both dropped our shorts exposing our cocks.He said OK slut open your mouth and suck his cock!She took her fathers cock,while the boy stood behind her grabbed her hair.She gagged,repeatedly taking it deep down her throat,gasping for air,choking.He said suck it you filthy slut!Her gasping repeatedly taking his monster cock,down her throat.OK slut swallow his cum now bitch! He shot a lhuge load of cum down her throat choking.OK slut my turn.He grabbed her hair pulling her head down,on his cock down her throat.Gasping she was helpless,her head being held by his strong hands,repeatedly taking his cock deep down her throat,until he shot another huge load of cum down deep in her throat,choking on it.She came up off his cock,gasping for air.he said to her you want more slut?She nodded her head yes.OK slut get on your knees,spread them legs,your daddy's gonna fuck you now.Say yes daddy fuck me hard daddy,I want it hard.Well daddy put his huge cock into her ass pounding her ass,slapping her ass with his hand,spanking her hard,while ramming his cock down her ass,spanking her hard,leaving red hand marks on her increasing red ass.You've been a very naughty ,teasing this boy all these years.We're gonna pound your ass you little slut to teach you not to be a tease! He continued ramming his huge cock up her ass,making her cry spanking her hard while pounding her mercilessly, for several minutes.Dad unloaded another huge load of cum up her ass.He asked her you learn your lesson yet? The boy still holding her head in his strong hands shook her head no.I thought so,gave her one final hard slap on her already dark red ass.She cried no I want more daddy.Ok He said to the boy,She wants more.Dad pulled out his cock,moved away allowing the boy to insert his cock into her,pounding her hard,slapping her ass.Mercilessly ramming her hard,beating her ruby red ass for several more minutes,dropping yet another load of cum up her ass.Dad says OK get on your back now slut.You want these cocks up your pussy don't you? She nodded yes.OK raise your legs up and take my cock up your filthy pussy! Dad proceeded to ram that cock up her pussy,pounding it hard repeatedly, until dropping his third load into her very sore pussy.Alright William your turn.Dad moved aside allowing William to slide his cock into her,dad holding her legs up,while William rammed her deep.Dropping another load into her.Dad says Had enough yet?She said yes daddy.Dad looked at William and said you think she's learned her lesson?.He said yeah I think she has.Maybe she's had enough.He looked at her and said you gonna tease me anymore?She completely exhausted said no I won't tease you anymore.I'm sorry for doing that to you.I won't do that to you anymore I promise.She got up off the ground and said daddy I promise I won't tease William anymore.I'm sorry daddy really I am.Then she said to the both of them.She said guys I really am a filthy dirty little slut.Can we do this again next week?
Naughty Things Daughters Do
Posted:Jan 14, 2019 7:31 am
Last Updated:Jan 14, 2019 5:01 pm

So one day I left work early to do somethings around the house.I left my office and made my way to the car.It was a pretty warm summer day, so I thru on the ac.On my way home I decided to put off the things I had to do at home.I decided I was gonna make myself a drink, and sit out at the pool, to unwind for a while.I got home parked the car in the garage and made my way into the house.I went to my wet bar, and poured some scotch into, and made my way upstairs to change into my shorts, Suddenly the doorbell rang, I quick got undressed and put on my swim shorts.Once more the doorbell rang.I yelled I'll be right there.Quickly I went down the stairs to the front door, and opened it.It was my .I said hi honey, how are you?She said ok dad, and walk into the house.I said I just made myself a drink, would you like one? What would you like honey?I have some scotch or some Bacardi rum.What would you like?She said I'll have some of the Bacardi with some coke please.I said gonna sit out by the pool for awhiile.Why dont you go out by the pool, and I'll bring out your drink.She said thanks dad, see you out there, and left to make her way to the pool.I made her drink and went out to the pool.My was sitting on the ledge with her feet in the water.I said here you are honey, and gave her her drink..She said thanks dad, and took it out of my hand.I turned around to sit in my lounge chair.She said how was your day at work?I said it was ok, but I had to unwind for awhile.She said oh.I asked her how her day was.Oh it was ok dad.She finished her drink rather quickly, and asked if she could have another.I said sure honey, I'll go inside and make us both another drink.I'll be right back honey, and went inside.I poured myself another scotch.Then I made hers, the bacardi bottle was nearly empty, so I poured the rest in her drink, opened another bottle.Her drink was a little stronger than the first , but thought it would be ok.I went back to the pool and gave her drink.She said thanks dad, still sitting by the pool, her feet in the pool.We talked awhile drinking our drinks, she said you know how much I really love you, right dad?I said yes I do honey, and said I love you too, and smiled at her.She smiled back at me.She said dad would you make me another rum coke.Her words were a little slurred, I could tell she was getting a little drunk.I said sure honey, but your getting a little drunk.She smiled at me and said yea dad I , but please make me another ok? I said ok I'll be right back.I went to the bar and poured her another rum and coke.I intentionally made the drink a little stronger, hoping she would drink it a little slower, not thinking about her being already a little drunk.I returned to the pool, gave her her drink, she said smiling at me thanks dad.I turned and walked back to my lounge chair.She said after a while can I go for a swim dad?I said sure honey, she got up and said ok I'll go change.I'll be right back dad, and started towards the patio door, to go inside and change.She returned about ten minutes later.wearing only her bra and pretty pink panties.She said dad I hope you dont mind me wearing just my bra and panties, I forgot to bring my bikini laughing and smiling at me.I said thats ok honey I dont mind if you wear your bra and panties to go swimming in.She said thanks dad, and went into the pool.She got out after awhile and sat down next to me.She said that really felt good dad, and smiled at me a little devilish smile on her face, and said dad can I tell you something?I said what is it honey.She said dad I've kinda been having dreams at night lying in my bed.I said what kind of dreams honey.She blushed a bit, and said dad I've kinda been having dreams about you at night.They kinda bother me, I've had them for a few weeks now, and I wanted to tell you about them dad.I said sure honey tell me.She said dad Ive been having these dreams about you making love to me.I said really?She said yes dad blushing a little, and smiling seductively at me. She said dad I know its wrong but I cant help it.I said yea I understand honey. She looked at me smiling and said dad do you think pretty?I said yes honey you are very pretty, you look like your mother, when she was young.Then she said do you like my breasts dad?I said dear theyre very lovely honey.She said dad would you like to touch them?I said yes I do, then she reached behind her and unhooked her lacy bra, and smiled and let it fall.I said omg honey theyre beautiful, fondling them, kissing them.Her nipples were very hard, I bit them a little gently, her moaning becoming a little louder, as I gently caressing them.She planted a kiss on my lips and whispered softly in my ear, saying please take off my panties.I grabbed her panties down over her thighs, knees and down to her feet, she kicked them off, revealing her beautiful shaved pussy.Her skin was like milky white, and so soft to the touch She said dad lets go inside.She grabbed my hand, got up and started to go inside.She led me by the hand saying please I want to fuck me in your bedroom .We went up the stairs to the master bedroom, she said please take off your shorts.I reached for them and pulled them down and off.We were both naked now.She whispered to me and said please lick my pussy.I put my head between her lovely long legs, she raised them and wrapped them around my waist, softly purring, and moaning, as I worked my way kissing her breasts, down her belly, to her smooth silky white pussy.Gently kissing her inner thigh, licking her pussy lips, tickling her clit with my tongue.Her breathing was getting heavy as I licked my daughters sweet pussy, tickling her clit, and carressing her pussy lips with more rapid frequency, her moaning becoming more louder.She said oh I think gonna cum faster faster she screamed and sent a gusher into my mouth, her cum exploding, her body shaking from the release, and her huge orgasm filling my mouth, swallowing her sweet juices flowing down my throat.She said I wanna suck you off now.I l obliged.I laid on my back on the bed.She slowily ran her tongue on my 8"cock, opening her mouth, and taking it all inside her mouth, down to my balls. She took it down deep in her throat, gagging, coming up for air, and swallowing my whole cock, gagging, nearing orgasm, she went up and down my shaft, until I shot my juice all the way down her throat, in one earthshaking orgasm.My little swallowed my entire load of cum, came up for air, and said there wasnt that good ?I said yes baby .She said I want your cock in me now and I want you to cum inside me!I said ok baby.She got on top of me reverse cowgirl, on my cock going up and down, up and down , yelling oh fuck me hard, fuck me hard please , up and down burying my cock in her sopping wet pussy taking it in deep inside her.She yelled out cumming oh cumming!And let out a loud scream cumming! !and exploded her cum all over the bed. A real gusher soaking my cock, and the sheets on the bed. She yelled out your turn , hoping to shoot a huge load of cum inside her , she continued riding my cock, to a fever peak, and then exploding my hot cum all the way down deep in her sopping wet pussy reaching orgasm.! She got off planted a big kiss on my lips and said thank you that was great!She got off me and laid on the bed, both of us exhausted.Now when she comes for a visit I continue to pound that pussy, they way she wants it, good and hard.
Naughty things daughters do.
Posted:Jan 2, 2019 7:56 pm
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2019 11:34 am

My came home from college one day,visiting Dad.Mom had left for shopping for the day ,and would not be home for sometime,as she had alot of shopping to do.i asked how college was going.She said fine,but she had a favor to ask.My college professor said I was doing ok,but he needed her to buy more books for an upcoming class.I said I dont have much money,but I would ask my dad for some money,when I go home next week.He said that would be fine.So my asked me if I would lend her the money.I asked her what the class was about,and she said,oh its for a class I wanna take on human relations.I asked her what kind of relations,she blushed a bit,and said Dad its on human sexuality.Im taking the cllasss next semester,as part of my major in Human Relations.I said oh that sounds interesting.I said mom could stand a lesson in human relations,jokingly.My asked me if things were ok,and I said well shes been working alot,and I haven seen much of her lately.Then I told her I thought she might be seeing another man,as she was not in the mood for having sex with him very much.my asked how long has it been Dad.I said oh a few months.My said thats terrible Dad,youre a good looking man,and mom should be treating you better.I said yea theres not much I can do though.My then said I would like to help,but I am not sure if you would approve.I need some money for that class,and I could do something for you,if you will loan me the money.I asked what she could do,and she said well Dad I hate to see you suffer,I mean you said mom wasnt having sex with you for months right?I said yes thats right honey.then my said to me,something I never thought she would say.She said Dad I can help you,but you can never tell mom ok?I said ok.My moved towards me,and said Dad I wanna help you,and began to undress right there in front of me.I said omg what are you doing?Well Dad you saw me naked when I was a little girl,whats the difference if you see me naked now,she asked.I was in shock,but willingly watched her take off her blouse,she had really developed over the years,and she had fairly large breasts now.I stared at her lovely white breasts,so firm and beautiful.My then asked me,would you like to see them Dad? I was so horny looking at her without her blouse on,I told her yes I would love to see them.She proceeded to reach behind her back and unhooked her bra.It fell too the floor.She was now standing in front of me her breasts,and nipples erect.She said touch them Dad,Its ok,she said smiling.I did so immediately,I was so horny for my ,and began to caress them.by now I was at her mercy,and began too kiss her.She said Dad I want you to remove my skirt.I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.Seeing her wearing only panties,was such a turnon,I was helpless to her every wish.She then slid her white panties down exposing her shaven pussy.She steppped out off them and stood before me completely naked.Her long blond hair was partially covering her lovely milky white breasts,and I was now past the point of no return,and stared at her nakedness helplesslly.She took my hand and led me like a little puppydog down the hallway to the bedroom.She said Dad I want you to make love to me now,right here.I fumbled with my clothes as she laid there on her moms and I bed,waiting for me to join her,for what would probably be the most memorable evening.I finally got out of my clothes,and standing in front of her naked,was a dream come true.I was about to have intimate sex with my of 25 years.She pulled me down on the bed we started to kiss first on her lips,then slowly moving my way down,kissing and sucking her beautiful breasts,eventually get to her sweet shaven pussy.She moaned,and moaned,she was so wet,I began to kiss her pussy lips,she tasted so good,then began to tongue her clit so hard and engorged,with her hot pussy cum,driving her over the top,she exploded with a huge squirt of cum,and screamed Oh Daddy Oh Daddy fuck me now!!iI slid my cock in her with a mighty thrust,and she let out a yell Fuck fuck me hard daddy.I pounded that girls pussy,for what seemed to be a very long time.Heer responding to every thrust of my cock,going deep in her pussy was incredible.She wrapped her legs around my waist,and pumped my rock hard cock thrusting it deep in her pussy.She shouted out I'm cumming I'm cumming!Oh daddy oh daddy Cum inside your babygirl please I want your cum.I thrust once more and dropped a monster load of cum deep inside her sweet tight pussy.Exhausted we both laid on the bed completely drained.Never had I been fucked so sweetly as that night with my .
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