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My Dumb Cousin Jenna Finally ditches the losers  

ShamelessBae 25F  
5 posts
8/6/2020 1:28 am
My Dumb Cousin Jenna Finally ditches the losers

My cousin Jenna is a girl who is annoying and dumb like most girls her age. Guys have mixed opinions of her face, but since she started high school she just got skinner and her tits and booty kept getting rounder. Her older sister is exactly the same build, and so is her mom. My boyfriend told me thought she was hot, which was good because then she would have something to do. Anyways,, Jenna and my other cousin Brittany came to Denver to see the sights and stay for a while. During that time, Ryan was she smiling failing to hide it., shes face to face with Ryan..shes biting her lip and looking around.. Jenna gets penned as having a " butter face with an amazing body,, but she realized that I had not been fucked hard like that...i want more of it. The high school boys don't know how to gewt it in like an experienced does. Jenna was sucking ryanscock and takes .wn mans cock in her asss.

When I what you wouodl be like to fuck, it actually familiar. ligh and Jenna was the eAlso been impressince,but Ka was the hottest. She wants the BBC, and she n handle it, she likes anal and the she gets from the pain.

gramp4u 71M  
29 posts
8/6/2020 3:14 am

Did you, Ryan and your cousins have a sexy FFFM session or two?

SingleItalianGy2 48M  
1038 posts
8/6/2020 7:30 am

You know what they say...... "Young dumb and full of Cum".

forgotforgetting 54M
7288 posts
8/6/2020 8:12 am

Congrats Jenna...and you I think. Welcome to the blogs. Good hunting.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Leegs2012 47M
58389 posts
8/6/2020 12:13 pm

Nice!! Welcome to Blog Land!!

muhfdivr 54M  
2 posts
11/3/2020 10:20 pm

MMMMMMMM...... did you eat her pussy? I like how open you are. You should come to Dallas.

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