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Posted:Mar 5, 2018 4:45 pm
Last Updated:Mar 13, 2018 6:13 pm
I recently did something I am not supposed to do but I just couldn’t resist the temptation to take a few really hot looking guys I met at a bar back to my place for a little fun!

To keep things simple and to avoid any possible problems with anyone my hubby now prefers I go elsewhere for sex with guys I just met. I would normally do exactly that but this particular night I was super tipsy and was flirting all night with so many different guys I had worked myself up into an unstoppable rising tide of sexual energy. My blatant open sexual gestures with anyone in an arm’s reach simply spilled over the wall of dignity to flow shamelessly without any direction onto the paths of the many men taking advantage of my erratic willingness to be physically amorous with any and all who approached me that night.

I was at this bar with two of my friends and half way through the night both of them abandoned me leaving quite abruptly after we had a bitter disagreement about the morality of what I have been doing lately. They were disgusted at how many men I have had sex with in the past several months and were horrified at some of the things I did saying I was a complete emotionless shallow slut! They just didn’t understand that almost everything I do my hubby absolutely adores me doing for him and the dirtier I am for him the more he seems to love me for doing it!! I was really angry at how judgemental of me they were and we started arguing which ended the night together but it did leave me in a bit of a vulnerable situation being as drunk as I was at this sleazy bar I was in and now all alone.

Looking back if I had half a brain I would have left as well but I decided to stay at the bar knowing sex would certainly improve my steaming mood so I pushed down all my feelings of guilt and anger and resentment put on a brave face instead and started drinking a lot more giving out the signal I was more than available for anyone to have for the night.

These particular guys had caught my eye from the very beginning of the night and everything I did with anyone else I made sure they had a full view of my visually stimulating sexual energy. I saw them constantly looking at me and enjoying the show I was giving them all night long as I teased everyone into a frenzy of desire for my body. For most of the night I would have at least two or three men hanging around trying their very best to have sex with me. There were quite a few who went way beyond the flirting and openly touched my body in full view of others especially at this table I ended up occupying for part of the night.

Almost every male that came up to me this night felt they could do whatever they wanted which was more than true considering how much I had to drink and with the open sexually amorous mood I was in did in an unspoken way give everyone permission to touch and fondle my body. I remember sitting at this table with two guys sitting either side of me and I had become so drunk I didn’t even realise they were both fingering my pussy whilst I was kissing one of them. I had become a show piece for sexual extroverts to use in an open display for all at the table and beyond to feast upon with a very visual display of sexually arousing acts.

I remember sitting in this chair with my legs spread wide absorbing the sensitivity of my pussy being stretched into a gaping wet mess of mind blowing bliss as I gazed at the horde of men through my glazy out of focus fixated stare. I was tucked in this tiny little corner behind a large pillar hidden from view to most except the many stretched over the crowded table I was sitting at all jostling amongst each other as they reached over and under the table top to fill my more than willing pussy with as many fingers as they could all fit into my body. I was so deeply engrossed in the sensations now controlling my entire body I simply didn’t care I was in a public place or that I was being taken advantage of by so many men some of whom I’m certain were only passing by this little nook on the way to the nearby toilet. I had allowed myself to become very drunk and when I drink I get really super horny and once I get a thought going through my head I just can’t stop myself giving in to my deep desires for sex with whoever or however many men want to have my body. My mood certainly improved with all the attention I was getting from so many men and I knew not one of them would be able to say no to anything I wanted although this night I really didn’t know what I wanted and was just going with the flow of energy surging through my body.

These guys I had my eye on all night were really tall and very handsome looking with strong manly features and they had a confidence about them that was daunting even for myself making me feel quite subdued in their presence. I did put on quite a show with many other men trying to manipulate their interest but this group didn’t seem all that bothered which became a little challenge for me especially when I found out most of them were married.

I knew they wanted to have me but appeared to be very devoted to their partners and repeatedly rejected my flirtations almost to the point where a couple of them seemed to get a little annoyed at my interrupting their boy sharing moments all the time.

I kept hanging around their little group trying to get them to kiss me and touch my body in an open display of physical need despite feeling a little rejected at their refusal to indulge in my desires. They would almost begrudgingly entertain my intentions then ignore me like I was a naughty being punished which only made me want them all even more. I knew I was being treated like a piece of dirt by this group but in a weird way I liked its sexually stimulating under tone which was very arousing for me and kept me coming back for more.

As the night wore on they slowly succumb to my female influence of sexual seduction rendering them weak and hungry for my body. I still can’t believe how easy it is to get men drooling for my body when all I’m really doing is being my usual flirty self although when men realise I am willing to do things for them most other girls won’t do they almost always then hunt me like prey until I allow them the pleasure of doing the things that give almost all men a great sense of deep satisfaction.

Some men just seem to have some kind of extra sensory powers and know exactly what I want with out even having to say anything and others like this group needed me to virtually spell it out to them very slowly then repeat myself several times before they worked out I was wanting to have sex with all of them all at the same time!

Some would call me a complete slut but I really feel I can’t help myself wanting sex when I drink as if the universe has a plan for me to give every male I meet the physical pleasure and fulfillment of enjoying my body even if it is only for the briefest of moments somewhere and now it just comes so easy for me to have sex with all kinds of different men. I am kind of driven like the time I ended up in the male bathroom in this place where I gave oral sex to a small group of men who had been pursuing me all night. What made it so hot was they went straight back to their partners right after I had just swallowed their gift of appreciation and when I eventually returned to my husband and told him what I had done I was straight back in the same cubicle swallowing the excitement of my husbands pleasure at my behaviour.

I just can’t help getting myself into these types of situations even if I promise my hubby I am going to be good when I go out either with or without him.

So many of my friends say having men constantly annoy them for sex would be an insult but for me I absolutely love the attention of being chased for sex and actually get very disheartened if I go out and find nobody wants to fuck me which has happened a few times. I have had many men just fuck me then walk off leaving me half naked in a dark corner somewhere or in the backseat of someone’s car then brag to their friends about it and found if I keep mingling with the group their friends will eventually do the same with me.

I find I simply can’t say no to anything men want from me and for most men all they seem to want from me is sex!

Even some really sincere nice guys have fooled me into situations where I have definitely been taken advantage of but I think it might be because I am so trusting and accommodating although I really don’t mind. With my hubby I will do anything he wants of me because I trust him and sometimes I misplace that trusting nature of mine and end up in some very difficult situations. It was only a couple of months ago I was with this guy I had seen several times in his apartment and thought we would be alone for the night but late in the night his friends decided to turn up for a drink. It was all good until I became a little tipsy myself and while I was on the couch kissing my friend things got a little out of control when he slipped his hand between my legs tickling my clitoris with the tip of his finger. I probably should’ve gone into the bedroom with him but my instinct was to let my legs fall apart opening up a full view of my pussy for everyone to see. A few of the guys in the room made a few comments but I simply ignored them and kept my focus on the guy I was with letting him get further and further with me until my top had been removed and I was on the brink of climax.

Without even really thinking about it when one of the other guys came up to me and started fondling my breasts I just automatically unzipped his trousers and engulfed his already hard cock in my mouth. It was almost like a natural instinct for me to do exactly what I knew he wanted then without any shame I ended up fucking all the men there that night and what was only supposed to be a casual sex date with one guy turned into a full all night long gang bang with a mass of men leaving me feeling extremely sore the next day.

On this particular night in this bar I felt with all my senses compelled to have sex with this group of very hot looking attached men as the urge swelled inside me to give them what I could so plainly see in their eyes they secretly wanted. They would all give me that prolonged intense look men give when they want to fuck me and whenever I smiled back as a front for their friends they would pretend they weren’t interested but deep down I could see the lust they had for me as they watched me tease their minds with my body.

I enticed one of the older guys to come back to my place with me and after a lot of prompting and begging the rest followed especially after I told them what I would let them do with me. I think the one thing they all seemed to be most worried about was if they somehow got caught but were mostly excited about was the promise I made that I loved having my entire body filled simultaneously and repeatedly especially with larger than usual endowed men which two of them claimed to be.
On the way back to my house they couldn’t keep their hands off me as I sat in the back seat with guys on either side of me. I was sitting in the middle on one guys lap being squashed against the front seats of this old compact hatch with my legs spread wide and squashed in there so tight I simply couldn’t move. I had a hand up my skirt with fingers probing the moistness of my responding pussy and this didn’t stop all the way back to my place from anyone who was within reach of my drenched pussy. They had me completely captivated as my very sweet scent filled the car like an intoxicating perfume fermenting through everyone’s nostrils making them crazy like a pack of animals who have caught the scent of a female on heat. Even the guy driving spent most of his time twisted around fingering my pussy rather than driving!

When we arrived at my place I knew my husband was home because his car was parked out on the front street but the house seemed very quiet. I made as much noise as I could when entering the house to let my husband know I was there with some men although I told them my husband should be out I just knew he would be lurking in the shadows somewhere.

I could smell the air was full of smoke and the TV was still on as if my hubby had vanished into thin air but the one thing that gave it away was the house keys were still hanging up on the rack so I knew for certain my hubby was in the house somewhere.

I was in the kitchen with these guys getting everyone a drink and flirting in a very touchy hand on physically sexual way with one guy who was completely besotted with the shape of my bum. He kept running his hands over my bum saying he was going to destroy that and my husband would know for certain I had been fucked by his monstrous cock! He came up to me while I was standing at the kitchen sink pouring a drink and put his arms around me then started kissing the back of my neck.

The way he did it felt so tingly and erotic I just stood there frozen in place with my hands against the edge of the bench feeling his hard cock pressing into my bum. I reached behind me and slipped my hand down the front of his pants and slid my hand over what felt like a huge python! I could feel he was circumcised and the head of his cock was massive. I gently rubbed my fingers along his cock in short little movements listening to his response as he started to slip his fingers deeper into my pussy.

I turned around to kiss him and that’s when I saw the shadow my husband standing in the darkness of the hallway watching everything I was doing in the brightly lit kitchen. He didn’t interrupt but continued to watch as these guys started to take turns feeling the moisture pouring from my pussy with their fingers and exploring the ultra-sensitivity of my nipples with their tongues.

Every now and then I would glance into the darkness of the hallway and each time I would still see my husband there leaning against the wall in the darkness. I could barely make out his outline but I knew he was there and I knew he would be getting off watching these men play with his wife.

It was only a matter of minutes before I was bent over the middle bench with one guys cock inside my pussy thrusting into me like a maniac! I was hanging onto the other side of the bench as this guy grunted with every thrust making a deafening noise that would have woken half the neighbourhood with my legs being slammed against the cupboard doors and his overtly loud grunting.

He had a very firm hold of my hips digging his nails deeply into my skin as he violently pushed and pulled on my body to slide my pussy along the length of his huge long cock. I didn’t complain and just withstood the ferocity in which he fucked my sloppy wet pussy that I could feel was being overly stretched beyond what I was normally used to especially when he decided to also slip some fingers in along the side of his cock into my pussy stretching me even wider making me squeal and howl with every agonising movement he made inside me.

All I could hear was my screaming as I nearly blacked out several times from the exhausting pain and heavy uncontrolled gasping then collapsed onto the benchtop with this guy still furiously fucking me dragging my extremely sensitive nipples over the surface of the freezing cold benchtop and grinding my hips into the sharpness of the hard corner but despite it being so uncomfortable I didn’t want him to stop as this angle was making my pussy go into overdrive with my clit reacting like a nuclear meltdown being dragged in and out along the softness of his cock. I just spasmed over and over again making me climax numerous times in an overlapping cascade of super intense rolling orgasms with each one being more powerful than the last. I had absolutely no control of my body as I involuntarily contorted into different spasmodic fits that my entire body experienced. I could no longer breathe or scream or make any sound at all as I held my breath feeling his cock piercing deeply inside my pussy causing really sharp shooting pain. I felt completely raw from my head down with my legs shaking as if I was extremely cold and my nipples now burning from being dragged up and down the sticky surface of the benchtop and my pussy feeling like I had pissed myself from the squirts of sweet juices that I simply couldn’t stop. All I could hear now was the slapping of his cock banging sharply against my dripping pussy and his hips slamming solidly against my bum as he fucked me like a lump of warm meat with this very erratic rhythm that was just relentless and completely unforgiving!

He grabbed my hair pulling my head back and was laughing and making comments with his friends saying that he had warned me he was going to destroy my pussy. Sometimes he would momentarily stop fucking me then immediately slide most of his hand into my pussy from behind fist fucking me as hard as he could stating he had to loosen me up a bit more then slide his cock back into me and fuck me extremely hard again.

There was nothing I could do except let him keep thrusting this massively long thick cock of his into my bruising damaged pussy until he cum.

I could hear the embarrassing slapping of my pussy which only became louder and louder with every orgasm I had and I am certain he cum a couple of times inside me but never stopped or went soft. He just fucked me and kept fucking me while his friends watched on laughing at me like tormentors teasing a captured animal. Looking back on the night in a way I suppose I was a captured animal caught in my own trap of sexual desire because here I was once again being controlled by my desire for sex and the need to please my husband to keep his interest and approval.
If my husband was asleep he would have certainly woken up but these guys just didn’t seem to care and all they seemed interested in now was filling me with as much cum as they collectively could as they passed me from one to another fucking me on or against this kitchen bench top. Now they had me in a safe place for them to do whatever they wanted the realisation they weren’t the nice quiet guys I initially thought they were became obvious especially with how rowdy they became. They almost yelled everything they said which echoed loudly in the kitchen and I’m certain it would have woken the neighbours. It sounded like there was a huge party going on with the music now turned up loud plus all the yelling along with my screams of sexual ecstasy. They had taken over the house without a care in the world about my husband or the neighbours or even me!

Then they took me into the entertainment room and had me on my knees on a single seater chair leaning against the back of the seat with one fucking me from behind and the others stretching me over this chair like an elastic band pulling me in different directions in a game of tug of war as they rotated between themselves fucking me and making me give them oral sex.

I suggested several times to go to the bedroom but they were quite content fucking me in every position possible in the entertainment room making as much noise as they possibly could. They all seemed to really enjoy treating me like a complete slut with their arrogant attitude really shining through as this group of friends lost their fear of being caught and gained their confidence of power over my vulnerable situation. They simply didn’t care if I was enjoying the sex too although I was and would fuck me with the most demanding mannerisms virtually ordering me to do things for them. They were all very arrogant and sexually deviate especially once they knew I loved being dominated by the way I would respond to their demands. They very quickly learned I loved the roughness of the sex we were having and relished in the way they made me feel really dirty.

I just knew my husband would have been on the internal camera system watching everything they were doing with me and probably stroking his cock and getting off as he watched me swallow cum and having it squirted over my pussy or watching me choke every two seconds with their dripping cocks pouring cum down the back of my throat.

Every now and then I’m certain I would see my husbands outline standing in the darkness of the doorway but it was so hard to see clearly in the dimly lit room. There were a couple of times I was positive he was standing at the back of the pack when everyone was crowding around me watching each other fuck me on the rug. I think he wanted to join in but must have been unsure what to do so he could only do the one thing that he would have certainly enjoyed and watch his wife have sex with this group of men in his own house. He would have been loving watching me behave like a horny and enjoy every second of the shameless dirty sex I was relishing in with these men.

This went on for quite a few hours before these guys started getting messages from their partners asking where they were.

Then almost in a panic a couple were desperate to leave and forced the others to leave with them leaving me there in a state of disappointment after being worked up so much then just discarded without a care.

They virtually stopped fucking me mid stroke got dressed and left in a huge hurry without even saying anything to me or even asking for my number or anything not even some thanks for getting them all to cum multiple times. I felt really cheap and unappreciated standing in the theatre room completely naked with cum dripping out of me and my makeup and hair all messed up wondering why they didn’t want me anymore despite doing everything for them they wanted me to do. These guys really didn’t want to have anything more to do with me now they had had their fun and done everything with me they wanted. This wasn’t the first time this has happened and I’m sure it will happen again and again until I finally meet some men who actually want more than just a hard fuck with a hot looking girl.

I felt a little sad being discarded like that and could feel myself slipping into a bit of a sad mood again but what I was most annoyed at was still feeling really super horny and needing lots more!

After I had cleaned up I went out again to my friends place to finish the night with a few drinks and a long talk about everything and as usual he was very understanding and supportive. It is really great having a friend like that who won’t judge and can make the most complex problems seem so simple to resolve plus he really knows how to touch me making me feel so vibrant and sexy.

When I arrived home the next day my husband never said a word about it and still hasn’t almost as if it never happened. I thought he would be really angry at me bringing home this group of guys despite being forbidden to do so but he really doesn’t seem to have a clue anything at all happened. Even after I made a few delicate enquiries about it he still didn’t seem to have a clue about what I was talking about. I kept thinking he was just playing dumb and didn’t want to talk about it so I just let it go then a few days later I was absolutely horrified to find out the person I thought was my hubby may have actually been his work friend who had stayed the night. I didn’t even know he was going to be there so the person I saw lurking in the shadows could have been his work friend who must have been disturbed from all the noise.

The more I think about it the more positive I am it was definitely Colin who I know has always been a little keen on me but far too nice to try anything. He would have watched quite a live sex show with the way these guys had sex with me that night and would now know for certain how sexually eager and willing I am to let men try anything with me they desire and always love every second of it.

I guess I will never know for certain and I am definitely not going to upset the flow of my universe by asking so I suppose it will always have to remain a bit of a mystery who was really lurking in the shadows that night which may make it quite interesting when I see his work friend again at the office.
An important sex question...
Posted:Jan 20, 2018 5:34 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2018 7:01 am

The important sex question is…

Why do some men prefer women who are emotionally faithful but physically promiscuous?

Given a choice which would you prefer…

An emotionally faithful yet physically promiscuous woman or a physically faithful yet emotionally promiscuous woman?

Can you even be physically promiscuous and stay emotionally faithful because I know I have found it extremely difficult at times. What are your experiences? Have you ever found yourself drifting from your partner? I would love to hear from both men and women willing to share their experiences.
Emotionally faithful?
Physically faithful?
20 Comments , 94 votes
A new direction
Posted:Jan 20, 2018 4:22 am
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2018 7:15 am
I have been really surprised just how eager people are to catch up with me even though I did sort of leave them without saying anything about why I wasn’t willing to be their on call anymore. It was my hubby’s jealous streak that did bring a stop to my overly promiscuous behaviour because what started out as a bit of harmless fun did start to get quite serious.

He said he was feeling left behind because I wasn’t really including him in the sex anymore and he mostly felt he was being totally excluded especially with the gangbangs when on more than a few occasions he would miss out completely because of other commitments he had.

He’s right and I do feel bad about how I have behaved but I have been forgiven and moving forward we are both a lot more experienced now and know how to handle things differently in a much better way than we have done in the past.

I guess it really is all about good honest and totally open communication between partners for this type of thing to really work as there truly is a labyrinth of emotional pits that anyone can easily fall into and unless each partner is fully open to listening to the other then major problems can really split the relationship in two just as ours was starting to head in that direction.

For anyone who has been following me they would know by now my hubby absolutely loves to watch me have sex with other men but very rarely joins in and even if he does I will normally suck his cock until he fills my mouth and he almost always whispers he loves me when I look into his eyes and swallow the load of cum he has given me from the excitement of watching me do what I absolutely love doing too.

I still find it a little hard to understand why he loves watching me fuck other men so much but I also love it probably even more than he does so we are both enjoying doing what we do for each other and will continue doing it until either one of us wants to stop but I really hope that day never comes.

My hubby loves to watch men dominate me during sex and really gets off watching me being held down and fucked hard in group situations. He loves it when I beg for their cocks and can see the excitement on my face when I know they are just about to cum all over my face. I sometimes wonder how he can kiss me afterward knowing so many other men have cum over my face and lips but he always tells me he gets really excited just thinking about it.

It’s almost like he needs to get his fix to watch me fuck someone else and if he doesn’t get his fix when he needs it he can get quite moody and a little distant. There has never been a shortage of men willing to have sex with me and I have never said no to anyone who wants to have sex with me especially if I have been drinking so this isn’t the problem for us but the issue we seem to be facing now is finding men who are suitable for what we want as a couple.

I am looking for men who love being super dominate in the bedroom, who only always want to be in total control and aren’t afraid to get a little rough with me. I am looking for physically capable men that have the stamina and skills to make the sex just as enjoyable for me as it is for all of them. You don’t have to be super good looking or muscular just confident and capable. I have been with very old guys who have blown me away with their touch and left me feeling totally legless and some young guys who have almost fucked me to death achieving the same result.
I Don’t like being stood up and cancelled on at the last minute and I don’t like selfish lovers who cum in 2 minutes then walk off!

If your someone who thinks you are more than capable to satisfy me and are comfortable having sex with me while other men are there then I would love to hear from you especially if you are a very dominate alpha male who loves being a little rough with women who also love it a little rough just like I do.

This doesn’t mean I’m not interested in everyone else but this is what we are also looking for in the immediate future xxx
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My cure for jealousy
Posted:Jan 19, 2018 9:35 am
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2018 7:11 am
Although I have been away for a little while that doesn’t mean I haven’t been naughty for hubby and just took a bit of a break from having indiscriminate sex with so many different guys and settled for a small group to explore every crevice, dark corner and raging desire of my body and mind.

I had been told to only stay with a group of four friends I made through the several sites I have been on so I did because of the jealousy my hubby was starting to experience but we are now past all that and I have once again being given free reign to do as I please so long as hubby is kept well informed of how many guys I am with and when I am with them.

It was only last weekend whilst holidaying in QLD I decided to put his new resolve to the test when we were both at a friend’s house having a few drinks.

The only people we really knew out of this slightly untamed wild bunch of sexually starved males were the couple there who we had befriended through this site. It may well have been the couples house, but it was all their friends who certainly made themselves feel at home with both the house, his girlfriend and me!
We weren’t the only girls but we were certainly the only girls there that every male in the neighbourhood knew they had a very good chance of getting sex from especially as it was virtually announced when we arrived.

The boys there were very impressed with me which was super flattering and without being vain I did get most of the attention all night long despite my hubby hovering over me like a hawk. I think he was still a little unsure whether he had made the right decision to let me roam again but it was far to late for him to change his mind especially now at this stage of the night with men I had been flirting with now fully expecting to gangbang me.

There weren’t that many guys there early in the night but the numbers certainly grew after I arrived and there were very quickly a few more than I had expected to turn up!

It felt like I was in a game of truth or dare with guys coming at me from every direction with these idiotic lines trying to entice me away from my hubby in a half drunk very hands on horny manner to get me to have sex with them first. I couldn’t stop giggling at the thought of being with all these new guys knowing as soon as I finished my drink there were no more excuses to delay what my hubby looked like he was dreading to happen.

I was really excited and I mean really super excited standing in the hallway only meters from the bed that a couple of guys were already sitting on half naked waiting for me to come in with a whole bunch of others blocking the hallway so the only direction I could go was into the bedroom.

I could feel the moistness building between my legs as I stood in the hallway desperately trying to think of another excuse to have one more drink to calm my nerves a little more as there were quite a few guys all wanting me to have sex with them.

I kind of pushed my way into the bathroom to check my makeup in the mirror with this swathe of super horny mostly hot looking guys all following me in there. They were behaving like a bunch of excited morons with their cocks almost bursting out of their trousers especially whenever I felt someone rubbing themselves against my bum while I was leaning against the basin checking my makeup.

My hips now pinned against the basin with these guys all pushing against me while I was leaning forward doing my makeup made my dress ride up quite a bit showing the firm curves of my very tight cute little bum.

I’m guessing this was just too much for some of these guys I had been teasing all night long with my body and almost in a psycho out of control state of one of them took me from behind against the bathroom basin sliding his massive rock hard cock into me from behind making me gasp from the sheer size and force. He pushed it all the way into my soaking and very ready pulsating dripping wet pussy and moaned very loudly as he did this also making me gasp with every long smooth and very forceful intense gliding pressure I could feel as it slid in and out of me.

I simply couldn’t stop gasping for air with every hard hitting deep stroke I could feel of his more than adequate cock slipping in and out of my now trembling body. This guy was fucking me so hard and with such excited intense energy it really felt like I was about to black out! The room starting spinning and now with one knee up on the basin and my face being pushed against the mirror all I could really do was let this guy fuck me in that position as I prayed for him to cum before I did pass out.
I could see in the reflection of the mirror everyone else crowding into the bathroom cheering this guy on with a few grappling at my nipples, twisting and pulling and flicking them as hard as they could until I would shriek!

Thankfully this guy finally cum showering my bum with his pearly looking hot cum feeling like it was searing my skin from this seemingly endless flow being sprayed over me like a hose of piping hot water. The next guy didn’t even bother to wait for me to wipe myself clean he just grabbed my bum and pushed me down onto the basin spreading my feet as wide apart as they would go so my entire weight along with his on top of me pinned me in this position making it impossible to stand up or have any real control of what anyone did. That group mentality started to show a little as these guys started getting a little too rough and boisterous whilst a few of them rotated between themselves fucking me from behind against this basin.

I certainly didn’t complain or ask anyone to stop but instead enjoyed every single second of being used as a sex toy again by so many men enjoying me all at the same time knowing my husband was close by somewhere hearing every single moan and scream and yelp and long periods of deep panting as these guys took me mainly one at a time in the bathroom to satisfy their own lustful thirst for sex with my body.

After the fourth guy had cum over my face I was finally taken into the bedroom which was so much more comfortable for me where I enjoyed more sex with more men throughout the night while my husband watched on.

He did say to me the next day that after seeing the sheer excitement on my face while having sex with all those guys he can understand I why prefer to have the variety of different men rather than fall into a boring routine with the same men all the time.

I am glad he finally understands that about me so perhaps now there won’t be quite as much tension between us as we continue to move forward with our little sexual adventure.
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I probably should have said no...
Posted:Oct 1, 2017 9:44 pm
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2018 4:50 pm
I am starting to realise what everyone was saying to me when my hubby and I first started all this about having to keep our sex lives separate from our everyday life. It has been a bit of a bumpy road for me and a recent work do I went to showed I still have a lot more to learn!

The one thing we had agreed to was his work colleges were always off limits to me despite some of them being very hot looking and I always felt I was being deprived by hubby not letting me fuck some of them despite their promises not to tell a soul.

I have always been a huge flirt whenever I had the chance to mix with them and I think my hubby making a career move to another company tipped the mood a little with these guys probably thinking they just may not get another chance with me.

We were at a bar having a few drinks and as usual my hubby was very drunk and being a complete pig with his hands wandering all over my body displaying me to his work friends. Some of the guys were kind of protecting me from my hubby’s behaviour but mostly they were really being just as sleazy taking every opportunity they could to have their hands on me.

I was a little annoyed at my hubby because he kept trying to get me to hook up with some guys at the bar I had been talking to earlier but I just wasn’t really in the right frame of mind for any fun because I was trying my very best to behave myself in front of all his work friends.

The night dragged on with his work friends getting drunker by the minute and my level of sexual excitement increasing at the same rate from all the suggestive remarks that were being thrown around aimed directly at me. The night moved from several bars and ended up back at our place with most of my husbands soon to be ex colleges in tow. I think most of them were more interested in trying their luck with me rather than celebrating the night with my husband.

There was one guy Jeff who was very interested in me and didn’t leave me alone the entire night but he did have a bit of competition so the entire night I felt like the rope in a game of tug of war being pulled from one guy to another.

My husband ended up fast asleep on the lounge and it was by no accident there were five of his friends still in the house with their attention firmly fixed on me. The sexual tension from them all wanting me was just so tempting and it was something I had wanted to happen with Jeff for so long! They kept hanging around and it got to the stage where I had to either kick them out of the house or fuck them because although nothing was said directly and openly the thoughts were definitely going through everyone’s mind. I am certain these guys would have known what the situation is between my hubby and I but because of the promise I had made I had always stopped short from having sex with any of these guys.

I had arranged a ride for them and we were waiting in the front entry for the cars to show up which seem to be taking forever! With each second that passed by seeming like a life time with these guys as I stood there leaning against the low divider wall listening to the silence that hung in the air with the mood being of absolute intense sexual anticipation.

I really felt too scared to move because I was certain if I did they would all literally pounce on me and fuck me right there! I could hear my husband snoring in the next room and I really don’t know why but I was feeling really nervous being in this situation. I wanted to have sex with these guys and I knew for sure these guys all wanted to have sex with me but I really wanted to try and do the right thing with my husband and keep my promise not to have sex with any of them. I stood there leaning against the divider wall nervously picking some lint of my black dress too afraid to look directly at anyone when I heard the first car turn up outside. I took a massive sigh of relief and started to breathe again as two of the guys went outside to the car. I could tell none of them wanted to leave but I knew what I would end up doing if they stayed any longer so I was glad they were going as I gave Jeff and the other two a goodbye hug when the second car turned up.

They were only gone for a minute when Jeff came back to collect his wallet he had left on the kitchen bench and as he was about to walk out the door again I gave him another goodbye hug which somehow turned into a goodbye kiss! With the front door still wide open and Jeff and I in full view of the guys in the car outside I couldn’t stop myself any longer as my entire body tingled at his touch. I had my husband snoring his head off in the room next door, I was being touched and fondled at my front door by a man I shouldn’t even be with and the whole thing was on display for the guys in the car and anyone passing by on the street!

Jeff had his hand up my skirt and in between my legs in a flash wasting absolutely no time working his fingers deeper and deeper into my drenched pussy. I simply couldn’t help myself even though I knew what I was doing was completely against what my husband has always told me! Jeff asked me if I wanted the other two to come back inside and without even really hearing what he said I just answered yes and before I knew what was happening I was being pinned against the divider wall with Jeff pushing my hips onto the top of the wall and lifting my dress exposing my dripping pussy to all three standing there.

Jeff quickly undid his trousers and with his vein popping rigid cock in his hand I could feel the head of his cock pushing along the slit of my wet pussy searching for the moist hotness to engulf his cock. He was a little drunk and had several goes at trying to slip his cock into me but when he did it felt incredibly fantastic feeling the pressure of his hot thick shaft sliding into me. I couldn’t help but let out a little yelp as he did and tried to stay as quiet as I could as he continued to fuck me against the wall.

These guys must have been thinking all the rumours they had heard about me were true as they watched Jeff vigorously fuck me shaking me like a rag doll as he plunged himself into me at an incredibly fast pace. It seemed like only seconds had passed when Jeff suddenly started to shake and then shuddered as he emptied himself deep into my pussy then started to apologise for getting so excited so quickly!

I kept telling him it was okay and not to worry about it but he seemed to be really disappointed he had cum so quickly and I was now being taken from him by the other two. I was really worried about waking my husband so I took the other two into the main bedroom with Jeff following along behind where they both wasted absolutely no time at all fucking me in the doggie position on the bed. After they had both cum there was a bit of a lull with the sex and it seemed they had already had their fun and couldn’t be bothered anymore but I certainly didn’t want it to stop there so I started to suck their soft cocks and kept doing it until they were all hard again.

The sex only improved from there as they seemed to really enjoy letting them fuck me in ways I would be certain they would never get to do with their partners. They left after about an hour and although I know I should really tell my husband what happened that night I still haven’t done so but when the time is right I will let him in on the little secret I hope those guys are keeping between them and myself.
Men can sometimes be selfish pigs!
Posted:Sep 16, 2017 10:07 am
Last Updated:Oct 5, 2017 8:03 pm

I don’t normally like to say negative things about the men I’m with but on this occasion I really do feel quite justified in telling my story with what occurred with some guys my husband and I met at a bar very recently.

I met these guys at one of our favourite places my hubby and I like to frequent whenever I’m feeling a little slutty and want to do something special for my hubby.

As you all know he loves watching me flirt with other men and gets so horny when he sees me let them touch me without a care in the world how or where they touch me and the more I let men exploit my body with an audience the more turned on my hubby gets as he watches me from a distance tucked away in some obscure spot of this establishment. There are plenty of little tight areas to let men take advantage of me with my hubby walking past every two seconds watching them get further and further making me wetter and wetter every time I think of my hubby witnessing me being the naughty girl he seems to so enjoy allowing me to be.

On this particular night I had been worked into a frenzy of sexually depraved thoughts as I was passed from one guy to another throughout the night for my hubbies viewing pleasure. I know he had already masturbated himself to a release several times in the toilets from watching me practically fuck my way through half the men in this place with nothing more on than my blue dress. Once men there realised I wasn’t wearing anything other than that the amount of guys getting a free feel of my pussy was quite intoxicating.

My hubby was so excited from watching me all night he could barely wait for me to ask several guys that I had been teasing for most of the night back to our room to fuck me. The place we use is quite close by and I arrived with these three other guys in tow before my husband had a chance to get there via the bottle shop. These three young guys weren’t interested in waiting for my hubby to arrive with the extra drinks I wanted him to get for us and as soon as we walked through the door they were all over me!

I did ask them to wait for my husband to arrive but I don’t think they were really all that interested because of how impatient they were to fuck me so without really having a say in it I had been stripped bare and was on the bed being fucked from behind with the other two filling my mouth with their rock hard rigid cocks.

The music had been turned up a little and to be completely truthful I was so wrapped up with what these hot young studs were doing with my body I kind of lost track of time and forgot all about my poor hubby. I would have been in there for quite a while having sex with these guys when I suddenly remembered my hubby and went to the door to see if he was still there waiting to come in but he was nowhere to be seen.

One of the guys told me he could hear my husband earlier banging on the door for ages and calling out but he and the others were more concerned about fucking me than doing the right thing and letting my poor hubby in to join in with the fun. I felt so guilty forgetting about my hubby and I was really quite upset at these selfish guys for being so mean to him. I was almost going to kick them out but a phone call later and some very apologetic grovelling had me back on my hubbies’ good side and shortly after my hubby was with me again watching every dirty little thing I was doing with these guys.

I felt so bad about how I treated my hubby I let him tie me up later in the night and both he and one other guy with the other two just watching repeatedly fucked me in both my pussy and my bum with an array of vibrators and dildos my husband loves to use on me.

It does feel fantastic but I still prefer to have the real thing inside me.

So the point I am trying to make is I really do love my husband and although some men out there may think poorly of me for doing some of the things I do with the many men I do them with everything I do I truly do for both his and my pleasure.

Well, most of the time anyway.
Flattered or annoyed?
Posted:Aug 30, 2017 8:08 pm
Last Updated:Sep 28, 2017 8:01 pm

Should I be flattered or annoyed when I meet someone to find they have invited a few extra friends to join in with the fun?

It seems to happen all the time and there is one guy I have now met a number of times and each time I have arrived at his place there have been at least two or three extra friends there who I usually end up having sex with as well despite only intending to meet with him.

At first I was quite flattered so many of his friends wanted to fuck me but it has now become a regular thing with the groups getting bigger and bigger each time I meet with him. I haven’t complained about it yet and not really sure if I should but I do kind of get the feeling a lot of his so called friends aren’t really his friends at all but just guys who have heard about me and inviting themselves to have sex with me.

He really is quite a sweet guy and very talented where it counts so in a way I suppose it is to my benefit.

My husband keeps saying not to worry about it because he knows how much I love having sex with groups of men but I can’t help feeling I am being taken advantage off.

I am also curious to know how would you feel if you were put in the same situation and what would you be inclined to do?
Keep meeting with him?
Stop meeting with him?
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Seventeen gulps
Posted:Jul 23, 2017 10:55 pm
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2018 10:14 pm

My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed the past nine months of our new lifestyle and have the AdultFriendFinder site to thank for opening our minds to the endless possibilities out there but of course this isn’t the only site I meet people so combined with a number of other sites my journey has been more exciting than I could have ever anticipated.

Sometimes things have happened in the most weirdest of circumstances and in the most unexpected of places and at times I wonder myself why the men I meet always seem to be desperately fixated on having sex and most times stop at nothing until I allow them the pleasure of having my body to satisfy their sexual needs.

I think it may be because I am always really friendly and open with everyone I meet and also very flirtatious so I can’t really blame men for thinking what they do because most times they are right in assuming I want to have sex with them. I have been told countless times I have a coy school girl nature about me but beneath that is a vibrant sexual woman desperately eager to please so maybe the attraction for men is my shy directness but my husband always says I’m just a very fuckable hot chick and quite often adoringly calls me “His little sex slut”

I have met quite a few strange men who I have done some very fun but weird things with and had some very scary spontaneous and planned gangbangs where at times I wonder how I ever got myself into that situation or how I managed to leave intact but through all this have also met some magnificent lovers too and stayed in touch with some favourites who I can completely trust.

I really enjoy the adventurous lovers who have incredible imaginations for trying new things but bouncing from one guy to another at times does leave me feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. This sometimes leaves little room for my husband which on occasion has created tension between us but I now have a husband and a number of casual lovers plus many other random men all chasing me for sex and almost every day my phone is filled with messages from people wanting to meet up with me.

My sex life has gone from virtually nothing with my husband to an endless stream of sex with all different types of men and they all tell me how awesome I am in everything I do which obviously keeps them coming back for more!

There is one guy who is the only person I have become a little attached to beyond the sex and am always willing to do anything for including the strangest things he seems to enjoy watch me do for him. He is a little weird and a very deep thinker but the best part is my husband seems to get along quite well with him and with sex being the main focus of the friendship this does create some very interesting situations for me.

He is very fit which I absolutely love and my husband loves watching him fuck me with his very sizable cock so sometimes I like to put on a little show for my husband moaning really loudly and screaming the house down but usually I don’t have to act at all because when this guy fucks me I am always left feeling completely drained of energy and my husband can’t wait to have him come back again!

My husband and I very rarely disagree about anything now but there have been a few times where I have been a little upset at him like the night he pestered me nonstop to join him at a boys night he attended when we were in Sydney recently.

I was at my friends house when I got the first call from him at about 11pm begging for me to meet him there but I knew everyone would be really drunk and I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to mix with a group of drunk idiots. He kept calling every five or ten minutes trying to convince me to turn up because apparently he had told everyone everything about me and they were now desperately eager to meet me. I knew exactly what would happen if I did go but after about an hour I started to soften because as much as I hate to admit it I really do love having sex with groups of men and my husband always makes me feel really special whenever I do this specifically for him.

He was being very sweet too telling me all the things I love to hear and promised he only wanted me to say hello so I finally agreed to meet with him only because he absolutely gave me his word he would behave himself. I got there about an hour or so later only expecting a small group of people to still be there but when I walked in the house it looked like the host had given an open invite for anyone and everyone to turn up. They had been watching some sport thing but were now all very much under the influence of a variety of things and from the cheeky way everyone was behaving with me also extremely horny!

As I walked through the place looking for my husband I felt both excited and a little annoyed being leered at and groped by all these very boisterous idiots and when I eventually found my husband he wasn’t in any better shape than the rest of them. He was really happy to see me and seemed very proud to show me off to everyone but he just wouldn’t stop telling them all about my past sordid sexual encounters. In about an hour every male there knew how good I was at giving blowjobs, how I enjoy being tied up, how my husband loves to watch me have sex with other men and along with a whole heap of other things how much I love the thrill of sex games but the most embarrassing thing for me was him telling everyone how many men I have had sex with in the past nine months. The number is now quite high and I felt it made me look like a cheap slut which isn’t an accurate description of me at all because only couples like us can really understand why I would do what I do so prefer to keep things like that quiet to avoid being judged.

There were in excess of 20 or so men sprawled around the place mainly in their 30s or 40s with most not in very good physical shape and I couldn’t help but wonder if they were there expecting me to turn up and play or was it just coincidental as my hubby claimed. I couldn’t help but assume my hubby had planned another devious surprise for me as he so often does and got me there hoping I would play because he is acutely aware that when I’ve been drinking and an idea is planted in my head I simply can’t stop myself from wanting to act things out.

I had only been there for about an hour or so and that’s exactly what was happening to me and I kept thinking my husband would probably love to watch this horde of men maul his wife with their hard dripping cocks. The longer I stayed listening to my husband spread sex stories about me the more I kept thinking about all these different scenarios unfolding and with heaps of men ogling my every curve the hornier and more excited I became at wanting to make things happen.
I probably should have changed before going and was only wearing my really old worn out tights which are very tatty and virtually see through now. There are some patches that are like fine thin stockings tightly stretched over the shapely curves of my body that closely hug my skin showing a micro detailed view for most of my pussy, half my bum and parts of my legs through the transparency of the stretched material. I love wearing these because they always get heaps of looks which my husband absolutely loves and along with my silky red tank top which was very clearly showing the outline of my nipples made me feel almost naked standing there amongst the stares and smirks from the men around me accompanied with some openly flattering but very crude and direct comments.

I was a little apprehensive and nervous about being there mainly because I was the only girl dumb enough to turn up but the more I drank and the more relaxed I became the more I would tease everyone around me. I knew they would be able to see a perfect outline of my legs and very detailed shape of my pussy and bum through the thinly worn tights I had on and as I moved around the room flirting from one guy to another I could feel the material wedging even further into my slit and it felt really quite sensual. I pretended not to hear the negative things that were being said about me and only concentrated on the positive but my mind was just spinning out of control thinking about what half the men there wanted to do with me and I now really wanted to be doing with half these men!

As I expected my husband did keep suggesting for me to let everyone there fuck me but I really wasn’t keen about the idea because I felt they were way too rowdy. I was a little worried what might happen if things got out of control and my husband was the only person there I could really count on to protect me but he was way too drunk to be of any help. He kept suggesting going into the bedroom with just two or three guys at a time and was really eager to watch.

His persistence was very convincing and a little voice in the back of my mind kept me there toying with the idea of making it happen. The thought of having sex with a group of men this large did rapidly become an appealing idea especially for how keen my husband was for me to do this plus the addition of a number of younger hot looking guys turning up as well was definitely tipping me toward giving in to everyone’s wish list.

The thought just kept growing in my mind and the more flirtatious I became the more my husband would encourage me to fuck everyone and the more he tried to convince me the sluttier and more promiscuously I behaved until I had almost every guy there begging me to let them fuck me. I had this little group of devoted followers giving me a steady flow of drinks and as I mingled with them they increasingly became confidently forward owning my body with their touch especially with my husband standing right there telling them every two seconds they could fuck me if they wanted too. They kept touching my nipples, feeling the curves of my bum, pressing themselves against me and at every opportunity they had feel the shape of my hips and pussy. It felt very erotic letting them touch me especially with my husband standing right next to me watching while they kept pressuring me into fucking them saying all sorts of explicitly detailed things they wanted me to do. I was definitely sliding down the slippery slope of giving in and could barely contain myself every time I felt their fingers and hands slide over my body.

This was something I have always wanted to do and it really was the perfect opportunity for me to fulfil another of my husband’s wish list he has for me and every time I looked at him I could tell he desperately wanted me to fuck everyone there but I would tease him and kept cutting men off before they took complete control of my surging urges.

I was now quite drunk and extremely horny with half the guys there all over me trying their best to test my will to resist by continuing to kiss me and touch me and rub themselves against me feeling like a thousand octopus were exploring my body with their tantalising tentacles and slowly seducing my mind into a state of subdued submission from the overwhelming feeling of being psychologically hypnotised by so many men all completely focused on using my body for sex.

My husband’s plan was certainly working because I really wanted to do this now feeling like a tidal wave was about to hit me and engulf my body into the turbulence of its fury. The mix of things I had been given earlier made me feel incredibly pliable and open to any suggestions being made as the initial brushes and light touches from the men revolving around me had turned into prolonged and very deliberate sexual stimulation! Kissing is what really lights my sexual fire and there was plenty of that going on making my entire body tingle and my pussy drenching every hand that found its way between my legs.

My husband always knows it is only a matter of time before I succumb to his deviate ways because he knows my weaknesses and knows the mixture of alcohol plus some other things along with an abundance of men always has me easily persuaded to do things for him I wouldn’t normally be willing to do. Not everyone was interested in fucking me but most were especially after behaving like I was on heat the whole time since I arrived.

The temptation to give in to my sexual curiosity was incredibly hard to resist especially with how keen most of the men there were to fuck me but even being as pliable as I was practically fucking every male that came up to me I was still very nervous about how large the group had grown of men wanting to have sex with me.
I was barely hanging on as it was when my husband and two other guys came up to me once again to try and convince me to let everyone there fuck me. They had their hands all over me as I leaned on them letting them do whatever they wanted and trying to pretend their deliberate physical stimulation wasn’t making me horny. I was in my own little bubble as they kept kissing me and whispering things in my ear or circling my nipples with their fingers and sliding their hands between my legs.
I could sense the sexual tension affecting the men’s minds and transforming them into lustful mindless beasts fixated on penetrating the softness of my body with their hard erect cocks. I could easily feel their hardness protruding through their pants whenever I brushed my hands over them and with so many eyes upon me just waiting for their opportunity to pounce made me feel hornier than ever. My openly inviting and suggestive dancing would have been screaming sex and willingly accepting anyone’s wandering hands and bulging hard cocks against my flesh was drawing more attention than ever as I clumsily bounced from one guy to another.
Feeling their hardened cocks firmly pressing against my near naked flesh kept sending shock waves through my body down to my toes then back up to my head and back down through my already pulsating pussy making my body explode into mini fiery cascading flows of spasms and it felt like I was flooding the room as I could feel my pussy become drenched.

I simply couldn’t help myself anymore with so many men around me all drooling over my body as they openly touched me commenting to each other how sexy and gorgeous I was and complementing my husband how lucky he was having such a sexy looking woman to share and fuck. I felt so overwhelmed at all the attention being poured over me I became almost paralysed at how stimulating it was being so adored by so many horny men.

I kept looking at my husband just standing there right near me the whole time and doing absolutely nothing as I was dragged around the place from one guy to another. He seemed to love letting me tease him making him watch me kiss other men and allow them to feel my entire body and passionately respond to their touch. It was when one really cute looking guy lifted my top and started to suckle on my nipples in front of everyone that pushed me over the edge past my own denials for wanting to give myself to everyone there.

I staggered over to my husband and wrapped my arms around him then started to kiss him telling him how much I wanted to fuck everyone there!

The instant I changed my mind I knew I had made a mistake especially when the mood of the place became super hyped as the word instantly spread and I was very promptly backed up into a corner of the dining room with a group of men surrounding me. I kept looking down at the ground because they were all looking at me with wide lustful eyes as if I was their favourite desert they were all about to eat and my husband was part of this group encouraging everyone to “Go for it” and looking at me with that strange look he gets when I’m about to have sex with other men for him.

By now I was feeling a little light headed and having a little trouble standing so I was leaning against the wall tucked into the corner as much as I could. My husband wasn’t about to rescue me although he probably should have as these guys started to behave like a pack of insane caged animals that hadn’t caught the scent of a female in years.

I simply couldn’t stop giggling and laughing from nerves as they moved in on me or hide the fact I was now desperately craving for the stimulation I had been encouraging all night by how notable my saturated pussy had become. I had teased all these men into a lustful frenzy for my body and now they had me pinned in this corner I had run out of excuses to continue the teasing and it was now time to deliver myself for their pleasure.

I kept nervously saying “Be gentle” to them as they moved in closer to me with a few of them commenting how soaked my flowing pussy was as they pushed their fingers into me. My mind was screaming out for them to touch my body and every spasmodic response I made to someone’s fingers touching me only encouraged them even more making it harder for me to control myself.

I was standing in this corner slumped against the wall with my legs apart looking down at all these hands down the front of my over stretched tights with fingers prying at my pussy and couldn’t stop myself moaning as I felt their fingers digging deeper and deeper into me and feeling the roughness of their skin dragging across my clit making it feel so sensationally tantalising. My body just started to involuntarily jerk to their touch and this went on for a while as they massaged my pussy making me beg for them to fuck me as I now felt deliriously desperate for these men surrounding me to fill my buzzing pussy with their hard cocks now out of their pants and firmly in my grasp.

With every touch upon my bare skin I felt an ever increasing amplified surge of sexual cravings flow through my body electrifying my pussy as if an electric shock was being shot through my clitoris from each and every finger touching the sensitivity of my gushing body. I was filled with both apprehension and excitement as my body heated turning my pussy into what felt like a gushing volcano spewing massive amounts of hot sweet scented juices which filled the air turning the men surrounding me into an unbridled single mass of depraved maniacs fixated on the continual physical onslaught of my body. I closed my eyes and simply enjoyed the feeling of all these fingers pushing deeper inside me and sliding over my clit with moist tongues gliding over my nipples as I slowly sunk to the floor on my knees.
I needed someone to save me from my husband’s persuasion, from my own weakness for sex and from this horde of men all poised to fuck me but there wasn’t anyone there willing to save me from my own sexual demons. I felt I should be getting up and running away as numerous hands forced their way past my feeble grasp as I tried to control the number of men finger fucking my pussy. They were making me buck uncontrollably as they stretched and clumsily pulled at me in every direction with my drenched tingling clit being super sensitive to the slightest touch. It was at that moment I knew I had lost my struggle to control the situation when I burst into an avalanche of orgasms with a prolonged deafening scream.
In my mind it felt like I was falling off the edge of a cliff into an abyss of submission as I let go of all the apprehension and tension in my mind and body releasing my emotions all at once and suddenly I burst into tears then starting laughing uncontrollably at knowing I was about to have sex with this horde of men.
In that moment I accepted my place as my husband’s sexual puppet and gleefully surrendered my mind and body to this horde of men for him silently thanking him for the pleasure I was experiencing knowing that without him I would have never had the courage to do this. As I looked up at him a realisation swept over me that ever since the first gangbang my husband organised for me I have been slowly transformed for his own kinky entertainment and I have loved every second of it!
I knelt there leaning against the wall and thrusting my hips forward now shamelessly pushing hands deeper into my gaping gushing pussy. I was slipping into a dream world as I concentrated on the sensations continuously building in my body and with my eyes closed allowed my mind to drift feeling the tug of war inside me from the many soaked fingers slipping in and out of my drenched tingling hot pussy.

I slowly slumped further onto the floor sitting on my bum with my legs spread wide before me letting my mind slip even further into a fogginess of acceptance while many more of the men huddled around me started getting their cocks out.
I completely surrendered myself to every cock before me as I instinctively opened my mouth to accept them into the alluring warmth of my throat.

I was poked in the face many times as they huddled in front of me thrusting their drooling cocks at my open mouth and making demands. I lovingly adored each cock in my mouth as if it were my husband’s and enjoyed the praise I was getting from the men who felt the warmth of my engulfing passion smother their cocks until they would empty their thick creamy satisfaction all over my eagerly accepting body. I would watch it squirt from their cocks over my face and breasts as they stood above me draining the last droplets out of their cocks onto my smiling lips with a few of them crudely commenting how fantastic it was having someone able to blow them so skilfully.
It only took what seemed like seconds before my mouth was swamped with the taste of sex as one of the first men to cum held my head and jerked his hips fucking my mouth until he spilled a full mouthful into me making it hard to swallow. Cum dribbled down my chin like thick icing sugar while he kept fucking my mouth until he had completely emptied everything he had for me to swallow. When I was finally able to pull my head away everyone started cheering as I gleefully gobbled the last of the creamy mixture left on the end of his cock.

I looked up at my husband and felt so satisfied at the excitement I could see in his expression as he intently watched every man there empty themselves into his wife’s mouth.

I stayed there on the floor while this seemingly endless line of cocks continued to spray their hot creamy mixture over me and everyone enjoyed watching me swirl cum around my tongue showing what a good girl I was before I swallowed to a chorus of approval from the huge group now involved.

After a whole heap of men had drowned me in cum I was then positioned facing the wall and some guy grabbed at my tights and tore the crotch in half exposing my bum and entire pussy then slid his cock inside me from behind. I could feel him slide his cock along my slit then push himself into me as he started bragging to the others how he was going to split me in two with his massive cock just like he split my clothes. He stood me up facing the corner with almost all the guys there now scrambling around each other for a better view as I braced myself against the wall waiting for him to push his cock deeper inside and I yelped at the size of it forcing me open. This guy felt huge making me stand on my tippy toes as he continued to slowly force himself inside me firmly holding my hips steady with both hands then abruptly thrusting his cock even deeper into me. He started to forcibly fuck me almost suspending me in mid-air and making me squeal uncontrollably as my body jiggled on the end of his long thick cock like a wobbly spring. He was very powerful leaving me no choice but to endure the painful experience of him slamming me against the wall with every deliberate long thrust of his cock almost splitting me in two as he had previously promised. The entire time making some very derogative remarks to everyone about me implying only a complete slut would do what I was letting them do with me.

It felt like I was on a stage doing a live sex show as I listened to the excited cheering and chanting with comments and remarks about his sustained performance echoing in my ears. He fucked me with such vigour I couldn’t even speak to beg him to stop then to my absolute relief he finally cum inside me leaving me feeling totally drained and barely able to stand.

I remember collapsing to the floor on my knees the instant he let go of me with my head leaning against the wall and even before I had any time to do anything else there was another guy fucking me from behind.

A few more fucked me from behind against the wall trying to imitate his performance then I was virtually passed from one guy to the next around the room with each having their chance to grope my body until I was eventually taken to a table and positioned on my back with my legs pinned right back while a whole heap of others fucked me. I was surrounded by men standing around the table watching each other fuck me and the whole time they excitedly commented to each other arguing who was going to fuck me next and cheered each other on. They relished in watching my body go into uncontrolled spasms of intense pleasure whilst I was being pulled, shoved and pinned down by at least two to three men at a time.
I don’t know what my husband gave me earlier but my clitoris just wouldn’t stop tingling and it was massively swollen beyond anything I’ve ever seen before and sensitive to the extreme so even the slightest movement would make it feel like a concentrated itch I simply couldn’t ignore! I couldn’t stop myself from furiously rubbing my own clit while the men there took turns fucking me and became obsessed with trying to climax as often as I could whilst I watched one cock after another spill massive amounts of thick white cream onto my already cum drenched pussy. I watched their cum flow between my fingers as if they were pouring custard over a cake as I franticly rubbed myself or pulled at my clitoris or squeezed it between my slippery fingers as tightly as I could in an ongoing exhausting effort to climax yet again. I would watch as I begged them to rub my clit with their cocks and before they went soft someone else would replace them franticly fucking me with a fresh rock hard cock trying to make me climax again.

I know I should have been making them use protection but I had become deliriously focused on my clit as I continued to furiously rub myself. My hands were covered in sticky cum as I spread it over myself going completely crazy at the increased concentrated tingling I could feel now spreading from my clit through my entire pussy. I was feeling unbelievably horny and simply couldn’t be fucked hard enough to subdue the ferocity of the sensations storming through my body as I hysterically responded to the many men now stimulating all my senses in a powerful blend of pleasure, pain and shock.

My clit and entire pussy was simply alive with an unbearably intense concentrated tingling that was spreading to my legs and up through my body. I was behaving like a crazy woman grabbing hold of the men fucking me and forcing myself onto their cocks trying to get them as deeply into my pussy as I possibly could but it didn’t matter how hard I tried I just simply couldn’t satisfy my insatiable appetite.

A kind of hysteria had taken over as they started to handle me as if they thought if they didn’t fuck me next they might miss out. This frantic hurried mood filled the air with guys now swarming around me trying their hardest to cum quickly because of the impatience of others waiting their turn and amongst a few of them the impatience turned into angry complaining about how long it was taking to have their turn to fuck me.

I’m not really sure what happened next but a disagreement erupted between a few of the guys there and without any warning I was abruptly taken outside to a spare room adjoining the back of the house.

Half naked and with a long line of men following I ended up kneeling on the floor against an old couch in what looked like a disused games room. I was hurriedly positioned against this couch by two guys with one sitting on the couch grasping my head and holding his cock to slide into my mouth and the other quickly pushing himself inside me from behind. In a few minutes there were a number of men sitting in front of me with their cocks out waiting for me to give them blowjobs and the rest mainly behind either standing back waiting and watching or swapping amongst each other taking turns to fuck me.

The room was nearly pitch black to start with and it was very hard to tell whose cock was in where but it didn’t really matter to me or any of them as this mass of half-naked men and rock hard cocks were constantly rotating through every hole in my body.

I realised in everyone’s eagerness hardly any of them were now using any protection and when I briefly looked down I could very faintly see a pool of cum on the floor between my legs. It was being spread around as I was continually moved through it and the floor along the edge of the couch had become this massive horrible sticky mess from cum dripping out of me.

I slipped into a phase of dreamy submissiveness feeling like I was drunk on sex and only caring about the ecstasy I was submerged in from the driven energy that was being poured down my throat and pumped into my over flowing body. With an accepting willingness I simply surrendered myself to anything anyone there wanted with me and let them use my body for whatever they preferred and before too long every hole in my body was overflowing with cum from this horde of drunken middle aged and very energetic young men fucking me on, against or next to this couch while they drank and congratulated each other on their individual efforts.
I was astonished at the level of energy these guys had with only a few losing interest but the rest were repeatedly coming back to fuck me again and again and again! It seemed that every time I looked behind there was someone different fucking me and every time I was distracted it seemed there was always a different cock in my mouth as if I was on a spinning wheel being spun around and around until I was dizzy and disoriented then each time I stopped spinning I would be impaled in all three holes by different men.

I had given in to the entire mass that seemed to be swelling in numbers and was almost certain there were more men turning up as new faces seemed to be appearing the longer the sex continued. The guys there who were a bit hesitant in the beginning were now joining in as well and it felt like I was being swallowed whole by this horde of men most of which I didn’t have a clue who they were or how they knew my husband or even if they knew him at all.

After over hearing a few comments I had the impression that men were now arriving in droves just to have sex with me because I overheard one guy bragging how he only stopped by to fuck me on the way to some other place and there were a few other similar comments being made too. I started to panic a little at the number of men now in the room with me and I couldn’t see my husband anywhere or even if he knew where I had been taken now I wasn’t in the main part of the house. I looked around and all I could see were bodies and hard cocks fucking me in mass! Quite a few guys were starting to complain about how sloppy I had become and more and more wanted me to suck them instead but for me I had kind of gone numb and detached and didn’t really care anymore what they wanted so just did whatever they insisted on getting me to do so they would just cum!

All I was concerned about now was how quickly I could get the next guy to cum as they continued to fill every hole in my body to satisfy their physical frenzy to incessantly exploit my flesh. Things had certainly spiralled out of control and I was now too exhausted to even bother complaining about anything despite what they did with me feeling more and more like I was a carcass being slowly torn apart by a pack of starved animals and not one of them were now one bit concerned about my pleasure anymore either as they just selfishly used my body as nothing more than warm meat for them to cum in.

I was so exhausted and delirious from all the things I had earlier in the night that everything became a little fragmented and most of the time had no idea what I was doing or how many men I was with or how many men in the room still wanted to have sex with me! After being fucked nearly unconscious by what seemed like a thousand men in every conceivable position in every hole and in every part of the room things became really hazy for me and I totally lost track of time and a sense of clarity.

I remember stealing some guys shirt to put on so I could go back into the main house to use the bathroom and I felt like a timid mouse wandering through a house full of wild cats! As I moved from one spot to another other men would practically pounce on me then play with me or fuck me in some hidden dark corner somewhere then toss me to the next guy who would do the same. After emerging from some room with yet another guy I eventually found my husband again who had apparently been looking for me for ages and wanted me to leave with him but there were far too many men there now all too eager for me to stay! I probably should’ve left with my husband but I was simply still having way too much fun fucking everyone there.

I know my husband kept trying to get me to leave with him but every time he did I was distracted by some guy wanting to fuck me. I remember my husband trying to walk me through the house with his arm around me hanging onto me tightly and I kept breaking free from him. I still had my torn tights on with my stolen shirt partly buttoned up so was still virtually naked and that was certainly being taking advantage of by every male in an arm’s reach of my pussy. As I was being walked through almost every male there would slip his hand between my legs instantly paralysing me on the spot as the sensitivity of their fingers pushing deep into my slimy cum soaked pussy would awaken that concentrated tingling through my clit and I would just freeze.

It was like they were flicking on a switch in my body and I would just stand there letting them almost fist fuck me in amongst a heap of men standing around watching whilst my poor hubby was trying to drag me away. There was one guy who wasn’t going to let me leave until he fucked me and he and his friends almost snatched me from my hubby and carried me into one of the back bedrooms with a crowd of others following.

I don’t know what happened to my husband but I was quickly engulfed in the bedroom by this group of men who almost instantly had me sitting on the edge of the bed with their hard throbbing cocks in my mouth and almost just as quickly filling every hole in my body. The last thing I can remember clearly was straddling some guy on the bed with a room full of men watching me being fucked by him.
I could see myself in the full length wardrobe mirror covered from head to toe in cum and glimpsed the redness of my hugely swollen pussy as I was turned and positioned for another ravenous male to slide himself into my cum soaked body. It was like I was viewing myself in a slow motion movie and could see the super focused concentration on the faces of the guys fucking me then others standing around silently watching with others shouting obscene remarks at me and a few weird ones who had an almost fixed evil expression just silently watching in the background. I certainly felt strangely detached from myself and although I could feel my body being jerked, twisted and slammed around in my mind it felt like I was in a peaceful bubble watching someone else being fucked by this horde of strangers.
The one thing that is still a vivid memory for me is watching cum pour out from an endless array of cocks onto my face and feeling the warmth of their creamy mixtures spread across my skin in a mix of thicknesses to create a melting mask that continually dripped over my body as the mask of cum became too thick.
I can remember some snippets of things that happened during the latter part of the night in that bedroom and although I can’t accurately recount how many men ended up fucking me I am certain it would definitely be a lot more than I can actually remember.

I woke on a bed feeling really unwell and confused barely able to move and feeling extremely bruised and sore all over. I knew there were quite a few men who enjoyed me because the bed sheet was stuck to my face and there were huge dry crusty patches where I had fallen asleep. I have no idea how it got there but there was a sheet tied to my arm that had been twirled and attached to the bed end. My eyes were all crusty and stung like hell and my nipples felt like someone had dragged a grater over them with deep bite marks and bruises all over the inside of my legs and across my bum. I couldn’t find my top anywhere and had to use the sheet to cover myself before making that very embarrassing journey through the house where I was faced with two men who obviously lived there.

I couldn’t wait to get out of there and after getting a super quick shower I was given a lift to my accommodation by one of the guys and all he would tell me about what happened is that it looked like I had the time of my life but wouldn’t tell me anything else saying I would be better off watching the footage a heap of guys took of me on their phones??? I didn’t even notice anyone filming me doing the things I did but more importantly who are they sharing it with and where?

When I arrived at my accommodation my pussy was swollen to ten times its normal state and it felt so bruised and tender it was painful to move but the worst thing for me was not being able to remember what I did for half the night. I guess the most concerning thing is knowing that I had unprotected sex with such a large number of men and that there are now people out there who have a lot of it recorded on their phones and have probably shared it with god knows who!

As usual my husband was too drunk to stop me when I get in a state like that and said he eventually left me there on my own because I flatly refused to leave despite anything he did to try and convince me to go with him.

My husband said he loved watching all those men have me in the many ways they did but it wasn’t until a few days later I could recall a little more of what happened and if he knew what I did when he wasn’t around in that bedroom he wouldn’t be so proud of his wife at all and I really hope he never sees any of the sneaky footage taken.

I promised I would never allow myself to get into a state like that again or have unprotected sex with so many men but I know myself too well to know that is a promise I will be able to keep.
Disobedient wife
Posted:Apr 15, 2017 3:48 pm
Last Updated:Apr 19, 2017 5:18 am
I tried something a little different with my husband and as scary and foreign as it was to me the experience as a whole certainly opened my eyes to another world of pleasures my husband seems to thoroughly enjoy watching.

It was a bit of a surprise for me that he had organised the entire thing himself and was quite secretive about it all telling me he wanted to surprise me with something special although I knew it would obviously involve sex with other men.

He has been going on about this type of thing for a while now and I never really thought it would actually happen but as I found out there are a lot of men around who really enjoy completely dominating a woman as does my husband and was done with me for the entire night.

In many respects I suppose I am already a kind of sub/slave girl for my husband as I have had sex with other men many times because he has wanted me to especially when we have gone out to a bar together. He will quite often point several men out to me and almost as a bet he’ll challenge me to see if I can convince them to have sex with me and almost every time I have won the challenge and on a few occasions very willingly surpassed his expectations and shocked him at what I was capable of doing.

It’s a little game we like to play because we both enjoy it and my way to show I still love him enough to do anything for him so when he told me he wanted me to do something special for him I readily agreed knowing I would probably enjoy it just as I have always enjoyed playing every other sex game together.

I arrived at the place he wanted me to meet him and wore nothing other than my tight short dress with my high heels just as he asked. He was waiting for me outside the door of the room looking a little anxious and I could hear a bit of chatter coming from the room which for whatever reason did make me feel a little nervous probably because I had no idea what to expect but I knew it was going to be something very different.

I was so glad I had a few drinks earlier to relax otherwise I think I would have ran away for sure because even though I felt reasonably calm and extremely horny I also felt terrified.

My husband blindfolded me then gave me a big passionate kiss and told me how beautiful I looked then took me into the room. I had such mixed feelings walking into the room blindfolded and could feel this uneasiness sweep through me because I knew there was no backing out now but at the same time it made me feel incredibly hot and sexy knowing I was standing in a room full of men about to have sex with me.

The chatter went dead silent when my husband took me in and I knew there were at least five or six men there from the voices I heard earlier but I could sense there were a lot more than that but I knew I was safe because my husband was with me although I felt really quite strangely intimidated at not being able to see a thing and having to rely on my other senses instead.

I stood there in my skimpy tight dress that barely covered my pussy almost frozen with fright and filled with the tension of being completely at the mercy of these unknown men with the added cliff hanging anticipation of not knowing what they were going to do with me was making my stomach fill with flutters.

I stood there for at least several very long minutes feeling very alone and isolated and all I could hear the whole time were explicit obscene whispers and remarks. It was then I realised there were at least twice as many men in the room with me than I first thought and wondered what my husband had planned for me organising this massive group to fuck his wife. I then realised my husband probably looked so anxious when I arrived because having so many men there to fuck his wife must have been a little daunting for him knowing once I walked in there was no way he could truly control what they did with me until they were ready to stop.

I then felt someone standing right behind me and could feel their breathe upon the back of my neck as they ran their fingers up and down over my hips ever so gently raising my dress just a tiny amount each time until I could feel my pussy had been exposed for everyone there to see. He then reached around and started to touch my pussy gently sliding his fingers up and down over my slit and slowly pushing in penetrating his fingers into me just enough to let me feel the roughness of his fingertips rub over my clit and back down to my rapidly flowing slit then back up again in a slow repetitive motion spreading the silky texture of my juices as he did.

I continued to stand there not wanting to move one muscle because the sensations flowing through me were unbelievably hot!

I was almost climaxing just from this alone and thought to myself if this is what the sex is going to be like then I am in for one awesome night. He kept going and I started to quiver as I felt someone else pull the top of my dress down slightly to expose my nipples and could sense I was now surrounded by men sliding their hands over my body making my skin tingle all over.

I was in absolute heaven being touched in this way and when I felt the warm moistness of someone’s tongue circle my nipple I simply couldn’t stop myself from silently shuddering and felt the warm trickle of my juices starting to flow down the inside of my legs and spread by the fingers ever so tantalisingly opening my pussy as it was being pulled at in every direction.

This continued making me so wet I just couldn’t stop flowing and could now hear nothing in my ears other than my heavy breathing with my entire body starting to heave from the ever increasing sensitivity of my senses responding to their touch. I could feel the excitement surging through me and getting increasingly stronger along with the intensified excitement of the group fondling my vulnerable and exposed body.

While this was going on someone took my hands and tied my wrists together to my front with what I think was a scarf and as this was being done they kept whispering in my ear “Have you been a slutty have you?” I didn’t know what to say mainly because I was too petrified to give the wrong answer but they kept asking me the same question until I finally said yes. A few of the others also kept making remarks about what they were going to do with me and I thought to myself what have I agreed to do for my husband!

I knew I was okay because my husband was there no doubt intently watching every second of what was being done with me and I also had my safe word but these guys seem to be very serious and confident with what they were saying making it clear in my mind they fully intended everything they were telling me making the whole thing extremely erotic but at the same time absolutely petrifying.

I was slowly passed from one person to the next with most of them grappling at my pussy and I simply couldn’t stop shaking. My whole body felt like it had been electrified and every touch upon my skin sent a shock through my pussy and down my legs pinning me to the floor. The night had only started and already I was flowing uncontrollably feeling like I was constantly peeing myself as the scent of my juices filled the air from rivers of sweetness flowing freely down the inside of my legs as far as my knees. I could hear that embarrassing sloppy slapping sound my pussy was making with so many fingers inside me all at once being pushed as deeply into me as they could spreading me further and further open until there were many hands freely sliding in and out of me.

I knew I was being offered to this group of men solely for my husbands own personal gratification and I’ve never experienced anything like that before making it feel so much more intense than any sex I have ever had with any other men. I felt as if my husband didn’t want me anymore having me do this for him but I knew deep down he would have organised this to please me because he knows how much I love group sex.

It’s so hard to describe how I felt being smothered by so many men but the best way I guess I can explain it is to say my body was no longer mine and I felt almost detached from myself as I bathed in the excitement of giving so many the pleasure they craved. I completely gave myself to both my husband and the group about to fuck me feeling like I had been swallowed whole.

I was taken onto the bed and tied to the bed head with my hands against the bed end and told to kneel on the bed. I waited there positioned on my knees with my hands pushing against the bed end and my pussy protruding high in the air with my legs spread very wide. I was slapped across the bum really hard by someone making me shriek and almost jump out of my skin from the very sharp unexpected sting of the slap and that was the beginning of losing my sweet innocence to the domination of experienced tormentors.

Some of them started to take turns fucking me from behind slapping my bum and pulling on my hair with a few fucking me in the arse and they seem to be really enjoying having me at their complete mercy listening to me scream and squeal the entire time. At first there were only a few on the bed with me but as more joined in I was pushed pulled and dragged all over the bed and placed in differing positions by the many men surrounding me. I was their captive with my only escape from the onslaught of cocks penetrating my every opening being to embrace the realisation they weren’t going to stop now until I had satisfied their raw sexual lust.

They were being really quite brutal with me and the manner of dirty talk was nothing short of obscene describing in scary detail what they were about to do then carrying it out over and over again with many of them all wanting the same thing.

I had no idea I would enjoy this as much as I did especially with the non-stop demeaning dirty talk telling me what a slut or or bitch I was and talking to me with a distinct tone of degrading indifference with every direction given sounding more like a command. I felt the exhilaration of what it was like to be completely swallowed by their power surrendering both my mind and body to this group of men who seem to love the fact I had completely submitted to them allowing everything and anything they pleased.

The sex continued to intensify with a mass of bodies crawling over me to use me for their own purposes as they swapped amongst themselves slipping cum drenched cocks into my pussy, arse and mouth and covering me from head to toe in their white gooey mess.

A few there had more than abundance in their size but the biggest turn on for me was not knowing which of them was my husband or even if he was a part of it at all but was only watching instead.

I was eventually completely tied down to the bed lying on my back with arms and legs spread wide apart and endlessly fucked by an array of sweaty bodies plunging their cocks into my pussy until each one would cum with sounds of approving satisfaction. They all seem to find great delight in my uncontrolled orgasms sending my body into spasmodic fits over and over again from the sensations of their hard cocks being thrust deep into me.

I had completely lost track of how many times I had sex with someone because they all started to taste and feel the same with only a couple having a notable difference especially with the frenzied atmosphere that was going on in the room.

There was sticky dry cum all over my body and all I could think about was wanting more of the same but after what seemed like an impossible number of cocks having nonstop sex with every opening in my body I had become totally exhausted and in the end was only capable of lying there upon the bed completely drained of any energy and largely unresponsive to the last guy on top of me still trying to cum.

I told them to stop when this guy on top of me finally did cum as I had reached my point of limit and after everyone had gone my husband released me from my bonds and was beside himself with excitement at how much he saw I relished every second of the entire experience saying he knew I would love this type of thing and how much he wanted me to do more with him.

The night started off a little slow and tame and I thought it was just going to be straight normal group sex but once this group realised I was a more than willing participant they certainly didn’t hold back one bit in showing me their true sexual natures and as things turned out it was the most exhilarating sex I have had yet and now that I have had time to absorb the reality of what I actually did and how much I enjoyed the excitement of being gang fucked by a group of horny dominating mystery men with a flair for making me feel so subdued from the type of sex I was subjected to it would have to be the best experience I have had yet and am more than looking forward to the next time my husband wants me to satisfy his need to feel reassured I still love him enough to be willing to do anything for him he pleases.
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Harder please!
Posted:Apr 10, 2017 4:30 am
Last Updated:Apr 14, 2017 1:26 am
I went out on the weekend with the girls to a favourite place of ours where I have become quite well known for being a little flirtatious and developed a reputation which seems to have attracted a regular group of guys who over recent months have become very familiar with me.

I’ve never gone home with any of them because I am certain they are all attached but they do seem to thoroughly enjoy my willingness to let them play with me whenever they want and on occasions have had sex with a few of them individually.

I was determined to spend the night with my two friends who both know what my situation is and although they don’t totally approve they do understand and accept what I do without judgement.

It didn’t take us long to become a little too tipsy and surrounded by hot looking horny men all very keen to play with me and my friends which as usual was the nights entertainment for us as we were fondled, touched and groped by them at any opportunity they had knowing full well all three of us were there to have sex with someone but it was just a matter of who was going to be the lucky ones for the night.

With all the choice thrown at my friends their resolve to keep it a girls night only quickly waned with the both of them disappearing with some guy leaving me there on my own with this pack of super horny guys we had been teasing all night long. I wasn’t at all upset with my friends ditching me for some hot guy because I have done it many times myself to them too and so I totally understood but as I had been practically having sex the whole night with half the guys left behind it did leave me in a bit of a predicament.

I continued behaving very badly with everyone and loving every moment of it all encouraging more brazen behaviour from the men with me who seem to have no doubt I was open to anything. I didn’t even know half the guys I was being openly physical with as I kissed anyone there and grinding myself against them as they took any opportunity to fondle me.

I was feeling unbelievably horny and having these guys slobbering all over me in a tucked away area only made me feel even more willing and wet especially whenever I was being kissed by them because a deep kiss is what triggers everything inside me making me feel the heat of the sexual magnetism drawing me deeper into their intoxicating sexual lust for my body creating a central urge deep within me I simply cannot control.

I could feel my pussy tingling uncontrollably with every touch upon my body especially whenever someone would run their hand under my dress and up the inside of my leg to try and fondle my pussy through my now very soaked knickers. The sensation of their touch was magnified as their fingers would brush over my pussy whenever they pulled at my knickers trying to slide them aside to slip their fingers inside me.

I found myself completely at their mercy standing against the wall cloaked in this protective layer of bodies surrounding me with my legs relaxed and apart. I was kissed and fondled by this group of guys who seem to know each other quite intimately possibly through work or a club perhaps as they weren’t at all shy about sliding their hands up my dress and slipping their fingers in and out of me making me so wet and open allowing several of them to explore the warmth of my pussy altogether.

I wanted to fuck all of them right then and there but knew I couldn’t so before I allowed myself to do something I would regret I grabbed two of them by the hand and started to walk outside.

I made it as far as the back of a nearby building before I felt completely out of control and unable to stop myself throwing my body at one of the guys. I kissed him as I grabbed at his trousers undoing his pants and releasing his already hard erect cock then slipped down to my knees to take his cock into my mouth.

I have already been with some of the guys I was with so felt quite safe doing what I was doing and didn’t hold back one bit.

As I swallowed this guys cock taking the full length into my throat I reached out to the other pulling at his jeans to bare yet another magnificent looking hard cock. I felt so lucky having picked these two who were so ready to please me as I was now pleasing them and was almost bursting out of my skin with excitement at having these guys clawing away at my body.

Their hands massaging my breasts, twisting my nipples and grabbing at my hair as I listened to them grunt half words of commands at me barely able to control the pleasure of my tongue and mouth drawing them closer and closer to cum in my mouth for me to swallow.

While I was doing this I didn’t even notice the rest of their friends approaching until one of them made a few comments about my exposed bum and protruding pussy. I glanced around but couldn’t really see who was there in the shadows but certainly felt some of them grabbing at me and feeling the depth of my swollen dripping wet pussy with half their hands inside me.

Within minutes the first guy I had in my mouth shuddered filling my mouth with a very unexpected large amount of hot thick cum and before I had even finished swallowing it two more men had their cocks out waving them in front of me as they both hurriedly slipped the full hardness of their pulsating cocks down my throat.

I found it so hard to concentrate on making these other guys cum with everyone else taking turns to almost fist fuck me from behind with the excited group getting a little carried away at how forceful they were becoming.

I was unexpectedly stood up by some guy and vividly remember him being very tall and lanky looking with quite an aggressive and very abrupt mannerism about him. He virtually dragged me away from the guys I was kneeling in front of and stood me against the wall muttering something about me having too good an arse not to fuck.
I was surprised nobody said anything to him taking control like that but he did seem to know the other guys well and they just stood back letting him do what he wanted.

He very quickly and quite abruptly slipped his cock into me from behind then wasting no time forcefully grabbed me by the hips and fucked me with as much force as he could muster.

With his fingers firmly imbedded into the softness of my hips all I could do was stand there with my hands up against this brick wall with my legs spread wide and my dress up over my bum pushing back against this guy and screaming with pleasure as he filled me with the full length and width of his enormous cock being forced into me.

He plunged himself so deeply into me the pleasure of his length bordered on highly intense levels of pain.

This guy just didn’t stop and like a possessed demon full of rage used his cock as weapon to penetrate the depth of my body as he just kept fucking me and stabbing at my pussy keeping me tinkering more on the edge of really deep and intense pain rather than pleasure rendering my body incapable of responding in any other way than to feel like it had been completely turned inside out as each orgasm I had made me explode into a fit of uncontrolled spasms.

This guy took forever to cum and when he finally did my legs were left shaking and I was barely able to stand.

I was then taken to some guys car by the rest of the group then driven a short distance to another area but I was now way too sore to let anyone else fuck me or even touch me because I was so raw and sensitive. It felt like I had been torn in two by this guy who fucked me so all I could do for the rest of the group was to give them oral pleasure.

I felt I should let them continue to enjoy me in some way as they kept pleading for me to let them fuck me too and I really didn’t want to disappoint anyone there especially after teasing the group all night long with the expectation of sex.

I sat on the edge of the back seat of this car with the door open taking everyone into my mouth as they surrounded me with their cocks.

One after the other they continually searched for the back of my throat with some spilling huge globs of cum over my dress as several of them cum without warning before I could take them into my mouth to swallow their hot thick cum so energetically given.

Like excited boys these men guided my lips from one cock to another as they selfishly tried to dominate my attentive hypnotic techniques sliding up and down the full length of every cock before me. I could feel each one of them pulsate in my mouth as others dribbled masses amounts of pre cum over my face with them pushing against me to be the next to feel the engulfing warmth of my mouth and throat.

I was there for quite a while and despite the praise I was constantly given for my oral pleasures some still insisted on fucking me as well so by the time I was done my throat, jaw and pussy had reached their limits of endurance with it sometimes being hard to tell if they were simply trying to hurt me or impress me with their sexual stamina.

I was given a ride home and even then the two guys in the back with me were still pestering me for more sex and as usual with me being unable to normally say no to anyone who wants me I had no choice but to accommodate their desire for me one last time leaving the evidence more than apparent for my husband to notice when I arrived home.
Sneaky yet Nice!
Posted:Apr 6, 2017 11:41 pm
Last Updated:Apr 9, 2017 8:56 am
My husband and I have been a little distant lately with our differing opinion about what is acceptable fun as a couple and what I do alone but the word has spread about our situation and there is now never a moment when men aren't taking any opportunity they can to try and fuck me.

Earlier this week was a perfect example of how men seem to be more than willing to take any chance to have sex with me.

My husband had a few of his friends over for drinks and about half way through the night my husband had to leave for a short while to get something from another friend leaving two of his friends behind who were too drunk to go with them. The others had barely walked out the door when these two started making very suggestive remarks about what they wanted to do with me and as much as I tried to ignore them and play it all down I found it very hard to get away from the idea of actually doing what they wanted.

I knew the others would be at least thirty minutes or so and these two friends of his had been flirting with me all night making it quite obvious what they wanted which didn’t seem to bother my husband one bit.

I thought maybe my husband left me there with these two because he wanted me to play with them while he was gone and pretend he didn’t know about it knowing full well I probably would. I was a little confused as to what I should do but my basic instincts very quickly took over especially when these two started to get a little hands on with me.

In what seemed like only moments later I found myself in the kitchen being pushed up against the bench top with my stockings pulled down to my knees and being fucked from behind by one of these guys with the other getting ready for his turn.

They both fucked me in the kitchen had cum inside me and were both back to having their drinks long before my husband and the other guys returned.

It was over before it had all started really and I had certainly been used by them as nothing more than a quick drunken fuck which did make me feel a little disappointed but at the same time so very glad I did it.

I really enjoy spontaneous sex with men especially if I know they aren’t going to keep pestering me for more in weeks to come because they’re already attached. I enjoy the thought of having men at my disposal to play with when I’m in the mood but I must admit there has been a heavy price to pay for this pleasure but it is a pleasure both my husband and I are still enjoying to the full.
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Agree to disagree
Posted:Apr 2, 2017 3:17 am
Last Updated:Apr 2, 2017 3:10 pm
My husband and I went out together last night but because of what happened between us I ended up returning home alone regretting not listening to his advice.

We had gone out to a bar and after having too much to drink we got into a disagreement about someone I have been seeing regularly for the past six weeks. My husband was a little upset at me saying I was being emotionally unfaithful to him because I refused to stop seeing this guy even after he had asked me several times not too.

I really couldn’t see what the issue was all about because to me the only reason I keep going back to him is because the sex is unbelievably fantastic and especially when his friends join in as well the fun for me is just amplified beyond anything I ever experience with anything else.

I know my husband was probably just a little concerned but he really doesn’t have anything to worry about because I know he loves me and I will always be with him despite what else I do with other men.

I was really angry at him last night for behaving the way he did and so I ended up ignoring his advice to leave with him and instead became really drunk and flirtatious. I kept ignoring him and flirted with every guy I could find and after a while my husband gave up and left me there to fend for myself.

I know I probably shouldn’t have done but I ended up back at this guys house with his friends in tow and it would have been quite obvious to them how horny I was especially with the way I was behaving with everyone both at the bar and when we arrived at his place.

In this tiny little flat what started off as a drunken kiss with one of the guys turned into a sex show for everyone there with each one of them crawling over me like ants feeding on honey and they didn’t stop having their fun with me until they were all completely satisfied.

I was too drunk to fully appreciate the sex but what I can remember was certainly fun for me as well and didn’t arrive home until early this morning.

My husband and I still haven’t talked about last night but I am hoping we will tonight because there is no need for him to be jealous of anything I do as everything I do now is all out in the open between us and I have nothing to hide.
Crossing boundaries
Posted:Mar 30, 2017 3:14 am
Last Updated:Mar 31, 2017 8:19 pm
The emotional roller-coaster ride for me doing what I have been doing has been at times quite confusing but my husband being the type of person he is has committed himself to serve as my rock to enable myself to fully embrace the sexually promiscuous adventure I have embarked on to the point of surpassing every expectation I originally had of its satisfying nature.

This was supposed to only be a slight diversion to try and stimulate the slump in our relationship but has now become almost an obsession for my husband wanting me to have sex at every available opportunity with both him and other men.

It seems like it has been forever since I have only had sex with my husband as every time we are together I have had sex with at least one other person either before during or after I have sex with my husband. He seems to have developed a deeper desire to want to watch me have sex with other men rather than have sex with me himself and without the added stimulation of other men he feels I won’t be properly satisfied.

Of course I’m not complaining about it one little bit because I can’t as I am the one who initiated this whole thing and as much as I love the thrill of having indiscriminate sex with other men I really do feel my husband is also starting to dictate what type of sex I am having with other men.

I really do feel a little overwhelmed by it all as if I am running through a thick fog unable to see what lies ahead but continuing to run as fast as I can without a care in the world.

The more sex I have with other men the more sex my husband seems to want me to have and I was curious if this is a normal reaction with men who have partners like me?

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