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My tummy flattening effort...  

Sharrissaerin 53T  
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5/24/2020 1:20 pm
My tummy flattening effort...

Since joining, I had friend contact my e- inquire about any positive results & if so, what was it that I had changed get those results that I had not seen before.

Being a combo of trans and sissy, I did not even have think about it as I told this friend of mine that since no single method had worked its own, it was time take drastic measures just see positive results.

So, I changed my morning intake of vitamins and herbal hormones add a couple of different fat flushing supplements.

a side note, I also started applying breast cream my breasts because I was not seeing the results there either.

I had originally picked a highly recommended herbal bust growth hormone but it does not work well when mixed with caffeine and yet, I was not about give coffee.

So, I added a second herbal estrogenic hormone be taken in the morning with breakfast and the first one that I had picked, I took that one at night before going to bed.

I also added an appetite suppressant, a metabolizer and an energy booster to the daily morning mix. So, you can just imagine how full my herbal medicine cup is when I set it on the table with my now much smaller breakfast. Having lost some weight as well as my tummy flattening, I now carry less weight which means less energy needed to move my body around when I need to and more often than not, I REALLY NEED TO MOVE!! I have been feeling a little more energetic as of late which is a really good thing if I want to be able to outlast my sex-partner

However, the problem with taking hormones, regardless of either the real thing VS the herbal variety, is the unavoidable weight gain in both genetic females and also trans girls.

Because of this problem, I had originally taken up cycling because it was low impact but still required a great deal of energy being spent, especially when climbing hills while riding a recumbent trike which actually uses a completely different muscle group as opposed to riding the typical bicycle. I was feeling it in my lower abdomen as well as my upper calves.

From my previous experience, I feel that with regular two-wheeled cycling, it is more about the downward force on the pedals than the overall pedaling and an increased chance of muscle cramping no matter how much you limber up to prevent it from happening.

The chances of cramping while riding a recumbent trike are considerably less although that does not mean that you should forgo the usual limbering routine to loosen up the body, not just the legs. Cramping is also a sign that your body is dehydrated and maintaining hydration is just as important to prevent cramping.

Hydration also plays a part in weight loss & especially cramp prevention which is why it is so important to stay hydrated no matter what certain people will tell you that drinking water too frequently, will cause you to literally drown inside your own skin.

There is such a condition caused from excessive hydration but when you are going along the side of the road in the sweltering heat with sweat pouring down from your body and even your breathable cycling clothing, meant to wick away the excessive moisture, instead leaves a trail of water on the pavement in your passing, it is far less likely, that you will drown in your own skin because you are losing bodily moisture at such a rapid pace that its all you can do to maintain proper hydration.

Hypnosis OR meditation??

I actually do both since they are two sides of a coin and have done much to help my feminine mindset. A long time ago, when I started using hypnosis, I had mistakenly thought that you have to change the mind in order to change the body but in one sense of it, that is sort of a misconception because I kept looking for mind-altering hypnosis and I often found a ton of junk being cranked out by a innumerable collective of charlatans, fakes and profiteers that did not know what they were doing but the vast majority of them did not care either.

Meditation as it was, also had its negatives but it also had the positives. When I first started using them, I unfortunately did not fully understand how to properly apply either method.

It has taken many years for me to understand that there is a basic rule for both. When changing the body through the mind, you REALLY HAVE TO WANT THE CHANGE TO HAPPEN!!

Otherwise, no matter how much you practice to make it work, will never work for you.

So, I had to learn how to let go without worrying about what might happen when using certain hypnosis recordings.

My problem was that there is the one rule that hypnosis is really about consent and if you do not want to do it, you cannot be made to do it unless an unscrupulous hypnotist knows how to get around your moral center and you have to be completely under in order for that to happen so that you will be open to suggestions but that requires being drugged to lower your mental defenses.

I do not have access to such hypnotic drugs.

Lord knows how much that I wish that I did so I could have broken down my own mental defenses long before now but since I did not, it took me until the start of April of 2020 for me to finally understand that wanting it to happen and then falsely believing that hypnosis will make it happen instantly, was a complete misconception of my own since the hypnosis was not working.

Yet, the few times that I actually went to a professional hypnotist, she had been working with me to help me quit<b> smoking </font></b>but try as she might, she was not able to successfully wean me off of the nicotine craving. I never really understood the use of her methods but she was actually very helpful in the long run because I did manage to quit many years later but only because I was going through a spiritual phase of my life and I still am very spiritual in many ways.

When I finally managed to quit, I had been using meditation as my tool to help bring out the natural pharmacology of my body to force it to accept the natural body highs and then wean myself off the vaping machine that I had been using to break away from<b> smoking </font></b>cigs.

The trouble with vaping though is that it also irritates the sinuses and in turn, the lungs in its own way.

Additionally, it made me feel sick as a when my natural body chemicals were mentally brought out of me to help me break the habit.

So, I began mentally forcing myself to make a choice. I was really liking how much that the mental change had helped me to increase all the natural feel-good chemicals in my body but I hated how much that be it,<b> smoking </font></b>or vaping, they both had a downside while using my internal pharmacology had virtually, no downside at all.

The proper way to use Hypnosis... Ever since i had decided to start using it, that was my problem... For all my many years of searching for the right hypno-author... (A professional that writes the hypno-scripts & then either records them personally onto a MP3 OR the professional hires out a voice actor to read the script as directed by the pro-hypnotist.) ...I was not thinking about me having failed in my use of the myriad of recordings now stored on my massive digital library drive, I was really thinking that all the recordings I had, were just junk and had not a single bit of hypnotic value to them at all.

However, it took A LOT of thinking as of recently to finally realize that many of the failures were not the fault of the people that made the hypno-recordings. I had to finally accept that the fault was within me and that somewhere deep within my subconscious, no matter how much I consciously wanted it, subconsciously, a part of me was fighting to sabotage my effort to succeed and finally gain the effects that I had been wanting so badly on the conscious level.

So, what it now comes down to, is me, finally being able to trance to help me become a better version of myself because I know how and I am using various hypno recordings to aid in my weight loss, exercising, lowering my food intake as well as changing and increasing the types of vitamins and herbal hormones that I take with breakfast and also before bed.

And that is how I am flattening my tummy. That, and the fact that I am using meditation to help myself to relearn patience because Rome was not built in a day. Neither was my over-sized spare tire around my tummy.

I was going to have to learn to be patient as I stick to my more recent plan because the human body may be an amazing thing but it still needs time to respond to any sort of change which will never happen overnight. That was my biggest problem with hypnosis.

Just as it cannot make someone do what they do not want to do, it also cannot make the human body respond as rapidly as is intended in any MP3-hypno-recording according to the description of the effects that are supposed to take place when you listen to it.

So, with new perseverance and my newly learned patience aided by meditation, I am finally seeing the results and perhaps anyone reading this will be able to see a better version of me in my future posted collective of pics on this site.

Its now all just a matter of time as only time will tell of my effort to slim down to become more of the sexy slutty trans/sissy bimbo slut that all the guys will lust after.

Who knows? Maybe, one day I will finally bring out my other PC to dust it off set it up with my web cam in a proper room so I can perform for all the guys to then lust after me as I show off my body & be the total cock tease for all the guys, LOL!

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