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Don't ya just hate it when...  

She_Is_Looking 45F
79 posts
9/7/2011 6:02 pm
Don't ya just hate it when...

Its a peculiar thing how the Fates know when you are trying to be one way and they usurp you into being something else. We have all had this experience at some point in our lives but yet mine seems to have been particularly head slapping since I have joined this site.

Shall I provide you with some examples??? Heck, I have no need to put on "airs" or to pretend I am some suave temptress...heehee, I still am completely at ease in laughing at myself. So! Feel free to laugh as well.

In no particular order, my demonstrations of sexy turned ridiculous:

1) In a particularly hot moment with a lover, he had me up on his kitchen counter, his massive cock hitting ALL the right areas. Naturally I squirted like a river all over his tile floor. Upon dismount, I proceeded to slip in my own mess and skid across his kitchen bare-assed.

2) Upon a first face-to-face meeting with a new playmate that I had chatted with for months, we were enjoying some much loved petting and heated makeout in his car when we decided to take it to a more private location. It being February, we were hit with our standard freezing rain storm earlier that day. As he proceeded to pull into a secluded municipal parking area, we promptly careened off the road and found ourselves sideways in a large ditch. We eventually crawled out of the driver's side door and scrambled along the ice to flag down a passing car. After finally locating a two company that would dare venture out on "a night like this", my playmate still held hopes that we could find a parking lot where we wouldn't get stranded....oh, and he poked me in the eye when we hugged goodnight.

3) I pride myself on my abilities and skills when pleasuring men (and women) orally. I realllllly get into it when I am sucking, stroking, and jerking a lovely cock...waiting for the warm streams of cum to reward me by streaking across my face and tits. Also, as part of the act of fellatio, I have been known to move beyond the shaft to the balls and (dare I say) puckered little sweet spot. On a second date with a playmate, we were relaxing watching the hockey game (Hellz Yeah!) when I decided that now was the time to fulfill that little fantasy of sucking a guy off as a little cumslut while he watched the game (so silly I know). As I had finally really got him to that sweet spot where his fingers were wrapped in my hair, his hips raising to meet my mouth, I brought my hand up to take over the stroking to focusing on his balls and ass. As I went in for the 'ass tickle' with my left index finger, his hips bucked and he let out a squeak and a clench. O_o

Uh oh...it was the perfect storm. I, being me, began to apologize profusely...with a hint of a giggle. Sigh...I haven't seen him since.

So these are just a FEW of my smooth moves...so I ask you two things:
1) What are your 'head slap' sexy moments?
2) How ya like me now????


T_D_H_1982 38M  
1921 posts
9/8/2011 2:47 am

Great post! I jumped onto the bed in what I thought was a graceful fashion once...only to bounce right off and land on my ass on the floor. Not exactly my finest hour.

She_Is_Looking 45F
29 posts
9/8/2011 6:21 pm

TDH! lol! I would have loved to have seen that! nothing like some finely timed limb flailing!

MrRightNow - why thank you! In my previous username, I was rather prolific in my adoration of giving oral pleasure....A to the D to the Oration...

JackScratch 44M
77 posts
9/20/2011 8:23 pm

Now there is the oral luvin girl I remember reading again and again

1seeking1 54F
2968 posts
8/6/2012 9:32 am

Great post, once a chair broke under us, we continued on the bed while laughing, and cleaned the mess later.

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