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Night Driving
A quick peek into the scenes of San Francisco and into my life.
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Posted:Aug 19, 2015 12:43 am
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2015 8:02 am

Crazy week is behind me now. At least I think it is! This past weekend I was so swamped! Busy, busy, busy! When I talked to other drivers they said it was a slow weekend. Sometimes it is just being in the right place at the right time but most of the time I am the unlucky one.

Here are a few things that happened over the weekend.

A young man flagged me and wanted me to know that he prefers LyftLine over taking a taxi. (Why did he flag a taxi then??? huh?) He said it only costs him $6 for his ride to work but it would cost him in a taxi $12. Okay, a savings but he sometimes has to share the car with 2 to 3 other people. Good for the driver but according to the young man it is horrible for the passengers because it should only be a 10 minute drive it can and almost always does take up to 1 hour. Yep, that is a savings. I guess only paying $6 for a an hour ride to work is cheap for him. I have always thought my time was more precious than the amount I pay for something. It is kind of like when you drive all over town grocery shopping to save money but you spend way more in gas and time. Not a savings for me.

In the Marina District you can normally find douchebag men and bitchy women. Well, on Friday night at about 1:30 am, three men were doing pushups in the street. Why do men do things like that? Crazy stupid.

Trying to get me some good karma, I give someone a free ride about once or twice a week. I really cannot afford to give people free rides but I do it anyway because I cannot afford to help others any other way. I do what I can.

Are you obsessed with the Royal Family? I know a little. I had a lady in my taxi who knew ALL kinds of interesting things about the Royal Family. She was fun to talk too! I learned so much and I think I am going to start trying to learn what I can about the Royal Family. So much intrigue.

Saturday is 98 degrees in San Francisco! 98!!! It never gets that hot in the city! Never! The wind typically blows cold air or the marine layer comes in after dark but it stayed very warm until about 10 pm and then it cooled off quite a bit but only went down to 68 degrees. Also it was the night of the Naked Sparkly Penis Guy in the Castro. Passengers from Texas asked if it was legal in California or San Francisco. Nope, it is not legal but if the man has his penis covered it is okay and he has to put something down when he sits down. Not many people go “mostly naked” in the city.

Front seat drivers are my favorite! Haha! I had a guy sitting in the front seat of my taxi and his family sat in the back seats but every time someone cut me off, made me stop quickly or maneuver to get around someone, the guy in the front seat would do a kind of karate chop motion with his hands, not saying anything. I was much less stressed than the guy in the front seat but he never said anything to me. I guess it was okay.

Everyone thinks taxi drivers are very aggressive drivers but I don’t think they compare to Uber and Lyft drivers. I feel they do not follow the legal way to drive because they have to make so much money an hour to make ends meet. Cutting people off, beeping if you are not moving fast enough, illegal lane changes, turning quickly in front of people and stopping when and where they want to stop! If you get into my taxi you will be treated like family. I drive like a normal person. I will listen to you if you want me to go a certain way but I will not drive like a crazy person for no one.

Best ride of the night by far happened at about 2:15 am! I was flagged by a guy who came up to my passenger window and in a deep quiet voice to ask me if I would take him and his friend (who was standing by a tree on the sidewalk) to Oakland. I kind of was a little spooked. He seemed to take a little offense but started to joke with me. I said I would take them where they needed to go as long as they were nice to me, then the smiles happened. We chatted and joked all the way to Oakland. I asked what they did, one was a musician and an artist and the other one was a radio sound guy. The only sound guy I know is Anderson from the podcast of LoveLine, so I asked if they listen to podcasts. The radio guy asked me to name 5 of my top favorite podcasts. I was on the spot and couldn’t even name five. I listen to so many podcasts, I had to take them off of my iPhone. One of the podcasts I did say was Snap Judgement. If you haven’t heard this podcast, I would suggest you listen to it! It is all about different people and the judgments they have made, not necessarily good or bad. I love all the different stories the people tell plus the host is from Michigan and lives in Oakland now. Well, as we were driving along I asked if anyone had plans for the weekend and the sound guy said he was going to papier-mâché fruit. I was a little shocked at his answer but I went along with it. I asked him what happens to the fruit when it hardens. He said he has power tools to get the fruit out then he eats them. Since he has been papier-mâchéing the fruit he has been forced to eat different kind of fruit. He takes the papier-mâché fruit and hangs them all over his ceiling in his living room. I asked if he had have papier-mâchéd a dragon fruit and he said no because it is too spiky. Funny. He said he had mostly pears because he loved pears. I asked what about vegetables, he said he buys them and eats them too fast to use papier-mâché on them. Well, we made it to his place and I still had to take the musician/artist home. As soon as the sound guy got out of the taxi the other guy said, you know that podcast you were talking about, Snap Judgement? I said yes, he said, you know that Pat Mesiti-Miller is the guy you just dropped off. He works on Snap Judgement. Why didn’t he say anything to me? The musician/artist guy said that Pat really enjoys “real” conversations with people and he was really enjoying our conversation. I really did enjoy the conversation but I had to ask if Pat really did papier-mâché fruit and his friend said, no. That made the ride so much better! I did make too much of a fuss about Pat, I felt sorry about not chatting with the musician/artist much more. I did apologies because I am not normally “start struck” but I really was. Crazy as it sounds. I did post on twitter AdultFriendFinder enjoyed the ride. What is the new papier-mâché fruit for the weekend? No response yet to my tweet. Not hoping for much but it would be nice.

Getting a little sleepy right now so I will add more tomorrow night. Thank you again for reading my blog and I love you very much! Good night!
Angry men, pat downs, orange moon and many more
Posted:Aug 12, 2015 4:55 am
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2020 6:23 pm

Normally I am a very patient and easy going person but sometimes people rub me the wrong way. On Friday night my first pick up in the city was an extremely drunk man. He had a hard time telling me where he wanted to go. I waited patiently. He said Grant and Green at first, we were on Columbus and Green which was a right turn and one block. He said, No Post and Polk. I pulled away and he said I need to pull over so he could pee. I asked him if he really wanted to pee in North Beach with all the people around. He said, all the cabbies know me and let me pee where I want too. I asked if he just wanted to get out, he said no just find a place for me to pee. I got to Columbus and Union trying to turn and he kept saying you could have gone when there was very little space for me to turn. He kept saying you are too slow and he wanted me to turn quickly and pull over so he could pee. I said there are way too many around here to pee outside. He asked me where I would take him to pee and I let him know I would take him to Post and Polk. He said that was okay he could wait. He did continue to complain about how fast I was going, too many cars on the road, me stopping at stop signs and just about anything else that I was doing or not doing. I turned onto Larkin St because it was it is a much faster street than Polk St (always a lot of traffic and people there). He asked again where we were going because he didn’t say he wanted to go down Larkin St. At this time I had just about enough. I pulled over and asked him to get out of my taxi. He said, no. I asked again for him to get out of my taxi. This time as he was getting out of my taxi he said he was disabled and I was doing a very bad thing. I said I am kicking you out of my taxi because you are a very rude man and he kept saying I was doing a bad thing because he is disabled. I just do not think you should be that rude to anyone!

Have you ever been to a strip club? I have not (well, not more than the vestibule). I watched a guy being patted down as he entered a strip club. Is that normal? Has it ever happened to you?

Did you happen to notice the moon on Saturday night at about 1:31 am? Here the moon was a deep orange silver hanging really low here. I love looking at the moon! Always something interesting happening around the moon too. There is suppose to be meteor showers for the next couple of nights. Tonight I was able to see a shooting star when I was taking a passenger home to Berkeley. The passenger remind me to make a wish. I did. Still hope to see more, I have more wishes to make. haha

Taking home drunk people you are never sure what is going to happen when they need to pay. Dropping off a guy and he kept searching through his pockets looking for his wallet and not finding it. He asked me if I had it, nope. He kept searching through his pockets again, like it was going to show up, it didn’t. He asked me again if I had his wallet, again I said I didn’t have it. He said he needed to go inside to get his wallet (I guess I really didn’t have his wallet after all, haha). He went to his door but had to be buzzed in. Whoever let him in asked him why he wasn’t using a key but I didn’t hear his response. On his way back out he did say he was going to need help with the taxi. He did pay me without any problems.

Outside Lands was this past weekend. It was a fun hearing about all the different bands that were playing at the festival. There were a few shocking groups that played but most I had never heard of. Sam Smith and Mumford and Sons was there and I would have to see either of them. I heard Billy Idol was there, crazy! I heard he was amazing too! The person that shocked me the most was Sir Elton John was the main headliner that everyone wanted to go see! This festival is attended by 30 somethings. Most were not even born when Elton John was really big. I did hear that he has a new album out. It was strange to hear the young men being so excite about seeing someone I loved when I was young! Elton John still has it! Talk about staying power.

I took a passenger to Walgreens in Daly City and while I was waiting outside in my taxi a guy was pushing a shopping cart with a thing of water in it and a container of fruit. As he pushed the shopping cart off the sidewalk and into the parking lot the container of fruit fell and spilled all over the ground. The guy just continued to go back to his car doing nothing about the container of fruit. I am not sure what I would have liked him to do with the fruit but I at least would have picked up as much as I could.

Often times I have troubles understanding where people want to go but if English is their first language I don’t normally have much trouble but a guy asked me to go to “sorry towed” and I had no clue what he was saying. I asked him where it was and he said 24th and Mission. As we chatted a few more minutes on the way to 24th and Mission I figured out where he wanted to go. El Farolito. I have not been to this Mexican restaurant but I have heard it is yummy. Always packed, even at 3:00 am. Maybe next time my family wants real Mexican food and we are close to the city.

Very sleepy tonight! I have actually been writing this blog post for 4 days! I just couldn’t find the words correctly. I am hoping it makes sense but not sure.

I did think of one more tip when taking a taxi. Please, we know you enjoy taking Uber/Lyft please do not say how amazing it is to take one when you are in a taxi. If it was so amazing why are you taking a taxi? Must not be that amazing. Sorry. Just annoyed with it tonight.

Okay, thank you very much for reading my blog! I love you very much and hope you get to wish on a shooting star like I did!
Interesting people
Posted:Aug 6, 2015 11:03 am
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2015 8:08 am

The city of San Francisco has so many interesting people walking around. A man walking around carrying a 11x18 sized framed mirror and looking at himself. He was also talking to himself as well. He then showed other people what they looked like, not that those he showed really wanted to see themselves. Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

Still living in a bubble I guess but in my life I have not seen many little people. A few over my life but not many. In the past six months I have seen about 50 driving all over the city. I hope I haven’t offend anyone, it is just an observance.

Last night a young male was wearing tall bacon socks! Well, they said bacon. Cool ! He was wearing shorts and riding a skateboard. Bacon is awesome but I am not sure I would wear bacon.

A few things passengers complain about other drivers.

1. Drivers not wanting to take passengers to Treasure Island, Oakland, Richmond, Stonestown areas.
I will drive you 1 block to far, far away! I do not care. It is my job to drive you where you want to go. Need to go to New York, I will take you! Haha! I will just have to make a few arrangements first or on the way.

2. Drivers not wanting to take credit cards.
I take credit cards. They do charge me a fee but it is the price of doing business. I personally do not carry cash very often so how could I even complain about taking a credit card.

3. Drivers talking on their phone while they have passengers.
I never take phone calls. I apologize when I do get a phone call but I do not answer it, just silence it. The only time I have taken phone calls is when the same person calls me twice in a matter of minutes. I let my passenger know I need to take the call and then I answer quickly and let the person on the phone know I have a passenger. End the call as soon as I can. I then apologize again.

4. Drivers not wanting to take ParaTransit
I don’t often get ParaTransit but I always try to run it through the machine first so it will not take a long time. I hate making the passenger wait any longer than they have too. Most of the time it works with no problems but sometimes there is no signal and I have to call them in. It takes much more time but works just as well. Happy the passenger seems to be okay with me having to call it in because it happens often.

This weekend is Outside Lands. A major music festival that lasts 3 days in San Francisco, thousands and thousands of people attend. The weather forecast is actually very good! Not too hot or too cold which is wonderful! Many more people will go and need rides there and back! I will be in the area, so if you need a ride! Call or text me.

Well, thank you again for reading my blog! I love telling my story. Comments are fun too! Helps me know how I am doing.

Thank you again! I love you very much!
Tips for taking a taxi
Posted:Aug 5, 2015 3:43 pm
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2020 6:23 pm

I have a few tips for taking a taxi, well, taking my taxi. I cannot speak for everyone, just for me.

1. When you hail my taxi, it is awesome if you do not wait until I am almost past you to raise your hand so I do not have to slam on my brakes or cut people off to get to you. Makes things easier and safer for everyone.

2. If you need to say goodbye to someone waiting for you, do it before you hail a taxi. I understand you need to say goodbye but sometimes it takes more than a few minutes. Hail a taxi after you say your long good bye and maybe a quick goodbye after you hail that taxi.

3. Say hello and give me a cross street or place you want to go. I know where most cross streets in the city but not addresses. If you do not know, I can and will gps it, so we do not go the wrong way.

4. If you have a prefered way to get to your address please tell me, feel free to be my backseat driver! Or if you are only kind of sure, ask which way I am planning on going and let me know if it is okay with you.

5. Talking, it is okay with me if you do not feel like chatting. If you do feel like chatting, I love to talk too!

6. At the very least, pay attention to the route we are taking, sometimes I mess up. I am human and sometimes go the wrong way. I am okay with you letting me know I am going the wrong way.

7. If you are going to get really wasted, please make sure you have something with your current address on it. It will make me taking you to your home so much easier! I have no problems picking up someone who is black out drunk as long as you know where you live.

8. If you sit in my front seat, please put the seat back to where you found it or at least move it forward a little bit. There is a reason why the front seat is pushed up as far as it can go, so when someone gets into the back seat, it is easier to get in and out of. Often I have to stop after someone sits in the front seat and fix the seat. I am not unhappy or mad about it but it would be nice if someone did fix it.

9. Tipping would be awesome. Not sure everyone knows we live on tips just like hairdressers, waiters and bartenders. Tips are the same percentage as they are in a restaurant, depending on service.

10. Thank you again for riding in my taxi. It is always a pleasure to take you to your destination.

Okay, not too many and not too hard to follow. Right??? Did I forget something? Hope not.

Thanks again for reading my blog! I love you very much?
Wild, strange, dark, not sure weekend.
Posted:Aug 5, 2015 2:46 pm
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2015 4:55 am
I have been having way too many days when I really didn’t want to go to work. It really is just the drive to work I do not want to do. I actually enjoy work, once I am there but the getting to work I am not a fan of these days. I also had a very bad Saturday. Not only did I not want to drive to work, I just didn’t want to work even once I got there. I don’t know why and it didn’t even change once I was at work this day. I did work and work as hard as I could. Strange and funny things did happen but it just didn’t get me out of my funk.

Have I told you there is a law that a taxi driver cannot take more passengers than they have seat belts? Well there is one. I have been asked many times to take 5, pleaded and begged too, but I will not. The fine for taking more than what I am suppose to take out weighs anything the passengers want to say or give me. Driving down a high tourist area, Fisherman’s Wharf, I was asked if I could take 5 and I said no but I would take some and another taxi would be by soon to take the rest. Customer said they would wait so I started to drive off. A taxi driver going the other way told me I should take them anyway. Why did it matter to him if I took these passengers or not? He even had a full taxi and couldn’t take them himself. Sorry, not going to do it.

In the past I have picked up female but tonight I picked up a male ! He is was a black male wearing black pants and shirt but he had on white shoes and belt. Very stylish, from the 1970’s. He was a very nice man, we chatted nicely all the way to his destination. He said his wife of 8 years had passed a few months ago and his world fell apart. He felt lost and didn’t want to do what he was doing before, managing a few large companies. He fell into stripping at a gay bar, enjoying the stress free life he was living. After a bit, he thought he would start sleeping with men for money. money was better than stripping but he is not a gay man. He also is working for KINK.com doing some porn and modeling for them. Hope he finds his way, soon. He was not sure how long he wanted to do this but for now, it was working for him.

The people walking down in the city never cease to amaze me with what they wear! Fluorescent yellow green skirt and extremely high heels with a white jacket and big blond hair. Very 80’s look. She was being pulled along by a man wearing basketball shorts and a hoodie. Very unmatched couple.

Driving down O’Farrell St a large dog, like a husky was hanging out the sunroof of a car! I didn’t think anyone would believe me so I have photo proof!

Picking up two men in the Castro tonight was pretty normal but on the way we were chatting and one of the guys just fell asleep. He would every once in awhile wake up and say something to me then he just started talking nonsense in his sleep, my guess, about his work. Things couldn’t go here or there and they needed to move this or that! Quite humorous. About 4 blocks from their hotel, the other guy kept telling his friend to wake up. We are here. The sleeping friend said, no let me sleep until we get there. Everyone was happy and awake when they got out of the taxi.

There was a blackout on Castro Street! I was driving down Castro and all of a sudden the power went out. At first there was a strange quiet then an high pitch ahhhh. I was able to make it to Market Street and was flagged right there, so I was able to get out of the Castro for a little time. I went back after dropping off a those passengers and found out that only Castro between Market Street and 19th Street had no power so a few of the bars and restaurants were fine. The Castro was a busy, busy place on Saturday night! I did pick up a few who didn’t even know the power was out. Makes it an exciting evening!

Disney is now off my list of places I would like to visit. I picked up a lady who works for Disney in their promotions department. She is in charge of making sure department is able to deal with conventions and things like that. At first we were having a great chat about her job and Disney, then she all of a sudden wanted to know why it was costing 3 times the amount that it costed her to get to where she was going. There was tons of traffic so it would take longer to get to where she wanted to go. She said I was taking the long way around. I told her I was taking the fastest way and shortest route to her hotel. She made many comments about how long it was taking. I asked her if she wanted me to drop her off right here and now but she said, NO I want you to take me to my hotel. I should have just had her get out of my taxi. I did nothing wrong in her route. There are always a few way to get from one side of the city to another some cost a little bit more than others, some have more traffic. I got her to her hotel and I told her to have a good night. She said she needed to pay me but I didn’t want her money. She is such a bitter woman I didn’t need her negative attitude anymore in my taxi. She needed the money much more than I do, apparently.

I met a man who creates guitars in Nashville and his wife, they were such a fun and friendly couple. A reason why I love driving taxi in San Francisco, most people are so friendly and fun to have in my taxi!

I love chatting up tourist! Sometimes I am even asked to take them someplace cool, like Lombard Street, Coit Tower, Sutro Tower, over the Golden Gate Bridge or Ocean Beach. I love to let people know where to go to see awesome things in the city like Top of the Mark for drinks and dinner then hope on a cable car and ride it down to the Embarcadero. When the lights turn back on the Bay Bridge it will be a very romantic ride down California Street, again. The Embarcadero is also a wonderful place to take a stroll during the evening. The walkway is well lit and not many people hang out there but it is a nice place for an evening walk. They have a few different sculptures along the walkway as well. Most of them came from Burning Man (a music and art festival in the middle of the desert but used to be in San Francisco until it got too big) including a 60-foot sculpture named “SOMA” combines metal and LED lights to mimic brain neurons and create an interactive experience by the Flaming Lotus Girls.

Not a whole lot has happened since the weekend. Tuesday seem to be slow too. Still hoping things will pick up. Talking to another driver yesterday and he is really convinced that only Uber has changed things in the city. He didn’t think that the cost of living in SF had anything to do with it, also he said that thousands and thousands are moving in the city every week so there should be so many more people needing taxis. I am not sure that is how it works. I think the more people that move into the city, the more cars are on the road and public transportation is getting used much, much more. The cost of an apartment is still very expensive at an average $4,200 for a small one bedroom. Crazy! We also have tons of housing being built in the Mission Bay/Patch area so it will become busy there as well but not cost any less.

Thank you very much for reading my blog! I love you very much!

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Thursdays are so slow
Posted:Jul 31, 2015 2:03 am
Last Updated:Aug 5, 2015 2:19 pm

I am not a fan of working Thursdays. They are typically slow and not fun at all. Nothing really exciting happened. Even my ride to the airport was uneventful. I much prefer a busy, busy night but they cannot all be exciting and fun. I am hoping the weather will be good this weekend so people will want to go out and do things. We were suppose to have a heat wave, starting Tuesday, get worse on Wednesday and cool down a little bit on Thursday and Friday with a nice weekend. As normal in San Francisco the weather doesn’t follow what is predicted. The past few days haven’t been very warm but they are still nice. Karl the Fog came in pretty early last night, at about 5:00 pm, makes people not want to go out as much at night.

Thank you again for reading my blog! I know some days are not very exciting but I do love my job! Well, it is off to bed for me.

As always, I love you very much! Thank you again for reading my blog! I love reading the comments made too! Thank you so much!
Traffic, traffic, TRAFFIC!
Posted:Jul 30, 2015 2:41 am
Last Updated:Aug 5, 2015 2:19 pm
Sunny Saturday in San Francisco = So much traffic and no way to get around it!!!! I guess I shouldn’t complain much but when a ride should take only about 20 minutes and it turns into 1 hour, that is WAY too much traffic! I don’t mind being in traffic when I am not working but I always feel bad about people being in my taxi and paying to sit. I often will look on a GPS app for different ways to get to their destination. Sometimes they are better but not always. A few times the GPS app has taken me WAY out of the way, even if there wasn’t traffic. I try and look at the streets the GPS app is taking me and make a decision to see if there is even a better way to go too. Do you use a GPS app? Do you have a favorite one?

I know I was talking about a futbol match in the Bay Area yesterday, I found out it was the International Cup Championship. Do not know how long they are going for but if you look up their schedule it looks to be a few fun matches. I wish I could watch a few but even if I had the channels I would not even understand what is going on. The match is only shown on channels that speak in Spanish. I am not a real fan but I do enjoy watching sporting events. I call myself a “peripheral” fan. Meaning I know really nothing about the teams, I do not have really any favorite team but I really enjoy watching most sports.

During the early part of my shift, when it was still light outside, I watched a motorcycle CHP go down a one way street going the wrong way. He seemed a little confused on his way past everyone but ended up turning down another street with his lights and sirens on. Maybe he knew what he was doing. Only he knows.

At least once or twice a night I am asked if I ever get scared driving a taxi in the middle of the night or even scared of the people I pick up. I use my female intuition when picking up people plus I feel I am a really nice person so they treat me like a nice person. I have had very few problems with people that get in my taxi and when I have had problems with them, it was really just small things. I try and not pick up in certain areas of the city but sometimes I find myself in those areas dropping off people. I do drop them off quickly and not stop until I get back to a safe area. I sometimes wish there was a way to only unlock one door in the car at a time. Like only unlocking the back passenger door or the front passenger door. That would make things safer for many, many people, if you could unlock a door, multiple doors or all doors. Don’t you think?

July 28

Tonight I picked up mostly men tonight. They also didn’t want to talk at all, which I guess shouldn’t be unusual but it is in San Francisco. Most people in the city just want to chat a little bit. Sometimes I am a little bit uncomfortable when that happens but I deal with it as best as I can. With a smile and a friendly thank you very much. Happy most tip very nicely too!

Have you ever been in SF when it was over 70 at 10:00 pm? Well, there are so many people out and about it is wonderful in the city! People are happy and excited to be able to spend time outside without a jacket that the parks and bars are packed! People are happy to take a taxi home. Love hot days in the city!

I picked up a very nice and quiet man at the ballpark and he needed to go to Tiburon. I have never been to Tiburon. Very nice views from there! I want to go during the day to see what it looks like in daylight! I think where I dropped off the guy was the very end of the peninsula but since it was so dark, I am not really sure. While my customer was paying another guy was waiting outside of my taxi. At first I wasn’t sure why he was standing around but he asked if I could take him back to his hotel. He had been waiting for a taxi for over an hour. I told him I was not suppose to pick up any other place than the city or the airport. Since he had been waiting an hour to go back to his hotel, I said, I guess I could take him back to his hotel. He got in and away we went, chatting the whole time. Very nice man. Happy I could help him out. I don’t know if I would be happy waiting over an hour for a taxi. I know it happens everywhere but it doesn’t make it right.

So I was driving down the freeway going over the speed limit, but not too much over it, in the fast lane because there was much slower drivers in the other lanes when the car behind me starts flashing their lights at me. Why do people do this?? I was driving faster than the lanes to the right of me. I had every right to be in the lane I was in. I shouldn’t have to move over just because the person behind me feels they are better than me? There was plenty of space for the person behind me to wiggle his way between cars that were going slower than I was. The only people that have the right to make me move over is the police. I know me not moving over for the guy behind me flashing their lights may not make everyone happy but it is my view. My dad always said, if two cars to the right of me was going faster, move over. I do that (okay, sometimes I daydream and mess up). I feel it is only right.

July 25

I watched a very young lady walking two dogs. She bent over to pet one of the dogs and something fell out of her shirt, then something else fell out of her shirt. It looked like the fake foam boobs that fell out of her shirt! She quickly picked them up and stuffed them back into her shirt. Then tried to walk away quickly from the area. I just had to giggle. I had never seen that before!

I picked up three wonderful ladies outside of the ballpark. I hustled them into the taxi and off we went. So much traffic! What should have taken 15 minutes took almost an hour! We chatted about a lot of things. There were here visiting the area for the weekend, to go to the game, eat and enjoy themselves! The ladies lived in the LA area and were Giants fans but their families are Dodgers fans so the families were not happy they came up for the game. (My guess, is the family was okay with the visit but didn’t really “like” them going to the game). Two of the ladies lived in the SF area at one time but had not been to SF in about 20 years. It was great to chat with them about the changes they saw. When I dropped them off at Pier 39 they asked to see if I would pick them up later so I gave them my card and said I would be happy to pick them up again. I received a call about 3 hours later and they asked for a ride back to their hotel. I was a little bit far away and said, if they wanted to take another taxi, it would be okay. They said, no, they would wait for me. I was able to get to them pretty quickly! Happy in SF we have roads with timed lights. Happy to be able to pick them up and take them to their hotel after their evening of dinner and shopping! When I dropped them at their hotel, I was given lots of hugs and hope that they call me again when they are in the area!

Well, I think that is all I have for right now. Thank you again for reading my blog! I love you very much!

Water... Really!
Posted:Jul 25, 2015 1:22 pm
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2020 6:23 pm
Friday nights lately are a mix of busy and extremely slow lately and last night was no exception. I was happy to find out that my taxi was fixed by the time I started my shift. It was the battery! It made me feel better knowing that it was actually something wrong with my taxi. I know nothing about cars so I am never sure what I think is wrong is really something wrong. I guess a taxi last night caught on fire because of the battery. Hybrid cars are a trip! I guess the catch on fire because of the battery often, if they are not nicely maintained. Good thing I caught it when I did!

I stopped for dinner at my favorite pizza place in the city last night. It was empty when I got there. I got my pizza and sat down at a table, put my headphones in to listen to my podcasts and ate my pizza. Hawaiian is what I like! While I was eating, the place filled up very and was very, very full! I had just predicted it to the people that work there too! Funny how that happens. Well, I was taking my garbage to the trash and a young black man said excuse me. I looked at him, smiled and said I am sorry and moved away. I left and walked out of the building. I stopped to put something else I had in my pocket in a trash receptacle on the street and the same guy with another guy stopped me. They said I spilled my water on one of the guys, I let them know I didn’t have water. He said, no you spilled my water. I said, sorry, I didn’t know, I apologize. They really didn’t seem to want to take my apology. I said again that I was sorry and moved away. I could hear them talking to others about me spilling water on the guy. I was a little freaked out at that time. First off, he didn’t look wet and second, it was WATER! Oh, my gosh! Freaking water. I was happy I was approached by two wonderful men who had just gotten married. We chatted for a time and then I went into the drugstore to pick up a few things before I went back to work. Happy those boys didn’t follow me and were not around when I came back out. Back to work I went. I did see the a little later in the evening. I drove right past them. Also I do not remember touching anyone when I was in the restaurant. Maybe the boy spilled the water on himself.

In San Jose the Premier League (or something like that, sorry!) is playing each other and I guess some of the MLS teams. At the St Regis Hotel in SF, there are tons of screams fans waiting for the teams to arrive every night for the past week or so. It is so fun to see! I wish the US was a bigger fan of futbol. When the World Cup was in Brazil, SF went crazy watching the matches. I really enjoyed them too and I cannot wait for the next set of matches in, what 3 years. Go Futbol!

Have you ever heard of tomato water? I had not until I picked up a sous chef. This nice young guy and I chatted about the new restaurant in the Mission District and he was talking about the foods they served. One of the things he mentioned was salmon with tomato water. I had never heard of such a thing. I asked how you made tomato water and I was even more shocked! It is much easier than I thought and so many things you can do with it! I guess I will try and make it sometime. Sounds interesting! Do you have any favorite recipes that use tomato water?

I know life is full of surprises, I try and take each with a smile and a positive attitude. Sometimes the surprises are wonderful and sometimes they suck so bad. I am ready to have more of the wonderful surprises in my life. I guess I will keep trying to be a good person and do the right thing. I am not unhappy right now. I have a good life and a wonderful family. Just sometimes the outside world bites you in the butt.

Okay, enough for that now. Hope tonight there are some exciting and blog worthy things happen. Thank you again for reading my blog! I love you very much!
Day from H#!!
Posted:Jul 24, 2015 1:22 am
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2020 6:23 pm

Day from H#!! Car problems so I tried to make arrangements but nothing was working. I had to wait for my to get home from work so I could go to work. I was suppose to start work at 4 but didn’t get there until 7. Okay fine, I can move past this and make a lot of money in a short amount of time. Okay, don’t laugh it can happen.

I was able to get a couple of longer rides so I was so close to getting my gate. When I started I thought something smelled in my taxi but I wasn’t sure. There are places in the city that are a little smelly so I thought maybe it that. After a few pick ups I asked a lady who wanted to go to the airport if it smelled in the taxi and she said it smelled like gas. Not just regular gas but maybe gas like. On the way to the airport I had to stop a stoplight, it looked like a small amount of smoke came out from under the hood. I had no alarm lights or nothing out of the ordinary. I was able to drive the lady to the airport with no problems. I then called the owner of the taxi to see what he wanted me to do. He told me to take it back to the yard to see what they can see or smell. No problems getting back to the yard. I talked to one of the guys at the yard and he thought the battery smelled like it was melting so he “shopped” it. I called the owner of the taxi to let him know what was going on. I could get a spare taxi but since I had already had such a horrible day I let him know I was going to go home instead. He said he understood and said I could just pay half gate. At least that was nice!

Okay, so on my way home I chatted with my about all the things that had happened and we decided to go to the store and get cake. Great ending to my long, long day.

So after all that has happened I am happy to be home and ready to start having a wonderful day tomorrow! Or is it tomorrow already?

Thank you very much for reading and I love you very much!
Feeling GREAT!
Posted:Jul 23, 2015 11:07 am
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2015 1:28 pm
I am feeling so much better now! I just wanted to let you know that if I was so dizzy and off balance I would never have gotten behind the wheel. I was a little “off” more nauseated than anything else after the first day. I also called and talked to my doctor and he suggested that I do these movements to move the blockage from the inner ear. It took a few days of doing this movement to get rid of the blockage. I will keep doing these movements just to keep the blockage gone. The movements they told me about I found online by Dr. Foster. Works wonders! Happy it is gone and I hope to keep it at bay as well.

Have you ever seen a young man riding a bicycle at night wearing dark clothes and sunglasses? Well, I have. I really don’t think it is a good idea to ride a bicycle in the dark with sunglasses on. The guy almost rode his bike straight into me while I was stopped at a stop light. Happy he saw me at the last moment. Made me chuckle a little bit. Hope he was able to make it where he was going without too much troubles.

I am always asked why I do not drive for a rideshare company. I let them know that I didn’t drive taxi before I they were around so I do not know what it was like before. I do just fine driving a taxi. I am not sure why they think driving for Uber or Lyft would be any better than driving a taxi. I only have the cost of gate or “rent” for taxi and the cost of gas. I do not have to pay to wash, maintain my vehicle (oil changes, brakes, or anything else cars need to stay working), not only their regular insurance but now commercial insurance, nor do I have to make sure I have water or snacks. Those are extra costs they have that I do not have. For a $20 ride how much do you think the Uber or Lyft driver will actually come back home with? On average they will only take home about $6 to $7 for that ride and not make a tip. On that same ride, after taking out gate, gas and maybe lunch, I will take home about $15. So which is the better deal? I am still going to drive a taxi. I am struggling but I talk to many waiters/waitress, bartenders and people in retail and they are saying the same thing. It is not as busy as it was 2-3 years ago. The cost to rent/buy/own property in the city is so high that people are now choosing to only go out one night a week or if they are going out more than one night they go to friend’s places. I am hoping things change soon in the city.

I am happy I am back in my old taxi. It was hard driving a spare while ours was being fixed. Spares are older taxis that are used when all the other taxis are in working order. Spares are not always the cleanest of taxis but I spent a lot of time cleaning when I got into a new spare.

Well, tonight is another night. Hoping it will be an exciting a fun Thursday night. Thursdays are normally kind of slow but I heard there is a big race that is coming into town this weekend. Not sure what the big race is but they are already posting that roads will be closed on Sunday.

Also as a heads up starting August 1st only buses and taxis will be able to turn onto Market St. Also BART will be not running for a few days from SF to Oakland. So, if you need a ride…

I think that is all I have for today! Thank you very much for reading my blog! It makes me happy that someone enjoys my stories! I love you very much!

EARTHQUAKE and a trying nights.
Posted:Jul 22, 2015 3:25 am
Last Updated:Jul 23, 2015 11:17 am
EARTHQUAKE!!! Did you feel it last night? I did! I always get so excited when I feel them! It was only about 4.2 a couple of miles from where I live so it was just a little shake. We don’t actually get them often so when one happens it is always fun.

Tonight my first ride was a family of 3 with TONS of suitcases. Only 3 large ones fit in my trunk of the taxi and 4 of the mid size suitcases were in the front seat with me. They wanted to go to Pleasanton, which is meter and a half ride about a $177 ride. They were okay with it, so I added their address in my gps and off we went. The ride was uneventful expect the young man wanted to be home for the start of the Manchester United futbal game. Manchester United was playing in the Avaya Stadium, according to the young man. We made it to their home about about 20 minutes after the match started. He seemed very happy.

Driving down Dubose I noticed a bunch of people moving around in the middle of the street. I wasn’t sure what was going on until one of the people fell down and the others started to kick and hit that person. At this time there was 4 cars coming up to the fight and the males jumped into a car. The girl jumped up and started looking for something on the road. I pulled alongside her and asked her if she was okay and she yelled “where’s my f$%*ing phone”. I guess she was not interested in my help so I moved on. I always feel bad when I do but some people do not want or need my help.

July 18

Every night I think “I have seen everything” or even “nothing surprises me anymore” then something does. A guy in a large white Escalade was yelling something out his window. At first I wasn’t sure what he was saying or even asking me a question. We were sitting at a stop light and the guy kept saying something out his window, I didn’t have my window open and I was chatting with people in my taxi. Our conversation waned so I heard the guy asking me if I knew where to get crack cocaine. I have never wanted to needed to know where you can get any drugs so I didn’t answer him. After the light turned green his car started to drive off a little faster than I was but the guy was hanging out of the window with a stack of $100 bills! I hope he didn’t lose them out the window or someone try and take the money from him. I did see him ask a guy in another car. The other guy seem to wave him to follow him but the Escalade didn’t follow them. Is it bad that I hoped the guy lost his money on the street or had someone take it from him so he couldn’t buy any cocaine?

Driving down Franklin St with a few passengers and we stopped at a red light at California. In the car next to us was 2 older men and one of men yelled “You are beautiful” to a young lady crossing the street. Needless to say the lady who was crossing the street started to walk quickly. Would you feel uncomfortable if you were catcalled in the middle of the night?

I picked up a couple of people, male and female, in the Marina District I dropped off the female a few blocks away and the male needed to go to SOMA so off we went. Chatting about ex girlfriends, work, school, family. He was very drunk. We were almost to his home and a cellphone started to ring. I said, I think your phone is ringing. He said, nope, not his phone. His phone was dead. A few minutes later the phone started to ring again and he was fiddling with a backpack. I assumed it was his but I was wrong. He said he stole a co workers backpack but planned to give it back to the girl at work on Monday. I am not sure what was going on at that time but the phone rang again and he actually answered it. He talked about meeting up with the girl to give her back the backpack. He couldn’t get her address correct so I talked with the girl. We turned around and went back to the Marina District. He told me not to wait for him. After asking a few times, if he was sure. I drove away. Crazy. Not sure how he was getting home.

One of my favorite places to pick up people is always the Castro and tonight wasn’t an exception. A group of males approached my taxi and one of the guys asked if I could take their friend home. I said, of course! The group of males had to talk the guy into the taxi! He thought he would be able to drive home. He gave me an address in Burlingame and off we went. I tried to chat with the guy but he was really, really drunk and wasn’t really wanting to talk. I figure that was actually better than him to get sick in my taxi. He would sleep a little bit and then wake up, never saying anything. I just drove him to his address. Most of the time getting the address and using gps to get to their home is not a problem but this time… The address I was given was just off the freeway in a dark ravine. I saw a light on a house but no driveway to get to it. I woke the guy up to see if he knew where his house was from here. He said no this wasn’t where he lived. I asked if he had a driver's licence with his address on and he said no. I asked if he had anything with his address on it. He gave me his wallet and I looked through it. Nothing! His licence was from another state and he didn’t have anything else in there! I asked if he had his address in his phone and he said no. I asked he could text someone who may know his address but he didn’t know anyone in his phone. He was very drunk still. I texted a few people to see if they knew his address, from his phone and saying I was his taxi driver. No answer. I wanted to call someone but all his recent phone calls had been erased and he had no favorites. I didn’t know what to do with this guy. He did say he had just moved into this place and didn’t remember the address. I did find out he was a flight attendant so I asked if we went to the airport could he get us back to his home and he said yes. So I put into the gps how to get to the airport. On the way back to the airport in the middle of no where the guys says just let me out here. I said there is nothing here, did you really want to get out. He said no, so I continued on. We get close to 101 and the guy starts to tell me how to get to his home. He at first said, turn right, then turn left but turning left would take me into CalTrain so I asked if he really knew where we were going. He said no. I asked again if he remembered his address. Nope. He didn’t. I then thought maybe I should call dispatch to see what they advise. They suggested I take him to someplace public, police station, fire station or someplace like that. I just didn’t feel right about that. I asked if I dropped him at the airport would that be okay. The dispatch said that would be fine. So I took him to the airport. He seemed happy that I wanted to help him and was nice to him. He paid me and gave me a nice tip. He got out of my taxi after I had given him my business card and then he went into the airport. I had hoped he would call me and let me know he arrived home but I haven’t heard from him. I hope nothing bad happened to him. I gave my business card to his friends as well when I picked up the guy but no one has called.

July 19

Flagged by 3 ladies on Polk and Pine streets, they wanted to go to Temple in SOMA. Not only did the 3 ladies get into my taxi but 2 males got in as well, including one with an American flag on a pole. I told the boys that one of them needed to get out or all of them needed to get out. Happy the ladies got the guys out of the taxi after yelling at them for a few minutes. After the boys left the ladies said they didn’t even know the boys and were happy they were not coming along with them. The ladies were in the US for a 3 week holiday, spending time in LA, Vegas, San Diego and San Francisco. They were leaving on Monday so they didn’t have a lot of time left in the city. Trying to get in as much as they could in the short time. They have already done all kinds of things in SF but would have liked to go to Alcatraz but they didn’t get tickets in time. We almost were to Temple and one of the girls had received a text saying it cost $50 to get into Temple for the after hours club. They didn’t think that was worth going so they decided to go back to the hotel. On the way they pasted others that was in their group and that seemed to make the ride to Temple not a complete waste for the ladies. Hope they had a blast the rest of their visit and they come back again to our wonderful city.

My vertigo is actually not as bad as I thought it was. I am able to drive and do thing sitting things but as soon as I tip my head a certain way, the world spins. I do everything to keep the world from spinning but I guess I am going to have to go and find out what is wrong with me soon.

Thank you again for reading! I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to read what happens in my night! I love you!

Posted:Jul 21, 2015 3:07 pm
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2020 6:23 pm
Have you ever had vertigo? I had not until about a year ago. I am dealing with it again. Last time it was really bad for only a day or two but this time it has been going on since Thursday. I didn’t drive Thursday night but did drive on Friday and Saturday. It was okay. I found this movement you can do to help with vertigo and it helps for a little bit. Not sure what I have to do to get rid of it forever or at least for another year. It would be amazing if it came back next year and I knew how to get rid of it.

July 7

On most nights you can find a large group of people around either one of the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) stations in the Mission District. One group is interesting to watch! They are there preaching the gospel. Rapping, singing, yelling and just having a wonderful time! When this group of young people is there,the police presence is very little, so it is wonderful to see. I end up driving around that block a few times just to show, in my own way, support for them. I am not a religious person but I do know and understand others believe and need the support from a religion and others who believe. I hope they continue to be able to pray in this manner.

July 9

Two older men got into my taxi and kept saying “discard eligible” and “that is not awesome”. They tried to explain what discard eligible meant but I didn’t understand. I guess it has something to do with someone you would sleep with but nothing more, or not really because they couldn’t explain it. Oh, well, somethings are better not explained to me or do you know what that means?

July 3

Why do you go and visit a city when you do not like cities? I had a couple who was visiting from Florida and they complained there was too many people at the Wharf. They complained there wasn’t any “chain” restaurants in the city, like Olive Garden, Chili's or Red Lobster. With 4400 restaurants in our 49 square mile city, why would you want to spend it in a chain restaurant? Oh, well. They also complained about how cold it was in July. They were expecting it to be “hot California” but Karl the Fog was over the city. I guess they thought Florida was perfect.

July 11

I picked up a drunk mom, a young lady and a 7 year old boy. As soon as they got into the taxi the mother said she had bought 10 hamburgers, small fries and water to give to homeless people to teach her how it felt to give to those in need. It was 11:30 pm. She didn’t want to go to the Tenderloin area where her might get into trouble or hurt but someplace where a group of homeless who would be appreciative of her gift. Her thoughts were nice but she kept repeating how good her was going to feel after giving this food away, over and over. I started to doubt why she really was doing this. Plus she kept eating out of the bags of food (really?!?!?! Wanting to help others?) The young lady with them (I think she might have been a cousin or nanny) kept agreeing, kind of with the mother. I was not sure where she wanted to find a group of 10 homeless people who would love her food and maybe call her queen (sorry, I cannot help myself right now) So she wanted me to stop all the street and look for homeless people, she wanted me to wait. Her young was falling asleep and she demanded he go with her so he would feel better. Also the young was asked to give his money from the bank to homeless people and he told her no, he had plans for that money. Plus his mother said she had already doubled it. He said he was given $4,000 from his aunt and his mom would make it $8,000. I kept thinking, I wish someone would give me $4,000 them double it to $8,000. The mom kept saying she spends a lot of time in her town walking the streets and asking what a homeless person needs and giving it to them, except for cash. She doesn’t give cash because they will only spend it on alcohol and drugs. She just annoyed me more and more. I wanted her out of my taxi quickly. Finally her majesty and family got out at Fisherman’s Wharf. I know I say that often but there are so many more people I would love to keep in my taxi for so much longer! I love chatting with people and finding out more about them.

July 12

Flagged by a bunch of young black men, I let them know I could only take 4 and they said okay but 5 got into my taxi. I said, one of them needed to get out but they said, just take us home. I replied “no, one of you needs to get out or all of you need to get out”. They said they wanted me to call and get another taxi that would take all 5 of them but I said you can call the phone number on the side of the taxi. They wanted to talk to my manager and I said, “you can call the phone number on the side of the taxi”. They still were not getting out of the taxi (I was starting to stress at this time) but a small moth landed on the face of the guy behind me and he started to freak out. He got out of the taxi and yelled at the others to get out to. They at first were not budging but then the small moth landed on the leg and then the face of another guy. That guy freaked out more than the other did! I wanted to laugh so badly! A tiny moth got them out of the taxi more than the threat of calling the police. I drove off laughing! Made my night! Happy the moth followed them out of my taxi!

July 10

I watch a lady standing at a corner with a male companion. It looked like she had something on her foot but I couldn’t figure out what it was. As she started to walk across the street the thing on her foot moved up and down her leg for a few steps and then fell off and ran back to the side of the road. I am guessing it was a large cockroach. She didn’t even notice it! So gross!

July 11

I received a proposition for sex for money! Well, they guy I picked up was propped up on a meter when he flagged me and walked over to the taxi with a crooked neck. He gave me where he wanted to go and we chatted for all the way to his place. When we got there, the ride was about $6 and he gave me a $20 bill asked for $12 in change but if I came upstairs with him for a bit then I could have it all. I said, thank you very much but I would have to pass. The guy said, it will not take very long. I again said, thank you very much but I would have to pass. He ended up saying, he had a girlfriend and she wouldn’t be happy if he cheated. I agreed. He got out of the taxi with no problems but complained his neck hurt him.

The next guy I picked up kept asking if I wanted a ride from him but he was joking. He was a wonderfully nice guy. He told me he was 28 and asked if I had a . I do. He asked if I would give him her phone number because all the ladies in the city were very superficial. I laughed with him. We got to his home and he wanted to order pizza in the taxi before he got home. I was okay with it since his ride was $9 and he gave me a $20! Great tip! Nice guy.

July 18

I watched guy help women and males get into a large SUV and then put his hand down his pants for a few seconds, smell his hand and then use that hand to close the door using the window. As I passed by the SUV I saw his fingerprints on the window! So gross!!!

Okay, I need to get ready for work now! I am still spinning a little bit but if I take it easy tonight I should be fine. I guess I will spend most of my night at the airport.

Thank you again for reading my blog! I love you very much!

Last night and a blasts from the past!
Posted:Jul 16, 2015 10:29 am
Last Updated:Jul 21, 2015 3:10 pm
Last night was busy but kind of boring. I was flagged by a lady in the Financial District and she asked to go to North Beach. I asked her how her day was and she said horrible. I said I am sorry but she just put her headphones and made pissed off sounds all the way there. Once we were at her stop she paid me, I said I hoped she had a better night, she said nothing, got out and slammed my taxi door HARD! Wow, something set her off. I tried to be polite. Maybe I said something wrong. It happens. Happy the taxi door is sometimes hard to close and closing it hard is a good thing, not the best thing but it will actually latch.

June 27

Gay Pride week , court ruling for marriage equality and all heck breaks out! So many happy drunk people all over the city! The Mission and the Castro were packed with tons and tons of people celebrating this historic day. I was driving down 18th St, noticed a police car on the corner and they were using their flashlights to flag me. I wasn’t sure what was going on but I waited until it was safe to turn around to go back to them. The police asked if I could take a lady home, she was really drunk and barely could get into the taxi but she did get in. Her friend also got into the taxi and off we went. We started moving to their destination and the very drunk lady started to hit the seats and door in the back. I asked her to please stop. She stopped for a little bit. I think she also was doing private things to herself but her friend so nicely stopped her. On our way the really drunk lady asked me to stop by this bar, not only did her friend try and stop her but I also tried to stop her. I cannot hold people in my taxi so I pulled over and let her go. She was gone for a few minutes and came back into the taxi so off we went. We got to their destination without anymore problems. Happy about that!

I legally can only take 4 additional people in my taxi and often I am asked, no pleaded to take 5+ people but I will not. It can be a very big fine for me, if I am caught. I have had 5 young black men get into my taxi and I asked one of them to get out and they argued to stay in. I asked them nicely to all get out but they really didn’t want to, asking for my manager’s phone number. They still did not want to get out of my taxi. A little moth is what actually got them out. Made me laugh. A moth. What is so scary about a little moth? hahahaha! I have seen 7 get into a rideshare Prius. 7!! Where did they all sit? That is so crazy. Hope if you do take one of those rideshare cars you make sure your driver follows all rules of the road.

People watching is even more fun in the middle of the night in a city. I watched a young man about 9 or 10 at 11:30 pm stomping up and down the street. My guess, his father was standing watching him. It made me laugh. Sometimes have way more energy than their parents. I could see me doing the same with my .

June 28

Often other drivers need rides home from the yard so they ask another driver to take them home, yes they pay. I have taken home, many, many drivers and I always ask things like how long they have been driving, do they still enjoy driving and how they did that night. This night I took home a driver who had been driving for 48 years! That is a very long time and he has seen many, many changes. He now only drives when he wants too, he is not on a schedule. He seemed very nice. I have seen him around the city, mostly in the Castro (easy to pick people up there).

July 1

Tonight almost every person that got into my taxi tonight was a set of two men! Since I have been driving I have noticed a pattern in the way things happen in the city. You will take people to the same out of the way place, to the same hotel, to the same bar, take only $5 bills, take only credit cards, take only cash, pickup only men, pickup only couples, pickup only cranky people or other things. You can see a pattern in most nights. It is crazy! I love my job!

Well that is enough for today! I am actually almost caught up! Crazy I know. I try to find something interesting every night but it doesn't always happen.

Thank you again for reading and I love you very much!

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