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Night Driving
A quick peek into the scenes of San Francisco and into my life.
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Missing a few more days. Here they are
Posted:Jul 15, 2015 1:47 pm
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2015 10:29 am
Missing a few stories from me? I know, I owe you like a years worth of stories. I will do my best in sharing them with you.

June 24th

Watching a bus make a very quick stop, well not really a stop more of a slow down and quick speed up, you know someone will miss their bus. I watched a young man run at full speed to catch that bus but he got there as soon as it pulled away. He even hit the bus as it pulled away but the bus did not stop at all. I was having a great night so I stopped to pick up the young man. I didn’t charge him anything for the ride. We chatted until I got him home. He tried to pay me but I said no. I asked him to help someone when he could. He promised he would do.

When I started tonight at the airport I picked up 3 and they wanted to go to Walnut Creek, meter and a half! At first I thought they might be cousins and one was visiting but the longer they were in the taxi the more I learned about them. They were all about 15, not one with a driver's license but are to take the test in the next few months. All of them are obsessed with cars, they kept picking out the expensive fast cars they wanted on the drive. I guess boys are boys at any age so they also talked about video games and a little bit about girls, mostly girls they all knew. From the way they talked, two of the boys lived here but were good friends and the third one was a friend who had moved away. What they talked about was very interesting, for young men. Happy it was not 3 girls because they would have talked loud and asked to change the music, ask to have the music turned up and talk loudly over it. Always happy to have young men in my taxi. One of the young men paid with cash and off I went back to airport.

Picked up a girl who was frantically flagging me. As soon as she got into the taxi she burst into tears. I asked her if she was okay, she started crying even more loudly. Apparently she was out with her girlfriends and her boyfriend didn’t like it. He called her and demanded she meet up with him at BART so they could go home. He said she needed to be there in less than 10 minutes or he would jump in front of a train. According to the girl he only does this when he is drinking. She says he needs help but he will not go and get help. She will not leave him for anything because she feels she is in love. I am hoping she will see what he is doing to her and get some help for herself.

When you pick up people you never know how they are going to act in your taxi. This guy got in my taxi and asked to go to Hotel City. I said I didn’t know where that was but if he gave me an address I could find it. He said I should know where it is, it is a 5 star hotel and everyone knows where it is. I still didn’t know where I was taking him so I asked again. He said Hotel Park City by Union Square don’t you have internet to find it. I looked it up. The only Hotel Park City was in Utah, and I asked if he wanted me to take him there. He said no, You should know where I want to go. I looked up Park Hotel and it came up on Sutter St, so I took him there. I am not sure if it was the right hotel or not but at this point I didn’t care. I know that is not like me but sometimes people are just rude. On his $49 ride he gave me a $3 tip. Wonderful.

Driving down Mission St I was flagged by a young black woman, she wanted to go to Larkin and Ellis. She asked me to wait while a much,much older man got a bag from another much,much older woman and put it in the back of the taxi. Lazy lady. She then asked me to wait for her while she got something to eat at a gas station. She came back with nasty smelling food and ate with so much noise. I really hate that. When we were almost to where she needed to go she called someone to come down and take the bag out of the back of the taxi. She asked me to turn left onto Ellis but didn’t tell me to stop until it was past where she needed to stop and asked me to back up. I did for a few minutes but then another car came up behind me and I said that is as far as I would back up. It really isn’t safe to back up too far in the city. People try and “get hit” behind things like taxis and buses. They think there is lots of money in doing that. She asked me again to back up and I said that is as far back as I can go unless you want me to go around the block and she said no. She paid me the exact fare and really didn’t want to get the bag out of the back but she did. I was very happy she was out of my taxi. She was a young woman who should have been able to get the bag without any troubles but she didn’t. That irritated me.

Okay, that was a few more stories for today. Hope you enjoy them. I know they are not as exciting as they can be or have been but you never know what is going to happen in a night!

Thank you very much for reading and I love you very much!

Just what happened tonight. Fun times.
Posted:Jul 15, 2015 3:37 am
Last Updated:Jul 21, 2015 3:11 pm
I have gotten back into Game of Thrones. I have really missed watching it but some parts I didn’t understand so I am watching again from the first season. Maybe that is a bad thing since I started watching True Blood and made it through all of the 7 seasons and didn’t do much else than that. At least I have seen all but the last season so it is more of a refresher before I watch the new season. Do you watch Game of Thrones?

Starting my tales of the past night makes sense, right? I went to the airport like normal for my first ride and picked up a young man and his parents. I don’t think the parents spoke English but the did. They were coming from China. I took them to Redwood City. The whole ride the older man coughed and coughed, hacking up his lungs. Horrible! Then the older lady started in. When we were unloading their suitcases the older guy could barely stand up. He was still coughing and spitting into a rag. I cannot afford to be sick and I hope he hasn’t given me anything. All I could think is he brought SARS or something horrible like that. I wiped down my taxi when I went back to the airport.

My next couple was also from the airport. They were in their 80’s and had been visiting Denmark, Sweden and Germany. He went for a two day conference and she just went to spend time with him. I asked about their trip and they seemed to enjoy all the cool things they saw. After we dropped off the lady, they hugged and I think he tried to kiss her but she seemed embarrassed. As I drove him to his home, I asked how long he had known his friend. One and one half year. I asked how they met. Online dating site, like Senior Meet. Was this their first time visiting someplace else. No they had gone places but not for so long or so far away. They enjoyed going to the museums and historic places together. He cannot wait to go again but not anytime soon. Haha! So very, very cute!

Hotels whistle for you to stop. It irritates me but I do stop. Tonight it was for two men from South Korea who wanted to go to Larry Flint’s Hustler Club in North Beach. I chatted with them for the ride. I asked if they were here for the convention and they were shocked I know so much. I told them I was psychic and laughed. I took them to their strip club and waited outside so they could pay and I went in to receive my “money for bringing them”. I actually had to go into the strip club. I have never been into one and I was actually creeped out by it. Not that there is anything wrong with going to a strip club but I wasn’t comfortable. I have wanted to go to one just to see what it was all about but now I know and I am okay without actually going in.

Sometimes the transit police will check buses to make sure everyone on the bus has actually paid to be on the bus. Tonight was one of those nights. As a bus was stopped and a few people were off the bus with the police, a man was riding a bike around the bus yelling “Let the poor people of this city ride the bus for free”, “Let the rich people who pay taxes, pay to let the poor people of the city ride for free” and other things like that. Downside the people that were standing on the platform with the policeman looked like tourists.

I saw a man who had almost a fully shaved head. On both sides of his head he had small crown of hair above each ear and a dangle half moon shaped earring hanging below it. The things you see in San Francisco.

I am a little tired tonight and will add more stories tomorrow! The fun never ends driving a taxi in San Francisco!

Thank you very much for reading my blogs and I love you very much!

A couple of missed stories!
Posted:Jul 13, 2015 9:35 pm
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2015 3:37 am
Since I have been gone sooooooooo long I am posting a few stories about my time driving a taxi. Here are a couple of them!

June 17th

I was driving down Fulton St going toward the capitol building, have you seen it? So beautiful! It is often lit up with different colors typically representing something, like when the Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship or when Marriage was made legal for all states. Well tonight the capitol building was dark except for one tiny light at the top of the dome. My first thought was the saying “one if my sea and two if by land”. The British are coming! The British are coming! Okay that is an American Revolution history reference, sorry. I love learning history things! So interesting.

June 13th

Have you ever been in the Broadway Tunnel? Well driving through a tunnel where people can walk? Well, tonight two guys were walking down the side making scary noises! It was really creepy driving through the tunnel! My passengers were even creeped out, one of the guy hit the other guy telling him to stop. Then they laughed about it. Strange men.

June 10th

I pick up people that I think I know, most of the time they are someone I have picked up before. It is wonderful to drive someone more than once and remember something about them. The passengers even like to know you remember them. I did pick up a couple of guys and thought I knew one of them but they chatted between themselves so I didn’t interrupt them. We got to the first destination and the guy I thought I knew said “I know you! You were my customer!” I thought I knew him but I thought he was my customer but actually I used to go to the SB that he worked at in Sunnyvale all the time. We didn’t have time to chat for long since I still needed to take his friend home. Happy I did pick him up a few days later and was able to chat for his whole ride. I gave him my new business card, hope he calls me for a ride again soon! He is a very nice guy! I was sad when he left the SB in Sunnyvale and moved to one in the city. I guess he is now a wonderful manager. So happy for him!

June 9th

I had stopped to drop off a passenger and I pulled over as close as I could to the curb but a bus came up behind me (with plenty of space to drive around me) and continued to beep her horn until the passenger had left my taxi. Why???? I am hoping she was just having a bad day! There is no reason to keep beeping a horn at anyone for any reason! Stupid. I am legally able to stop where I need to, to actively pick up or drop off a passenger. Just in case you wanted to know.

Have you ever seen those carts that serve hot dogs or street tacos? Well a guy has one-uped that! He has a smoker grill on the back of his bike, where a baby seat would go and he was serving hot dogs! Really! I wish I could have gotten a picture of him with his smoker grill bike! Way too cool! He is always on the corner of Mission and 6th St so if you want a to try his hot dogs! Innovation is amazing!

May 28th

Wow was it a very cold day at SFO! It was only 58F degrees (14C) I thought summer started much sooner than the end of May! Happy it has gotten warmer since but not by much! We haven’t had too many warm days this summer. We have actually gotten some rain, which is not normal in June and July but we can use so much more. Hope there is still more to come!

May 24th

There was a bicyclist who had a blinker on his back but his jacket would cover it every once in a while. It was very strange following him. At first I didn’t know what was blinking so it was humorous to watch it come and go! He also used hand signals to turn. That was awesome to see! That doesn’t happen often in the city!

June 20th

I picked up a lady who looked like a pinup girl, like Rosie the Riveter. She had very pale skin, ruby red lips, perfectly styled hair and a black mole on the side of her lip. She was very cute. I have seen many with the little mole on the side of the lip lately. Is that becoming fashionable again?

I was driving down Market St and this very young male walking with only a string kind of bikini on and a hood that had devil horns on it. He was pulling along a speaker that was playing the same song loud, over and over but it was a very good song (I cannot remember what it was at this time, sorry but it was a good dance song) He walked with his head held high and a swagger in his step. People stopped to take pictures of him and were kind of mocking him. First off, this is the Castro and “you do you” there! Who cares. Second, he was very proud of himself and why shouldn’t he be? He had an amazing body and awesome moves! I was jealous and happy to see him. I am hoping to see him again on the streets soon! Summer is almost here!

Well, I have many, many more stories to post and will add more soon! Love you all and thank you for reading my posts!

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I am BACK!!!!
Posted:Jul 13, 2015 12:23 pm
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2015 3:38 am
Sorry it took so long for me to post from the last time. I think of you always! I have been busy with work and summer kinds of things. Life has been kind of off this year. I should be busier driving taxi but I have not been as busy as I was in the past few years. This means I have to drive much longer so I can still make money. I am not sure if it has to do with the rideshare companies or if it is because it is so expensive to live in San Francisco but things are tough here. I really do love driving a taxi in the city but maybe I might have to do something else soon. I have really thought of moving out of California but I cannot until my is over 18 and graduates from high school. 6 more years, 6 more years! I am thinking about Montana or North Dakota. I have always wanted to live there. I don’t know why but it has always intrigued me. I know there is snow but I lived most of my life in Michigan so I have lived in snow. I love being in the city and I will have family here so I could come back if I wanted too, maybe just for a visit. I don’t want to live in a big city but close to a small town, at least close to a Walmart or a SuperK kind of thing (maybe a fast food place or two as well. I know I would be pushing it for a Starbucks but I can wish, right? haha)

I have been making notes of the interesting things that have happened to me since the last time I was on line, always a plus. See, I was thinking about you! I will only add a few stories at a time because this blog will be really long then.

June 19th

I picked up a EXTREMELY drunk Hispanic man on Mission Blvd and he couldn’t tell me where he lived so he said, “I’ll show you, no worries, I pay you”. He spoke very little English but he would say something in Spanish and giggle. I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me or to someone who wasn’t really there. He would also say things like, “I like American women”, “ I no like America”, “I like fútbol and basketball”. I made it all the way to Mission and Silver and asked him where he was going again. I asked him again where he lived, asking him for an address to his place and he game me 1211 Persia, so off I went to 1211 Persia. He seemed okay with going there until we got there and he said “no, not mine. I'll show you, no worries, I pay you”. I asked again for an address and he wrote down his address (Wow! I will do that more often. Smart thing to do) so I took him to the address and this time it was correct. Awesome! It really wasn’t that far from where I first took him but there was a much quicker way to get him home from where I picked him up from. When he was looking for money to give me, he had like 10 $100 bills in his wallet. He kept moving his money around to see what he had (happens often with drunk people, no wonder they can lose money easy). He finally pulled out $40 and asked for $5 in change, what should have been a $12ish ride ended up being $30. After dropping him off I turned around to go home quickly since it was already 2:30 am and I was very tired plus the Bayview (where I dropped him off) is not exactly known for being the best place to be at night for a taxi driver. On the way down the street, 2 ladies were running down a street yelling for a taxi but I passed them up. I can only work so many hours and can pass people up if I have come to the end of my shift. Also a guy was standing at the end of the street and I had to stop at a red traffic light, he also wanted ride but he would not take “no” for an answer. I really had to start moving in order to tell him no. I felt very uncomfortable with him so close to my taxi. It actually scared me. Doesn’t happen often! I was very happy to turn in that night! Long fun night

Well, I think that is enough for right now. I will post more later! Again thank you for reading and waiting for my blog!

I love you!

Horrible Wednesday!
Posted:May 28, 2015 2:15 pm
Last Updated:May 30, 2015 11:20 am
Wednesday was HORRIBLE!! I woke up late and then took too long in the shower. The drive to work was so slow! So much more traffic than usual. I was hoping to just get into my taxi and leave for the airport, I had reports that the airport was about 40 minutes, fastest in awhile. I setup my taxi the way I like it, chatted with another taxi driver for a few minutes then I started to drive away. Flap, flap, flap went my taxi. I got out to check to see what was wrong. Flat tire. Happy I was right across the street from the garage so I drove over slowly to the garage and they fixed it for me. Lucky there was only a small hole and the mechanic was able to fix it quickly. I watched him fix it! All he did was peel a piece of brown stuff off a paper and use this thing to stick it into the hole. Tire was all fixed! I was on my way again!

When I got to the airport I waited for 1 hour and 20 minutes, long time. I was sent to the International Terminal and I waited for another 20 minutes or so and I picked up this guy who wanted to go to the hourly parking. I tried to talk him into walking since I would have to explain why my short was so short to the dispatchers at the airport. He didn’t care how much it costs and he had never been to our airport so he didn’t walk around looking for his friend who didn’t have money to pay to get out of the parking structure. He wasn’t sure what parking structure except it was hourly. I cannot get into the parking structures without having to pay to get out. We drove around and around to find his friends but we didn’t find them. He finally got them on the phone and found out they were at the domestic arrival terminal where the taxis sit. So we went over by where the taxi’s wait and I had to let a dispatcher know what I was doing and everything was okay. When we finally got to terminal 3 where his friends were we still had to wait for a few minutes for his friends to get to us. He paid me and left. I actually still made the short but just barely. This irritated me a lot. I do not get irritated at many things but he seemed to be wasting my time and didn’t seem to care. He was nice and understanding and I tried to be but I was happy to have him out of my taxi.

I picked up 4 20 year old men from Ireland next. They were all very handsome young men here on a J1 visa looking for work for 3 months. Apparently this is the thing to do! They were in a group of 10 but rest had not arrived. I could barely understand them when they all talked together. It was interesting to hear them. Okay, so if you are in need of a few strapping young men, they are in need of a job.

Never sure what people are going to smell like when they get into your taxi but tonight I picked up a nicer looking man but as soon as he got into my taxi he smelled like he had crapped his pants. So gross! Happy I was driving with my windows open and his ride was short.

Tonight was the night of craziness and I don’t know why! I saw a lady with her top off no bra on, flinging her top above her head and running down the street with a guy behind her. Not sure what was going on but she looked happy and so did he. Crazy what you see in this town!

Seen many, many prostitutes in the city both she/male and female but I have only ever seen them standing around or walking down the street but tonight I actually saw a man motion to a female across the street and she “ran” in her 6 inch high heels to the passenger side of his car and got in. Was it a john or was it her ? I don’t know.

Derecho and izquierda are two words in Spanish I need to learn. They mean right and left. Maybe I will make cards that have those two words so I can not only learn them but ask if it is right or left to those who speak Spanish. I pick up a lot of Spanish speaking people in the city!

There was a small box truck that must have been converted to a home. Just inside the roll up door there was couple of nice windows and a small door. Lights were in the windows with pretty curtains and plants outside of the front of it (not on the ground but on the box truck). It is hard to explain but it looked cool! I bet they are able to drive wherever they want to.

I was never more happy to have my shift come to an end. It was a night of craziness! I just have to say today is a new day and a very bright day.

Thank you again for reading my blog and I love you!
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Posted:May 27, 2015 2:34 pm
Last Updated:May 29, 2015 7:19 am
I am going to say I know very little about music. I love music do not get me wrong but I just never remember the names of bands, groups or even lyrics to most music. Music is always on in my car, house and headphones. I wish I knew more about music but I just never learned. I picked up two young guys in their late 20’s from a concert. They talked the whole drive to their place, about 20 minutes.

They talked about their favorite groups/bands/artists of all time. Most of the groups they were talking about I knew their names but not their music. All of the groups were from the 60’ and 70’s, like Pink Floyd, the Ramones, Dylan, Beach Boys, the Clash, Sex Pistols and a few more. They talked in depth about how the music made them feel and how the sound was made. So interesting. I makes me happy that music can be so timeless and everyone can enjoy it the way it should be enjoyed!

Not much else was happening in the city last night. Tuesday are kind of boring.

Thank you for reading and I love you!

Love the people in San Francisco!
Posted:May 22, 2015 3:51 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2015 2:08 pm
I love being in San Francisco! The people who live here and visit here are so special and wonderful! In my 2 years I have met so many amazing people, I cannot begin to tell you every story I have heard or how I have felt about each and every one of them. I love to ask questions and find out about everyone of my passengers. Some I enjoy talking too and some do not like to talk at all. Some do all the talking, some like to ask questions and some are great listeners too. I hope I can do this job for a very long time! I am not sure it will be around that long. Sad to think.

Tonight I picked up a guy and all he did was talk and talk loudly and non stop! He talked about his life and . He was very proud of his and he is still married to his wife but they do not live together (I wonder why….) I was never so happy to drop off a passenger. I didn’t have a headache when I picked him up but I did after I dropped him off. Happy it went away soon after that.

An extremely drunk man with a large cross around his necklace flagged me and I pulled over to pick him up. He wasn’t sure where he lived but I was able to get an address from him after a few minutes driving. He introduced himself to me and asked me my name. I asked him a few questions and he struggled with most of the answers sometimes asking me again what I asked. He introduced himself to me again and asked me my name again. More questions and struggled answers. He introduced himself to me again for the third time and asked me my name again for the third time. I finally got him to his home, which he wasn’t sure where we were at really but he again introduced himself to me and asked me my name. This time he gave me his full name this time and put his hand out like he was going to shake my hand. He not only shaked my hand but he kissed it as well. Okay, I am okay (but not really) with the hand shake but I hate it when someone I do not know kisses my hand. It grosses me out so bad! It happens WAY more than it should happen. People also like to give hugs. I am also not really okay with that. It would be one thing if we had much more than 5 minutes together and were not sitting in my taxi.

I tend to eat a lot of candy (I know it is not good for me at all but I cannot help it!). I really like chewy candy but I really like chewy candy with filling in it! I have found a new candy I like! Jolly Ranchers Crunch and Chew candy! I used to love Jolly Ranchers candy as a but I always came away with a colored tongue and my tongue would be all cut up but I still ate them. Now this candy is doing the same thing. I picked up a few people with a blue tongue. Fun times in my taxi!

San Francisco is a transient city so many people go home for the holidays so it will be slow starting tomorrow but we actually have 2 large conventions in town, AD-Tech and the American Academy of Physician Assistants. Lots and lots of people coming into and leaving the city plus they have to go from meeting to meeting all around the city. Also this is the start of tourist season, not that the tourist only come in a certain time of the year but a lot of people take time off when the are out of school. Down side with coming in June, July and August is it is FREEZING here! The Marine Layer (Karl) comes off the ocean and it is cold and windy. Lots of sweatshirts and jackets sold here during the summer. I do love watching the fog come in, looks like waves coming over the mountains.

Well, it is time for bed for me. Thank you again for reading my blog! I love you!

Rain!!! Rain!!!
Posted:May 21, 2015 3:28 am
Last Updated:May 28, 2015 2:20 pm
We need rain so much and we actually got a little bit today! I was so surprised I watched the news report in the morning and I didn’t remember seeing any rain in the forecast. I was so happy to see it! We are in a 4 year drought but they are predicting this is a late El Nino year and next year will be an early El Nino year. El Nino is a warm wet weather pattern that comes from the south. We normally get our storms from the north, they are cold and wet, if they actually come. I am hoping for a wet season because I love to take showers! I don’t want to have water restrictions making me have to take shorter showers or no showers at all.

Not much happened tonight except the rain. People in the city must think they will melt in the rain because they do not go out in the rain much. They do go out if they have been out all day but they will not go out if they have been home. I think I need to melt a little bit. I will just set out the parts to melt. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Nothing else exciting to report. I feel like my life is boring right now. I am binge watching True Blood. I have read the whole series and loved them. The tv show is nothing like the books except for the characters. Have you seen 50 Shades of Grey yet? I also read the books. Very romantic if you look past the BDSM. I enjoyed the movie for the romance too but the guy who played the lead, Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan really didn’t fit the part. He was a little boy looking, not what I thought he should have looked like. They nailed Anastasia Steele with Dakota Johnson. I thought or hoped that Matt Bomer, Chris Pine, or Ian Somerhalder would have been better. All would have been perfect for the role!

Okay, time for bed for me. Thank you again for reading! I love you!

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Swamped... Not really
Posted:May 19, 2015 1:09 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2015 1:35 am
Wow, sorry again! I guess sometimes I just don’t have the time. It is not that I don’t want to write on my blog but I am so sorry! Not much is going on in my life except for work and that I do not have the time to write. I wish there was more time in a day sometimes. Don’t you?

A few things that have happened to me over the past few days.

On Saturday night I followed a convoy of military trucks. All I could think was there has got to be a ton of extremely sexy young men in those trucks. I never saw them so I do not really know. Are military men or women sexy?

I picked up a very young drunk couple, as soon as they got in the taxi she asks why they left the bar so soon she was having a wonderful great time but almost as soon as she said that she said “ooh, I love that show”. All I could think of was “shiny”. She was so ditzy. They gave me $10 on a $9.55 ride. Nice, wonderful people. Happy they are not the norm.

Driving down 3rd Street in front of the Central Park Hotel (was the Westin Market Street) there was a very tall large black lady who was dressed all in a flowing red dress was surrounded by about 10 other people trying to add scarves and jewelry to her outfit. I found it interesting. I didn’t have time to stop and see what they were really doing but maybe it was a photo shoot. There is a very big art school here in San Francisco and often you see photo shoots or art projects all over town.

On the way out of town in front of an old abandoned church (it is so awesome architecture, wish I could buy it so I could restore it) stood a very nicely dressed (suit, tie, overcoat and hat) man, perfectly still and with perfect posture with a suitcase and a smaller bag sitting behind him. It would have been a perfect photo opportunity, if I had a camera and had the time.

Went to the airport and picked up 2 very large men and their normal sized wives. The two men were way too big to even put their seatbelts on. I really shouldn’t say anything because I am a large person too. Well, these 4 people were here on vacation from Germany and were going to take motorcycles from San Francisco to San Diego. They had only 4 very small bags, less than most couples have for a weekend getaway. They were very nice and we had a great chat. They tipped me awesome, 40%.

By the way, Saturday was my pick up very nice and friendly Latinos or people who referred to the movie Benjamin Button. Always a fun time when there is a theme of the night! Love it!

I picked up a guy and he has a new 2 month old baby, baby's name is Atlas! I love that name for a baby! Maybe for a Grandbaby! I will make suggestions.

Two extremely high and drunk guys picked up in the Castro and one of the guy talked over and over about his uncircumcised penis. He said it had more feeling than a circumcised penis. I had heard it was the other way around but he kept saying he should know. He was with a new “love” but talked more about his ex than his new guy. I felt sad for both of them. I have never been with a guy who was not circumcised. I don’t know the difference but maybe someday I will find out.

I have finally been on the other side of the personal questions being asked of me by passengers. I wasn’t uncomfortable or even thought anymore about it more than someone wants to know more about someone else. They asked about my personal life, dating life, types of men I liked and things like that. They were so sweet and nice. On a $12 ride, they gave me $20! Wow, great tippers! I would have loved to chat with them longer, and not just about me but about them too. Sad to have to drop off some passengers.

I had to drop my off and a car was blocking the road in front of my apartment, kind of in a parking spot but mostly in the road. I asked one of our neighbors if they knew about that car but he said it looked like it had been in an accident. I figured someone would take care of the car before I came home but nope. It was still sitting there so I called the non emergency police number and they came within the next half an hour or so but the car was gone when I went to work a couple of hours later. I don’t like to call and have a car towed because you never know what is happening with it or whose car it is. We live on a very busy corner with lots of and I didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

Do you do kegel exercises? I downloaded an app to help me out remembering to do them. I really enjoy doing them. The app is by Sex with Emily called Kegel Camp. It is for men and women. It will help with sex, prostate and bladder control over time. I suggest downloading the app and start the exercises. I am still in the beginning stages and I hope they work!

This past weekend was Bay to Breakers in San Francisco! BtoB is a 7.46 miles (12.01 km) long marathon. The first people on the race are serious runners but then all the strangely dressed and drunken people walk/run/drink the race. It is interesting to see but I am not a fan of big drunken crowds. I even hate driving in them too! People are stupid when they are drinking.

I am hoping to be back to normal now. Maybe this weekend we will go for a long, long drive but I will not be driving the whole time. Maybe the mountains again, the snow, the beach, the desert, who knows.

Thank you again for reading my blog! I love you!

Posted:May 15, 2015 8:35 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2015 1:09 am
I am so sorry about reading and commenting on all of my watched blogs! Once I have a sea of yellow it is hard to get back into reading them! I will get better! I promise!
Scary Man
Posted:May 15, 2015 1:45 am
Last Updated:May 17, 2015 4:12 am
Dropped off at the Four Seasons and parked outside was a Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari and an old Honda Civic. One of these things is not like other ones, can you tell which one didn’t belong? It amused me way more than it should amuse me!

Driving down Mission Street with a passenger and we saw a group of 5 young black boys riding their bikes, popping wheelies and riding no handed. I tried to make sure I was well away from them. I pulled over and one of the boys popped a wheelie behind my taxi but didn’t do a good job. He then pulled along side of my taxi, knocked on my window and said “Hello Grandma”. I said hello back. My passenger asked what that was about but I didn’t have an answer for that. Crazy things happen in the city for no reason at all.

I went to go and drop off my taxi and there was a homeless man sitting across the alley from my taxi. He is there often but normally far away from my car so I don’t worry. Tonight I worried. Happy the gas guys were able to take me to my car and wait until I was able to drive away. I am happy they are such great guys!

Watching 12 Years a Slave. Very intense movie. I understand why it won an Oscar. All of the actors are AMAZING! I thought it would be hard to watch, and it is, but it is so well written and acted. Is it the Roots of this time?

Thank you again for reading! I love you very much!

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Snuggie Wearing Man
Posted:May 14, 2015 2:33 pm
Last Updated:May 16, 2015 4:44 am
I feel like it is so long since I have been on my blog! Well, it has only been a few days but a lot has happened in my life right now.

Started my period after 10 months. It doesn’t make me happy but it is life. I thought I was done with all that but whatever. I was off on Saturday so I could spend all day on Sunday with my for Mother’s Day.

On Sunday the couldn’t decide where we were going to go or even if we were going to go someplace but they ended up wanting to go to Yosemite. It is a 4 ½ hour drive there and back but we had all day. I did all the driving and we had so much fun! Took so many wonderful pictures and saw few different animals. I love spending time with my . They both had a great time too.

Monday I spent all day long sleeping I was so sleepy. I even went to bed very early and slept all night. I woke up with my on Tuesday and I was having troubles standing up. I had vertigo. Wonderful. I was not able to stand up let alone drive safely, so I went back to sleep and slept for another couple of hours. After my came home, I was awake for about 5 hours then went back to bed and slept all night again. Crazy. I am feeling better after working yesterday. I am taking things a little slowly and why do I have to be getting so old?? WTF

Okay, so here are a few things I have taken notes from my nights of driving.

I was taking a passenger to her home and my awesome Ford Escape says “you are entering an area to avoid”. Why?? I have driven past this area about a 100 times. Why would it say it now?? Crazy. It scared myself and the passenger. She asked why it would say that, I said I had never heard the car talk to me! It dings that I am going over speed and dings to buckle up but that is about all. It hasn’t spoken to me again since then. Crazy!

Young people have such bad recall of events before they were born, apparently since they were born nothing happened before that. Actually it was one girl who was saying that Taco Bell and KFC have always been together and the others were saying they may be the same company now but they used to be stand alone companies. I butted in and said Taco Bell was my first fast food I ate about 40 years ago. She said, in my 25 years Taco Bell and KFC have always been together. At the end of the short ride she finally agreed that maybe they were not always in the same building. Silly 20ish .

Sometimes I pick up passengers and they are on the phone or talking to another in the taxi and I just do not want to be there driving them to their destination. I picked up a lady on her phone and another lady who was with her. The lady on her phone was talking to someone about an argument and what was said. It was so uncomfortable. I think even the lady with us was uncomfortable. Nothing was said except for directions and I tried so hard to not listen to the phone conversation. I don’t like to be in the middle of things like that. Dropping them off, I wished them luck and hope they had a great night. The lady on the phone got out quickly and didn’t say anything but they other lady said thank you so much for being so nice. Makes the whole ride feel a little bit better.

Really hate it when passengers do not know where they are going. They will say something like downtown or Noe Valley and expect me know where they want to be dropped off. Most of the time it is people that do not know anything about our city, sometimes it is people who live in the city and just know about where we are going but will give me an exact location as we get closer. I took a couple of to Sausalito, they spoke very little English. After I get closer to downtown Sausalito they say, how come you didn’t take this exit. When you ask for a general location you don’t get to be picky about how to get there. I continued to drive them for a few minutes and they they say, my car is here. Wonderful I thought. They are driving??? I am not what made me so concerned was the lack of English or the lack of knowing where they were.

Driving in the Mission District I saw a man wearing a snuggie backwards, actually I wasn’t sure it was a snuggie until I was closer. It has a picture of a bikini clad female on it. Strange to see a bikini clad woman in the middle of the night.

We now have a day driver! Very exciting. He should start next Monday. Hope he is a nice guy.

Late night food is not always a good thing but I like to go to the Jack in the Box in the Bayview. They have a great guy who works the drive thru window. He is always happy and gives wonderful service.

Thanks again for reading and I love you!

Much better night
Posted:May 8, 2015 2:29 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2015 1:02 am
Tonight was a much better night. It was a normal slow Thursday night. Nothing really exciting happened, sorry. I was listening to a podcast and I thought it would be great idea to start a YouTube channel about driving taxi in San Francisco. It will be a PG-13 kind of channel. I just need to figure out what I am doing first and know what is going to happen with it before I really start promoting it. Does anyone else have a YouTube channel? Is it easy to do? Hope so!

Okay, I am going to bed. Sorry so short. This is a short week for me. Just one more night of work this week. I took Saturday night off so I could have a nice Mother’s Day with my on Sunday.

Thank you for reading my blog! I love you

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