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Night Driving
A quick peek into the scenes of San Francisco and into my life.
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Not as happy, or am I?
Posted:Apr 15, 2015 9:19 pm
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2015 8:01 am
I am not as happy as I was on night shift. I know it has only been 3 days and even on nights I have had bad days but I feel like I am missing something. Makes me feel a little sad. Maybe I will go back to nights just because I much prefer the people.

Today was the day of little tips. Everyone I drove today only rounded up to the next dollar or two. Yeah… Makes for a wonderful day.

Not as much cool and interesting things happen during the day time. I started 5:30 in the morning thinking people will need a taxi to go to work or the airport and all I do is sit and wait at a hotel with about 10 other taxis with the same idea. Yesterday I did wait at a hotel with another taxi for about 20 minutes and he left. I waited for another 10 minutes and 2 guys came out and needed to go to the airport. I stayed at the airport and the wait was about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Took a very nice lady into the city.

Not many rides in the city except for about the time I need to go back to the yard. I am not sure what I should do. I miss being with my in the evenings. I miss the people at night and the activity. I am so torn! I have to make a decision by Friday. Help me make the right decision.

Okay, I need to go to bed soon so I need to say Thank you for reading my blog and I love you!

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On days!
Posted:Apr 14, 2015 11:58 pm
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2015 8:06 am
Well, it has been two days working on the day shift and I am not sure I like it or not. It is really boring in the morning and then it gets busy. The people are just as nice and the money is almost the same. I chatted with the taxi owner and he gave me a deal, not great but a good deal to work Monday through Friday day shift and a wonderful deal if I work on the weekends. This is great! Downside, no alone time for me. I will be home at night with my . I guess I now need to find a boyfriend so I can have alone time.

Well, day shift so far has been kind of slow early in the day. The first morning I went to places I thought might be good but they were not. I have gotten a few suggestions and I will work on places as I go, just like I did when I was working nights. The only difference is I know where things are now.

Homeless man pulled his pants down and started to wipe something under his shirt. At least he was covered. Not sure what he was trying to do. He did pull paper towels from his suitcase to do the wiping.

Today I told a passenger to have a nice night and she giggled at me and said, “you said night”. I let her know I just started working days. She still giggled. I guess I am going to have to find something else to say to my daytime passengers. Passengers often say “cheers” to me before they get out of the taxi but that feels really ending and not a great ending to a ride in my taxi.

There was a very tall guy walking down the street in a full black leather motorcycle suit, a black jacket and bunny ears. Interesting. I guess I get to see more during the day time. I also saw a guy wearing a necklace of large Mardi Gras beads and colors plus his hair was spiky and sticking out all over.

I went into a Safeway Grocery store to pick up more cough drops. My throat is hurting. I don’t think I have felt good since I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Between the coughing and now sneezing and runny nose, when will it end? At Safeway there was a ton of not very well behaved teenagers. Do they not let these out in public often that they have to behave that badly? Horrible comments about staff and products. I guess we all go through that phase but I hope we were not that bad.

There is a wonderful dad out there! He was pulling a radio flyer wagon with a bubble machine and a little girl in it! I want a bubble machine! I have a radio flyer wagon already and a . So cool!

Yesterday was the Giants opening day. It was awesome seeing a ton of orange all over the city! I am really not a Giants fan but it is hard not to be swept up in the tide of spirit in the city! They lost but it was still fun to be in the city! I also had my orange Giants shirt on.

My first day on days I went to the airport and a another driver started chatting with me. At first he was asking questions but then it turned into everything about how awesome he was and I should learn from him. Great. He chatted at me, not to me, for about 45 minutes. I kept checking my phone and hoping he would get the hint that I was done, but he didn’t. I was also very sleepy since I didn’t sleep much the night before. I thought if we moved he would not come and chat with me but he did find me. Yep, he is an awesome person. He told me that many, many times.

I came home today and chatted with a friend for a bit and then I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I napped for a bit. I am hoping I can sleep again tonight. It is hard to get up early and stay awake all day. I need to work up being awake all day and sleeping all night.

Good night all and thank you very much for reading! I love you!

Posted:Apr 12, 2015 5:35 am
Last Updated:Apr 14, 2015 10:17 pm
Well, I am going to try working days next week. I will be working Monday through Friday. It should be interesting so I am excited, scared and very nervous. I am not sure about the traffic during the day so I will have to rely on my passengers. Most passengers are thrilled to tell you the way they like to go so it should be good. I will just have to let them know as soon as they tell me where they want to go. I will say “Hello, I just started days and I am not sure what the traffic is like at this time. Do you know a faster way than…” They will know I know the right way to go but they will adjust me on the faster roads to take. Wish me lots of luck! I know I will need it!

Growing up we had this sign on our barn. My Mom said it brought good luck. I hope that is what it means!

Twenty to thirty something girls are a pain in the ass. They want the music turned up and they screech to talk over it then get mad when you turn it down again. They ask for everything and give little to no tip. Twenty to thirty something young men are a pain in the ass but they tend to not ask to have the radio turned up, they may talk a little loud and crude but they tend to be respectful. Well mostly. Tonight I had my first request for a hand job from a male passenger. He kept asking me if I wanted one. I kept saying, not tonight but thank you. He moved to having a blow job, because everyone loves a blowjob. I let him know I was okay and maybe next time. He moved on to a good fuck. My guess is he was too drunk to even get it up so that again was a no. He kept asking but I kept saying, next time. His friend gave me a wonderful tip and apologized for his friend. I let him know it was okay and it happens more than he knows. Not really but I knew he was drunk.

Picked up a couple outside of a popular club, while driving them to their hotel the guy and I chatted about a lot of different topics. When I got to the hotel the guy tried to wake up the girl. She was not waking up at all. Too much to drink. He finally got her out of the taxi and she was standing for a few minutes and even went up on the curb but next thing I know she was back on the street laying down. I guess she fell. Looked like it hurt bad! She will be paying for that in the morning. I am hoping he gets her up to her hotel room safely and gets her lots of water to drink.

This Sunday I am not doing anything too exciting. I do have to go and do laundry since I will be working on my normal laundry day. My will be gone for most of the next week so it will be a good trail to see if I like it and can make a little money in the process.

I am very sleepy and hope you have enjoyed another one of my fun filled blogs! Thank you very
much for reading my blog and I love you very much!

Thinking about going to days
Posted:Apr 11, 2015 11:21 am
Last Updated:Apr 14, 2015 10:18 pm
Well, the day driver quit. He went back to his old job, that he loved and made much more money doing. I am sad he left because he was a nice guy to work with.

Since I am looking for another job and most things I am really qualified for I will only get as a part time job at first until I WOW them, I will have a bigger chance getting a part time job if I can work nights and weekends.

I now have to talk to the owner to see if that would be okay to do. I guess it is easier to find night drivers than it is day drivers. I will not make more money working during the day but I am not making that much money working nights. I was thinking about working Monday through Friday and I could pick up a Saturday night from the taxi company I work for, if needed.

Last night was very slow and nothing exciting happened. Yay me.

Thank you for reading my blog and I love you very much!

Why so tired....
Posted:Apr 10, 2015 3:20 am
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2015 11:26 am
Why am I so tried all the time?!?!?!?! Maybe I need to find a job that has normal hours. Maybe?? I really need to go back to school so I can find a 9 to 5 job like the rest of the world. Wait… Then I will not meet really cool and wonderful people in the city!

Tonight the Vice President and his wife were in the city and traffic was HORRIBLE. I guess he was staying in Knob Hill area. There wasn’t as many police officers as when the president comes to town but there was a big bomb squad van and lots of police with police dogs in the area. I guess he doesn’t need as much protection as the President does.

Market Street had a lot of fun and interesting things to do along it tonight. I think they are doing things to make Market Street more appealing to tourist and locals alike. It would have been nice to have time stop and see what was going on but it was a steady busy night. Well, it was an okay night.

Tonight I saw my ex two times. It still makes me sad to see him. We have been apart for almost a year. I was very much in love with him. We chat about work with others often and I see him once in a while in the city but it is still hard.

Okay, just wanted to let you know, I blocked that guy who I was talking too. I should have blocked him in the first place but knowing what I know but I guess I was just trying to see how far he was going to go. I don’t need the problems continuing to talk to him would bring. Thank you very much for your wonderful counsel and I appreciate all of your advice! OH!!! Also I had a guy ask for my full name, phone number, names and email address, straight out! I blocked him as well! REALLY?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

For the last two nights my wonderful cat has sat on my shoulders (well top edge of sofa and my shoulder) while I wrote my blog. I love this! I am really not a cat person but our kitty loves me! She is friendly and puts up with me picking on her. I do not do anything really mean or horrible but I do things like push her off the sofa or pick her up by her scruff when she is doing things wrong, scratching on my sofa or being where she shouldn’t be. She is a loud purring kitten so she is very happy. She meows when people leave the house and will cuddle for a bit after they are gone. We have put a harness on her and take her outside on our patio to “walk” her. All she does is sniff around and meow to go back inside when something different happens around her. I love my kitty.

Thank you again for reading my blog, it means so much more to me than you will ever know! I love you all!

Fake or Not?????
Posted:Apr 9, 2015 2:03 pm
Last Updated:Apr 10, 2015 2:54 am
I am on a vanilla dating site and I do not always know if the guy is real or fake anymore. I try to talk to those who live close to me only. I do not like it when they say they live close but they are working someplace else for now. Why? Those I feel are really fake but maybe not.

Well, I am chatting with a guy right now and I am not sure if he is real or not. We have been chatting for 3 days and he has already planned on living the rest of his life with me. Really? Even after I say, he is moving too fast, he says he wants me in his life because his heart is telling him so. Really? He calls me sweetheart and love all the time. I am not sure what to make of him at all.

I guess I will see if he wants to meet with me early next week. I am not even sure I want to meet with him because he is overpowering. Almost too pushy, like the fake profiles. He says he was born in Arizona and he is educated but doesn’t “chat” with an educated wording. If that makes sense. More like he wasn’t born here and wasn’t educated in English. Is he fake? I ask simple questions and he cannot answer them. He has sent me pictures and when I ask a simple question, like where is that, I get what do you mean or he avoids answering the question.

Oh, well. He has given me his local phone number, so do I really call him? Does this mean he will start sending me scam phone calls? I don’t know what to do now. I am feeling catfished.

I have heard of this lady who pretends to be a young male or female. She tempts men and women into a sexual online relationship and then blackmails them for money saying he/she is only 12-15 years old. Scary. When I first started on a dating site, I was catfished (even before it had a name). We chatted for a couple of months, even doing the sexting thing so I have been suspicious even since then. I try and talk to them sexually, give them personal information or even my phone number. I would like to meet with anyone first before giving them my phone number or email.

Okay, what do you think? Have you been conned? Catfished?

I am still doing the watchathon and I have moved to Penny Dreadful. Interesting show!

Thank you for reading my blog and I love you very much!

Oh, by the way, I am real. I am not a fake. I am myself but I tend to be more shy in real live but I am still me.
Fun, fun Wednesday!
Posted:Apr 9, 2015 3:02 am
Last Updated:Apr 9, 2015 2:07 pm
Lots of exciting things happened tonight! Wow, I love driving a taxi in San Francisco!

I saw a bunch of ladies dressed all in black walking down Kearny St. with heads that had curlers in them. I hear there is a great beauty school there. Wait, is it called a beauty school?

Drove a lady a to the bar she was looking for and we were almost there she says “He is really hot”. I was a little in shock she said that to me but I said I didn’t see him. She said I should go back and look at him. Funny, reminded me of my saying that. Funny! She also was on the phone with her mom and said she was going to Shasta but was saying she was going to Tahoe instead. She said that Tahoe was a cooler place to go. She hasn’t been to Shasta yet. Shasta is AMAZING!

I picked up a father and , driving them to their destination. We chatted about lots of things and the all of a sudden asked my name, actually said, your name is D*****, and your last name is ******. I was shocked he knew it! He said he knew he had been in my taxi before. We had a wonderful conversation and he had kept my business card. He said he called once but I didn’t answer. I told him to leave a message next time and I would call him back as soon as I could. I dropped the off first and took the father to where he lived. I think the father was hitting on me but I wasn’t sure. He does have my phone number so he can contact me if he was interested. He probably will not, oh well.

I just remembered picking up a very old man at a nursing home in the city. I had just started driving a taxi, about a month and still very scared about picking up people. He almost made me quit that night. I waited outside the home and it took forever for the guy, with help get into my taxi. The lady that helped him mouthed to me, “I am sorry”. That should have been a warning about how the night was going. The first thing he said to me was “close that fucking window”. I did that and asked him where we were going. He said just turn around and turn to the right. So I did what he asked. I kept asking him where we were going but he just wanted to give me directions. He was not nice in giving me directions either. Often he was say, you are taking me the wrong way. I was going the direction he told me to go. It was all on him! I was never more happy than to drop him off. I felt very sorry for him. The ride was about 20 minutes of hell and he didn’t even give me a tip, in fact he gave me less than the cost of the ride, since I took him out of the way. Right…. I avoid picking up on that street from then on.

Picked up a young guy who had just moved to the city, we were chatting about the place he was living and he was looking for a new place because the place he moved into the owner was crazy and didn’t maintain the place. We were on Mission Street and drove by 14th Street, I asked if he knew what that building was, he said no. It is the old armory or the Kink building, as in the web site kink. He was a little embarrassed that I told him that but he said he would make a note about the place and come back to see it in the day. I have no idea why I told him that but I did. Sometimes things come out of my mouth without any warning. The strange thing is I was checking my fb a little bit after the ride and it was mentioned in a SF Official Guide post. Funny how that happens. I hear they have tours. Someday I would like to go on one. I had picked up a couple who had gone on a tour but they said it didn’t show too much of what is going on. I still would love to see it.

I was flagged by two ladies that had a bike. I am happy I have a taxi big enough to take both ladies and the bike. It is easier if the front wheel comes off but it does fit in just fine if it doesn’t. We chatted the whole ride to their home and while getting the bike out of the back their puppy ran out to greet me. I was okay with petting it but it peed while my foot was underneath the puppy. I was very happy I didn’t get peed on. That would have been horrible for me!

I am binge watching tv shows I only get to see once a year. I love when I get watchathons! I can binge watch on Netflicks but not regular cable shows. I have caught up on a few shows, Awkward, House of Lies and I am starting a few other shows, Penny Dreadful and Black Sails. Who knows what else I will have time to watch. I normally miss this week but I am happy I have to watch right now. Damn sleep thing is getting in the way though.

Thank you again for reading my blog! I love you very much!

Posted:Apr 7, 2015 11:55 pm
Last Updated:Apr 9, 2015 1:52 am
Feeling cranky again. I am at home today, not working. My stayed home from work as well. Maybe that was part of it, I don’t know.

Most of my day was spent sleeping since I woke up at 2:00 am. I hate days like that. I now have to stay up later so I can get back on schedule.

My hours may switch up a bit soon. The day driver might be going back to his old job. I asked to work a few day shift and the rest night shift. I will be able to spend more time with my and MAYBE, just MAYBE I might be able to go on a date or two. I like working nights and I don’t think I will make much more on days but I need to spend time with family. I miss my . I miss having a man in my life too. Well, kind of.

Thanks for reading and I love you!

Cleaning day
Posted:Apr 6, 2015 7:41 pm
Last Updated:Apr 7, 2015 8:37 pm
Today was a cleaning day, well until I started chatting. I did the regular cleaning stuff like dishes and bathroom. Fun times. Tonight I am staying home, watching tv and spending “time” with my . Homework and playing on phones and computers will be happening. Fun, fun times. Maybe a walk around the block for the doggie.

Tomorrow I will not be working, I have family things to do but I have been working on a fantasy but I have a block on what to say. I guess I need to read more romance novels to know what I should say or do next in my story. I used to be much better at the fantasy but I guess I have lost it right now.

I know it is a short post. Maybe I will try later to write again later tonight. Love you guys! Thank you for reading my post.

Strange and wonderful nights
Posted:Apr 5, 2015 12:06 pm
Last Updated:Apr 6, 2015 7:05 pm
It seems to be the norm for me not to write after work on Friday night. I am just so sleepy, after working 12 hours I was a little sleepy plus I noticed the eclipse starting when I walked into the house. So cool to watch. It was interesting to see how quickly the earth moved over the moon. I don’t think I have ever seen and eclipse move so quickly. It never looked red to me, maybe I stopped watching too soon.

On Friday I went to the airport (my normal) and waited for a little over 1 hour, so not too bad for this time of year. I got to T1 and a another taxi driver was arguing with a dispatcher from the taxi airport. Strange. The dispatcher was sending passengers to the taxi behind him. The arguing taxi driver was getting more and more frustrated (I don’t know for what, I am nosey but not that nosey). I am the next taxi up and a before a passenger comes out, an unmarked police car pulls in front of the arguing taxi, out comes a very attractive and hot male. I just stared at him! Another real police car pulled along side of the taxi and kind of blocked me in. The dispatcher asked if I wanted to move to the next terminal, between the police car and wanting to look at the hot undercover police man. I didn’t want to move. I was being a little creepy staring at the undercover police man. He was so HOT! Damn, he was making me horny. Hope to see him again.

My airport passenger was a little frazzled, she needed to go to Walnut Creek and then back to the airport. I said okay, she asked if she could get a deal. I said, it is meter and a half to Walnut Creek about $170 but I would do it for just straight meter. She said, that would be okay. I wasn’t sure how much, and I told her so, but she said it was okay. She was on her way to Costa Rica and forgot something important. Where she was going she wouldn’t be able to get what she was missing so she had to go home and get it. We kind of chatted on the way to her house but she really wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. She talked about going home and staying there for a little bit then going back to the airport, going home and going to another airport and meet up with her family in LA, going home and back to the same airport. I wasn’t sure what she wanted from me. Kept asking what she should do and flip flopping between them all. She finally said she was going to home, pick up a few things and go to the bathroom then go back to the airport. We arrived at her home (very nice and large house, in the dark) and she went in for a few minutes, came back out and off we went back to the airport. Yes, it was a great ride!! So happy! I could have gone home after dropping her off but I went into the city. It was steady but slow.

In the Castro I saw two naked men hitting each other in the chest. I am not sure if it was a friendly kind of hitting or they were trying to hurt each other. It was strange to watch. I was only able to see it for a few minutes but it was strange. Men do silly, silly things.

Friday night was the night of being hit on by Hispanic men in Spanish. I wish I knew more Spanish than I do. I know a little but not enough. I am trying to learn more but I am having troubles.

Heard a loud horn blowing at 2:10 am and saw a man blowing it. Why?????? It was too early in the morning to be doing that!! I bet his neighbors loved him. It was in the Haight District. Just in case you were there!

Picked up a man who talked about being so rich he was going to rent out his house in San Jose and move to Hawaii and never work again. He said San Francisco was getting too expensive to live in so he was moving some place cheaper. He kept saying I should learn from him, but I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. Apparently smart people like him are the only people who should live in the city and the rest of us need to just move far away. Guess I need to find a rock and live under it but learn from him.

Polk Street is a human equivalent of high school hallways, too many immature on it. I picked up 2 girls and 2 boys. The two boys tried to get a 5th person to get into the taxi (I can only legally take 4 so it wouldn’t have happened anyways) but he was talking to a lady who was 30. They pointed out the friend and the lady he was talking too. She was very pretty. The guys were messing with the friend hooking up with an older lady. The girls kept saying things like “why does he want to hook up with an old lady?”, “she is only 3 years older than us, but why someone would want someone that old is beyond me”, “I guess the only thing she can teach him is something sexually”, “maybe she can teach him something more than he knows already, but I doubt he will learn anything” and “happy to know he will have his mind blown tonight”. The girls were cute and didn’t want a young man to meet someone else. I felt so old at age 50.

I would like to say the airport needs to have more taxis who blows their horn for no reason. Please come and join all the taxis at the airport if you like to blow your horn for no reason.

I picked up a lady who looked just like the lady from Happy Days, Marion Ross. She was so nice and from Ireland.

Lots of Furry People in the city tonight. Interesting to see them them and how dressed up they are. I wonder if they have weekly parties? Monthly? I see them often.

I ended a little early on Saturday because it was so slow. Holiday weekends mean the city is slow.

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you are having a great day with family or enjoying your day!

Thank you for reading my blog and I love you!

Fickin Wind
Posted:Apr 3, 2015 2:58 pm
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2015 10:00 am
I hate the windy days here in California! The wind kicks up all of pollen and crap. My eyes are burning and I am having troubles sleeping because I am congested. My cough that was almost gone from my pneumonia is back again. Great! It is predicted to rain here on Sunday and Monday. I am praying it rains and rains for about a month or so! We need the rain so bad right now it really isn’t funny.

While waiting at the airport last night I overheard two taxi drivers talking. While I am not really sure what they were saying but I could only hear the word dude, over and over. All I could think of was that Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott “Dude, Where’s My Car?”. Not that I have watched that movie all the way through, I have only seen bits and pieces of it (not really my kind of movie)

Dude! You got a tattoo! So do you, dude! Dude, what does my tattoo say? Sweet! What about mine? Dude! What does mine say? Sweet! Over and over again.

Crazy, to hear two adult males talking like that! I hope they were not asking where their taxi’s were. Men are just funny to listen to when it is mostly men around.

Most of the evening was just a traffic. Traffic in San Francisco can be horrendous! Since the city is the top of a peninsula the traffic has no where to go. We also have so many one way streets, no left turns, dead ends and many more things that get in the way of an easy flow of traffic, especially at 10:00pm. People who do not live in the city as well as people who live in the city and do not go to certain areas of the city often do not understand why the traffic is so bad so late at night. I try to avoid certain streets at certain times of the night but sometimes I cannot plus some nights it is there and other nights it isn’t. Last night in a area that is normally pretty clear it was a major back up. Geary Street by Union Square in under major construction because they are digging a much needed subway. It took me 25 minutes, with two very understanding passengers, to move down 1 block. I made a suggestion, if they wanted, to let them out here and they could walk past all the construction, maybe get a taxi on the other side. They were very happy with the suggestion and gave me a wonderful tip. They were actually trying to get to a bus that was just a little bit ahead of us.

I picked up an extremely drunk older man and took him to his place. I noticed in his very large and bushy beard, a necklace strung in and out of the beard. It was a gold necklace and it was strung in not any symmetrical way and plus it had a large dangling bob in there too! The styles in the city can be crazy! I tried to find an image but it must not be a thing.

Okay, I keep hearing that women have all the control in dating and a sexual kind of relationship, but I am not so sure that is true. I have also heard if a female wants sex, all they have to do is ask a male and they will have sex. I have also found that this is not true. Maybe it is because of who I am and what I put out there but what does a lady have to do to get laid by a very attractive man that she has approached? Okay, I have been on dating sites on and off for years and I at first get a lot of attention (3 to 8 email message per day) but it fades away VERY quickly. I try to answer most emails, some live too far away or are very young. When I answer the emails about 90% of them never respond back, so why do they email me in the first place? Are they auto generated? Is that a way to keep women interested in the dating site? I really think so, then they will send emails every once in a while to keep the women on the site. I also have received many emails from fake profiles. They will send you a long interesting message to get you to answer them then they get you hooked. They would live here but they are out of the country on business but they are coming back. A is left with a family member here in the states and they are looking for a new mommy. Will I be able to fill that roll? Nope. Not me. I fell for this one time! One time only. I was new at the online dating thing and it was a lesson learned. I talked to him on the phone but mostly it was text messages. He had me hook, line and sinker. I was desperate and wanted to feel love. We talked for about 6 months, a long time just talking and getting to know each other. Or so I thought. At about the 6 month time, he asked me for money to get out of a situation. I had already been talking about how money was very tight and I was not sure how I was going to pay my normal bills but he was pushy. He said, how about a less amount. Just about any money will do. Just before this time he was saying he would help me with all my bills as soon as he came back to the states and we could be married. Yep, I was so lonely that I fell for it all. The thing that saved me is I am broke, well I just get by with money in my life. It is a good thing. Right?! haha I have remembered that whole thing and have not played it out again. I think the guy has “followed” me through many sites and places over the years. It may not have been the same guy but it is the same scenario.

Okay, so now you know I have issues in the dating realm. I try but I am a little afraid of that man again. Well, I have to get ready for work now. I feel like I am leaving you hanging but I will be back more with my story of men.

Thank you again for reading and I love you very much!

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Posted:Apr 2, 2015 3:55 am
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2015 10:04 am
Wednesdays are so slow. I really do not like days that are slow but tonight I did have a passenger I was very uncomfortable with. I think this passenger made me question, really question if I should have really have driven him to his destination.

I was stopped at the corner of O’Farrell and Kearny and this little almost anorexic male was kind of hanging around the corner. He approached my window and asked if I was free to take him to 19th and Irving. I said, sure. He got into the taxi behind me and side over to the other side (I was very happy about that. I don’t like it when a lone person sits right behind me.) We started to go and I started to ask questions. Like if he had a good day (uh,okay), where does he work (uh, gap), do you have plans for this weekend? (uh, hangin with friends) I tried to ask more questions but I was never sure what his answer was so I stopped. I did try again because I was very uncomfortable with him in my taxi. He was kind of freaking me out. He was sitting perfectly still.

I often drive in silence with passengers but it is more because they are not willing to chat or I am not really feeling the chat. That is normal.

I kept looking over my right shoulder to check and see what he was doing. Plus to look and see what was happening in the lane beside me. I think the whole time he sat with his head looking down and his hands in his pants pockets.

We finally arrived where he wanted to go but he was looking for a friend that wasn’t there. I really wanted to drop him off but he asked to go to his home on 23rd and Lawton. I get to his house and he is rifling in his pockets looking for his wallet. He says he has to go inside and get his money. I asked if he could ask someone to bring him money out. This ride was $28.80, too much to say, it is okay. He said, he would come out with the money. He comes back in about 4 minutes and brings me a check. A check. We don’t have any way to prove it is a good thing. I tried to get him to use a credit card but he said he didn’t make any payments on them lately. He kept saying he had tons of money in the checking account and the check was good. I am so pissed at this time. I let him know if the check bounces I will go to the police and I will file a report. He will have to pay me. I left more unhappy than when I have ever dropped off a passenger that made me unhappy.

Tonight I heard from 3 different places people need to stop being in their phones, laptops and other electronic equipment. If you look up and say hello to the people around you, you would be surprised to find out people are more interesting than you think they are. I often say hello to random people. I say hello with a big smile to construction guys, other taxi drivers, people walking down the street and just about anyone. My think I am crazy and a little overboard but I like to talk to people. Makes life interesting.

Well, off to bed now. I have a check to take to the bank, early tomorrow.

Hope you have a wonderful day/night! Thank you very much for reading my blog and I love you very much!

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Posted:Apr 1, 2015 4:23 am
Last Updated:Apr 2, 2015 1:43 am
I have been driving for 2 years as of today. Yeah me! I really love driving taxi in the city. I just wish I could make more money. Down side.

Okay, so since I have been driving a taxi I have been hit by others now 3 times. Yep, hit by others. Not once was it my fault, well, maybe about ½ of the first accident.

The first accident I was driving down Turk St (one way, 2 lanes) and I noticed a very large firetruck with lights and sirens driving toward me, instead of going the other way. The light at Laguna turned red so I stopped but the firetruck did a u turn but was too big to do an easy u turn. I needed to back up quickly. I looked in my rear view mirror but I didn’t see anything so I backed up slowly. I didn’t move more than a foot and I hit a car behind me. As I moved forward to get away from the car behind me, the firetruck backed into me! I wasn’t sure he was going to stop, scared me so much! I had a passenger in my taxi and both of us were ready to jump out of the taxi if needed. Lucky the firetruck went off back down the street to its emergency. The car behind me was a rideshare vehicle and didn’t have the correct insurance, plus no damage was done to either vehicles. Nothing happened, the guy never mentioned it to his insurance and I did all the right things according to my company (they reviewed the video in the taxi).

The second accident I was driving down South Van Ness with 3 passengers. We were chit chatting and having a great time talking. I was in the left hand lane and I noticed a bicyclist in the right hand lane riding up against the cars. I was at or below the speed limit and I was keeping my eye on the bicyclist (no lights and no helmet). All of a sudden she made a left turn, right into the passenger side of the front quarter panel of my taxi. She went down and popped right back up quickly. She was wearing a short skirt and nothing under it. She was pretty wasted and didn’t want to wait so I could call my company for help. She went to her friend’s house and they called the police. I guess she hit her head when she went down and she was very bruised. The firetruck came first, then an ambulance, then the police. She was taken away in the ambulance and that was the last time I heard from her. After reviewing the video, there was no way I could have avoided this accident. I still worry about the lady on the bike. I hope she wasn’t hurt too bad.

The last accident was another with a bike. I was driving down 18th Street in the Castro and I went to turn left onto a side street and a bicycle hit me in the back on the passenger side. He was not hurt but an accident report still needed to be filed.

So, I try to be a good and conscientious driver but sometimes other things happen to change that. I am hoping never to have another accident. In my regular life the last time I had an accident, was 13 years ago. I was rear ended stopped at a traffic light by a lady who didn’t even stop. Crazy, that is for another time.

Thank you very much for reading my blog! I love you very much!

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