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Night Driving
A quick peek into the scenes of San Francisco and into my life.
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Stupid Airport
Posted:Apr 1, 2015 3:12 am
Last Updated:Apr 6, 2015 7:05 pm
Tonight was one of those nights I should have not started at the airport. It was a 2 hour wait! I read and played on my phone. I was so bored. I really need someone to talk to when I have to wait that long. Maybe someday

Here is a panoramic view of one of the waiting lots at the airport. I love taking panoramic pictures.

I picked up a family from the airport and took them into the city. They were very nice and I gave them a few suggestions of fun things to do around the city with . He gave me a great tip. I picked up a lady where I dropped off the family. We chatted all the way to her hotel. Her fare was $6.29 and she gave me $20! I tried to give her change but she said, no you are an awesome taxi driver. I was very happy about the ride. Lots of run rides all night.

I was driving down Market Street and a biker passed me on the left. He passed me up as I was stopped a red light. He turned to the right and almost made it over the trolley tracks but totally wiped out. Straight down he went. He waved everyone to go past him but he was really close to being in the lane I didn’t want him to get hit by a car passing by quickly. Market Street after there is no major traffic the cars go much faster than they should go. I pulled alongside of him as he was picking up his bike to move into the median, I asked if he was okay. He said yes and moved away. I bet his ego was hurt more than his body.

Now I am home watching tv for a little bit before I go to bed. I am binge watching a tv show from New Zealand. It is called Almighty Johnsons. It is very interesting. Only 3 seasons on Netflicks, they are filming the 4th season now. I cannot wait. I don’t have many more episodes left and then I need to find another show to binge watch. Or GofT is starting soon.

My little kitty helped me write most of this blog. She likes to sit on my chest while I am on the computer. Fun times.

Thank you again for reading my blog! I love you very much!

Chain letter
Posted:Apr 1, 2015 1:15 am
Last Updated:Apr 3, 2015 2:10 am
I was tagged to add a “chain letter” to my blog by [blog mcmaniac] and to tag 3 more bloggers to do the same. I ask rascalQUALITY [blog apollorising2021] and [blog nightowlSF1965] to do the same. Just copy the picture to post on your blog and answer the questions. It is a way to get to know other bloggers. It will be fun!

Do I have a crush? Not really right now but I have a few all time crushes. Billy Dee Williams has been my biggest crush. I have had a crush on him since Lady Sings the Blues.
Middle Name? My middle name is Carole
Height? I am 5 feet 6 inches tall
Shoe Size? I wear a size 10-11. I have big feet.
Eye Color? I have blue eyes
Last time I cried? This morning in the shower. Too much stress.
Biggest fear? Not being able to make enough money to survive.
Last song I listened too? Take Me to Church by Hozier
Last person I texted? My . I text her the most
Relationship status? Divorced/Single.
That is all! For now. Soon I will add a regular blog post.

Thank you for reading and I love you very much!

Posted:Mar 30, 2015 10:19 pm
Last Updated:Apr 1, 2015 3:25 am
Money is such a bad 5 letter word in my household right now. Driving a taxi is something I love doing! The down side is I am not making much Money at it right now. My family is really not making it right now. That is so very hard for me to say. I hate to say it. I hate asking for help or needing help of any kind.

We only spend Money on things we really need. I am not sure if it says I am a paying member, I am not. I just am here to blog and maybe chat with a few interesting fellows. That is really all. Okay, maybe if someone wants to meet and I have enjoyed a pleasant conversation, then maybe I will meet up with them.

I guess I need to start looking for another job. I really hate too since I do not have a college degree and most places require that you do, some even for them to look at your resume. I am a very intelligent and fast learning person. I am always on time and can work with very little direction. Just tell me or show me what I need to do and I will get right to it. Anyone looking to hire me?? Haha.

I am looking to see if I can write blog posts and schedule things for a company but it might take some pushing on my part to get them to even look at me. I can use some of the blogs I have posted here but with a few changes. If I am passionate about a product or service I can write about it all day.

I have worked in fast food, grocery store, injection molding factory and a large orange box hardware store, most places I worked at for more than 5 years each or more. Yep, I am that old.

I will be applying back at the large orange box store when I am done posting this blog and maybe the blue box store too.

Maybe I am just procrastinating. Who knows.

I do think the the ride shares have been bad for business but I really think it is much more than that. I believe it is the cost of living in San Francisco Bay Area. Did you know it is over $100 per square feet more than it is to live in New York City (okay that is what I heard but the average is .12% SF over NY, according to a web site)? Seriously?

Mini studio, 216 sq ft for $1,425.00 per month

How can anyone afford to live here who doesn’t make a 6 figure salary? If you do make that much, the cost of rent and everything else in the city eats at what you are making. So you have to pick and choose what night they go out. They spend hundreds of dollars going out almost every time. I heard so many stories.

Really??? I am paying less than the average and I live in the South Bay (I know it says SF but I am there almost more than I am at home). Why?

I know we have the most amazing weather with an average high of about 65 degrees fahrenheit (18.33 celsius) and a low of 44 degrees fahrenheit (6.67 celsius). Sunny weather most of the year and Karl the Fog is beautiful to watch roll in. The skyline is beautiful and the city has so much to offer.

At this time I cannot move out of the area. First off I have a young and his dad is a MAJOR ASS! He would do everything he could to take my away from me if I left and he would never give his permission for me to go even if I could afford to move someplace else.

I know all boring and life crap! I am just frustrated and I cannot help it. Sorry.

Thank you for reading and I hope to be back to my regular work me tomorrow. I just needed to vent for a little bit about my struggles. I know there are more of you out there that are dealing with the same issues I am. I am so sorry and I am sending my good thoughts to you!

Love you very much!

Story picture, story picture, story picture
Posted:Mar 30, 2015 2:08 am
Last Updated:Mar 31, 2015 8:18 am
Okay, so I got a little bit busy over the past few days, so sorry for the delay in my updates. I have been on to read a few blog posts when I was working but no time for me to update my own. Crazy. Life really gets in the way!

Well Friday night was a good night. Lots of strange things happened! It was crazy busy and just plain crazy in the city. I was driving along California Street on Knob Hill and saw a lady walking a pig across the street!! A pig in SF! It was dressed in a jacket and had a leash with a light, just like a dog!! Crazy!

Apparently I am a wonderful nice taxi driver! Within 2 seconds he said I was an amazing driver. I said, thank you and I was impressed that he knew me so well in such a short time! Funny, we chatted and talked all the way to his destination. He was a very nice guy! He is what makes my job so much fun!

Driving in SF can be very complicated. The pedestrians crossing the street feel like they have the right of way, no matter if they do or not! They even stand off the street corner and block the right turning cars. No enforcement of the laws for pedestrians in SF. This makes turning right for a driver a free for all! Apparently if you need to turn right and someone is not turning around the corner fast enough you can add a lane to the left of them and turn right around them. Crazy as that sounds

Picking up people in city you never know what they are going to give you as a payment. I am always okay with credit cards as payment but every once in a while I am given, or try to be given, large bills ($50’s or $100’s), most of the time I say I do not have enough change because counterfeit bills are all over the city. Better safe than sorry! Well, one guy had a stack of about 20-30 $100 bills in his wallet as well as a lot of $50 bills. Crazy to carry that much cash when you are bar hopping on a Friday night. Lots of lost wallets over the course of a night. One guy did try to give me a fake $20 bill but I didn’t fall for it. He did give me another $20 bill and I still questioned it but it was real.

I was driving up Franklin St and was flagged by this guy on the side of the road. He asked if I would pull over so he could put his stuff in the back of my taxi. He wanted me to go into a dark area behind the Symphony Hall. I said, no but I would pull out of the lane of traffic. He went back behind my taxi and pulled up a garbage can!!!!! A frickin garbage can! I said NOPE!!!! He still tried to open my tail gate. I said again NO! Then I drove off! REALLY!!!!! REALLY?????

March Madness had gotten me a few badly behaved men in my taxi. I have had to ask men to stop hitting my taxi doors and anything else in the taxi. Crazy, what the heck is going on with March Madness???

Homeless men have switched to pet rats instead of dogs. Crazy! He was charging $1 to let people pet his rat. Gross! Plus he was smelling and licking his rat. I almost puked right there watching him!

Have you ever had a friend that you messed with over almost everything? They did the same back to you too? Lots of that happening in my taxi, it is fun to listen to and sometimes be part of it. Everything in fun! Love it. Happy people having a great time! What more could you ask for?

In North Beach I saw a man wearing a chefs hat and walking a while smoking a cigarette. I don’t want to visit his restaurant!

Driving down Market St a (I am guessing he was a homeless) man was walking slowly across the street, not in a crosswalk. He slows down and turns to face me with his eyes open so wide all I can see is the whites of his eyes! Crazy! Very scary too.

I picked up this guy in the Marina District (high rent area, typically douchbag area) and he asked me to take him to Divisadero and Chestnut then wait for him while he goes up and gets his girlfriend. I wait over 5 minutes and nothing. So I end his ride and leave. Later in the evening I pick up another guy in the area around Union Square, this one is Irish. He seems nice and asks me to take him to Jones and Eddy. He keeps saying he has to pee. So we get to Jones and Eddy he gets out and says “Wait for me, I have to pee”. Okay so I wait again for about 5 minutes and he isn’t coming out. Fuck…. Two times in one night! I really need the money and this is fucked! Well, I closed out his ride and turned the corner. I get to the next corner and guess who is flagging a taxi… Yep, you guessed it, the Irish guy. I picked him up and asked him to pay for the ride he just ran out on me. He gave me the money for it but asked me to take him home in the Richmond District. He kept asking to get out so he could pee, I said I would let him out but he would have to pay me before he got out of the taxi. He didn’t want to do that. So I took him to his home. On the way to his home he kept asking, if I was going to be taking him to my home to do nasty things to him. NO WAY! He was so drunk he didn’t even know he had skipped out on me earlier. He kept saying he wasn’t drunk but he was on something. He finally fell asleep just before we got to his home. He paid me for the rest of his ride and I went on my way. Have I learned my lesson about waiting for passengers? Probably not. Most people come back quickly or offer me something to stay. I am a good person and I feel most people are good people too.

I was flagged by a man but a lady got into my taxi and she started crying as soon as she got into the taxi. She said something about someone picking up her jacket and wanting to keep it. She was unhappy then something about her mother that had passed away and not talking about her anymore. She liked me because I reminded her of her friend who is always positive and happy. She wanted to be more like her friend. I finally arrived at her destination and the fare was $6.29 and she gave me a $20. I asked her how much change she would like back and she said none. I said that was too much! She said it was okay because someone else would stiff me later in the night and I was such a nice lady. She was right. I picked up 3 girls and a guy on 11th Street by Audio and the first thing a young girl did after getting into my taxi was put her hand into a bag I had trash in (it was a bag of cough drops) and say she wanted one. When I told her no it was empty. She didn’t ask, but said she wanted a Sweetart. I had a bag of those as well. I told her no. They are mine. She then wanted to play her music. I told her, please go ahead and play her music. She tried to unplug things I had plugged in. I let her know that I already had things plugged in, so she could play her music off her phone. Her phone was at 1% and she wanted to plug it in. I said, I do not have anything to plug her phone in too. I should have make them get out my taxi at that time. I don’t want to be that person. So I continued to drive them. All the way they complained about one thing or another. One girl asked for water. I do not carry water. She said, this is why I do not take taxis only Ubers. Yes, I should have tossed them out of the taxi but I still didn’t. They did pay me but didn’t leave a tip. Nice wonderful people. Whatever. Someday someone will do that to them and they will understand respecting others things.

Last thing for this blog, sorry it is so long but one more story of the night. I picked up two boys and a girl on Polk Street and they wanted to go to Bush and Steiner. The one boy complained about losing his wallet. He kept asking saying his Mom was going to kill him. This was the 3rd wallet he has lost since he moved to SF, about 6 months ago. The other guy kept saying why do you have to tell your Mom about losing your wallet. The first one says he has to go through his Mom to replace all the cards that are missing plus he had $300 cash in there. He didn’t want to be lectured again by her. I think this should have been a wake up call to get help from drinking and what ever else he was doing. I hope he does get help. Dropped them off and drove around for a few minutes. I didn’t pick anyone off but I had to go to the bathroom so I went back to the yard and used the restroom there. I got back into my taxi on the way to pick up my day driver and I heard a pinging noise in the back of my taxi. Wonderful, someone left a phone in my taxi. I called the missed call number and the guy who I had just dropped off answer. He was so happy I found his phone. I let him know I was on my way home and he said he would pay anything to have his phone. I said, how about just what the meter says. He said he was okay with that. So, I drove straight over there, he was waiting outside for me. He paid me and gave me a generous tip and told me I would have good karma over bringing him back his phone so nicely. I need as much good karma as I can get.

Thanks again for reading, sorry again for it being so long. I hope it didn’t turn you off of watching me anymore. I love you very much!

Mystery night...
Posted:Mar 27, 2015 3:40 am
Last Updated:Apr 2, 2015 1:35 pm
Night of tons of mystery. It flew by so quickly! I had so many other things on my mind.

I had an amazing boob day today. Have you ever had a day when a part of your body felt it looked exceptionally perfect looking? Well, today it was my boobs! I liked the way they felt and looked to me. Hope you like them too. I know they are covered up but that is just what I was wearing today.

I started off at the airport, as normal, it was a shorter wait than it had been, about 35 minutes. While I was waiting the taxi driver in the taxi in front of me got out. It was a very young and attractive female. There are not many female taxi drivers and even less young ones. She said hello to me and walked away. I don’t typically get out of my taxi while I am waiting at the airport since the other male taxi drivers act like they have never seen a female before. It makes me feel uncomfortable so I read, listen to podcasts or play games on my phone. Okay, so back to the female taxi driver. On her way back to the taxi she stopped to chat with me. She kept touching my arm and me a little bit personal question. Maybe she was flirting with me, I don’t know. I was not really interested anyway. She was cute but she wore WAY too much perfume and I am not interested in a female anyway.

Tonight was the night of the crazy bike riders. A few times when dropping off my passengers a bike rider would pass me on the right. I have to warn my passenger not to open the door yet. They will have to squeeze in between the cab and the parked cars and there is barely enough room. I also park at an angle with my flashers on so they should really pass me on the left side or go around me. Do these bike riders really want to be hit by an opening door? Don’t they know it will hurt? Maybe they think they will get lots of money from the taxi company? Makes me crazy! Also bikes will come flying out of nowhere and go into your lane. Sometimes they move faster than I can drive down a hill like it is some game. Why? I just don’t get it. Do their lives mean nothing to them? Or what about the people they can run into? What about the car that hits them? What is going to happen to that driver that had no knowledge that they were coming into their lane? People sometimes do not think of the consequences of their actions.

I am still dealing with being horny all the time. I am really impressed with the feeling. Is this how a guy feels? It is crazy! I have to take care of myself before I leave for work almost everyday. Makes getting ready for work much more time consuming. I guess I should expand my horizons a little bit more now. What to do? What to do?

Tomorrow is Friday! Awesome! Friday is always a fun night. Hope it is a profitable night!

Thank you again for reading my blog! It means so much to me! I love you very much!

Two Nights in ONE!
Posted:Mar 26, 2015 3:21 am
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2015 3:40 am
Haha! Coming up with titles is part of the fun of writing this blog! Sometimes they are meant to be funny, at least to me, but some are just mundane. Tonight ended up giving me a little chuckle.

Tuesday night was a trip of a night! I went to the airport twice and had two pretty good rides but when I got back into the city, it was DEAD! I hate slow nights but it was. I drove around and picked up a few people but decided to go home at about 11:30 pm. On my way out of the city I received a text from a young male who has been living on our sofa since beginning of December. We invited him to stay with us, hoping for good Karma but he was really nothing but a young immature who only created problems in my household. He moved back home to New Jersey today. Yippee!! NO more stress and bad roommate manners. Moving on….

Okay, so after the text from the boy, wanting to know when I was going to be home so he could say good bye. I was almost to the freeway and I was flagged by a confused young male. Before he got into my taxi he asked if I would take him to San Mateo. I said sure, it is meter and a half from the city and it would be about $99. He said that is fine I will pay you but I need to run to an ATM on 6th and Mission, first. He asked for my phone number and I gave it to him, because he was going to run there then call me. I said I would just drive him over to where he needed to go. We got to 6th and Mission and he made me drive around the block because he didn’t know where he was. We finally got to the place where he was going to meet his friend, then we drove on to his house.

This is the some of the stories this young male gave me. He was driving home after having a single drink with a friend and he was pulled over by the police and told he was going to be given a DUI. They put him in handcuffs after he failed all field sobriety tests so 3 police man argued that they should just arrest him but 2 argued that he should be given a chance to get home on his own. He told them his brother was a police officer in San Francisco and had told him it would be fine to drive home after he had most of one beer and ate chicken wings. He also said he had gone to a therapist and started a new medication today. He didn’t know he was not suppose to drink alcohol while taking any medication. He said no one had warned him so he didn’t think it would be a problem. He left the almost empty bottle of meds with me so he could get some money. He was prescribed Alprazolam Intensol, not to be taken with alcohol. Plus it had looked like he took way more than he should have taken.

He went on to say he had a pregnant almost 21 girlfriend and they were going to go out clubbing when she turned 21. I asked if he was really going to take his pregnant girlfriend clubbing. He told me, yes because she is “self aborting”. Self aborting???? You mean miscarriage? No, self aborting is what she was doing. He said she was very underweight and really didn’t want to have baby at this time. So she was doing whatever she wanted to get rid of the baby. He was happy and hoped it was going to be a girl. He also said, his girlfriend had been bleeding for the past week. Seriously??? Why not take her to the hospital. He did say she had an appointment next Wednesday to find out what is going on. I am so confused at this time. I asked him what he did for a living, he said he worked at Google in Mountain View as a software engineer. I asked a few minutes later and he said again he worked at Google. Then he said he was going to school to be a lawyer, he was working as bartender and waiting tables. He had to call his mom to get money for the taxi ride, she came down in her robe.

I was happy he was done with his web of nothingness he was giving me. I hope he gets some help for his problem. Any one of them! I also hope he didn’t get into his mother’s car and drive back into the city. Hope he waited until morning or until he sobered up a bit to drive again.
Today started out okay, the airport was moving slowly but not bad. My first ride was a short to Burlingame, nice lady. Then I got a ride into the city, nothing special. Drove around the city and picked up a few fares.

Great tip night!! On 3 different rides that were about $7.40 every one of them gave me $15! That is a great tip. Wow! I must have done something right tonight.

I stopped for lunch today at one of the many Mexican restaurants in the city. I have been there many times because they have good food and there is always parking. Well tonight I was sitting eating my nachos and I saw something move on the floor out of the corner of my eye. At first I hoped it was just a shadow but it wasn’t. It moved again. I didn’t see anything but I could only suspect what I thought it was. I was done eating at that time. Yuck! A couple said they saw the mouse come in the doorway and come down the stair. Gross! I am so grossed out by mice! Nasty creatures! I am still freaking out about the mouse!

My last ride of the night I picked up on California and Taylor. He was in black tie and looked pretty amazing! We chatted all the way to his home about how being nice gets you niceness in return. If you do not judge anyone then they will respect you and feel comfortable in your presence. We are a lot alike. He was a great ride. He also said Conan O'Brien was in town to let loose a little bit. Hope I meet up with him! That would be great! Hope he will let me take a picture with him. If not, I am okay with that too!

Oh, my gosh!! I almost forgot the best news! I picked up a lady at the airport and she looked just like the Felicity from the tv show the ARROW!! I even said something to her and she denies that is her but was very complimented that I thought that it was her. I even was able to get a picture of her (and for my . He loves the Arrow and when I sent it to him, he said “YOU MET FELICITY???? From Arrow??” Needless to say, he was excited for me but sad because it really wasn’t her.

She is such a cute young woman!
Well, I am getting a little sleepy now! Hope this blog makes sense. My cat is trying to help me write it so…. She really isn’t much help at all but she is darn cute!

Thank you so much for reading my blog! I love you very much!

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G of T
Posted:Mar 23, 2015 11:10 pm
Last Updated:Mar 26, 2015 2:05 am
Tonight was the premiere for the next season of GofT! It was held in San Francisco. I wasn’t working but I get notifications about what is going on in the city and they said it was crazy around the Symphony Hall. I would have loved to see some of the actors and actress. I really have enjoyed that show.

Today was a lazy day for me. My bad mood has finally lifted. That is a relief. I try not to be in a bad mood for too long. It makes me not want to talk to anyone. I did try to text a “friend” to see if he was still a friend, still not sure. Why are men confusing??? If I like someone I try and keep up with them. Maybe not as much as some females do but something within the day, at least twice, would be nice. If you are not interested, please tell me. I will not sit around thinking maybe you do or do not like me. I am not interested in young inexperienced boys anymore. Grow up and communicate. If you are out dating or just too busy with work. Tell me. I have a busy and extremely strange schedule so I understand.

Okay, it is okay to text and ask if someone is still interested? I really don’t want to waste their time or mine. If he was still interested would that have made him not? I am not about to go and chase him either. Oh, well. What’s done is done.

Back to work tomorrow. Happy my cough is so much less than when it started! Right now, I get a tickle in the back of my throat and it sends me in to a dry cough. Cannot wait for it to go fully away. I still have about a half a bag of cough drops too. I would like to use them all this time. The last time I kept them, they were yucky but still I was able to drop them into hot tea and drink it to make me feel better.

Thank you for reading and I love you very much!

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Bored.... Miss going out riding
Posted:Mar 23, 2015 3:19 am
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2015 11:10 pm
After spending time with my ex boyfriend we used to go out riding his Harley, in the middle of the night. I loved it so much! Some nights it would be very chilly outside but he would always rub my leg and pull me close in. After the ride we would stop for donuts or something more to eat. Once we came back to his place we would lay in bed cuddling and getting warm. Sex would always follow again and sleep would come.

I miss having someone who would take me for a motorcycle ride in the middle of the night. He was my first for riding on the back of a motorcycle. I really loved the feeling of the motor vibrating underneath me. Depending, I guess, what gear he was in, the vibrations would feel so amazing! I couldn’t orgasim but the feeling was so good and I wouldn’t need much more than him pulling my pants off to be ready for him.

Moving on. Sad subject for me.

Maybe I should just go and take a ride. I do not have to be anywhere until afte 6 am. Just wish I had someone to go for a ride with me. On the weekends, sometimes I will wake up my and we will go for a very early breakfast but they have work and school in the morning. I cannot wake them now.

Want to come with me? I will even do all the driving… Maybe stop someplace along the road.

Maybe I will try sleeping again. Hope it works. I am still a little grouchy and I do not know why.

Thank you again for reading about my trials and tribulations. I love you very much!

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Sa Sa Sa Saturday Night
Posted:Mar 22, 2015 12:29 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2015 1:46 am
Saturday night… Well, it was an okay Saturday night. I started off cranky and it hasn’t gotten better since then (Sunday morning now). I don’t know why. Maybe because I didn’t get enough sleep in the past two days, maybe because I have gone too many days without sex, who knows but I am trying to move past the crankiness. Help me, help me, help me! I at least am not working today and I am home with my . No major plans for today. Maybe a nap in a little bit…

Last night was the night of Irish men. I almost think the city is mostly Irish young men out and about. They are all so nice and sweet but I cannot always understand what they are saying. Sometimes they involve me in their conversation but mostly I just like to listen.

I am not sure I said really what I meant about myself. I am mostly happy with what I look like. I could use to lose a few pounds. I love the color of my hair, I am often asked if I color it. I do not, love the natural highlights my hair has. There is a dermatology convention in town and I have driven a few women who want to find a good dermatologist with botox so they can get shots to help with wrinkles. I have very few wrinkles but I would be okay with more. I have earned each and every thing on my body. It is who I am and who I was.

I came home after my long night of driving and looked at a few of the blog posts that were written when I was at work. I was so surprised to find I was mentioned in post!! Such a nice post too! Thank you so very much. Please read/watch/comment on his blog [blog mcmaniac] Thanks again!

Thank you for reading my blog and I love you very much!

Posted:Mar 21, 2015 12:43 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2015 12:20 am
I am feeling frustrated this morning. I didn’t get to sleep until way after 5:00 am this morning and was awoken at 10:00 am. That is not enough sleep. Why do some people have to talk so loudly when others are sleeping? Okay I know it is midday and most people are awake at that time but the adult person who was talking loud lives with me and should know better. Happy he is leaving next Wednesday! Long story…

I am also frustrated because I miss having someone in my life. I am not sure if I want to date someone or do I want a ready made sleeping with buddy. I am lonely, even though I have family all around me. I miss the warmth of having a man in my life. I have a strange schedule but I can fit in someone, if they just give me half a chance.

What I think I am looking for:

*someone who works nights (because I work nights)
*someone who would like to spend time with me, outside of the bedroom
*someone who enjoys sex.
*someone who understands family comes first
*someone who is clean, no std’s
*someone who is clean, sober, or someone who doesn’t drink much or often. No drugs, at all
*someone who is friendly
*someone who is chatty on text (I am not very good on the phone but I love to text)
*someone who is close to my age, between 47 and 55
*someone who is taller than I am, I am 5’6”
*someone who has their own place to live
*someone who lives close
*someone who is interested in me (I know sounds strange but most men do not ask questions, or ask questions correctly.)

I am really not that picky about looks but someone I am attracted too would be good. How do I go about finding that person? Vanilla dating sites? I am not beautiful or thin so I am not contacted by a lot of men. I know most women are over run by men on dating sites, not me. I don’t know why but I am not. Maybe at first a few men do contact me but they are very young, very old or just want sex.

I am going to post a picture of me. I wouldn’t normally do this but I feel like it is okay for a few days. Maybe I will remove the photos after a few days.

Okay, I am not feeling bad about myself or sad or anything like that. Loneliness is hard for anyone so I understand that I am not alone. So is there someone out there for me? Hope so! I am positive I can find someone who fits into my life as well as me fitting into their life.

I am not expecting too many personal messages but if I do, I would feel pretty impressed.

Thank you very much for reading my blog! I love you very much!
Friday night... San Jose
Posted:Mar 21, 2015 4:58 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2015 12:04 pm
Started my night at the airport like usual, I was there for only 40 minutes or so. One of the drivers who has been hitting on me, on and off for about 7 months. He caught up with me again after about a month. I have really tried to avoid him. A couple of months ago he gave me a ring, I don’t know why and I tried to give it back to him but he wouldn’t take it back. He is married and kind of creepy but I am not interested in him at all. I am too nice to say anything but I do not encourage it at all. He talked to me for a few minutes. I was happy when he had to move his taxi. Crazy man. I would prefer not to see or talk to him again. Oh, well.

I did get a Fairmont San Jose. That is a meter and a half ride so I made my rent for the taxi plus a little bit more in one ride. Went into the city afterward, I was slow but steady all night. Mostly young 20 to 30 something young woman who were very self absorbed. Always a fun time with squealing ladies in my taxi.

PIcked up 3 young men, which was the highlight of my night. They were very attractive and nice plus they had no idea where they were going. It was fun to talk to them.

Well, I am getting sleepy so I will take off now. Keep me in your taxi dreams.

Thank you for reading my blog and I love you very much!
Two days
Posted:Mar 20, 2015 4:33 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2015 4:58 am
Well, it feels like it has been a long time since I posted on my blog but it has only been 2 night. Sorry, got busy last night after work and came home to sleep.

So last night was the night of the Pompous, self centered, egotistical, unappreciative, name dropping, idiot man in my taxi. I picked him up with a seemingly nice couple. The Asinine Man was dressed in bright neon yellow biker like shorts, a bright neon yellow shirt and a bright neon yellow baseball hat. Way too much! The other couple was very nicely (and normal) dressed.

I am not sure they knew each other before they took off on the airplane. At least that is what my impression on the conversation went.

The Asinine Man wanted to go to Oracle. I wasn’t sure which one he meant. So I asked him where it was. An irritated response came back “the Oracle Arena in Oakland, you know where that is?” I said, yes and finished putting the bags in the trunk. When I got into the taxi, I said he would have to pay the bridge toll, he said, “it doesn’t matter, I am paying”. Oh boy!

So there is a lot of traffic at 6:00 going North on HWY 101 going across the Bay Bridge, he complained about all the traffic, apparently he should have been offered by Larry Ellison a helicopter so it would have been easier and he wouldn’t have sit in traffic. His idea, not mine. He said he was the #1 retweeted man on Twitter and he has so many followers hanging on his every word that he can make or break someone just by saying something bad about them. Oh boy!

He also kept mentioning that he could sue someone for this or that. I really felt sorry for the people in the back seat. I hope they were not falling for all the bs this guy was saying. I imagine most of it was true but he was a pretentious ass in how he was saying things. Apparently he also went to Harvard and knew all these famous or rich people who would do anything for him.

He also kept asking how long it would be to get there. I started to get really annoyed because we were sitting in traffic all the way there. I couldn’t give him an ETA because that is the way it is in traffic in, not only one major city but two, San Francisco and Oakland.

I so, so happy to drop them off! I almost screamed so many times during this ride! I was so done! I wanted to kick him out so bad! Oh, and one more thing, he tried to transfer tickets after the game had started so he was going to sue the ticket company because of the trouble it was causing him. My guess is you cannot transfer a ticket after a game/show has started, only sell them. Makes sense if you are not him. Oh boy!!

On to happier thoughts!! The rest of the night passed uneventful. Happy it was kind of busy and slowed down at the normal time about midnight. Talked to a friend for a bit and came home and fell asleep quickly.

Tonight was an airport night!! One big convention in town! Dermatology people are here! Fun, fun, fun! I went to the airport to pick up 3 times, longest wait was 45 minutes! Pretty good. Every time I took someone from the airport I ended up close to a highway so it was an easy way back! Loved it! After my third time at the airport I went into town. Lots of small rides, nothing too much until I picked up 3 guys from the Castro! Oh, my gosh, they were drunk and having a wonderful time walking across the street. I smiled because one of the guys was waving at a guy in a car and the guy wanted nothing to do with the waving guy. So cute! They flagged me and I smiled bigger. The waving guy sat in the front seat and kept touching me, normally I tell them to stop but he was funny in the way he was touching me so I let him continue.

We talked about boyfriends and the subject came up about how many penises I had seen or had in my life. The real number and I told him 14, in my 49 years. They were surprised that I was 49 but I get that all the time. I look so young, I guess. Then they were surprised that I didn’t have that many penises and I needed to go out and suck more cock. I agreed with the guys and played along with them. They were so much fun! I gave them my phone number and they said they would call if they need a taxi ride in the city again, I bet they will not call but it is fun to think they will. I bet they don’t even remember who I am in the morning.

I don’t know if you know where the Castro is in San Francisco or what it is but it is an LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender) community in the city. Lots of gay men hang out in this area. If you sit around you can watch men give each other blow jobs in some of the alleys or darkened areas of the community. Very interesting and vibrant neighborhood. I love picking up people there, they are always so nice and tip really good.

Okay, I need to suck more cock. Okay… I will get right on that. I love my job!

Thank you again for reading my blog and I love you very much!

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Long Ride
Posted:Mar 18, 2015 2:12 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2015 11:37 am
Okay, so I already shared that I picked up this guy from the airport and took him to a far off place.

Well, in my imagination, we were really going to go much farther than we did. I had kind of hoped he was someone who watched my blog and maybe wanted more than a ride. He was an attractive and enjoyable to talk to man.

Would I have done more than just drive him…. I just don’t know.

I only had one ride tonight. That is okay because it was a great ride. I stopped a few times on the way home, once to eat and another time to buy a few more pairs of jeans. Silly, I know but I just made good money and I needed new cheap jeans.

Thank you for reading my blog and I love you very much!

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