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Night Driving
A quick peek into the scenes of San Francisco and into my life.
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Oh my gosh!! Need to tell you something quick!
Posted:Mar 17, 2015 9:15 pm
Last Updated:Apr 2, 2015 1:36 pm
Just a quick post and maybe more later.

Picked up a guy at the airport and he wanted to go to a smaller airport by the Oakland airport but as we were getting to the Bay Bridge he received a phone call to say he wasn't needed and he could go home instead.

El Dorado Hills!! Fuck!! That is a meter and a half ride!! On my sheet of prices to Sacramento it is $424 but this is about 45 minutes further east.

Ride was nice we chatted about 1/2 of the way there. He even bought me SB and we had a bathroom break.

Straight meter was $357.70 plus $8 tolls and $2 airport fees. That ride was $536!!! I am set for a couple of days!

Longest ride so far for me!!

More later
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Posted:Mar 17, 2015 12:54 am
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2015 1:39 am
I thought getting close to menopause I was supposed to not want sex as much. I shouldn’t be horny 24/7. When does menopause actually start working? I don’t know. Darn it.

Back to work tomorrow. It should be a busy, busy night. At least I hope it is.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Please be safe and have fun!

Thank you for reading and I love you very much!

PS. Why do so many 20 somethings keep IM’ing me or sending me emails? I am old enough to be their mother. I am not a cougar, just an FYI.
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Feeling in Heat
Posted:Mar 15, 2015 11:24 pm
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2015 11:41 pm
Last night my boob felt HUGE! My nipples were so sensitive to touch. I could barely stand it. I think my boobs looked awesome as well. Full and big, well in my bra anyway. Normally they are very saggy. Hey, I am almost 50 and I have breastfeed a baby or two. Life happens.

Not only were my boobs feeling so sensitive, I was on fire. Oh, my gosh, I felt very open and ready last night. Almost ready to do the unspeakable but I cannot cross that line. I did almost call my ex for a quicky but I was so busy, there wasn’t enough time. It was almost 4 when I finally went back to the yard. Boy, was it a very long night.

Have you ever had one of those nights when you feel like you wanted sex but didn’t or couldn’t make it happen? And, no, not ready to have sex with a customer. So far none have come even close to me wanting to break that rule. Sorry. haha.

Love ya all and thank you for reading!

Early St. Patrick's Day
Posted:Mar 15, 2015 4:30 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2015 11:28 pm
Saturday… Very busy day! I did start off at the airport and waited 1 hour and 40 minutes for a ride but I got a good ride! Meter and a half to Mountain View! Made my gate so the rest of the night was cake! Awesome! Plus they were fun passengers, which makes everything better.

Many strange things in the city tonight happened. I was driving along Mission Street and car ahead of me was driving with his drivers door open! The car was smoking something badly and he kept driving it. He must have really needed to get someplace.

I picked up a Drag Queen from a hotel and I was really flashed when she got into the taxi and even more when she got out of the taxi. I don’t try to look but sometimes it is very hard not to see. I mentioned this to the lady that she should be careful getting into and out of a car with care when wearing something so short. Hope she got the message.

Young drunk people in the city are CRAZY! A young lady sitting in the back of my taxi opened the window all the way and kept yelling “I love the smell of this city” Okay…. I will admit every part of the city has a different smell. Most of it is not very good but some of it is great! The most overwhelming smell around most of the bars in the city is the smell of pot. I really hate the smell of pot. I roll up my windows in that area all the time. I dread when someone gets into my taxi who reeks of pot. I have to roll my windows down so I can actually breath. It is horrible.

It was so beautiful in the city tonight! My taxi said it was 75 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the evening. That is very warm for this time of the year and in San Francisco. So many people were out and enjoying the weather. Driving people to their homes, many kept saying, I don’t want to home just yet. I did make a few suggestions for places for them to go and I was turned down every time. It was a gorgeous night!

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Friday the 13th
Posted:Mar 14, 2015 6:06 am
Last Updated:Mar 15, 2015 10:49 pm
Well, my day started off slow. I had a very hard time waking up (my second time of the day). I laid in bed for about ½ an hour after my alarm went off. Then I made a cup of coffee and ate a donut while answering emails and “watching” some of my tv shows on demand. I had a second cup of coffee and another donut. This put me at about 4:00. I am suppose to start at 4:00 and I had not even showered. Oh well, I knew I would work later than my Tuesday through Thursdays so it really didn’t matter. I started at about 5:30, not bad.

I went straight to the airport and it took about 45 minutes, not bad for a Friday night. The guy I picked up was a easy ride into the city and the traffic wasn’t too bad. He wasn’t much of a talker or couldn’t hear what I was saying so it was a quiet ride.

A few rides later and I picked up a guy on Fillmore/Turk and he wanted to go to Sutter/Lyon. I went all the wrong way but in the right direction. If you have never been to San Francisco or know anything about my wonderful town, there are hills EVERYWHERE! Sometimes the road stops at cliff and continues below the cliff. Sometimes there is a city park in the middle of a road and the road comes out the other end. Sometimes there is a building in the middle of a road and the road comes out the other end. It is crazy and sometimes so confusing to figure out where you are and if you can take a road straight through to where you want to go. I am still learning so I sometimes I mess up. The guy I picked up had just moved from the Ocean Beach area to Sutter/Lyon and he wasn’t sure what routes to take yet either so. I messed up and went to far on Turk and had to backtrack all the way to Divisadero and go past Geary and up Sutter to his place. I told him “no charge since I messed up” he really wanted to pay me for the ride but gave me all he had in cash $5. The meter said $11.50ish so it wasn’t much of a loss for me. He was a nice guy who is a manager of a bar in the city. He would give me a free drink if I went to his bar. That was so nice of him.

I feel bad when I mess up where I am going. It happens but I am still learning the city, even after 2 years. I know where streets are but people in San Francisco know how they like to get to their destinations. I am happy to have them guide me all the way, sometimes I give suggestions but most of the time, they do the leading. I am easy going like that.

The night was mostly slow and boring but I did have a couple I picked up on Mission/19th and they wanted to go to California/Montgomery. Great couple to talk too! So funny, they asked questions and made comments about the city. I always ask people who visit our city often if they try new restaurants every time they visit us,most say yes they try too. The guy said he really likes Jacque dans le Boite (Jack in the Bo x). We talked about how the Monster Tacos were yummy late night. Guess where I went at 4:00 this morning on my way home from work. Yep, I went to Jack. Fun people!

I picked up a couple on New Montgomery/Mission and the guy asked to take them to the nearest Bart station and then take her on to Pac Heights. On the way to the Bart station, I really have two options, left or right on Market St. Depending on where in Pac Heights I was going would depend on where which way I would go. So they are stressly (I know it is not really a word but it really fits what if felt like in the back of the taxi at the time) talked about him judging her the whole time. He tried to talk her into going someplace else but she kept saying she wanted to go home. He asked me to take them to this place in the Marina but she said No, you need to go home. I dropped him off at a Bart Station and I then asked as we were well out of his hearing where we were really going. She gave me the cross streets. I asked if it was a first date and she said yes. He really didn’t like him, at all! She felt he was judging and criticizing everything she said or did. She said a friend of hers set them up saying they would be perfect, but they were not. Well, he really liked her but she was really not into him. She was now happy to move on to the next guy who may be the right man for her. By the way, dating sucks.

At about 1:50am I took a chance and drove down Green St from Kearny. It is a tiny one way road that has a lot of bars on it and lots of people go there but I have never actually picked up someone on this road before. I was behind two other taxis but they already had passengers so I figured I was going to be okay. I was in luck, I picked up two ladies who wanted to go to Marin. That is North over the Golden Gate Bridge. Great ride plus the toll coming back! I swear, almost as soon as we took off these ladies started in on a “friend” of theirs. From what I gathered they all went to Mexico for a girls weekend and the friend didn’t want to join in on all the fun. Massive judging going on from the two ladies in the back seat about this friend of theirs. Over and over, all the way to San Anselmo where they lived. They were not paying attention to where we were so every time I came to a street they needed me to turn, they were very snippy.

They didn’t give me an address, I couldn't have put it in my GPS and gotten them to their destination without them having to stop yapping about their friend. Almost to the first lady's house, she couldn’t even tell me the correct directions to her place. She wanted me to turn left where there is a no left turn sign, crazy to not know your own street. So we dropped off the other lady first. Her place was a steep driveway that had a slight curve. There was a place to turn around and I asked if I could turn around and the lady whose house we were at said yes but the lady in the back said, no just back up. Nice… In the dark and it is late. Happy I have a backup camera in my taxi or I am not sure I could have done it. On the way to the lady who was left in my taxi and she still is not paying attention to where we are going. She is irritated that I do not know where I am going. I guess I need to work on my mind reading capabilities. Haha!! Whatever. She gave me a $16 tip, so I cannot complain more than I have already.

Great night, I am very tired and sore today. Hope tomorrow isn’t too bad. There is a St. Patty’s Day Parade, I am not sure when it starts and ends, so I am crossing my fingers I am not involved in it again.

Hope you have a happy Saturday! We are forecasted for a high of 79 and sunny. Tons will be out but will they need a taxi? Who knows.

Thank you very much for reading and commenting! I love each and every one of you!

Boring Night
Posted:Mar 13, 2015 12:28 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2015 9:08 am
Tonight was horrible slow! I even had other taxi drivers stop me and asked if I was busy. Nope. It was very, very slow. I did get a ride to 25th Ave and Geary so I went and got donuts for the family for breakfast. I am home, very early, eating a donut and drinking a cup of coffee. Made my night.

I have a cat and a dog, just an fyi, but tonight they are both acting very crazy! Running around and playing. The keeps whining like she wants to go out but when you take her out, she just stops and looks at you. The cat is just crazy running around all over the apartment. Hope it doesn't wake anyone else. I might be up a little bit more, not because of the coffee but because I am really not too tired.

So you know the guy that irritated me last night? Well, we talked about what happened and maybe it was a misunderstanding on my part but I am still not sure. We did meet up before I went to work. He needs a lesson kissing but he at least tried to work with me. He kept asking if he was doing it right. I have never had a guy do that before. Nice change. I could have met up with him again tonight but I think I wouldn’t make it home in time in the morning. Plus I am not really sure I am attracted to him as much as I thought I was. I always try and see how 3 meetings go before I make a decision, if I am on the fence. Sometimes I know I don’t like someone and they are gone even before the first date ends.
Why are men irritating?
Posted:Mar 12, 2015 1:36 am
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2015 8:15 am
I have been talking to a guy I met on one of the dating sites. We actually met awhile ago but only briefly. He messaged me on one of the dating sites so we started chatting about when we knew each other before. It has been fun catching up. He keeps asking to meet me so now twice I have made a suggestion to meet and the first time he worked much later than he expected but we never really finalized plans so it was okay. I felt really let down, first because he didn’t call/text letting me know what was going on. Okay, I can forgive one time but tonight he asked again to meet up so I suggested later we meet in the city. He said after traffic dies down. I said of course.

So at about 9:30 or so I texted him asking how his night was going. He said okay. I said I needed to take a break. He asked how long I was planning on taking for a break and I said, however long it takes you to come to the city. He then asked if I got off work, I could swing over to his house before going home. This pissed me off very badly.

I am not someone who just goes to a virtual strangers house in the middle of the night for a meet up. My guess is it was intended to be a fuck. I am really unhappy right now. I will text him in the morning about how I feel.

Needless to say I have been in the “meet at their house in the middle of the night” kind of relationship and I hated it! I felt very cheap and dirty. I didn’t like it at all. It is not my cup of tea at all.

Can you tell I am annoyed? Deep breaths… Deep breaths….

Okay, so most of the rest of the night went well. I did have a little trouble with my meter not wanting to turn on correctly and some Chinese youngsters in my taxi who didn’t know where they were going while this was happening so it costed me money. I charged them a fair but low price for their ride and they were happy with it.

I did meet up with another taxi driver who had switched to uber but is back to driving a taxi. More money in driving a taxi. Uber is cutting the prices for many of the rides so drivers are not making a much as they once were plus Uber has over saturated the market with drivers. They are not making as much as they once were. Well, he is very enamored with me. He is such a sweet man but he is married. I do not do married men plus I am not physically attracted to him. I really do enjoy talking to him. He makes me feel good about myself.

Also, if I actually paid attention to the conversations in the back of the taxi, I could use what is said to invest in companies! Tonight I kind of heard about a CEO of a very important company (according to the men in the back of the taxi) was meeting with a large banking company to discuss a deal. I have no clue what the company was or what that meant to anyone but the guys in the back of the taxi were going to sell all of their stock in the morning before the bell rang. One even said he was going to tell his customers to sell their stocks as well. My first thought was, isn’t that illegal? Insider trading or something but one of the guys said it wasn’t since he saw them discussing a business matter over dinner. Oh well, I do not have any stock anyway.

Enough for tonight. I am tired and I have a doctor's appointment early in the morning.

Thank you again for reading! Love ya all!

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Playing coy
Posted:Mar 11, 2015 1:38 am
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2015 10:25 pm
Tonight was a normal slow Tuesday night. I did go to the airport first but while I was there I talked to a male friend on the phone. I have known him for a little over a year but we kind of lost touch a couple of months ago. It was good catching up and learning more about him. Then the questions started, like when was the last time I had a boyfriend, was I with the father of my and other personal questions were asked.

I was raised in a bubble or it at least felt like I did. I learned things mostly on my own through reading (mostly romance novels) and television. I was a shy and even more shy . I was always an A-B student in high school and had many friends of different clicks as well. Since I was so shy, I didn’t go to parties or even date anyone in high school. I did have many, many crushes on boys from my school but I never did anything more than talk to them when I had too. I never was much into drinking alcohol or doing any kind of drugs. I was a good . In college I started to come out of my shell but I still was shy, not really drinking and no drugs at all. I didn’t have my first boyfriend until I was about 21. That was when I had my first kiss as well. The kiss was okay but didn’t really do what I thought it was going to do for me. Things happened and we broke up. I didn’t really date again until I was 23. He was a guy I had met through a friend years before. We went on a few very nice dates and one night we went back to his parent’s house and we went into a camper they had in their backyard. We started making out and next thing I know we are having sex. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it wasn’t as fun and enjoyable as I thought it might be. Needless to say, he didn’t know I had never had sex. It was all okay. We dated for over a year and then he asked me to marry him. Got married, became pregnant and separated all in the span of 8 months. Fun times. My ex, is now a friend and my is AMAZING!

This is the start of my kind of sexual life. There isn’t much because sex at first was a non issue for me. I enjoyed it but I never had an orgamism with someone. I was able to kind of have them when I was alone but not often. On and off over the past 30+ sex hasn’t been a big deal for me. I have a few times gone more than 5 years without a sexual partner and I have been just fine. I take care of myself when I need too.

About 4 years ago I started blogging on this web site with a different name. At first I didn’t know what I wanted from this web site. I thought it was a little bit more than I wanted. I drew a lot of attention when I first signed up. So much attention I couldn’t handle it! I didn’t answer emails because guys were asking for things I didn’t or wasn’t ready to talk about with them. So I started to blog. While blogging I kind of found myself. I say kind of because I still play like I do not know what you are talking about, most of the time I do. I can be a little blonde every once in a while.

It is funny when people get into my taxi and swear, they quickly say they are sorry and they shouldn’t talk like that. Or they want me to take them to a strip club but do not want to ask me to take them. Strange. I think I look like a Mom and some times I am treated like I am their Mom. Is that good or bad? I don’t know.

Sometimes I play like I don’t understand or want to talk about sex. I understand and know much more than I let on. I just was not raised to talk or act on that knowledge. Sometimes holding things back is better than letting everyone know what you know. Following me? I hope so, because it is hard to explain it.

Why I do what I do? I have no idea. Maybe it is because the lead female in most romance novels is the innocent and I want to be treated as an innocent. Maybe? Who knows. Plus I am not sure I really know how to flirt or even know when someone is flirting with me. Crazy, I know. I can tell when others are being flirted with but not myself. Maybe it is because I don’t feel I deserve it? Maybe I feel I am too old? Too heavy?? I don’t know but I just don’t see it.

Okay, does this feel like a pity party for me? Well, it shouldn’t because I am feeling really good about myself today. Don’t care. Love me!

Back to being coy. I know things. I read 50 Shades of Grey before it became big and thought is was a little tame. I have read historical romance novels that have more sex and in much better detail than 50 Shades. I still would like to see the movie but I do not have anyone to go and see it with. I guess I will wait until it is out in Redbox or on Netflicks. I will have to watch when no one is home as well. Maybe on a Monday early. Then I can watch and do what I need to do before I have to go anywhere.

I feel like I have been babbling, tonight was a fun and boring night. Hoping tomorrow is busier. When is the next conference? I don’t know.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog! Love you very much!

Ps. I have been playing the Hot or Not game again. Sorry if I hotlisted you but I will go through and remove them in a few. Sorry.
Dating site
Posted:Mar 10, 2015 1:40 pm
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2015 1:44 am
When I was sick and off of work over a week ago, I was very bored and feeling a little lonely. So I joined a few dating sites. I at first received a lot of interest but it waned a bit early. I am okay with that because I am not really interested in dating someone. Strange, so why do I stay on the sites? I have no idea at all. Maybe I like the limited attention or maybe someday I will actually start looking into really dating someone.

Within the first few minutes of being on one of the sites I received a message from a guy asking if I went to the airport often. I replied yes. He said he worked at the airport in the taxi division. I looked again at his profile picture and remembered him! Oh, my gosh!

He was a really hot looking man and but I was dating someone at the time so I didn’t do more than just talk to him. He said he had a little crush on me. So awesome.

We have been talking on and off for the past week and planned on meeting up yesterday. He is self employed as well so lots of things to stop actually stop us meeting. That is what is happening now.

I really would like to see him again but then I am not sure I really want to. Crazy, I know. Right now, I between work, sleep and family I do not have much time for anything else. I could make space for someone but do I really want too?

Well, do I keep talking to him or do I kind of let him go? I don’t know if I want to deal with it or just let things continue as they are going. I am not nervous to see him again. I am rarely nervous when I meet someone I met online. Strange, I know but I like meeting new people.

I feel like I am rambling but I am trying to talk myself into something. I think.

Hope you are having a wonderful day! Thank you again for reading.

Things that go bump in the night
Posted:Mar 10, 2015 12:49 pm
Last Updated:Mar 10, 2015 1:41 pm
I am a proud Buffy the Vampire Slayer watcher! I loved watching with a friend and my . We were able to binge watch the first 3 seasons then we were caught up with the weekly episodes. It was fun watching all the different characters and seeing what was going on in their world. I really enjoyed it when Buffy and Spike became intimate. Made the show. I loved the musical episode as well! I even went out and bought the CD. I can even sing (not well) some of the songs. They are so good! Love it.

We transitioned into watching Angel when it started as well. Really enjoyed that show. It was cool to see how the “monsters” were able to live a normal life and no one seemed to know. Interesting.

Well, this being said, I often look for tails, scales and horns on people who live in the city. Is that wrong? I think it is funny. Not silly funny but interesting funny.

What do you look for at night? Do you see things that should not be there? Do you look for the strangeness of monsters?

Thanks again for reading. Love you all!

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Posted:Mar 9, 2015 3:53 pm
Last Updated:Apr 2, 2015 1:39 pm

What am I doing wrong? Why do my pictures come out all over the place????? Help me please. I know a little bit about computers but this escapes me!

Please help me. Thanks so much!
Perfect body
Posted:Mar 9, 2015 3:47 pm
Last Updated:Mar 10, 2015 5:46 pm
I came across images of the “perfect body” at least a computer animated one. I think it is a very nice looking body but it is not very realistic. That is not to say I wouldn’t love to have this body. I could try and try and still not achieve it. I like who I am and what I have become in my life.

Here is that image.

Perfect, right? I really would like to have my breasts like these. I don’t think they ever were that perky but one can wish they were. Also to have a bubble ass would be nice. Well, I have a ass, just isn’t as shapely as that one. Look at the heels too! I would love to be able to wear heels again. I have a few pairs but I wear them for 10 minutes and I want to take them off! I don’t know how the young ladies go out every weekend wearing them. I guess, if I wore them all the time I would be more used to wearing them. I do like my sneakers much better.

We all come in different packages and I truly love mine. It took me a long time to accept it but I do. I know I could stand to lose about 100 pounds but then where would I be? haha

Thanks again for reading! Love you very much

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Chinese Mess and Time Change
Posted:Mar 8, 2015 9:29 pm
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2015 1:14 pm
Last night was crazy! I was at the airport for 2 hours! That was a very long time. I did get a good ride into the city. Traffic was a little heavy for a Saturday night but okay. I dropped the guy off and a couple hopped right into my taxi. Easy ride just down the hill and to the right. Well, on a normal night, yes but last night. NOPE! I tried to get them around the traffic because where they were going was beyond where all the massive traffic was but I couldn’t do that because everywhere was bumper to bumper traffic. Lucky they understood and were very nice about everything. They ended up getting out when we were at a standstill for about 10 minutes. It was just insanity. They gave me a $4 tip! That was impressive since the ride really didn’t go anywhere. That was a good start of my night. It was steady busy so that is good. Every ride was $10 to $20 so my night went pretty quickly.

I did pick up a very beautiful drag queen who was in a show that night at a new night club and I am now her friend on fb. Also picked up a guy who is the bar manager of a real speakeasy style bar in the Tenderloin. I have been to that bar and really enjoyed it. We had a wonderful chat and he told me to contact him later and he would “set me up”. I wasn’t sure what that meant but I might actually take him up on it. They used to give tours of all the places that they would hide alcohol during prohibition. but I guess they do not do that as much but he would give me a tour if I wanted one. Sounds great! He is helping to open a new bar on Polk and Ellis. It will be opening in May. I will bring business to him, since he was so nice to me. On his metered ride it was about $9 he gave me $16! I let him know he gave me too much but he said, nope, just the right amount. I was so flattered! Thank you so much! I am always grateful when someone tips. Well, that is not really true, there are some people who just round to the nearest dollar. Wow! Why? Oh, well that is the way things go.

Did you know there was a time change this weekend? I didn’t know! Not until someone told me at 11:00 pm. Crazy. I really hate time changes. It really messes me up! In the fall when time falls back I don’t know what time the bars close. So I ended up working 12 hours anyway, with the time change. It was a very long and fun night! I love steady busy nights like that!

Well, I am off for the next two days. I have plans with family tomorrow and maybe a friend on Monday.

Thanks again for reading! Love you guys!


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