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Almost a full moon... You can tell  

ShedrivestaxiSF 54F
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5/24/2016 1:38 am
Almost a full moon... You can tell

Last night my first ride was coming out of the airport (like normal) going to the Buena Park area. The guy was coming to visit his nephew for a night and then going on a yearly birthday trip to warm springs. This year they are going to a Buddhist warm spring. His only concern was there was no wifi and no alcohol. He said it was for only 4 days and he could manage because of the company he would be in. He has taken the same kind of vacation with friends for the past 10 years. Always having a wonderful time. Plus he had this amazing bag that was a carry on but looked almost like a medical bag. It was this amazing reddish soft leather bag. Super cute.

I was surprised that I actually made the short back to the airport! I don’t drive fast going either way but this time there was little to no traffic going there and back so it was easy!! I was able to go the “front” of the line

My next ride was super excited to get home to his 3 year old little boy. He had been gone for 10 days and couldn’t wait to spend time with him. My passenger used facetime to keep in touch but it just isn’t the same. He had many plans over the weekend with his and family.

Since my last ride was just a few minutes outside of the airport so I went back to the airport. This time I picked up two women. The first lady seemed very nice and polite but the second lady…. She dropped off her suitcase outside of the taxi on the curb with the handle up and just got into the back of the taxi. The other nice lady helped me put her carry on in the back and she said thank you very much. I asked where they are going and the nice lady gave me cross streets and the rude lady said “no it is this exact address”. At this point, I figured she was not someone who took questions nicely. After leaving the airport there is a little dip in the road and the rude lady said it felt like they were still on the bumpy airplane. The nice lady said she thought it was lots of fun, like a small rollercoaster. They chated about work and the rude girl kept complaining about co workers and the nice lady would say something nice about that co worker. The nice lady got all excited about a story on the tv in the back of the taxi about a lion cub. She even got more excited when it came back on again and asked the rude lady if she could get one (no, they were not together just co workers). The rude lady said, no, you cannot have a lion in the city. The nice lady said, I know but look how cute they are! Oh, and while we were driving the rude girl kept reading her text message from someone else. The message were things like, “why are you ditching me”, “you need to drop your friend off and get here” and more like that. The rude lady kept saying, “aren't’ these funny?”. I didn’t think so. So when I dropped them off and took their suitcases the nice lady was really nice and thanked me for getting her suitcase out for her. The rude lady tried to turn the whole ride around with a nice thank you. Just thinking if she had been polite the whole time, it would have been a great ride into the city.

Picked up a lady who looked really pissed outside of a dance club on 11th Street. She got into my taxi to go to the Clift Hotel. I asked how her night was going and she said terrible and then called someone. I am assuming it was the person that didn’t help make her night nicer. She kept saying things like, “why are you doing this to me?”, “why are you playing with me?”, “You are suppose to be there for me this weekend since you know how hard it will be”, “I thought you loved me, why are you doing this?” and “baby do you love me as much as I love you?” I think she was over 30 and should have been someone who didn’t need this male's support. After a few minutes of talking to him like this, she started calling him Baby and Boo because he had turned the conversation around on her and made her the bad guy. I was really embarrassed for her and him too. When we got to her stop and she paid, I told her, I hoped she had a better night.

I dropped off an awesome couple in the area around where Candlestick Park used to be and after they got out of my taxi a crow, caw, cawed, very loudly! I jumped! I am not sure if the passengers heard it or not but I left really quickly. All I could think of was the movie “The Birds”. If you haven’t seen it, I would suggest seeing it! Pretty amazing movie but a scary ton of birds.

Sounds like a super fun night of almost full moon? It was! I have the best passengers even if some of them make me a little crazy.

Hope you have enjoyed my night as much as I did. Thank you again for reading. I love telling my stories.

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I love you very much!

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