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Chinese Mess and Time Change  

ShedrivestaxiSF 54F
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3/8/2015 9:29 pm

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3/11/2015 1:14 pm

Chinese Mess and Time Change

Last night was crazy! I was at the airport for 2 hours! That was a very long time. I did get a good ride into the city. Traffic was a little heavy for a Saturday night but okay. I dropped the guy off and a couple hopped right into my taxi. Easy ride just down the hill and to the right. Well, on a normal night, yes but last night. NOPE! I tried to get them around the traffic because where they were going was beyond where all the massive traffic was but I couldn’t do that because everywhere was bumper to bumper traffic. Lucky they understood and were very nice about everything. They ended up getting out when we were at a standstill for about 10 minutes. It was just insanity. They gave me a $4 tip! That was impressive since the ride really didn’t go anywhere. That was a good start of my night. It was steady busy so that is good. Every ride was $10 to $20 so my night went pretty quickly.

I did pick up a very beautiful drag queen who was in a show that night at a new night club and I am now her friend on fb. Also picked up a guy who is the bar manager of a real speakeasy style bar in the Tenderloin. I have been to that bar and really enjoyed it. We had a wonderful chat and he told me to contact him later and he would “set me up”. I wasn’t sure what that meant but I might actually take him up on it. They used to give tours of all the places that they would hide alcohol during prohibition. but I guess they do not do that as much but he would give me a tour if I wanted one. Sounds great! He is helping to open a new bar on Polk and Ellis. It will be opening in May. I will bring business to him, since he was so nice to me. On his metered ride it was about $9 he gave me $16! I let him know he gave me too much but he said, nope, just the right amount. I was so flattered! Thank you so much! I am always grateful when someone tips. Well, that is not really true, there are some people who just round to the nearest dollar. Wow! Why? Oh, well that is the way things go.

Did you know there was a time change this weekend? I didn’t know! Not until someone told me at 11:00 pm. Crazy. I really hate time changes. It really messes me up! In the fall when time falls back I don’t know what time the bars close. So I ended up working 12 hours anyway, with the time change. It was a very long and fun night! I love steady busy nights like that!

Well, I am off for the next two days. I have plans with family tomorrow and maybe a friend on Monday.

Thanks again for reading! Love you guys!

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I love you very much!

Furbal1972 48M
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3/8/2015 10:13 pm

I hate the time change. I lose an hour each time!

Sometimes it's good for business, sometimes not.

Read my diary Journal of a Taxi Driver for taxi stories and pictures of flowers and trees.

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 3/10/2015 12:51 pm:
I agree! I wish it would go away!

FEAB1968 51F
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3/9/2015 12:56 am

The time change worked in my favor yesterday. I use to work a 2 am to 2 pm shift and while it is usually more lucrative with the late night/very early morning crowd, I am not a fan of getting up at 12:30 am. Since it was about 2:30 when I actually started, people were moving around quite a bit still yesterday morning.

Enjoy your time off!

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ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 3/10/2015 12:53 pm:
You got lucky! The 2 am crowd didn't really disperse here until after 3! That was good for me.

Days off were wonderful! Thanks

citizen4722 62M  
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3/9/2015 9:15 am

I can never remember if the clocks go back or forward
There is a speak easy style bar recently opened near me but I've not actually visited yet. It's difficult to socialise as much now that I'm caring full-time for my mother.

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 3/10/2015 12:56 pm:
Spring forward, fall back. That is what we say here. It has helped me remember it for years!

I have a hard time going to new places that are more adult than my younger son can go too. Family comes first.

Very proud that you are able to take care of your Mom full time!

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