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Fake or Not?????  

ShedrivestaxiSF 54F
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4/9/2015 2:03 pm

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4/10/2015 2:54 am

Fake or Not?????

I am on a vanilla dating site and I do not always know if the guy is real or fake anymore. I try to talk to those who live close to me only. I do not like it when they say they live close but they are working someplace else for now. Why? Those I feel are really fake but maybe not.

Well, I am chatting with a guy right now and I am not sure if he is real or not. We have been chatting for 3 days and he has already planned on living the rest of his life with me. Really? Even after I say, he is moving too fast, he says he wants me in his life because his heart is telling him so. Really? He calls me sweetheart and love all the time. I am not sure what to make of him at all.

I guess I will see if he wants to meet with me early next week. I am not even sure I want to meet with him because he is overpowering. Almost too pushy, like the fake profiles. He says he was born in Arizona and he is educated but doesn’t “chat” with an educated wording. If that makes sense. More like he wasn’t born here and wasn’t educated in English. Is he fake? I ask simple questions and he cannot answer them. He has sent me pictures and when I ask a simple question, like where is that, I get what do you mean or he avoids answering the question.

Oh, well. He has given me his local phone number, so do I really call him? Does this mean he will start sending me scam phone calls? I don’t know what to do now. I am feeling catfished.

I have heard of this lady who pretends to be a young male or female. She tempts men and women into a sexual online relationship and then blackmails them for money saying he/she is only 12-15 years old. Scary. When I first started on a dating site, I was catfished (even before it had a name). We chatted for a couple of months, even doing the sexting thing so I have been suspicious even since then. I try and talk to them sexually, give them personal information or even my phone number. I would like to meet with anyone first before giving them my phone number or email.

Okay, what do you think? Have you been conned? Catfished?

I am still doing the watchathon and I have moved to Penny Dreadful. Interesting show!

Thank you for reading my blog and I love you very much!

Oh, by the way, I am real. I am not a fake. I am myself but I tend to be more shy in real live but I am still me.

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I love you very much!

sphxdiver 70M  
21075 posts
4/9/2015 2:51 pm

Sure sounds like a scammer to me !!

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 4/10/2015 2:42 am:
Thank you. I figured. Too good to be true. He is now blocked.

Thank you very much for your input!

petitandnaughty 109F
9758 posts
4/9/2015 2:55 pm

Many years ago, I tried a few vanilla dating sites. On one, very famous site, I was corresponding with a nice man. After a few emails, he said that I was his soul mate and he wanted to move in with me, and not in the future but NOW. I reported him and found out in the process that he was doing that under different names for years. His goal was to gain a woman's trust and scam her for money. I hate to think how many desperate lonely women bought into that.

To answer your question - Fake or Not? - definitely Fake! Run to the hills.

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ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 4/10/2015 2:43 am:
I have done this before too. You would think I would learn but I do not.

I guess wee all want to be loved so we are easy prey.

Thank you very much! He has been blocked.

KtMnDu 67M
6216 posts
4/9/2015 3:19 pm

I see flags......they are very big.........and they are red...........

Nothing is real until one meets, and even then one's eyes need to extremely wide open............I don't believe that any guy who is honestly serious would make those comments so early on........I suspect your instincts are pretty well developed, given what you do for a living.........I say trust your gut............but that's just me..................

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 4/10/2015 2:45 am:
I saw red flags too. I have blocked him. I guess I just want it to be real, at least one time.

citizen4722 62M  
67495 posts
4/9/2015 4:07 pm

The fakers always get found out in the end. You are right to be wary as this guy sounds too good to be true.

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 4/10/2015 2:47 am:
I read somewhere there are 82% of all profiles on dating sites are not real. That is such a scary thought. I guess I will stick to meeting bloggers. They are real people.

kzoopair 69M/67F
25849 posts
4/9/2015 5:09 pm

I've talked with people who were trying to scam me but it never went anywhere.
And I'm real too, but there will always be somebody who doesn't believe it. Meh.

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ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 4/10/2015 2:52 am:
I think women fall for scams much more than men do. Women want and need to feel loved and if we just receive a little bit of it we will do anything to keep it.

I know you are real. I can tell the real ones on here quicker than I can on the vanilla sites.

Furbal1972 48M
18592 posts
4/9/2015 11:16 pm

Yeah, not a good feeling about this guy. Simple questions deserve simple answers.

I've run across plenty of fakes, and attempts at catfishing. Some people make a career out of just sitting at the computer and phone (Local numbers aren't always local.) and just sending out chum to the world.

Not that it needs saying, but always guard your personal info.

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ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 4/10/2015 2:53 am:
Thank you! 82% of all profiles are fake. That doesn't help matters any, right?

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