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Friday, slow Friday  

ShedrivestaxiSF 54F
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9/14/2015 12:39 am

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9/17/2015 8:03 am

Friday, slow Friday

Friday didn’t prove to be a much better day. I got up early to go and get my tire fixed but found out they cannot just fix my tire it is the rim that is broken and not fixable at all! I am so sick! I am making okay money right now but I am still behind in paying my bills. I do what I can with what I have. I have cut way down on spending so there is little left to cut out except for food, gas or basic things. Okay, I have to wait until Tuesday for the special order rim to come in. It will not be a match to all the other rims but it is the same size and is much cheaper, ($89 instead of $207). They will try to use the old tire but I suspect they will not be able too. That seems to be my life.

This morning I woke up early and hurried to get dressed so I could take my ’s car to get an oil change and found out her oil was not readable. We didn’t have the money to change the oil for a little bit so it got put off for a bit. Happy we were able to take care of it today before that was a much larger expenditure! We do not need anymore of those right now!

Work on Saturday was a slow start but ended okay. Here are a few things I found interesting.

I was driving down McAllister and noticed a man walking toward traffic and he was roughly rubbing the fount of his pants with his hand and a brown paper bag. It was a little obvious of what he was doing. There was a bunch of younger ladies walking toward him but to stop at the buss stop. He stopped doing what he was doing with the brown paper bag and started to talk to the young ladies. They didn’t want anything to do with this guy so he started up with the brown paper bag and the rubbing. That didn’t help them at all! The young ladies started to move much closer to each other and most turned their backs to him. I had the green light at this time so I had to move away. I hope he left those ladies alone.

Have you ever thought about swimming from Alcatraz to the city? I have picked up a few who were going to swim this! Crazy I know but they seem to be excited to do this swim. I picked up a lady who was going to swim it on Sunday morning at 7:00 am. She had never swam in our ocean/bay area so she was a little nervous but very excited. She didn’t want to swim with a wetsuit since she swims outside where she lives and it is very cold water but they politely suggested that she does. She did say she was going too just because it was a good idea. I hope she enjoyed the swim!

We have a wonderful historic Cable Car in the city and we have a party bus Cable Car that drives around the city. It looks like lots of fun! Saturday night I was behind one of these busses and it had a very large number of people on it. Every time they passed a couple they would shout KISS, KISS, KISS until the couple would kiss. Most couples just blew them off so the people on the bus would boo and hiss at them. They finally came up to a couple who kissed for them, not only did they kiss but the male picked up the female and swung her around. That made the people on the bus go WILD! Lots of cheering! The male put the female back down and they kissed again. The people on the bus started telling the couple to get a room. The couple just laughed and moved on. This happened a few more times along the street in varying degrees. It was so much fun. Hope they had a wonderful night!

Saturday night was the opening night of the opera season in San Francisco. Sweeny Todd was playing! I went to the entrance to wait for the end of the opera and the doorman asked everyone in line if they wanted to see the end of the opera. I would have loved too but I was very sleepy and cold so I declined. I would have loved to see the whole opera but just a quick taste of the end was way too much for me. I waited for a few minutes and picked up a wonderful women who wanted to go to the curvy part of Lombard St. I was very excited to chat with her about the opera and where she lived. I asked her many questions about both. She was very excited to answer any questions I asked. She has lived on Lombard Street for 35 years and loves it there. Most of the time the tourists do not bother her at all. The only time they have a problem with them is when they are rude or do bad things to her home. She says they pick things from a vine that she really likes and the trash left is not as bad as in some other places in the city. City workers do come every day to clean up the street, happy that happens. I asked about parking but she said she doesn’t drive much, mostly takes public transportation because she cannot park the car in her garage. Her husband does drive and he pulls out carefully and backs into the parking spot with ease now. She has one of the spots that has a little landing outside of the garage so it must be easier. She hasn’t regretted living on such a busy street yet but some days it is a pain. Happy I met her.

Many, many times I pick up very drunk men who think they are in love with me. It happens mostly with hispanic males I pick up in the Mission District. They are super nice and I enjoy trying to chat with them but I know very little Spanish and they tend to know very little English. Some of the few words I know are ¿Hola, cómo estás?, Aquí, izquierda (I have to think I am ascared of turning left, haha), derecho (I think it sounds like milk in Spanish) and a few other basic phrases. I did take Spanish in high school but I was never any good at it, even then. Okay, I do enjoy the attention and it is fun to hear how much they love me. Hispanic men are very nice!

I have noticed a trend in my taxi. It doesn’t me it is the way it is all over the place or even every time in my taxi. When I have a couple (male and female) one of them tends to be chatty and the other very quite. When the couple is Caucasian or black, the female does most of the talking and the man is very quite. Most of the time it is the female that is begging the man to do something or she wants him to do something. A lot of high pitched talking then. Also the female is more than likely the one paying for the taxi ride. When the couple is Hispanic the male does most of the talking or begging. I do not know why this is the way but it is. It really happens the later in the evening it is.

There are a few overpasses in San Francisco that freak me out! One going from the Glen Park BART station onto Hwy 280 (Monterey and 280 on ramp). It is very high up and only one lane. It feels like it is miles above the city and you are all alone. I have to take deep breaths when I go over it all the time. I think it is scarier at night. You are all alone way up in the air. I tried to find out how high it is but I couldn’t find it. I did find out that an overpass can be as high as a 12 story building and they can be as low as 20 feet under the ground level. That is crazy!

I am asked all the time where the liquor stores are in the city. I really need to keep an eye out for them because I never know. I was even sitting eating my pizza and someone asked me where a liquor store. I had no idea where to tell them except to get beer at a 7eleven. I guess I need to start paying attention to the things around me.

Monday starts the DreamForce (for SalesForce) convention. I am hoping it will be a good week. DreamForce is such a big convention they have meetings all over town. They are saying there are 46,000 people coming to San Francisco for this convention according to their website. That is a whole lot of people! I will be working the city more than the airport next week. OpenWorld (for Oracle) will be at the end of October, another 60,000 people for this convention. Both conventions take over Howard St between 3rd and 4th Street. Makes driving in SOMA very difficult to do! It is well worth the trouble in driving for the amount that each ride is.

Okay, I have so much to do tomorrow that I need to go to bed now but I love to tell my story that it is hard to break away! Thank you again for reading my blog and I love you for it!

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I love you very much!

nightsoul1962 58F
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9/14/2015 10:47 am

A new week just started, hopefully it'll be one without any car trouble, and plenty of nice customers!!!!!


citizen4722 62M  
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9/14/2015 3:24 pm

That's the first time I've read about a street that has a curvy part

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