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Friday the 13th  

ShedrivestaxiSF 54F
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3/14/2015 6:06 am

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3/15/2015 10:49 pm

Friday the 13th

Well, my day started off slow. I had a very hard time waking up (my second time of the day). I laid in bed for about ½ an hour after my alarm went off. Then I made a cup of coffee and ate a donut while answering emails and “watching” some of my tv shows on demand. I had a second cup of coffee and another donut. This put me at about 4:00. I am suppose to start at 4:00 and I had not even showered. Oh well, I knew I would work later than my Tuesday through Thursdays so it really didn’t matter. I started at about 5:30, not bad.

I went straight to the airport and it took about 45 minutes, not bad for a Friday night. The guy I picked up was a easy ride into the city and the traffic wasn’t too bad. He wasn’t much of a talker or couldn’t hear what I was saying so it was a quiet ride.

A few rides later and I picked up a guy on Fillmore/Turk and he wanted to go to Sutter/Lyon. I went all the wrong way but in the right direction. If you have never been to San Francisco or know anything about my wonderful town, there are hills EVERYWHERE! Sometimes the road stops at cliff and continues below the cliff. Sometimes there is a city park in the middle of a road and the road comes out the other end. Sometimes there is a building in the middle of a road and the road comes out the other end. It is crazy and sometimes so confusing to figure out where you are and if you can take a road straight through to where you want to go. I am still learning so I sometimes I mess up. The guy I picked up had just moved from the Ocean Beach area to Sutter/Lyon and he wasn’t sure what routes to take yet either so. I messed up and went to far on Turk and had to backtrack all the way to Divisadero and go past Geary and up Sutter to his place. I told him “no charge since I messed up” he really wanted to pay me for the ride but gave me all he had in cash $5. The meter said $11.50ish so it wasn’t much of a loss for me. He was a nice guy who is a manager of a bar in the city. He would give me a free drink if I went to his bar. That was so nice of him.

I feel bad when I mess up where I am going. It happens but I am still learning the city, even after 2 years. I know where streets are but people in San Francisco know how they like to get to their destinations. I am happy to have them guide me all the way, sometimes I give suggestions but most of the time, they do the leading. I am easy going like that.

The night was mostly slow and boring but I did have a couple I picked up on Mission/19th and they wanted to go to California/Montgomery. Great couple to talk too! So funny, they asked questions and made comments about the city. I always ask people who visit our city often if they try new restaurants every time they visit us,most say yes they try too. The guy said he really likes Jacque dans le Boite (Jack in the Bo x). We talked about how the Monster Tacos were yummy late night. Guess where I went at 4:00 this morning on my way home from work. Yep, I went to Jack. Fun people!

I picked up a couple on New Montgomery/Mission and the guy asked to take them to the nearest Bart station and then take her on to Pac Heights. On the way to the Bart station, I really have two options, left or right on Market St. Depending on where in Pac Heights I was going would depend on where which way I would go. So they are stressly (I know it is not really a word but it really fits what if felt like in the back of the taxi at the time) talked about him judging her the whole time. He tried to talk her into going someplace else but she kept saying she wanted to go home. He asked me to take them to this place in the Marina but she said No, you need to go home. I dropped him off at a Bart Station and I then asked as we were well out of his hearing where we were really going. She gave me the cross streets. I asked if it was a first date and she said yes. He really didn’t like him, at all! She felt he was judging and criticizing everything she said or did. She said a friend of hers set them up saying they would be perfect, but they were not. Well, he really liked her but she was really not into him. She was now happy to move on to the next guy who may be the right man for her. By the way, dating sucks.

At about 1:50am I took a chance and drove down Green St from Kearny. It is a tiny one way road that has a lot of bars on it and lots of people go there but I have never actually picked up someone on this road before. I was behind two other taxis but they already had passengers so I figured I was going to be okay. I was in luck, I picked up two ladies who wanted to go to Marin. That is North over the Golden Gate Bridge. Great ride plus the toll coming back! I swear, almost as soon as we took off these ladies started in on a “friend” of theirs. From what I gathered they all went to Mexico for a girls weekend and the friend didn’t want to join in on all the fun. Massive judging going on from the two ladies in the back seat about this friend of theirs. Over and over, all the way to San Anselmo where they lived. They were not paying attention to where we were so every time I came to a street they needed me to turn, they were very snippy.

They didn’t give me an address, I couldn't have put it in my GPS and gotten them to their destination without them having to stop yapping about their friend. Almost to the first lady's house, she couldn’t even tell me the correct directions to her place. She wanted me to turn left where there is a no left turn sign, crazy to not know your own street. So we dropped off the other lady first. Her place was a steep driveway that had a slight curve. There was a place to turn around and I asked if I could turn around and the lady whose house we were at said yes but the lady in the back said, no just back up. Nice… In the dark and it is late. Happy I have a backup camera in my taxi or I am not sure I could have done it. On the way to the lady who was left in my taxi and she still is not paying attention to where we are going. She is irritated that I do not know where I am going. I guess I need to work on my mind reading capabilities. Haha!! Whatever. She gave me a $16 tip, so I cannot complain more than I have already.

Great night, I am very tired and sore today. Hope tomorrow isn’t too bad. There is a St. Patty’s Day Parade, I am not sure when it starts and ends, so I am crossing my fingers I am not involved in it again.

Hope you have a happy Saturday! We are forecasted for a high of 79 and sunny. Tons will be out but will they need a taxi? Who knows.

Thank you very much for reading and commenting! I love each and every one of you!

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I love you very much!

citizen4722 62M  
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3/14/2015 1:51 pm

I'm still learning the roads to my city and I've lived here most of my life

ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 3/15/2015 11:07 am:
Is your city pretty big?

FEAB1968 51F
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3/14/2015 4:59 pm

We are suppose to be mind readers!!

With a local I'll ask which way they want to go, usually they pick a longer more efficient route.

I've also been in situations where a drunk person gives me the cross streets but not the actual address, then when we get to the cross streets they have me take 4 left turns On more than one occasion I'll tell them I am more than willing to drive around aimlessly as long as they have the money for the fare, they always give up their address at this point.

If a tourist gives me an address I am unfamiliar with I'll ask them if they know how to get there or if they want me to GPS it. I've had both people who go there a lot and people who have no idea where it is at. Heck the other day I had a guy tell me an address and when we arrived it was a school, (it was suppose to be his dad's house) so he called his dad and found out we had the wrong address, the first number was a 5 not an 8, so we were about 3 miles further and we needed to be.

I'm not sure how long you have been driving, but I tell the drivers I have trained if I don't know where something is (and I am worried about a customer being funky about me consulting my GPS) I'll tell the customer we can use my GPS so I know how to get there from where we are at. They always like it when I consult my GPS rather than taking them in the wrong direction. Sometimes they'll even pull it up on their own phone too. There are times when I plain don't know where it is and I don't have any issue telling my customer that, this is a good sized city and unlike London, we don't have 'the knowledge' here...PLUS Vegas streets are continuing to change all the time. They change the street names, add new developments, construction that diverts traffic and new off ramps on the highway.

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ShedrivestaxiSF replies on 3/15/2015 10:49 pm:
I have only been driving for 2 years. I get asked all the time if we have to take a test like they do in London. We have to go to school and then take a basic test, rules of the road, customer service and routes to take only. I know where most streets are but I don't always know the fastest routes to them. A lot of locals LOVE to tell you how to get to their place and I let them guide me.

I also have a mounted GPS as well as WAZE on my phone. I love that app!

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